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I am looking for communication challenges in progressive organizations with an opportunity
to engage as a team member or freelancer in creative communications, marketing, and publishing.
As an experienced salesman PLUS a creative producer, I bring writing, design, illustrations, video,
photography to communication projects such as multimedia communication for web snipersites,
online staff training, whiteboard videos, video-linked online magazines, to name a few.
With sales experience in B2B, B2C, F2F in a variety of industries ranging from government,
technical, scientific, to retail, I can contribute to strategic thinking, positioning, psychographics,
‘tested selling sentences’, tactics, campaign development, and media decisions. I would love to work
with an organization that can maximize savings through my ‘one-man-agency’ skills. If this sounds like
there might be a fit, please view the enclosed pages or call me 289-460 5226; email [email protected]
SALES I had the good fortune to grow up in my parents’retail stores and started in sales at 10. Worked as copywriter,
concept developer and producer with B2B and B2C advertising agencies. Experienced with set up and management
of trade shows, retail stores, and online sales. Specializing in lead-generation using internet and traditional
communication. Spreadsheet junkie for projections and what-if scenarios.
COMMUNICATION Experienced working on communication with both SBEs and larger billion-dollar international
companies in engineering, transportation, furniture, real estate. Part of team taking $35-million company to $450million public company. Increased a small manufacturer’s sales 230% in 9 months with a single tactic ROI 1:81.
Another, 1000% in 6 months with PPC and web.
INTERNET MARKETING Interested in creating powerful online and offline marketing programs
and sales funnels for rapid expansion through geographical and cross-category selling.
Able to handle social media, video marketing, and use other online tools for growth.
PRODUCTION Self-starter and able to work without supervision. Capable of handling all print
materials, video production, media selection, and internet marketing. Production skills include
all common design and editing programs such as InDesign, PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft
Office, and their Mac and Google Docs equivalents.
Master of Arts, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario 1980
Specialization in Psychology of Art, Visual Perception, Cognition and Memory.
Bachelor of Arts (Hon.), University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario 1976
Specialization in Psychology of Visual Perception and Reading.
5 out of 6 would rather watch than read ...
... that’s what made television so popular.
Use video on sniper sites to connect with
your old and new customers. They are
your autopilot salesmen on the internet
working 24 hours every day worldwide.
“Really, can you name a company
whose marketing strategy should NOT
include informative internet videos?”
Training Videos & Training Websites
I create staff training videos, DVDs, and special
password-protected websites for adult learning.
Videos are a great way to educate staff and contract
workers on your Standard Operating Procedures
(SOPs) and online User Manuals.
• Social Media Campaigns
• 600+ newspapers across Canada
• Radio spots and Television (CP24)
• Google, Bing, Yahoo search networks
• One good press release can bring more sales
than all search engines combined in a year.
Snipersites targeted for keywords.
Snipersites are mini sites 4-5 pages typically with product or
infomercial video and optimized for “ready-to-buy” keywords
on search engines and work well for converting leads from
other media. Basic idea is to build a mini site and put it on
Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs ... Print & Online
Production of high-end brochures, magazines from cover to cover including writing,
design, pre-press and printing. Education about your products: Magalogs are a
popular way to combine the magazine concept with catalog.
Content Marketing
Press Releases & PR
Trade Magazine Ads
Blogging / Editing
Article Marketing
Case Histories
Social Media
Wordpress Tweaks
High-end Brochures
Catalogs /Magalogs
Pocket Folders
Tell Your Story With A Whiteboard Movie
In a whiteboard movie a hand draws out
quickly what the voiceover is saying. People
love them. Fastdraw videos can convey complex
information in a fun way. I have drawn these for
syndicated mortgages, membership programs,
cloud software, woodworking, etc.
It’s free to show your story to millions.
Creative and Production for Basic Business Tools
• Websites
• Brochures
• Snipersites
• Catalogs
• Content Marketing
• Media Plans
• Training Videos
• Company Videos
• Cold Calling
• Lead Generation
• Article Marketing
• Magalogs
• Lead Funnels
• Mobile Publishing
• Posters
• Social Media
• Company Magazine
• Pocket Folders
• Signs & Wraps
• eBooks Booklets
• Postcards
• Blogging
• Audio CDs
• DVDs
John Kumpunen • 289-460-5226 • [email protected]