1. What our soul is searching for??

1. What our soul is searching for??
Aisa koi na mila, jaso rahiye laag.
Sab jag jalata dekhiya, apanee-apanee aag.
I was searching for help, for love, someone where I could be myself being with him. But
I couldn’t find anyone. Everyone here is going through his or her own hell. All are
troubled by either way. How can someone find peace and happiness here?
Some saints say we are actually seeking intimacy or love, which is our true nature,
because at the core we are ONE, one consciousness in so many expressions! When we
tend to create our own world of desires and thoughts, a thin layer covers our being, we
feel separated from the ONE and miss and seek this intimacy in so many forms-wealth,
name, fame or relations!! Had Kabir also searched an intimacy and couldn’t find?? The
interesting thing is the more love grows within us, the more people feel intimate to us,
and that is the reason people feel ultimate intimacy and bliss in the company of Saints!!
Dil kaa maraham na mila, jo milaa so garajee.
Kah kabir asmaan phate, kyokar seewe darajee.
I couldn’t find the ointment to heal the wounds of my heart. Who so ever I met, are selfobsessed, and are no good for others. Kabir says – when the sky is torn, which tailor is
capable to stitch it? So worse is the condition of Kabir, and he is not able to find a
healer!! I assume here Kabir is referring about his restlessness for realization and search
for a true Guru.
2. Kabir speaks about the human body and its components...............
Jheenee- jheenee beenee chadariyaa.
Kaahe ke taanaa, kaahe ke bharani, kaun taar se beenee chadariya.
Ingala-pingala taanaa bharanee, sushaman taar se beenee chadariyaa.
Aath kawal das charakha dole, paanch tatva gun teenee chadariyaa.
Saai ko siyat maas das laage, Thok-Thok ke beenee chadaryaa.
So chadar sur-nar muni oDhee, oDh ke mailee keenee chadariyaa.
Das Kabir jatan se odhee, jyo ki tyo dhar deenee chadariyaa.
This body is nothing but clothing on the soul, as scriptures state it. In Bhagwadgita it is
said that as we drop one old cloth and wear a new one, so our soul drops its body when it
gets too old and torn and gets a new one. But what this cloth is made of?
Kabir says this cloth (chadar, shawl) is made by thin linings. What are the Tana and Bana
and which thread is used to weave this cloth? Ingala ( one nadi of three main nadees) and
Pingala are like taana and baana( linings of weaver’s tool on which he weaves cloths) and
Sushmana thread is used to weave it. In this cloth, there are eight lotuses flowering (there
is eighth lotus in Sant Mat – Surati Kawal), and ten doors ( charkha, exit organs of body),
five elements( earth, water,air, fire and ether) and three gunas( SAT, RAJ and TAM). My
Lord weaved this great cloth in ten months (pregnancy period of human being). He made
it with great love and care. All deities, humans and monks wore this cloth and made it
dirty. Blessed is Kabir who wore it with great care and put it down as pure as it was given
to him by Lord.
This clothing is not only this physical body but all layers of the soul. We get our body
dirty and wash it with soap and water, but what about the filth of mind and heart?? We
should keep cleaning them as well by doing meditation and devotion to Lord, so we could
submit this soul as pure as he has made it.
Dash dware kaa pinjaraa, taame panchhe paun.
Rahibe ko acharaj hai, jaaye to acharaj kaun.
This cage has ten doors (ten exit organs of body), and encaged bird (soul) is just like air.
It is strange that it still remains in this cage; no wonder if it leaves it and flies away.
Mori chunaree me pari gayo daag piyaa.
Panch tatt kee bane chunariya, sorah sai band mora laage jiyaa.
Ye chunaree more maike te aai, sasure me manwaa khoy diyaa.
Mali mali dhoyi, daag na chute, gyaan ko saabun laaye piyaa.
Kahe Kabeer daag tab chhutihe, jab sahib apanaay liyaa.
Oh my dear beloved!! I got my chunri dirty with spots. This chunari is made of five
elements (earth, air, water, fire and ether), and there are sixteen designs on it( five sense
organs, five work organs, three gunas, mind, ego, and prana - vital life energy). I got this
chunari from my parents – and my mind got it lost at my in-laws house!! Now I try hard
to wash it, but the spots are not washed away. O my dear beloved, please give me the
soap of knowledge so I could get it washed. Kabir says – nothing will work on it, only
when Sahib (Lord) hugs you and takes you by his side, only then all your filth and spots
will be cleansed.
Our Mayaka or Naihar(parents’ home, though sometimes Kabir takes it in opposite
meaning, e.g. Naihar indicates this world) as Kabir calls it -is true home of the soul and
in-laws house is this illusionary world where we get engaged so many wrong deeds. Our
chunri or shawl is the layers of body on our soul which gets dirty here, how will we be
able to meet our Lord? Only by applying knowledge we can make it clean, and Lord’s
grace will help cleaning it.
3. Kabir on death scenes......................
HaaD jale jyo laakadee, kes jale jyu ghaas.
Sab tan jalata dekhakar, bhaya Kabir udaas.
The undeniable reality in this world is that who ever is born, will die one day and the
greatest fear in this world is the fear of unknown- death. We feel this sorrow when we see
someone dear leaving this world, and we feel this fear for ourselves as well. But our
whole effort goes not to face, encounter and defeat this fear, but to escape away from this
reality as soon and as often we can. Only way to defeat this fear is to face it and then try
to find a way to get out of it. We need to keep in mind this ultimate truth – the death.
Kabir has said this sad truth so many times. He says – I saw the bones burning like wood,
and hairs burning like gross. I saw the whole body burning in this way, I became very
Panee kera budbuda, as manus ki jaat.
Dekhat hi chhup jaayega, jyu tare parbhaat.
This human race (and this world as well) is nothing but like a bubble on the surface of the
sea, it will vanish in little time like stars vanish when dawn falls. So short is this humans
life and earth’s as well.
Kabir yah jag kuchh nahee, khin khaara khin meeTh.
Kaalh jo baitha mandape, aaj masaane deeTh.
This world is nothing; it is so suffering and painful, one moment is so sweet and another
moment it is just bitter. Whom I saw under Mandap (Mandap – rectangle structure under
which marriage ceremony is performed – under Mandap means getting married)
yesterday, is lying in funeral today (yesterday he was enjoying his greatest joy, today he
is dead).
Aaaye hai to jaayenge, raja rank phakeer.
Ek sinhaasan chadi chale, ek bandhe janjeer.
Who ever has come here, has to leave one day, doesn’t matter he or she is a beggar, a
poor or a King. At the time of final journey, everyone goes on the same cot tied by the
same chain ( rope used to tie the dead body).
Ek din aisaa hoyega, kou kaahu kaa naahi.
Ghar kee naaree ko kahe, tan kee naaree jaahi.
Dear why do you forget the death? It is unavoidable, accept it. The day will come when
Nadee of your body will leave you, what to say about Nadee( woman/wife) at your
home? No one will go with you, not even your breaths (so try to be un-attached in this
world and attach your soul to your Lord).
Kabir jantra na baajai, TuTi gayae sab taar.
Jantra bichara kya kare, gayaa bajaawanhaar.
Now this instrument doesn’t play a bit. All wires are broken, it is now of no use. What
will this instrument do when the player has left it alone? This instrument is body and the
player is the soul, when death ceases life and soul leaves the body, it is useless.
Kabir kaahe garabiyo, Kaal gahe kar kesh.
Naa jaane kahn maarisee, ke ghar ke pardes.
Kabir says what you are being so proud of? Time (Kaal) is standing nearby to grab your
head by hairs in his hand. You never know where he will get you killed – in your house
or in foreign land.
Kyaa bharosa deh ka, binas jaat chhan maanh.
Saans-saans sumiran karo, aur jatan kachhu naah.
This body is unreliable; no one knows when it will cheat you, when it will get destroyed
by death. Do HIS simaran as you take breathes, don’t keep thoughts of anything else.
Patta TooTa daar se, lai gayi pawan udaay.
Abake bichhaDe kab milenge, door parenge jay.
When a leaf breaks off from a branch, it flies far away, doesn’t come back to the tree. So
are we souls, death takes us apart from all dear ones and we never return to them (always
speak sweet and wear loving attitude).
4. Tricks of the mind.................
Bajigar kaa bandara, aisaa jeev man ke saath.
Nana naach nachaay kar, raakhe apane saath.
Like a Monkey performs so many acts by the order of his master, so has this soul become
with its mind. Mind keeps full control over it and makes it running from one desire to
another thus never lets it be free.
Chalti chaaki dekhke, diya kabira roy.
Dui paaTan ke beech me, saabut bachaa n koy.
Kabir wept when he saw the grinder running. Nothing could escape from this grinder; the
two stones grind everything into pieces.
Two stones of grinder are assumed as Kal and Maya or the earth and sky, sorrow and
happiness. Kabir was so loving and full of compassion; he used to feel for others like his
own. So even being enlightened, he often speaks about the trouble and pain souls get in
this world.
6. Spider’s Net.........................
Ko chhutyo ihi jaal pari, kat kurang akulay.
Jyo jyo surajhi bhajyo chahe, tyo tyo arujhat jay.
Who is so strong, so clever to escape out from the web of this world? This is the web of
illusion (MAYA); no one is able to cut its threads. Like a deer falls in a net, tries hard to
get out of it, but more he tries to untie its knots, more it gets tied, and gets trapped more
densely so is the net of this MAYA.
Kabir yah sansaar hai, jaisaa semal phool.
Din das ke byohaar me, jhooThe rang na bhool
This world is like flower of Semal(red and very attractive flower), which is attractive for
few days. Don’t get misled by it. Like a parrot keeps looking and waiting for this flower,
thinking that one day it will bear sweet fruit, but when this flower gets fully flourished,
the fruits are broken and cotton is spread away, leaving the parrot disappointed. So is this
world, you keep working and guarding your business and relations that one day they will
give you happiness and satisfaction, but when time comes, they start going their own way
leaving you alone and disappointed. Find your true happiness, don’t go for this illusion.
