Enterprise Mobility APPLICATION:
Key Functionality
Real-Time Features and Capabilities
The GoOrder mobile application allows sales
teams to enter orders from a mobile device
directly into the SAP system. While on the go,
sales people can view customer-specific details—
like accounting and company information—as
well as material availability and customer-specific
pricing. GoOrder provides sales teams with fast
and easy access to the SAP backend allowing
them to create orders safely and conveniently
when away from the office.
Key Benefit
Architecture/ Landscape:
SAP Unwired Platform 2.1.3 or above
DOE/ JCO/ Gateway: JCO
HTML5/ Native/ Hybrid: Native application
Devices Supported: Microsoft Windows Mobile
SAP Integration: Yes, with RFCs
Timeline for Deployment: 2 weeks
When sale teams have real-time, instant access
to customer data, they can place orders directly
into the SAP backend, instead of waiting to get
back to the office.
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Download master data (i.e. customer and materials) from the SAP backend
Create and retrieve sales orders Query respective customer and product related information like customer credit limit, product availability and customer-specific pricing
Create orders while on location to reduce the lag time in the order-delivery-invoice cycle