Build your future with Sqilline! What you will learn

Sqilline Academy
Sofia University, April 28th 2015, 18 p.m., Musala Hall (325)
Build your future with Sqilline!
• You have the chance to start your first job in the field that you have
desired to develop yourself
• We care about your future and that’s why we have a program of
academic collaboration with your university in order to be close to you
• The people who will train you have gained experience for the last 12
years and have built their expertise in projects for leading multinational
companies in various industries around the world
What you will learn
• SAP Know How
• SAP Mobile Platform
• SAP Hana Platform
• Development with ABAP
• Development for iOS, Android, HTML 5 and JavaScript
• User Experience Design and Usability
• What is important in Mobility
• How to take the challenges of Mobility
The presentation will be held by Desislava Mihaylova, Managing Director of Sqilline
and Veselin Istatkov, Senior Mobile Developer and Bc graduate at Sofia University