Kabir gaaphil kyo phire, kyu sotaa ghanaghor.
Tere siraane jam kharaa, jyu andhiyaare chor.
Why do you wander so ignorant? Why do you waste your time in sleeping (sleeping is
used here in both sense- sleeping physically and sleeping spiritually – not in awaken state
of consciousness)? Yam (deity of death) is standing near your bed, like a thieve stands
silent in darkness (waiting to get a chance). Wake and save yourself from being slave at
Yam’s hand.
Kabir naubat aapanee, din das lehu bajaay.
Yah pur paaTan yah galee, bahuri na dekhe aay.
Beat your drum for ten days (very short period), play this drama of name and fame,
richness and grandeur, power and kingdom (Naubat – kind of drum which was used to
announce new rules of King in his whole kingdom). You will not be visiting this state,
this kingdom and this street again (so it is better to make best use of it).
Jap-tap deesai thotharaa, Teerath-brat besaans.
Suwe semal seviya, tau jag chalyaa niraash.
No jaap, no tap(couldn’t find exact word in English – similar to haThyoga or giving
trouble to body in hope to find GOD) seems to work out, all seem worthless to me. Going
to holy places, doing fasting is useless. Like the parrot keeps looking on Semal flower in
hope to get sweet fruit, so are these ceremonies, at last we will have to be disappointed
(GOD can’t be realized in this way).
JhooThe sukh ko sukh kahe, maanat hai man mod.
Khalak chabenaa kaal ka, kachhu mukh me kachhu god.
This world enjoys in false things and becomes happy. It doesn’t know this world is only
snacks of Kaal, some are in his mouth and some are on lap (he will eat it soon!!!)
Neend nishanee maut kee, Uth kabiraa jaag.
Aur rasaayan chhaDi ke, naam rasaayan laag.
Sleeping is the sign of death, O Kabir! Wake and stand up. Leave all other medicines
/drugs and take the drug of Naam, so you will be immortal.
Deh dhare ko danD hai, sab kahoo ko hoy.
Gyanee bhugate gyan kari, moorakh bhugate roy.
All pains and sufferings are kind of the punishment of taking this body. The wise person
bears this punishment knowingly and wisely, and ignorant ones keep crying.
Maya mui na man muaa, mari mari gaya shareer.
Asha trishna na mui, yo kahi gyaa kabeer.
Kabir says- We have gone through so many incarnations, our body died so many times,
still we are not able to control our mind, neither we are able to defeat this illusion. Our
hope and desires didn’t die; they are still alive to keep us engaged in this illusionary
Kabir maya papinee, hari su kare haraam.
Mukh kadiyaalee kumati ki, kahan na dei Raam.
Kabir says, this illusion (Maya) is great sinner, it does unfaithfulness to GOD. And our
bad thoughts don’t let us do simaran.
Karata tha to kyu raha, ab kari kyu pachhtaay.
Boye ped babool ka, amua kaha se paay.
When you were doing all wrong deeds then you never thought about it. Why you are
regretting it now? You saw seed of acacia (one tree with thorns only), how will you get
mango fruits from it? What you saw, so shall you reap.
Makhee gud me gari rahe, pankh rahe lipataay.
Hath male aur sir dhune, laalach buri balaay.
The bee went to taste the sweetmeat, and got trapped in greed. Now it is stuck in the
sweetmeat and is unable to fly. Now it regrets that greed is the cause of great danger. So
is the soul, got stuck in worldly pleasures, now it is unable to fly in infinite which is its
true nature.
Kagad kero naav dee, panee kera gang.
Kahe kabeer kaise phirun, panch kusangi sang.
Kabir says this world is full of great problems, how will I cross this river (bhavsaagarworld of illusion)? Here is the boat made by paper (body so vulnerable and easily
perishable), and the river is full of water. Again five bad friends (lust, greed, anger,
attachment and ego) are with me, who try to lead me to wrong directions. O GOD, how
will I be able to cross this huge river??
Main bhawaraa tohi barajiyaa, ban-ban baas na ley.
ATakegaa kahun beli me, taDap-taDap jiy dey.
Kabir says – O my dear wasp! I forbade you so many times not to go wandering in
jungles and taste the sweetness of flowers. It might be that you will get hooked by thorns
and will have to die there.
The wasp is the soul searching for sensual pleasures and mostly seeking for lust. The soul
will get trapped and will not be able to progress further!!
7. Normal Human Behavior....................
Jihi ghat preet na premras, puni rasana nahi raam.
Te nar is snsaar me, upaji bhaye bekaam.
Those people who have hearts empty from love and devotion, and who don’t do simaran
of Ram, are a waste in this world. They didn’t use their potentials; they just wasted their
time and life.
Jo ghar saadhu na poojiye, hari ki sewa naahi.
Te ghar marghaT saa dikhe, bhoot base tin maahi.
The home where Saints are not welcome and praised and people are not at the service of
GOD, are like cemetery, like full of ghosts (empty of virtues, people are like ghosts and
not a living being).
Manuaa to panchhi bhaya udke chalaa akaash.
Uper hi te gir pada, yaa maya ke paas.
Our mind is like bird, when it gets full swing into positive thoughts, it flies higher and
higher in sky, but it is not certain that it will remain so high, it can go swinging to another
extreme, which is negative one, can drop down to this worldly illusions, so powerful is
this MAYA.
Aache din pachhe gaye, hari se kiyo na het.
Ab pachhataye hot kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet.
O dear soul!! Your good days are passed away when you had energy and time to do love
and devotion to GOD. You didn’t do it at that time, what is the use of regretting now?
(Famous saying – what will you do when you didn’t keep guarding your farm and birds
have eaten all your grains). All your enemies-(five enemies – lust, greed, anger, ego and
attachment) have eaten all your potentials.
Bada hua to kya hua jaise ped khajoor.
Panthi ko chhaya nahi, phal lage ati door.
What if you are a great personality, what if you have got enormous wealth and what if
you are world famous if you don’t do any good for anyone? What are you worth of
then?? You are like the date tree who is taller but neither travelers can get a shadow to
rest for a while to protect them from heat neither they can get their hands on fruits.
Kabir Hari sabakun bhaje, Hari ku bhaje na koi.
Jab jag aas sareer kee, tab lagi daas na hoi.
Kabir says – GOD almighty loves everyone, in fact he can’t help loving because he is
made of love, but no one loves him actually. Till people are attached with bodily
pleasures and keep hope for that, they don’t serve the Lord.
Jab tum aaye jagat me, jagat hansaa, tum roy.
Aisee karanee kari chalo, tum haanso, jag roy.
Kabir says -Oh dear soul! When you came in this world, you cried (a new born baby
always cries- myth is that it feels very bad coming in this world from the heaven) but
people around the baby laugh with joy to welcome new soul. Kabir says do such kind of
work so you would leave this place laughing (because you did perform all work assigned
to you and did some good to this world) and people weep for you (because you became
so dear to them).
Raat gawaai soy ke, diwas gawaya khay.
Heera janam amol tha, kaoDee badle jay.
You spend whole night sleeping and whole day in eating (and taking pleasure in
worthless things). O dear, your life was like diamond (human life is said to be availed by
great luck and it is not sure you will get it again soon) and you are trading it in exchange
of seashells!!
Heera wahan na kholiye, janh KhoTee hai haat.
Chup kari bandho gaaTharee, uthi kar chalo baat.
You shouldn’t open your gems in the market where people don’t differentiate between
diamond and coal. They will not evaluate it, so better put your diamonds in bag and go
ahead on your way.
Kabir is referring here about true knowledge – people are not able to understand reality
and true knowledge. As they like polishing and sparkling, so even glass work attracts
them and not diamond. The same way, they don’t differentiate true Guru and so called
Gurus – who keep a big disciples’ lobby and big ashram. They get attracted to name fame
and crowd. So a true Guru should better keep mum and go ahead in his journey, only true
seekers are eligible to get this knowledge.
Raini gayi mat din bhi jaai, Bhawanr uDe bag baiThe aayi.
Tharhar kampe bala jeev.Na jane ka kariho peev.
Kanche karave rahe na paanee.
Hanas uDaa kaaya kumhilaani.
Kaag udaawat bhujaa piraane.
Kahe Kabir yah katha siraanee.
Kabir say- the night is gone, watch whether the day would not be spent in this way. The
wasps are flied away, now cranes are sitting here. The young girl trembles in fear and
distrust, she is so young she doesn’t know how her husband will treat to her. Kabir says
water can’t be kept in unbaked pot. The swan flied away, now the body is faded. The
bride calls the crows to ask about her husband, her whole life was gone doing this and her
story is finished.
This is again a beautiful example of high level poetry by Kabir. Here is a chain of
allegories unfolding so many meanings and truth. When Kabir says night is gone, means
half the time to do devotion is gone doing useless things. He warns that you should take
care that another half- the day is not spent in that way. Here Wasp refers to black hairs or
youth and crane refers to whiteness in hairs means old age. This line says that even you
have spent half your life doing worthless things, you should make better use of another
half one. The young bride refers to new devotee of the Lord who wants to meet her
beloved but is not mature and brave enough to walk on the path. The soul has doubt how
she will be able to progress, how the Lord will treat her? Shall she have to drop her
identity (fear of death or end of separate identity)? Again Kabir says immature people
can’t keep the words of true knowledge, the devotion of Lord. The soul has to be strong
enough to walk on the path. The famous ritual – make a wish to crow to make the
beloved come back home is done by village brides. Here Kabir is referring it to
symbolize the soul’s waiting to get her beloved at home/in heart. Kabir says the soul
remains in the state of indecision whether she should walk on the path or not. This way
life is finished and the love story of the soul doesn’t have a happy ending.
This is the common story of the people who want to walk on the path but don’t make firm
determination and thus they die unfulfilled.
Poot piyaarau pita ko, gauhani laagyo dhaai.
Lobh-miThaai haath de, aapan gayo bhulaai.
