Objectives Top

Top Objectives
The main objective of the project is to stabilize the implemented SAP system by leveraging Intrigo’s
in-depth and proven consulting expertise in the Apparel sector
To ensure complete synchronization of the SAP system with other implemented systems like Warehouse,
B2B, B2C and Digital
Seamless data exchange across departments like Sales, Procurement, Finance etc.
On time availability and maximum accuracy of management reports and analytics
The Resolution
Foxhead is one of the most recognized brand of motocross
apparel and is the most common brand to be seen in
racing and adventure gear. The SAP implementation was
done using SAP AFS, BW, PI and interfacing with multiple
non SAP systems.
Irvine, CA
Implemented system design was studied and unstable processes were replaced by Industry best
practices wherever applicable
System Bugs were identified and taken up with SAP for complete resolution
Interfaces were monitored over a period which helped in issue identification and resolution
The Key Benefits
Dynamic allocation of available stock to requirement as per desired business logic
Proper delivery prioritization leading to customer satisfaction
Reduction of Freight cost by enabling strategic delivery combination
Assistance in proper strategic decision making by availability of reports and analytics on time with maximum
Reduction in Chargebacks by completely automated cancel date management
Seamless data exchange between different systems ensured ease of operations and accuracy of data
across the landscape