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Quality Throughout
Since 1996, ASQ has published seven issues of the Future of Quality Report. The latest
edition explores 11 topic areas—already impacting consumers, businesses, and society—that
will have a profound effect on the future of quality. These thought-provoking, personal,
and detailed essays are written by distinguished experts from around the world. Read
the full report or start with the essays that interest you the most. The “2015 ASQ Future
of Quality Report: Quality Throughout” will challenge, enlighten, and spark action.
10 Questions to Ask
• Train the next generation of leaders in
preparation for the changing workforce
of the future?
• Have a flexible business strategy
that can adapt to changing
customer expectations?
• Personalize the customer experience?
• Have an efficient global supply chain
system that ensures business continuity?
• Protect your digital assets through
effective IT security?
• Deploy a next-generation sustainability
model that will positively impact your
business and brand?
• Apply holistic improvement
approaches to help gain a
competitive advantage?
• Leverage big data, maximizing
analytics to make smart
business decisions?
• Have the proper corporate
infrastructure that will adapt to the
ever-evolving business landscape?
• Have a strong culture of quality
to enhance business performance?
Personnel Optimization
Personalized Learning
Customer Experience
Risk Management
Internet of Things
Decentralized Leadership
Knowledge Management
Change Management
Adaptability Culture of Quality
Brand Loyalty
Big Data
Strategy and Operations
Risk Management
Holistic Improvement
Quality in the Words of the Authors
Adaptable leaders must be rewarded on
The advent of digital technology, big data, and
attributes like self-awareness and constant
customization will impact education at all levels
learning, not only on meeting a sales quota or
and of all types.
exceeding a revenue target.
JoAnn Sternke
Stanley McChrystal and Rodney Evans
In the future, buildings will be hubs of energy
Unlike the proprietary counterparts that it soon
production and storage as well as consumption.
eclipsed, the Internet has no main menu, no CEO,
Zheng Mingguang
and no business plan.
Jonathan Zittrain
As the customers’ experience with the product
or service develops over time, so they will tend
We must also use quality and continuous
to develop trust and confidence with the brand,
improvement to eliminate design features or flaws
provided their experience is positive.
that can be exploited.
Gregory and Andrew Watson
Stephen Rosen
The good news is that large, complex,
(Smart manufacturing) and the roles for new IT
unstructured problems are exactly the type of
capabilities in a manufacturing enterprise must
problems that the statistical engineering approach
grow from the interoperation of physical, cyber,
was designed to handle.
and workforce elements.
Ronald Snee and Roger Hoerl
Jim Davis
In the highly competitive future environment
Quality concepts and the spirit of continuous
emerging in the global market, there is a need to
improvement will be crucial to consolidating a
develop a concept of quality for sales that has to
new culture of public administration.
be practiced in addition to quality for cost.
Izabel Christina Cotta Matte
Noriaki Kano
Scaling health access more broadly moving
forward will require rethinking business
models and similarly expanding and efficiently
utilizing pools of resources.
Devi Shetty