Kabir says we all are his children. When a kid runs to his father and grabs his legs
showing his love, the father, being in a hurry to leave for some work gives some sweets
to the kid thus makes him forget about his father. Same way our divine father – the GOD
has given us so many things in this world to get involved and thus forget about our true
home and true father. We shouldn’t fall in this illusion and grab his feet for his love.
Kabir maaya papinee, Phand le baiThee haaTi.
Sab jag to phande paryaa, gyaa Kabeera kaaTi.
Kabir says this MAYA (illusion) is a great sinner. It is always ready with net in the
market (world) to get you trapped. This whole world has got trapped in this net, but Kabir
was able to cut its threads and to fly away.
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The Best Ways to Live in this World
The Saints say a true Guru is a must in path of GOD. Scriptures also tell us the ways to
walk on the path. Obviously getting Naam or Mantra from Guru and devoting time on
meditation / simaran-bhajan is most important part of it. But before trying to be
something super human or divine, we need to be a human first. When we work and
interact with outer world, we need to fix some good life principles and follow them
firmly, so we live a high moral life and don’t create any more bad karmas.
Here are the details given by Kabir which we should follow1. Adopt Life Principles...................
Jhirmir-jhirmir barasiyaa, paahan upar meh.
Nadiyan neeraa bhar gayee, paahan wohi teh.
It has been raining heavily. Rivers are filled with water, but those high mountains are
remained the same, no water harvesting for them. In these lines, what Kabir is trying to
say is that his blessings are showering upon all, but only those get fulfilled by it who have
empty hearts, vacant souls (from ego). Those with firm ego couldn't keep it with them
because they have filled themselves with unnecessary thoughts and ego and they simply
slip it. Be open in mind and heart and receive unlimited blessing from HIM, it is always
showering upon you.
Juaa, chori, mukhbiree, byaaj, ghoos, par-naar.
Jo chaahe deedaar ko, etee vastu nivaar.
Kabir says if you want to meet your Lord, please drop these things completely-betting,
stealing, acting approver, earning interest, taking bribe and company of other women.
Man beena kuchh aur hi, tan saadhun ke sang.
Kahe kabir karee gaji, kaise laagyo rang.
Those people who go to Satsang, but are not able to control their mind, their mind keeps
chattering all the time. They don’t get benefited from the company of Saints. This is like
if you want to dye a black cloth, you will not be able to get a color put on it. If you want
to get a particular color, you will have to get a white cloth. So is true for satsang. If you
want to keep the love and devotion of your Lord in your heart, you will have to clean
your mind and heart first so it is dyed in the true color of love.
RoDa hoi rahu baaT ka, taji paakhanD abhimaan.
Aisa je jana hoi rahe, taahi mile bhagwaan.
O dear, be as humble as the pebble on the path, where it is under everyone’s feet. Leave
all kind of cheating and ego behind. The person, who becomes humble like this, will be
able to meet the Lord.
RoDa bhaya to kya bhaya, panthi ko dukh deh.
Harijan aisa chaiye, jyu dharani ki kheh.
Again Kabir thinks that being like pebble is not enough, so he says – even if you become
like a pebble on the pathway, still there is a chance that a traveler’s feet may be hurt by
you. It is not good. So be like the soil of the earth, which has no sharp edges and is very
much soft, it will not trouble anyone.
Kheh bhayi to kya bhaya, uDi-uDi laage ang.
Harijan aiasa chahiye, jyu paanee sabrang.
Again Kabir says- even if you become like soil, it is not enough. It flies with air and
makes people dirty. So Kabir says that just be like water – it is without color, but it can
be of any color if you mix a color in it.
Panee bhaya to kya bhaya, taataa-seeraa hoy.
Harijan aisa chahiye, Hari jaiasa hi hoy.
Again Kabir thinks all possibilities and says that being like water is still not good enough.
Water sometimes gets hot with the heat and becomes too cold in winter. So Kabir says
there is no other way for a true devotee (harijan) to meet him, but to be just like HIM.
Jaisee mukh te neekase, taisee chaale chaal.
Parbrahm neDa rahe, pal me kare nihaal.
O dear, be absolute true in your words. Following the truth is the way which leads to
HIM. If you act just like as you speak, and there is no difference in your saying and
actions, GOD will be pleased with you and will give you his grace.
Aisi vanee boliye, man kaa aapa khoy.
Auran ko sheetal kare, aapahu sheetal hoy
Always speak so sweet that our heart feels the bliss and coolness and never be rude to
anyone. Speaking sweet words makes others cool and blissful and so it does to the
Kutil bachan sabase buraa, Jase hot na chaar.
Sadhu bachan jal roop hai, barase amrit dhaar.
Rude words are worst kind of harm, they burn you to ashes (they hurt you to the core of
your being). Loving and caring words of Saints are like cool water; they enter in your
heart and heal all pain like the rain of nectar which turns even dead to living one. (We
should therefore never speak rude words to anyone- even we don’t like their attitude).
Jaha daya tah dharm hai, jaha lobh taha paap.
Jahan krodh taha kaal hai, jaha Kshama waha aap.
Where there is kindness, there is religion, and where there is greed, there is sin.
Anger brings this Kaal or destruction, and forgiveness brings godliness in us.
Jag me bairee koi nahee, jo man sheetal hoy.
Ye aapa to daal de, dayaa kare sab koy.
No one can be your enemy if your mind and heart is cool and calm. It is your ego that
creates all problems, just drop it. When you don’t think about you and think only the
OTHER, true egoless ness happens. Following the forgiveness brings absolute calmness.
Jaat na Poochho saadhu ki, poochh lijiye gyan.
Mol karo talwaar ka, paree rahan do myan.
Never ask a Saint about his or her caste, always ask about his or her knowledge. We
evaluate a sword by the sharpness because it is the real thing and not by the beauty of
sheath. This way the knowledge of a Saint is important and not his or her caste.
Kabir Kshudha hai kookari, karat bhajan me bhang.
Yako Tukra Darike, sumiran karo nishank.
Kabir says that this hunger is like bitch, it will keep barking until you give it a piece of
bread. So first feed yourself and satisfy this hunger, then sit to do bhajans. This body has
its requirements and it needs its food. A cool and calm body is necessary to go into
It is noticeable that everywhere in Gurudwara, there is a system of lunger(free food to
Sahaj sahaj sab koi kahe, sahaj na cheenhe koi.
Jini sahaje vishiyaa taji, sahaj kaheeje soi.
There is one way – sahaj Samadhi or natural meditation for spiritual journey. There are
many explanations of Kabir’s “Sahaj Samadhi”. Here Kabir tries to explain it – People
say opt for Sahaj. But no one understands its meaning. It is absolutely natural way. When
we do different kind of devotion/meditation – we try to raise our consciousness to higher
realms. At the time of meditation we are able to control our mind conflicts, desires and
thoughts. When our meditation breaks, we come down to normal life. But when we
become so much calm and controlled that every moment is like moment of meditation
and there is no difference in waking state and meditative state in context of our desires
and conflicts, then Sahaj or natural Samadhi happens. When all worldly attachments and
pleasures are dropped naturally, this is the state of Kabir’s Sahaj Samaadhi. Kabir says
whoever has dropped all desires and attachment to worldly pleasures naturally, is in real
Sahaj state.
Tan ko jogi sab kare, man ko birla koy.
Sahje sab bidhi paaiye, jo man jogi hoy.
People try to control the body and its needs. Even they are successful doing it, their mind
is uncontrolled and desires, pride and ego still occupy the mind. Kabir says true Yogi is
who has made his mind Yogi… and he will get everything by controlling his mind and
get it in contact with GOD.
2. Meditation is a must......................................................
Hari mor rahanTa main ratan piuriyaa.
Hari ka nam le kaatal bahuriyaa.
Chhau maas tag, baras din kukaree.
Log kahe bhal kaatal bapuree.
Kahahi Kabir sut bhal kaataa.
RahanTa na hoy mukti kar daata.
My Lord (Hari, Ram are few names by which Kabir calls his beloved) is
RahanTa( weaver’s tool) and I am the Chunari embroidered with gold and gems woven
on it. His dear beloved bride weaves the threads by his Name. She weaved threads for six
months and then made Kukaree (piece of wood on which linings of threads are coiled to
keep it safe -I am not able to find exact word in English) for one year. People say this
poor lady has woven very nicely. Kabir says O dear, you have woven really very nice,
but this weaving thing will not give you liberation!!
Here Kabir is trying to explain that Karmas will not give you liberation, even if you do it
on the name of GOD and if you are doing good karmas. They will keep you busy here
and you will not find a way out.
Kabir yahu tan jaat hai, rakhi sako to bahor.
Khali haathon wah gaye, jinke laakh –karor.
Kabir says this body is running out of life. Try and save it if you can. You can only meet
your Lord while you are in this body, so try to meet and save yourself. Even those people
leave this earth with blank hands that had lacs and crores of wealth.
Baahar kya dikhalaaiye, antar japiye Raam.
Kaha kaaj sansaar se, tujhe dhanee se kaam.
What are you looking for outside?? Go inside and keep doing simaran of Ram (Lord).
What do you have to do with this world? You have only one job to be with your beloved
(dhanee-husband), only keep remembering him.
Jabahi naam hirde dharaa, bhayaa paap kaa naas.
Mano chingaaree aag kee, paree puraanee ghaas.
As soon as you put the Naam in your heart, all your sins are burnt. Just like a little
burning coal put in the grass will soon burn all the grass to ashes.
Jo darsan dekha chahiye, to darpan manjat rahiye.
Jab darpn laage kaai, tab darsan kiya na jaai.
If you want to envision the reality, keep wiping your mirror daily. If mirror gets dirty,
how will you be able to see yourself? This mirror is mind which is covered by desires,
constant thoughts, prejudices and pride and we are not able to see our true self. When we
give time to meditation, actually we start dropping all bits of dirt from our mind and
eventually from our soul, thus we become aware of our true self and the ultimate reality
gets reflected here.
Kabira so dhan sanchiye, jo age ko hoy.
Shees uthaye gaanThree, le jaat na dkhya koy.
