Sugar Analytics - Locus Solutions Inc

Delivering Integrated Analytics
on the SugarCRM Platform
Sugar Analytics Powered by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
Our Value
Our Promise
Our Offering
Locus Solutions has partnered with
SugarCRM to bring our knowledge,
skill and experience to develop Sugar
Analytics. Together we will provide
you with critical insight across the
entire marketing, sales, and support
cycle. This insight will bring in more
business, help you track key
performance metrics and increase
your efficiency by cutting data
collection and report preparation
We understand that every SugarCRM
customer has unique analytic
requirements for the type and format
of information it needs. An effective
analytics solution will provide
information that is specific to your
business problem, is easily accessible,
is timely and reliable and integrates
completely with other relevant data.
Expand Business Analysis and
Decision-Making Capabilities
Create trending reports that cover a
time series. Perform
multidimensional analysis across any
dimension at any level of
aggregation. Use scorecards inside a
Sugar dashboard to measure, track,
and visualize performance versus
goals. Report across complex
business events that encompass
multiple Sugar modules, such as
tracking Leads to Opportunities to
Accounts to Renewals.
To compete in today’s market
companies have to be agile and have
access to targeted, timely and
accurate information to make
successful business decisions. Locus
Solutions and Sugar Analytics will
provide you with the insight and
increased visibility into key metrics
thereby improving business
processes and decision-making
throughout your organization.
We bring a unique combination of
technical and industry expertise to
SugarCRM Partners and SugarCRM
Customers. We work, perform and
partner with the understanding that
our success only comes with your
success. As a company, our vision is
clear, our commitment is strong, our
energy is high, and our resources are
We employ an architected approach
to target high-value benefits,
leverage overlapping resources, use
common technologies, share data
and, ultimately, increase ROI.
We offer flexible solutions: 
Implement Sugar Analytics
Create custom reports
Integrate non-Sugar data
Security and Portal integration
Obtain Business Intelligence with
Convenient Sugar Integration
See and review important business
metrics in a dashboard report on
your Sugar home screen. You can also
add business intelligence, such as
customer satisfaction scores or
buying patterns, to existing Sugar
Deploy Easily with Full Sugar
Sugar Analytics Powered by IBM
Cognos Business Intelligence
eliminates many of the challenges in
integrating business intelligence with
CRM. It can access all standard Sugar
modules plus custom modules built
with Module Builder and Sugar
Studio. It provides the full range of
Cognos Business Intelligence
functionality based on Sugar data,
including multidimensional analysis,
scorecards, dashboards, reports,
mobile business intelligence, realtime monitoring, and advanced
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