Private Party Menus - Highline Bar + Lounge

private parties
+ special events
private parties
+ special events
Sleek, modern and comfortable, Highline features white washed slatted wooden
walls, stylized and comfortable furniture,
raw floor treatments, exposed ceilings, and open windows looking out into busy River
Front Lounge
Private Room
West Lounge
Main Bar
With 5 different party areas for groups of 20-400, AV capability, 24 HD LED TVs, and
custom menus with creative bar food and drinks, Highline can easily accommodate
all your private party needs. Contact us for your corporate and convention lunch,
presentation, happy hour, dinner party, cocktail reception,
game day party, engagement party, and social event!
Private Events Team
[email protected]
Kevin Doherty, General Manager
[email protected]
Ryan Devitt, Executive Chef
[email protected]
Monday: Friday: 11am – 2am
Saturday: 4pm – 3am
Sunday: Closed
Monday – Friday: 11am – 11pm; Late night Menu: 11pm – 1:30am
Saturday: 4pm – 11pm; Late night Menu: 11pm – 2am Sunday: Closed
Front Lounge
24 seated 50 reception style
Main Bar & Banquettes
HIGHLINE 169 W Kinzie Street | Chicago, Illinois 60610 | 312.533.2742
Beer Bench + West Lounge
55 reception style
West Lounge
28 seated 40 reception style
Beer Bench
14 seated
Private Room
82 seated 150 reception style
Highline Buyout
400 reception style
private parties
Per person beverage packages are available for private parties when minimum food requirement is
Beverage packages are exclusive of Illinois State tax and 20% service charge.
Shots, specialty cocktails and signature cocktails are sold separately.
based on consumption
Available as additions to a call or premium beverage package
highline punch jars
Punch Jars are available to greet guests and as signature cocktail throughout event
5 per person added to beverage package
Beverage charges will be calculated based on consumption.
– The Highline (Cognac, Rum, Peach Brandy, Simple Syrup and Lemon Juice)
One bill will be presented to the host at the conclusion of the event.
– Hob Knob (Knob Creek, Simple Syrup, Green Tea, Lemon Juice,
Event hosts are welcome to customize based on consumption by
Orange Juice and Sparkling Wine)
setting limitations (monetary limit and/or liquor exclusions).
beer + wine bar
Beverage package includes call level beers and wines (2)
craft cocktail stations
Available for a minimum of 15 guests
2 hours 25 per person
Includes separate station with bartender demonstrating cocktail creation
3 hours 35 per person
call bar
10 per person in addition to call or premium beverage package
Beverage package includes call level beers, wines (2), along with basic
– Moscow Mule
and Red Bull mixed drinks
– Old Fashioned
2 hours 30 per person
– Gin or Vodka Tonic
3 hours 40 per person
premium bar
– Sparkling Elder (Prosecco, St. Germain, Lemon Juice and Fresh Fruit)
and served as signature cocktail available throughout event
tasting stations
Includes demonstration and tasting of up to 10 different varietals
Beverage package includes premium level beers, wines (2), and basic
25 per person in addition to call or premium beverage package
and Red Bull mixed drinks
– Whiskey Tasting Station
2 hours 35 per person
– Wine Tasting Station
3 hours 45 per person
+ special events
private parties
APPETIZER PLATTERS (25 pieces per order)
Lamb Meatballs 85
STATIONS (continued)
build-your-own bowl (16 per person)
Buffalo Chicken Rolls 50
– Farro & Spiced Rice
Boneless Wings 50
– Chili Barbacoa & Chicken
Pretzel Bites with dipping cheese 50
– Assorted Vegetables, Mixed Greens, Pico de Gayo, Avowcado, Black Beans,
Classic Chicken Quesadillas 50
Mini Crispy Tuna Tostadas 100
– Signature sauces: Korean Kogi Sauce, Orange Juice Vinaigrette,
Duck Eggs & Bacon 75
Farro & Hummus Pita Bites 50
Hummus & Guacamole 30
Merkt’s Cheddar Mini Burgers 75
Corn, Tortilla Strips and Cheese
Ginger Orange Vinaigrette and Pesto
tot-cho bar (16 per person)
– Choice of 2 seasoned tots: House, Salted, or Bacon
Sriracha Chicken Sliders 75
– Choice of 2 proteins: Chicken, Ground Beef, or Lardon Bacon
FLATBREADS (25 pieces per order)
Yukon Gold, arugula, caramelized onions 45
Oyster mushroom, confit garlic, Gruyere 42
Spicy Capicola, whipped ricotta, candied leeks 39
Pepperoni 33
Sausage 33
STATIONS Stations offered for a minimum of 25 guests
taco bar (16 per person)
Approximately 3 tacos per person
– Soft Shells
hoice of 2 proteins: Korean Steak, Barbacoa, Habanero Barbeque Chicken
or Veggie
– Chihuahua Cheese and Queso Fresco and Cheddar Cheese
aco toppings: Lettuce, Napa Cabbage Slaw, Tomato, Pico de Gayo,
Sour Cream, Jalapeno and Guacamole
– Signature sauces: Spicy Ranch, Habanero BBQ sauce and Korean Kogi Sauce
Taco toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Pico de Gayo, Sour Cream, Jalapeno
Signature toppings: Spicy Ranch & Napa Cabbage Slaw
– Nacho Cheese Fountain
– Nacho toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, black olive, jalapeno, sour cream, guacamole
SIGNATURE SALADS (48 per salad)
Add to any station or buffet, each salad serves 12 guests
– Caesar
– Spinach
– Southwest Chicken
– House
DESSERTS Serve 12 people
– To include individual mini skillet cookies, ice cream and toppings
assorted homemade cookie tray (24)
– 12 assorted cookies per order
– Includes Oatmeal, Sugar and Chocolate Chip cookies
+ special events