Kabir says - oh dear, please collect the wealth which could go with you after death –
wealth of good deeds, love, compassion and Naam(devotion to GOD-sound within).
What ever you have been earning and collecting and think that that these are mine, will
not go with you. No one has been seen to take all those treasures on his head in his final
3. Drop the Ego and identity completely…………..
Main-Main baDee balaay hai, nikasi sakai to bhaaji.
Kab lag raakhau he sakhee, rooi lapeTi aagi.
This ME is the real trouble. O my dear Sakhi, try to come out of it as soon as possible.
How long will you save this ME, it is like cotton which is put around fire, and it will give
you great trouble if you don’t drop it.
Nindak niyre raakhiye, aangana kuTi chhawaay.
Bin pane saabun binaa, nirmal kare subhay
O Kabir, Always welcome and keep your critics near you. You should make a hut for
them in your house so you will always get benefited by them. Critics are great cleansers;
they make your nature neat and clean without any water and soap. Kabir is very definite
about it, that we should always welcome any kind of criticism; even we should seek it
from friends and enemies. Criticism makes us realize our faults and problems we need to
pay attention and make them clean which otherwise we couldn’t realize. This way critic
is more well wisher of us than our fans.
Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na miliya koy.
Jo dil dhundha aapna, mujhsa bura na koy.
When I went to search for crooked people, there was no one crooked outside. When I
started searching inside me, I was the worst kind of crooked.
This is the very basic rule for a seeker, we should never try to find a fault in the other,
and we should always look within whether there is any fault in us. It is normal human
tendency that we try to come out clean in any situation and blame others for any wrong
deeds. We need to change this attitude. This doesn’t mean we should condemn ourselves,
but it simply means that if there is .01% chance that we are at fault, first we should search
and clean it. We can’t change the other, so better do what is within our reach.
Kabira garv na kijiye, kabahu na hansiye koy.
Ajai naav smundra me, kaa jane kyaa hoy.
Kabir says - never be proud of what you have got and how much you have progressed in
spirituality and never laugh at someone who is not so much well behaved, and advanced
in spirituality. You might never know how and when you will reach your destination.
Your ship is still in the mid sea, and you don’t know what would happen to you, you will
reach your goal or will go astray (pride itself is a great barrier in spirituality).
Kul gela kul ubare, kul rakhya kul jaai.
Ram nikul kul bhent le, sab kul rahya samaai.
Here is another beautiful example of the great Saint’s poetic expression. Kabir likes to
play with words. Here he repeats word kul(caste) in so rhythm that it sounds very cool.
Kabir says After dropping your kul(caste -identity) you will be able to make your
family(Kul) shine( will make your family proud of you). If you keep your caste and
identity(kul), you will loose the whole(kul). Meet Ram(Lord) who is casteless(nikul)
where all castes(sab kul) merge at the end.
Jab lag naataa jagat ka, tab lag bhakti na hoy.
Naata toDe Hari bhaje, bhakt kahaawe soy.
Till you have relations with this world, you are not a true devotee. When all your
relations with this world are finished, then only you become a true devotee of the Lord.
4. Only Love Matters……………
Jihi ghat prem na sanchare, So ghat jaan msaan.
Jaise khaal lohaar ki, saans let binu praan.
If there is no love grown in a person, he or she is like cemetery, living by breathe still
dead in heart. Just like the furnace of blacksmith operates well by air given to it, but it is
a dead thing, so is the person who is stranger to love.
Jihi ghat preet na premras, puni rasana nahi raam.
Te nar is sansaar me, upaji bhaye bekaam.
If there is no love, neither is the divine feeling of the same and the person even doesn’t
keep remembering his dear beloved Ram, his birth in this world is useless. He was born
and will die without getting anything out of this life.
Hari jananee main baalak teraa.
Kaahe na augun bkasahu meraa.
Sut aparaadh kare din kete.
Janani ke chit rahe na tete.
Kar gahi kes gahe jo maataa.
Tau nah het utaare maataa.
Kahe Kabir ek budhi bichaaree.
Baalak dukhi, dukhi mahataari.
Kabir says that my Lord is my mother, I am her little kid. O my dear mother, please
forgive me for my faults and mistakes. A son does so many sins, but mother never minds
that and never keeps it in heart. She is always forgiving. Even a little kid is so ignorant
that he grabs mother’s hairs thus troubles her and even then mother never stops loving
him. Kabir knows only one thing by his knowledge- if the son is sad; his mother is ought
to be sad, because her happiness lies in son’s happiness. So is true for the GOD. He is
happy in our happiness only.
Kabir soi peer hai, jo jaane parpeer.
Jo parpeer na jaanai, so kafir bepeer.
Kabir says real Peer (Saint) is someone who understands others troubles and sorrows. If
someone doesn’t understand it, he or she is without emotions and not a Saint, but a
person against godliness (Kafir).
Prem bhav ek chahiye, bhesh anek batay.
Chahe ghar me baas kare ,chaahe ban ko jay.
Your Lord seeks only love in you; this is the true bhav or prayer. It doesn’t matter what is
the method, what is the form of devotion. If there is love for the Lord, it doesn’t make
any difference even if you stay at home or go to jungles for prayer.
Pothee padhi-padhi jag mua, pundit bhayaa na koy.
Dhai aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoy.
This world died reading books and scriptures, but no one could become Knower (punditwho knows the mystery of the universe). This is love – two and half letters of Perm (it
counts two and half letter in devnagari script) which is only readable thing. Who so ever
reads it; shall become the Knower (Pundit). All saints have been stating that what
remains at last is love – and GOD is nothing but ocean of love, try to read it, be it, let it
flow through you and you will know all the mysteries of the universe and the GOD.
Kabira prem na chaakhya, chakhi na leeyaa sav.
Sune ghar ka paahuna, jyo aawe tyo jaw.
Kabir says, who didn’t taste the love while was here on earth and in human form, is like
the guest who comes to vacant home, from where he returns unattended. He doesn’t find
anyone to welcome, any food offered and any warm reception. Our whole purpose to
come in this human form is to taste that divine drink – love – without which our visit is
5. Act on the right time…………..
Aache din paachhe gaye, hari se kiyo na het.
Ab pachhtaye hot kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet.
Your good days are gone (when you were young and were able to do some good
deeds/meditation) but you didn’t feel affection for your Lord. Why are you regretting
now (in old age)? When it was time to save your fields, you were sleeping. Now birds
have eaten your fields, what is the use regretting your deeds?
This is famous saying – means when your valuable things are destroyed, what is the use
to remember and regret it? We should act at the right time and save our spiritual treasure.
Dukh me sumiran sab kare, sukh me kare na koy.
Jo sukh me sumiran kare, to dukh kaahe ko hoy.
People always pray in trouble and sorrow, they never remember GOD in their good days.
If only we could pray him wholeheartedly in our good days, why we would get in any
Karta tha to kyu raha, ab kari kyu pachhtaay.
Boye ped babool ka, amua kaha se paay.
When you were doing all wrong deeds then you never thought about it. Why you are
regretting it now? You saw seed of acacia (one tree with thorns only), how will you get
mango fruits from it? What you saw, so shall you reap.
Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab.
Pal me parlay hoyga, bahuri karga kab.
Just do today what you are planning to do tomorrow, and do right now whatever you are
planning to do today. You might never know when this life ends, even dissolution might
happen and then you will not get time to do anything.
Te din gaye akaarathee, sangat bhayee na sant.
Prem bina pashu jeevanaa, bhakti bina bhagwant.
Those days are gone worthless which are not spent in the company of Saints. Those who
didn’t know love and devotion of Lord are like animals in human form, getting only their
natural needs fulfilled.
Mooye peechhe mat milo, kahe kabira Raam.
Loha maatee mi gaya, phir paaras kehi kaam.
Kabir says don’t hope and opt to meet your Lord after the death. What a philosopher’s
stone can do to an iron when it is destroyed and got lost in soil?? You can try and meet
your Lord only while living, he will make you just like HIM. If you are not able to meet
him here, how will you meet him after death??
Raat gawaya soy ke, diwas gawayo khaay.
Heeraa janam amol tha, kauDi badle jay.
You spent all nights sleeping and days eating. Your life was so precious, it was like
diamond and you exchanged it with seashells!!
This human form is supposed to use to progress spiritually but we don’t pay attention to it
and live the whole life doing stupid things!!
Durlabh maanush janam hai, deh na barambaar.
Taruwar jyo patta jhare, bahuri na laage daar.
We get this human body by great luck and chance; it is difficult to get it again and again,
like when a leaf breaks off from the branch, it would never be attached to the branch
again. Make the best use of it, so you could meet the Lord in this lifetime.
6. Be a Giver- That is the virtue of GOD and Godliness………….
Bada hua to kya hua jaise ped khajoor
Panthi ko chhaya nahi, phal lage ati door.
What is the goodness in being so great if we can’t help others? A palm-tree grows so high
but it is so far from our reach, we can’t get its fruits neither a traveler can find a shadow
to rest for a while.
Deh dhare ka gun yahi, deh deh kachhu deh.
Bahuri na dehi paaiye, abaki deh to deh.
The virtue of getting this human body is that you should give others as much and as often
as you can. You will not get this human body again and again, only those things will
remain with you what ever you provide and serve to others.
Santan hee sat baanTai, Rotee me te Took.
Kahe Kabir ta daas ko, kabahu na aawe chook.
Share goodness and truth among saints and devotees, and always eat the bread after
sharing it to the needy. Kabir says who so ever keeps this habit in life, will never go
astray from the path of dear Lord.
7. Develop conscience…………
Saadhu aisa chahiye, jaisa soop subhay.
Saar-saar ko gahi rahae, thotha dei uDaay.
Sadhu /Saints should be like the SOOP (a thing made by bamboo wood, which is used to
get grains cleaned from its husk). They should know to extract correct facts from the mixups so they never get misled. In fact Saints say that this world is all mix-ups – mixing of
good and bad, GOD and maya, reality and illusion- and we should learn to get this mixup undone. Like a swan gets milks and leaves the water, like an ant will take the sugar
from the mix of sugar and sand, so we should take the good and positive things and leave
the rest, we should know to differentiate facts from fictions, rights from wrong details.
