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Anvil Trimmer
Upgrade Application
Applicable to all United and Koppers Rotary Die Cutters.
Upgrade Description
The Anvil Trimmer levels your die cutting blankets by utilizing an
air operated rotary end mill cutter and transversing the cutter across
the die cut blanket via an acme screw thread. When used with either the VSA system or Dicar Equalizer, the resulting die cutting is
cleaner and more accurate. The problem of score cracking due to
blanket wear are minimized.
Upgrade Benefits
■■ Reduced score cracking
■■ Clean die cutting
■■ Reduced wear and stress of cutting dies
Productivity Improvements
■■ Reduced waste
■■ Less time for anvil rotation
Pricing, Installation, and Delivery
Contact your MarquipWardUnited Regional Product Support Manager
or Regional Customer Support Office for pricing and delivery.
One year on components.
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