Electricity Study Guide - Key What are series circuits?

Electricity Study Guide - Key
What are series circuits?
Circuit with only one path for the
electricity to flow
What are parallel circuits?
Circuit with more than one path for
electricity to flow
Name an example of static electricity
Walking across carpet and getting shocked,
hair standing up after jumping on a
trampoline, balloon sticking to a wall
Name an example of current electricity
A light bulb being lit
Besides wire, what could be used to close
Paper clip, wire
a circuit between a battery and a load, a
bulb for example?
What is a closed circuit?
An electric circuit providing an
uninterrupted, endless path for the flow
of current.
What is an open circuit?
An open circuit is a kind of electric circuit in
which the path that the electrons follow
cannot be completed because of an open
gap that they cannot flow through.
What is a switch?
Device that opens and closed a circuit
Two charges that are not alike will do
Attract towards each other
Two charges that are alike will do what?
Repel each other
Name several examples of conductors
Aluminum foil, metal spoon, paper clips
Name several examples of insulators
Rubber bands, wood, plastic, glass, sand
What happens to objects that lose
They will have a positive charge
What happens to objects that gain
They will have a negative charge
What is a compass?
Instrument used to locate direction
What are atoms made of?
Neutrons, protons, and electrons
What is a neutron?
Part of an atom with NO electrical charge
What is a proton?
Part of an atom with a positive charge
What is an electron?
Part of an atom with a negative charge
Label the pictures
Parallel Circuit
Closed Circuit or
Simple Circuit