Only then we will be able to find right way and won’t get misled.
8. God’s clock is neither early nor late……………
Dheere-dheere re mana, dheere sab kuchh hoy.
Malee seenche sau GhaDa, ritu aaye phal hoy.
O dear, slowly everything will happen. Don’t make hurry. Everything has a time and
season, and so is true for meditation and liberation!! Keep trying but be patient, Lord
knows when your time comes. Just like even a gardener waters hundred buckets to trees,
they will get fructified only when the season comes. So is true for the Lord. Keep faith in
him and keep doing your devotion.
9. Our own self is the real temple…………
Mala pherat jug gaya, miTa na man ka pher.
Kar ka manaka Dhadi ke, man ka manaka pher.
You spent so much time doing Jaap and prayers with the help of rosary; still your mind is
in constant conflict. O dear, you spent so many lives visiting and leaving this earth, still
you are bound to this world. Just drop this rosary in your hand, and start doing simaran in
heart. This way you will be able to go beyond this illusion.
Here is beautiful word repetition with different meanings which gives it a live rhyme
(Manaka – beads and manaka – of mind).
Man mathura dil dwaraka, kaayaa kashee jaani.
Dashwa dwara dehura, tame joti pichhani.
O dear, think your mind like Mathura(birth place of Lord Krishna), your heart as Dwarka
(Kingdom of Lord Krishna) and your body like Kashi(holy place famous for Lord Shiva).
The tenth door is the place of the Lord (ajna chakra, place between both eyebrows), try to
find the light there, it is the place of the Lord within you.
10. MAYA is just illusion………….
Maaya chaaya ek si, birla jaane koy.
Bhayat ke peeche pade, sanmukh bhaage soy.
This MAYA (illusion) and shadow are of same nature; rare are those who are able to
understand this mystery. It chases to those who keep running from it, and runs away from
those who stop, stare at it and face it. Shadow is a good example. When we turn our back,
it seems behind us and if we fear it and want to escape from it, it will seem chasing us
where ever we go. But when we turn our face towards it, it will seem running away from
us. The same way, this MAYA or worldly illusion seems chasing us, in fact we are afraid
facing it – all kind of troubles, cheatings, misbehaves, pride, ego, anger- to name a few so we just try to escape from it, to suppress it, but more we try to suppress it, more it
troubles us. When we get courage to face it, bring it on surface and fight to it, it is
vanished. It depends how we deal with it.
Gyan ratan ka jatan kar, maatee ka sansaar.
Aaye kabira phiri gayaa, pheekaa hai sansaar.
O dear, try to get the gem of true knowledge, this world is nothing but made of soil
(ready to get destroyed at any time). Kabir visited this place and returned back; realizing
this world is worthless.
Maaya to Thaganee banee, Thagat phire sab desh.
Jo Thag ya thaganee Thago, ta Thag ko aadesh.
Kabir says this MAYA is like cheater, it cheats all in the world. Who so ever is able to
cheat this Thaganee(female cheater), will get the order of the Lord. I assume that the
order here means the order to teach people, to show them the way ahead by this “order of
Lord”. Only those great Saints who are able to defeat this illusion and have been able to
meet Lord, are capable to lead other seekers, and so by the will of the Lord.
Kaajal keree koTharee, taisaa yahu sansaar.
Balihaaree taa das ki, paisike nikasanhaar.
This world is like the room of black soot. That devotee is truly welcomed who comes in
this place and goes back without getting a single spot on his cloth.
11. God is only thing prevailing everywhere………
Daya kaun par keejiye, kaapar nirday hoy.
Saai ke sab jeev hain, keeree kunjar doy.
Whom you will be kind to and to whom you would be rude?? All are the souls of GOD,
be it insect or elephant. Nothing exists beyond GOD, so be generous, loving and kind to
Mera mujhme kuchh nahi, jo kuchh hai so tera.
Tera tujhko saumpata, kya laage hai meraa.
There is nothing in me which is mine, it is all yours. When I surrender and offer
everything which belongs to you, it doesn’t take anything from me; it is only that I am
offering your things to you (like in Sanskrit it says – “ Tvadeeyam Vastu Govindam,
Tubhyamev Samarpayet).
12. Being pure to purer………….
Sona sajjan saadhu jan, tooti jure sau baar.
Durjan kumbh kumhar ke, eke Dhaka daraar.
Saints and good people are like gold, they are mended up again and again, doesn’t matter
how many times they are broken. Evil ones are like pot of the potter, even a slight push
breaks them and they won’t get mended. Kabir is describing the tolerance capacity and
character of people, and how we should understand their level.
13. Cut all the threads of Karma………….
Ek karm hai bowanaa, upaje beej bahoot.
Ek karm hai bhoonanaa, udai na ankur soot.
There are two kinds of karmas. One is like to sow the grain (it will bring more trees and
fruits-both sweet and bitter) and another is to boil the grain (we burn the grain’s all
potentials to grow, to become a tree and bear fruit).First kind of karma is done by us in
ignorance and mostly in hope that we will get more good fruits. All good and bad karmas
(seeds) will get fructified with time. But the devotee, who wants to get out of this MAYA
and KAAL, will have to burn all karmas, so it doesn’t bear any tree and fruits.
***The same example is given by Ramkrishna through raw paddy and boiled paddy.
Seeds of raw paddy will grow with time, but boiled paddy can’t. So is the devotee who
has burned all karmas with devotion, thus has become free form all.
14. Greatest barrier on the spiritual path………….
Kabir Mayaa tajee to kya bhaya, maan tajaa nahi jay.
Maan bade muniyar gile, Maan saban ko khaay.
What if you are able to defeat the MAYA and drop all its desires? It is very difficult to
get rid of the desire to get respect and fame. This desire has gulped so many Monks and
Saints, this eats everyone (after practicing and mastering all other things, this desire
comes as last greed, and is hard to overcome, only a person mad in love can overcome it,
in fact it will not exist for him at all).
15. Keep the company of devotees and saints……..
Kabir taasu milaai, jisake hiraday tu base.
Nahi te beg uThaai, nit ka ganjan ko sahe.
Kabir is sad among these worldly people. He asks his Lord to let him meet to true
devotees, who carry the Lord in their heart. Kabir will find the peace only in their
company. Kabir even requests his Lord to call him back soon if it is not possible; it is a
torture living with these loveless people.
*** (We see the same thing in Ramkrishna, he was here to be with seekers and to show
them the path. After realization, he used to call them loudly on the top of the temple. It is
said that within few years all of them gathered with him).
Moorakh sang na keejiye, lohaa jal na tiraay.
Kadalee seep bhujang mukh, ek boond tihu bhaai.
Company makes a big difference. Kabir says- don’t be friends with ignorant fools.
Doesn’t matter how hard you work, you wont be able to make iron floating on the water.
And there is a chance that you would get some wrong impression from them. When it
rains, water drops fall randomly, one goes to banana tree and becomes
Karpoor(inflammable thing used in Aarti), another falls in oyster and becomes pearl and
the one which falls in the mouth of snake becomes nothing else but poison. In beginning
all drops were equal, but different places and company made a huge difference for them.
(Famous saying is that a wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend).
Jo ghar saadhu na poojiye, hari ki sewa naahi.
Te ghar marghaT saa dikhe, bhoot base tin maahi.
If there is no service and praise of Saints and GOD, that home is like mortuary and
people living there are like ghosts.
16. Do work to get your earning………
Maangan gaye so mari rahe, mare jo maangan jaahi.
Unte pahile ve mue, jin mukh nikasat naahi.
Kabir never supports who have left this world’s works and responsibility in the search of
GOD, and get their needs fulfilled by other families. He says asking for something makes
you lacked from respect and dignity. Those who beg or ask something are like dead
people while breathing (life is sure a shame without respect and dignity). They are like
dead when they decide to ask, and when they actually ask for something, they are really
dead in their dignity, but those who deny providing the help are more dead, because
having something they can provide, and denying it is even worse then asking for
17. Un-attachment doesn’t mean detachment…………….
Kamal patra hain saadhujan, basen jagat ke maahi.
Baalak keree dhaay jyu, apano jaanat naahi.
Saints live here like leaves of lotus. Lotus grows in water and flourishes there, but even
being in water; its leaves are untouched by water. So are Saints, they live in this world,
but still they are un-attached from worldly affairs. Just like baby-sitter does all work and
loves baby as much but she knows exactly that baby is not hers. So Saints live here,
knowing that this world doesn’t belong to them and they are just doing their duty towards
Lord by serving humankind.
***The same example of baby-sitter is given by Ramkrishna.
18. Others……….
Sab kaahu ka leejiye, saachaa shabd nihaar.
Pachchhapaat na keejiye, kahe kabir vichaar.
We should get all good and true thoughts from all. We should never get pride, prejudice
and partiality in our mind-that is Kabir’s teaching for all.
Saai itna deejiye, jaame kuTum samaay.
Main bhee bhukha na rahun, saadhu na bhukha jay.
O my lord, provide me as much to keep my family well, I can get food and can serve the
saints as well. I don’t need more than that.
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Bahut KaThin Hai Dagar PanghaT Ki*
*(The path of love is way too difficult............)
When we feel that something is missing in life and we can’t find it here in this world, we
start searching for it. We give it different names but the reality is that we are searching
love or intimacy which is our true nature, because as scriptures say the whole existence is
ONE and we only feel alone or separated because we are trapped in this illusionary world
and are not able to feel our true nature. When our journey or search starts, the things
which are dear to us start being dropped one by one loosing their relevance and
importance for us. But this gives us some pain also, because our impurities start burning
and the layers upon our soul start dropping one by one. During this journey a soul has left
its worldly home and is traveling through difficult paths, yet the true home or destiny is
still far away. Fear of unknown is the main trouble and the gravity of this world pulling
us down is another one. Some call it - “The Dark Night of the Soul”.
Here are some pads and dohas said by Kabir which speak about the journey.
