Harrybrooke Park Rules

Harrybrooke Park Rules
P.O. Box 364
100 Still River Drive
New Milford, CT 06776
(860) 799-6520
** The address to the Park entrance has changed to 100 Still River Drive and
should now come up on GPS.**
The person making the reservation is responsible for making sure their guests obey
our rules. Please inform them in advance about our no pets policy and our liquor
To serve alcohol you must provide us proof of insurance, a one day event liability
with liquor policy in the amount of one million dollars listing Harrybrooke Park and
the Board of Managers as additional insured.
No Pets allowed.
No loudspeakers or live music without prior approval.
No sprinklers, pools or bounce houses.
Please be considerate of other Park patrons.
Have guests park at the edge of the road if possible. At the Conn pavilion guests can drive
up the driveway between the barn and garden.
Do not move tables except at the pavilions and return them to their original location at the
end of your event.
Bring enough heavy duty garbage bags and try not to over-pack them. They will be picked
up by park personnel. Patrol your area for litter and personal possessions before you leave.
Picnic areas will be ready for you by 10 AM
Park closes at 8 PM
After August 15th 7:30 PM
After September 1st 7:00 PM
If you have questions, please call our reservation phone at (860) 354-6325
Thank you for your consideration and support of Harrybrooke Park !
Board of Managers:
Bill Deak (Chairman)
Mayor Pat Murphy
Lee Colville
Thomas Mott
HP Rules 2015