Registration Process – 2015 Competitors

Registration Process – 2015 Competitors
The following document describes the registration process. Prior to the Registration Date, please
take a moment to acquaint yourself with the Rules and Regulations and the Conditions of
Registration by clicking here.
Step 1 – Registrations Open
Competitor registrations will open at 6.00am on the 3rd November, open the website and a landing page will appear to take you to the registration form. The
form may look a little different as all Team Leader details must be completed and payments will be
taken at this step.
The following details will be required:
 Leader First Name
Leader Last Name
Leader Date of Birth
Street Address, (suburb, state, Postcode)
Leader Email
Leader Mobile
Emergency Contact, Relationship, Mobile No
Shirt Size
Team Name (must be unique, so please have a second preference just in case your team
name is already taken!! – Please keep in mind that your team name may be used for
Fundraising and Marketing purposes! – please keep it clean!)
Category (Mixed, All Men’s, All Ladies, Business/Corporate, Family or Services (e.g. Police,
Ambulance, Military Teams)
Please ensure that your credit cards can handle and process the registration fee of $460.
Unfortunately The Kokoda Youth Foundation does not except American Express and Diners
Please further ensure that you carefully enter all of your credit card details correctly.
Step 2 – Successful Teams Notified
Having finalised your registration and having paid your team fees, your team is marked as “Active”
and you have officially secured your team place in the 2015 Kokoda Challenge. Confirmation will
appear on your screen.
A confirmation email will also be sent to the team leader, informing you that your team place has
been secured.
This email will state your Username and Password you gave earlier, and you can now either sign into
the Competitors Area complete all your team member’s details or forward the email to your team
mates to complete. It is the Leaders responsibility to ensure that all team member details are
You will have an option to register a team in the 2015 Brisbane Kokoda Challenge within 48 hours.
Teams registered during this 48 hour window only, can take advantage of no fundraising required for
the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge (please disregard the tick box to agree to fundraising for the Brisbane
event). The Brisbane 30km event held on the 31st May 2015 provides a great team training hit out
before the main event. All teams registered after this 48 hour window are required to pay the
minimum fundraising amount.
All future notices and correspondence is via email so it is vital that all members’ emails are recorded
to ensure everyone is kept up-to-date.