Ham ghar jaara aapana, liya muraDa* haath.
Ab ghar jaaro taasu ka, jo chale hamaare saath.
*(MuraDa-Burning wood)
Kabir says he has burnt his home, and has taken burning wood in his hand. Now he will
burn homes of those who are ready to go ahead with Kabir.
Home represents not only a house but all comfort, attachment and relations as well.
Those who want to walk on this path should be ready to go any where, face everything
and break all kind of attachment. Home again represents our own home – means stay
place of the soul- the physical, astral, casual, super casual and spiritual bodies. Kabir says
we need to drop all our layers of existence to see our true self and be one with GOD. He
says he burnt his home and his ego-all layers of existence are dropped now and now he
will do it to all who want to follow the path. Without doing this, going ahead is
Kabira khaDa bajaar me, sabaki maange khair.
Apani sabase dosti, nahi kisi se bair.
Kabir stands in mid market (represents here the world) and prays peace to all, he is
friends to all and no one is his enemy.
Till a Saint gets this equilibrium of mind to see all and everything as friend and one, he
has not got ultimate enlightenment.
Unai badariyaa parigayo sanjhaa,
Aguaa bhoole bankhand manjhaa,
Dhani anate piya anate rahai,
Chaupari kaamari maathe gahai,
Phulwaa bhaar na le sake, kahe sakhin so roy,
jyon-jyon bheeje kaamari, tyon-tyon bharee hoy.
Clouds are spreading all over the sky in the dark evening. The guide is abandoned in mid
jungle followed by the bride. Dear beloved lady is somewhere else far from her lover.
She has covered her head with folded blanket to save herself from heavy rain and dark
dangerous night but it is of no use. She can't bear the burden now and weeps bitterly. She
says to her sakhee(friend)- blanket is being wet and heavier, it is just unbearable to hold it
on the head!!
Here Kabir says about the journey of the soul. The dark cloudy and rainy night is the life
of the soul in which she has started searching her beloved. The guide or Sakhee refers to
the Guru. The blanket is the social securities and relations which the soul wants to keep
with her (but it is a burden in this journey). So the soul weeps and says - it is being heavy
now, I can’t keep it on head. I wanted it to save me, but it is pulling me down!!
Harau to Hari maan hai, jo jeetun to daav.
Parbrahm sau khelataa, jo sir jay to jay.
Now Kabir is all set to play this game with GOD. This game is of love and devotion,
surrender and death of self. If GOD wins, it is his greatness, and I shall be proud that my
master won. If I win, then sure I win (either way it is a win-win situation). So Kabir is
playing this game, and he doesn’t care a bit, if he looses his head (life, ego, self, me).
Surati samaani nirati me,ajapaa maahe jaap.
Lekh samaana alekh me, yun aapa maahe aap.
My surat ( dhyan, concentration) is absorbed in nirati and jaap (bhajan, simaran) got
dissolved in ajapaa(dhyan or simaran without practice, done naturally). The visible
dissolved in invisible and my self got merged in my own self (supreme self).
Pahunchenge tab kahenge, utarenge us Thay.
Ajahoo beDa samand me, boli biguche kaay.
I shall tell the truth when I reach at that place, when I land on that shore. My ship is still
in mid sea, why to speak and spoil the journey?? Kabir is on the way to meet his Lord, he
is still traveling through this BhavSagar(Lower Worlds) and is not well aware of ultimate
reality, so speaking anything will destroy the essence of the truth.
Kasturee kunDali basai, Mrig DhunDhe ban maahi.
Aise ghaTi-ghaTi Ram hain, duniyaa bujhe naahi.
The deer has Kasturi (material of sweet fragrance) in his novel, but he doesn’t know it.
He runs one jungle to another searching the source of it. The same way our Lord prevails
in everyone but this world is un-aware of HIM and is running one place to another to find
Shabd nirantar se man laaga, malin vaasanaa tyagee.
UThat baiThat kabahu na chhuTe, aisee taaree laagee.
My mind got attached to the unbroken melody, and all filthy desires are lost. Now all the
time my mind is attached to that sweet melody, doesn’t matter whether I sit in mediation
or do any other work.
Jin DhunDhaa tin paaiyaa, gahare paanee paiTh.
Main bauree Dooban Daree, rahee kinaare baiTh.
Whoever searched going deep into the sea, found that gems. I was ignorant and
stupid(woman), I feared to go deep in water and just sat there at the shore….with empty
This is an metaphor of meditation, going deep, leaving senses of this physical body and
turning upwards to seek the unknown……fear grabs us that we leave this known and we
don’t know about the unknown when we start the journey……..the soul fears and
sometimes gives up its efforts, brave and courageous are those who dive deep and find
the beloved………
Jal me kumbh, kumbh me jal hai, baahar bheetar paanee.
PhooTaa kumbh jal jalahi samaanaa, yah tat kathau gyanee.
This whole universe is like an ocean, we all are like pots in this infinite sea. As water is
within the pot and water itself is around the pot, only a thin veil of the form of pot keeps
the water within it apart from the water of sea. So we live in the infinite consciousness of
existence which we call by different name, but it is within us, around us and we are it,
only a thin veil of ego keeps us separated from that infinite ocean of consciousness.
When the pot is broken, the water within it merges in the infinite water of the sea, so our
consciousness merges in the infinite when we are able to drop the ego.
Sumiran man me laaiye, jaise naad kurang.
Kahe kabeer bisare nahee, pran taje tehi sang.
Withdraw your attention from outside and keep it in doing simaran (and bhajan) like a
deer pays concrete attention to the melody a hunter is playing to catch it. The deer
doesn’t bother a bit about upcoming danger when it gets absorbed in the melody even the
hunter kills it. We should put our attention on the unstuck melody like that then we will
be able to reach our source.
Sumiran surat lagaay kar, much se kachhu na bol.
Bahar ka pat band kar, andar ka pat khol.
Attach your consciousness to simaran(dhyan and bhajans), don’t speak or do simaran in
words. Shut all your outer senses down and open the door within you; (there you will find
a way which leads to your beloved’s palace)…….
Gyan ratan ka jatan kar, maatee ka sansaar.
Aaye kabeera phiri gayaa, pheekaa hai sansaar.
Try to collect the gems of true wisdom and knowledge. This world is so unstable, it is
nothing but made of soil. Kabir visited this place and returned back knowing that this
world is meaningless and without bliss.
Jaa karan jag dhundhiya, so to ghat hee maanhi.
Parda diyaa bharam kaa , taate sujhe naahi.
This world is searching madly for him, and he is within our own self!! He wants this play
go on, so he has given this veil of illusion, and no one is able to see him and the reality.
Khet na chode soorama, jujhe do dal maanhi.
Ashaa jeevan maran kee, man me raakhe naahi.
The great warrior doesn’t leave the battle field. He fights between two armies. He doesn’t
keep a bit hope of life or fear of death. The seeker is also like that warrior- he doesn’t
hope for life or have fear of death; he just keeps fighting (for the light of truth in this
illusionary world).
Jaap mare ajapaa mare, anahad hu mari jay
Ram sanehee na mare, kahe Kabeer samujhay
Those who do sumiran and jaap will die, those who do ajapaa jaap or maanas sumiran
will also die. The person who has gone till the region of anahad or Sound may die. But
the person who loves HIM can’t die. This is the nectar of love, which makes us
Baitha haia ghaT Bheetre, baitha hai Saachet.
Jaisi Jisko chahiye, waisee buddhi det.
The Lord, the being of consciousness is sitting within you, he is all aware of your dreams
and desires. He provides knowledge and wisdom to you what is needed to get all those
dreams and desires realized. But the interesting thing is that he gives it to you according
to your own wishes, he is just provider.
Ramkrishna used to give example of light. He used to say GOD is like light, he provides
light to everyone and everything which is in existence, it is up to us how we make use of
it. A person can write a book in this light and another one can perform murder. Light is
unaffected yet it doesn’t withdraw from you irrespective to what you do. He is in
everything, in everywhere.
Utate kou naa aata hai, jaaso poochhun dhaay.
Itate hee sab jaat hai, bhaar ldaaay ladaay.
No one returns from that land, whom I could ask about HIM. All keep going from here
never to return back. Who will tell us what happens after death? Where is our home,
where shall we go after final journey?? No one is able to tell us.
Lambaa maarag, doori ghar, vikaT panth bahu maar.
Kaho santo kyu paaiye, durlabh hari deedaar.
The way is too long, our home is so far and the path is way too difficult to walk on. And
then there are so many troubles and sufferings in the way. Kabir says – O my dear
Saints!! How will we get to him, this is very difficult to see him, to meet him!!
Jihi marane the jag dare, so mere aanand.
Kab marihu kab dekhihu, pooran parmaanand.
The world fears dieing, but this death is of my great pleasure. I pray when I will die and I
will see the whole, the ocean of bliss. Here death indicates in two ways – one is to go into
meditation and do beyond physical existence, but at another level it is about to drop the
last cover of ego, death of existence as separate entity, only then we will be able to see
the whole, the ONE. Till two exist, we can’t feel the ONENESS and this intimacy is what
a soul is longing for (keep searching in so many things, relations etc.)
Ab to jujhyaa hee bane, mudi chalya ghar door.
Sir sahib ko saumpataa, soch na keeje soor.
Now it is time to do or die, you had left your home far behind. You can’t turn to way
back home. Now surrender your head to your Lord, don’t keep a bit doubt and continue
your fight. Kabir indicates here about the seekers who are in the way to search the Lord.
When they are progressed a little, it is worse to look back and live the life they had been
living earlier. Home here is a symbol of this world, this physical plane with all relations,
desires and attachments. When a person totally lives in this illusion, he or she suffers
through sorrows and enjoys joy as well, but then he or she is accustomed to that. People
feel at ease in that case. When a soul is fully realized, it will also be at ease with forever
joy and bliss. But a seeker, who has realized that this world is illusionary and has started
his journey but is in mid way, is in constant danger according to Kabir. There are so
many temptations and after realizing the worthlessness of this world, there is no option to
return and live in this illusion again. That is why Kabir again and again emphasizes to
burn the home, the danger of the journey and the courage and commitment needed for the
Aapaa metya hari mile, hari metya sab jaai.
Akath kahaanee prem kee, kahe na kou patiyaai.
When you finish yourself (Ego, Identity as separate entity), only then you will be able to
meet the Lord. (If you keep yourself) the Lord is ended where you begin and with the
Lord everything is ended (not in reality but the person who has kept his ego is unable to
see the Lord) .This story of love is unspeakable, if I say it, no one will agree with it.
TooTe girat akaas so, kaun sakat hai jhel.
Saadhu satee aur soor ka, anee upar kaa khel.
Kabir often gives the example for the dedication of a true devotee by three type of people
– Sadhu – who has left everything in search of GOD and lives a true satwik life, Satee
(the bride who is dedicated and committed to her husband for life and afterlife, who burns
herself to ashes with her husband if her husband dies) and the warrior – who is fighting
for his Lord and doesn’t have fear of death neither hope of life(fighting with negativity,
temptations and for the work of Lord). When a devotee develops these three types of
dedication, then his path becomes easy and he meets with Lord. But at the same time,
Kabir warns that these types of devotions need certain level of caution, these are like if
they fall from their path, it is hard to survive, like you fall from the great height just to be
broken into pieces.
Saadhu kahaavan kaThin hai, lambaa peD khajoor.
Chadhe to chaakhe prem ras, gire to chakanaachoor.
This is very difficult to become a Saint; it is like climbing the palm-tree. If you are able
to climb till the top of the palm-tree, you will be able to drink the nectar, but if you loose
the grip and fall from the tree, you will be broken into pieces. Same way if you keep
progressing in meditation- with love and devotion of GOD, you will be able to meet the
Lord, to dink the divine love and shall become immortal forever. But if you get diverted,
falling from a height will make greatest damage to you.
Satee bicharee sat kiya, sulee sej bichhay.
Lai sutee piy aapno, chahu dis agan lagaay.
Satee(dedicated and committed bride) made up her mind and decided to be with her
beloved. She made a bed of thorns, and slept over it with her beloved, and put the fire on
all around herself.
Satee is the symbol of devoted and single minded soul, bed of thorns is the living of the
devotee who goes through all troubles and pain and the fire around the bride and her
beloved is the holy fire burning all worldly desires and impurities. Sleeping with beloved
is the symbol of merging with beloved.
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Laalee Mere Laal Ki Jit Dekho Tit Laal
Kabir about GOD and Self-Realization………...................
Puhup baas te paatara, dhoowa hoon te jheen.
Pawanaa begi utaawala, so dost Kabira keen.
He is thinner than the fragrance of flowers and the smoke. He is faster than wind, who is
the friend of Kabir.
Kagad likhe so kaagadi, kee byohaari jeev.
Aatam drishTi kaha likhe, jit dekhe tit peev.
Writing on papers makes you just writer, who writes about worldly affairs. How can
someone write about self-realization? A realized person sees his beloved everywhere.
Bolana kya kahiye re bhaai.
Bolat bolat tatt nasaai.
Bolat-bolat baDhe bikaara.
Bin bole kyu hoi bichaara.
Sant mile kachhu kahiye-kahiye.
Mile asant mushTi kari rahiye.
Gyani so bolya hitakaaree.
Moorakh so bolya jhakh mare.
Kahe Kabir aadhaa GhaT bole.
Poora rahe to mukha na bole.
Kabir says - whom to speak about truth and reality? When we try to speak about it, its
very essence is destroyed, because no worldly words can describe it. When we try to bind
it in words, the truth gets spoiled but the difficulty is that how can you tell someone
without speaking and how they will be able to understand? So it is better to speak to
Saints and don’t tell anything to unwise people. Speaking to wise is fruitful, but telling to
ignorant people does much more harm. Kabir says that half filled pot makes a lot of
noise, but filled pot remains silent. So is true about spiritual progress. When people
progress a little, they talk a lot, but when they realize the ultimate truth then there is no
other option but to be silent because at the end it is only silence speaking to the silence.
Shabad nirantar se man laaga, malin vaasanaa tyagee.
UThat baiThat kabahu na chhuTe, aisee taaree laagee.
My mind got attached to unbroken melody, and all filthy desires were lost. Now all the
time my mind is attached to that sweet melody, doesn’t matter whether I sit in meditation
or do any other work.
Jal me kumbh, kumbh me jal hai, baahar bheetar paanee.
PhooTaa kumbh jal jalahi samaanaa, yah tat kathau gyanee.
This whole universe is like an ocean, we all are like pots in this infinite sea. As water is
within the pot and water itself is around the pot, only a thin veil of the form of pot keeps
the water within it apart from the water of sea. So we live in the infinite consciousness of
existence which we call by different name. It is within us, around us and we are in it, only
a thin veil of ego keeps us separated from that infinite ocean of consciousness. When the
pot is broken, the water within it merges in the infinite water of the sea. Likewise our
consciousness merges in the infinite when we are able to drop the ego.
Parbrahm ke tej kaa, kaisaa hai unman.
Kahibe ko shobha nahee, dekhya hee parmaan.
Kabir sometimes calls GOD by different names like Hari, Ram, Brahm, Parbrahm,
Niranjan etc and sometimes he means deities of different stages by these names. So it is
difficult to say which one he is referring here. He says – it is difficult to tell about the
light and grace of Parbrahm(GOD??), it is not a matter of words, you can get its glory
and believe it only when you will see it by yourself.
Jyo til mahee tel hai, jyo chakmak me aag.
Tera saai tujh me hai, jag sake to jag.
As there is oil hidden in sesamum seed and fire in chakmak stone, so is your GOD hidden
within you. As we need to grind the sesamum seed to get the oil, and rub the stone to get
the fire, so we need to do meditation to see our true self – our GODLYNESS!!
Jagat janayo jihi sakal, so jag jaanyo naahi.
Jimi aankhin sab dekhiye, aankhi na dekhee jaahi.
GOD is showing all the drama of this world and he himself is invisible to us. Like we see
this whole world with the help of our eyes, but we can’t see our own eye.
Herat herat he sakhee, rahaa kabeer heraay.
Boond samaanee samnd me, so kit heree jay.
Kabir went in search of Him, like a drop would go to search a sea. What is happened
now- like the drop vanishes in the sea, nowhere it could be found, so Kabir has lost his
identity, his being is dissolved in HIM.
Tera saai tujh me hai, jyu puhupaan me baas.
Kasturi ka hiran jyu, phiri phiri dhuhde ghaas.
Your Lord is within you as the sweet fragrance remains in flower. Like the deer runs here
and there and tries hard to find the source of the fragrance of kasturi which is coming
from its own novel so we run here and there but our whole search is for that
GODLYNESS which lies dormant within us and we are not aware of it.
Jab main tha tab hari nahi, ab hari hain main naahi.
Prem galee ati saankaree, taame do na samaahi.
Till I existed, GOD was not there, now GOD exists and I am nowhere. This path of love
is so narrow, two can’t exist together. Either “I” will be there or HE. Kabir is trying to
explain the state of realization. When our ego drops, only then we are able to see HIS full
glory, because we are not separate, we are ONE with HIM, the moment our separation
drops, only He exists and shows up………
Utha bagoola prem ka, tinaka chaDha akaas.
Tinaka tinake se mila, tinaka tinake paas.
The tiny grass had no value, no worthiness, no identity, but when this storm of love went
up, this tiny gross went higher in the sky. This way this poor soul met to GOD and his
thing went to its master whom it belonged to. Here it is again very beautiful wording
(repetition of tinaka) played by Kabir.
Jaa karan jag dhundhiya, so to ghat hee maanhi.
Parda diyaa bharam kaa , taate sujhe naahi.
This world is searching madly for him, and he is within our own self!! He wants this play
to go on, so he has given this veil of illusion, and no one is able to see him and the reality.
Sab aye is ek me, daal paat phal phool.
Kabiraa pachha kya raha, gahi pakadee jab mool.
This whole universe and existence is sprung out of that ONE, like branches, leaves, fruits
and flowers come out of a tree. Kabir says what is left behind when he grabbed the root
of the tree??
Ek kahun to hai nahee, doojaa kahu to gaari.
Hai jaisaa taisaa rahe, kahe kabeer vicahaari.
If I say He is one, He is not because one is a limitation and he is infinite and if I say two
or other, it is an insult of HIM. Let it be as it is, Kabir says after much thinking, it is just
beyond expression.
Jake mukh maatha nahee, naahee roop kuroop.
Puhup baas te paatra, aisaa tatva anoop.
HE doesn’t have face, mouth or head, nor does he have beauty or ugliness. HE is even
thinner than the fragrance of flowers – so extraordinary is HIS being.
Jagat jnayo jihi sakal, so jag janyo naahi.
Jimi ankhin sab dekhiye, aankhi na dekhee jaahi.
The ONE who shows you this entire world, is himself invisible. How can you know him?
Kabir gives an example- as you see this world by your own eyes but you can’t see your
eyes, the same way Lord within you is the seer, which shows you everything but you
don’t know it.
Sahib teri saahibi, sab Ghat rahi samaay.
Jyo medandi ke paat me, laalee lakhi na jay.
O my dear Lord, your lordship rules everywhere (yet invisible) just like the red color is in
myrtle leaves, but it doesn’t appear there. Only when we grind it, it shows its true red
color, so when we go inside our own consciousness, we see his true color (light and
DeeThaa hai to kas kahun, kahyo na kou patiyaay.
Jaisaa hai taisaa raho,tu harasi harasi gun gay.
If I have seen him, how can I describe? And if I want to describe anyhow, who will
believe it? So Kabir says – be what you are and I will sing songs of your virtues with
great love and bliss.
Kabir ek na jaanya, bahu jaane kya hooi.
Eke te sab hot hain, sab te ek na hooi.
Kabir says you couldn’t know the ONE, what is the use to know so many things?
Everything is in existence due to that ONE but that ONE is not due to so many things.
The ONE, the GOD is the root of all. It creates, sustains and absorbs everything. You will
know all if you know the ONE, but knowing all things won’t help you know the ONEthe source of everything.
Saai meraa vaaniyaa, sahati kare vyopaar.
Bin DaanDee bin paalaDe, tole sab sansaar.
My Lord is the greatest trader; his all trading goes on naturally. He does his trades
without any scale and any balance. He doesn’t do any partiality neither he does any favor
to anyone.
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Ishq Samandar Dil De Andar
When Kabir speaks about the Lord, he associates it with love. Only devotion is not
enough, but pure and unconditional love- like a committed and dedicated wife does to her
husband. A wife does all house chores, serves all family members yet the only thought
hangs in her mind is the thought of her husband and the only pleasure for her is to meet
The existence is the ocean of love. The Lord is the ocean of love and even we are tiny
drops of the same but still the power of this love within us is overwhelming. We just need
to remember it. Even this tiny drop is again kind of an ocean of love flowing in our own
Saints have described this kind of love to make sure that there shouldn’t be any other
expectations from our beloved but only love. We feel this missing thing in life, we try
hard to find it everywhere but the last resort is our Lord. When we put our devotion
towards him, we take first step on this path. There is some time when we have traveled
some distance but we have not reached our destination. The nearer we reach, the more
restless we become (to meet him). This situation is often called Birah or pang of
***The slenderest strands of love are more powerful than thick ropes of steel…. (Arren
Stephen - Moth & Flame – page-288)
Here are some Dohas and Pads by Kabir on this love factor felt by the seeker.
1. Nature of love……….
Kabir nij ghar prem ka, maarag agam agaadh.
Sees utaari pagatal dhare, tab nikaTi prem ka swaad.
Kabir says – the path of our true home is quite difficult. This is world of love and we can
enter into it when we drop our head (ego) and make our way upon our own self. Only
then we can taste the divine drink of love.
Kabir yah ghar prem ka, Khala ka ghar naahi
Sheesh utaare bhui dhare, tab paiThe ghar maanhi.
Kabir says it is not your aunt’s home where you can enter when ever you want. His home
is home of love, you can enter here only when you take your head off and put it on the
earth. Then only you can enter this house. Our beloved one is the ONE, which is
prevailing in everything. And to know him, we need to feel the oneness with everything,
to say feel love for everyone and everything. Until we think ourselves as separate entities,
we can’t feel the absolute love. And the interesting thing is that we seek absolute love
and everlasting bliss, and so we start searching GOD, but at the end we find that is has to
come through us, that we have to be a medium only to flow this pure energy which is
unconditional love. So dropping the thought of our being as separate entity and then
make this flow a reality is what is all about taking off your head.
Prem na baree upajai, prem na haaT bikaay.
Raja paraja jehi ruche, sheesh dei lai jay.
This love doesn’t grow in field; neither can it be traded in the market. Doesn’t matter
who wants to buy it. Whether it is a king or the public, its price would the same- your
head. Give your head and take love in exchange of it. That is the only price possible for
this trade.
Saai sent na paaiye, baataan mile na koy.
Kabir sauda raam so, sir bin kadain na hoy.
You can’t get your beloved without great effort. You can’t find him by only big talks.
Kabir says this trade is for Ram (Lord); you can trade for him only in exchange of your
head. Without dropping your self completely, you can’t find him.
Kabir rekh sindoor ki, kaajal diya na jay.
Nain ramaiyaa rami raha, dooja kahan samaay.
Kabir says- a devoted wife can’t put black kajal in place of sindoor. In the same way no
one else can enter in a true lover’s eyes apart from his beloved.
Kabir kutta Ram ka, Mutia mera naau.
Gale Ram ki jewadi, jit khenche tit jaau.
To-to kare to bahurau, dur-dur kare to jaau.
Jyu Hari rakhe tyu raho, jo deve so khaau.
Someone has said right that no human being can love you like your pet dog loves you! In
human love there is certain kind of expectations. But a pet dog loves for the sake of love.
Kabir is referring here that pure love. He says - I am like the dog of my Lord. He has the
chain in his hand with which he has bound me. I go where ever he pulls me. When he
calls me with love, I come back to him and when he scolds me, I go away from him!! I
live the way he keeps me and eat what ever he provides!!
Can we imagine loving him like that? What ever he provides is acceptable with pleasure,
his love and his punishment are equal to us and we need not anything else, but to be with
him, to love him!! When we are able to attain this kind of love, it is sure he will show
Jal me base kamodinee, chanda base akaash.
Jo hai jako bhwatam so tahee ke paas.
The Kamodini(A white flower growing in water which blossoms when it is moonlight
and fades in sun light) lives in the water and the Moon is in the sky still they love each
other. Distance doesn’t make a difference to them. In the same way, love is what matters,
and if there is love, distance doesn’t make any difference (so is true for your Lord and
Agini aanch sahana sugam, sugam khaDg kee dhaar.
Neh nibaahan ekras, maha kaThin byohaar.
It is easy to jump into fire and it is also comparatively easy to bear wounds of sword. The
brave and courageous people go through it, but it is far more difficult to love someone in
the same way throughout the life.
Kabir says the difference between temporary passion and true love, whether it is worldly
or divine. People tend to fall in love, do a lot of madness and then they start loosing the
passion. But love is something which might be little but it will go through all ups and
downs and throughout all your life. This love is rare, but it is the practice what is needed
in this path.
Kaanch kadheer adheer nar, taahi na upajai prem.
Kah Kabir kasanee sahe, kai heeraa kai hem.
Immature and impatient man can’t get what love is all about. Kabir says it is only gold or
diamond which is able to go through touchstone. Likewise a brave and courageous person
will be able to walk on the path of love.
2. Birah-Baan Jihi Lagiya………....................
Virah kee oodee laakaree, sapuchai aur dhudhuaay.
Dukh se tab hee bachihaun, jab sakalau jari jaay.
The wet wood of Birah(separation from the beloved, mostly taken in the context of two
true lovers) just burns a little and gives smokes only. How to get rid of this sorrow o my
dear friend, only way to get out of this pain is to get completely burnt out. (Here wet
wood refers to our mind full of filth- desires, thoughts and karmas).
Here separation is from our beloved Lord, and pain comes when we start feeling Lord’s
existence and our relation with him but we are not able to meet him. Our karmas and
attachments start burning one by one but we feel the heat and pain till everything is
turned into ashes and we come out glittering like pure gold. There is no other way to
come out of this pain and to meet the Lord, but to burn all impurities, attachments,
dreams and desires.
Hawas kare piy Milan ki, au sukh chaahe ang.
Peer sahe binu padminee*, poot na let ulang.
(Padmini – Poetic word used for most beautiful woman)
Kabir says you desire to meet your beloved and want happiness and joy? That is not
possible, even the most beautiful woman goes through great pain to bear and give birth to
a child and to take him in her arms. Yes, when she takes the little bundle of joy in her
arms, she will feel great joy but the way she gets this joy is through pain and sufferings.
Likewise when we meet our Lord, our all pain is gone and we are in infinite bliss, but the
journey goes though great sufferings and difficulty so be used of it.
Birah bhuwangam paisi kari, kiya kaleje ghav.
Saadhu ang n moDahi, jyu bhave tyu khaav.
This Birah is like poisonous snake entered into the body, it has bitten me at the very core
of my heart. True Sadhu is who doesn’t even tremble by this pain and has surrendered his
body to this Birah, to be eaten as it likes (body here refers to all layers of soul).
Yahu tan jaalon masi karo, jyu dhuwaan jaai saraggi.
Mati wai Raam daya karen, barasi bujhaawe aggi.
I will burn this body to the ashes and the smoke will reach to the heaven. Even if Lord
doesn’t have mercy on me seeing this smoke, it will turn into rain and will put off this
fire which is burning me.
Yahu tan jaalo masi karo, likho Raam ka naam.
Lekhani karau karank ki, likhi-likhi raam paThaau.
I will burn my body to ashes and will make ink of it. I will make pen of my skeleton and
will write name of Ram and will send it to him.
Nainaa neejhar laaiyaa, rahaT bahai nis jam.
Papeeha jyu piv-piv karo, kabahu miloahuge raam.
My two eyes are like waterfalls, always dropping tears like the RahanT( two buckets used
to pull water from the well) keeps throwing water. I keep calling his name like
Papeeha( a bird which sounds like piyu meaning beloved) calls piyu –piyu. O my dear
Ram, tell me when you will come to meet me.
Sukhiya sab sansaar hai, khaabe aur sobe.
Dukhiya das Kabir hai, jaage aur rowe.
(Kabir lost his home in this world, in search of his beloved.) He is still unable to meet his
love and he sees that whole the world is happy eating in days and sleeping in nights.
What to say about Kabir who wakes up in nights and weeps for his beloved (without
whom Kabir can’t find peace and happiness).
Chakai bichhudi raini kee, aai mili parbhaati.
Je jan bichhuDe Raam se, te din mile na rati.
Chakvi (a famous bird in India – it is said that the couple are separated in night hours and
meet each other in day time only) is separated from her beloved in nights but she is able
to meet him in dawn hours. But we souls, who are separated from our beloved Lord, can’t
meet him in day or night. This separation is extremely painful.
Dhyaan na aawe, neend na bhaawe, birah sataawe mohi.
Ghaayal see ghoomat phirun, darad naa jaane koi.
Now I can’t concentrate (on anything) nor I can sleep, this separation is being hard to me.
I wander like a wounded person (who is going through great pain and can’t feel rest
anywhere), and no one is able to understand my pain and suffering.
Parbat parbat main phira, nain gawaye roy.
Wah booTi paaun nahi, jaate jeewan hoy.
I wandered in mountains and I lost my eyes weeping for you still I couldn’t find the herb
anywhere which could bring life back to me(refers to love what Kabir had been searching
Aage aage dau jale, paachhe hariar hoy.
Baliharee ta birakh ki, jaD kaaTe phal hoy.
This jungle behaves strangely (the jungle of consciousness), the more you burn its woods,
the more it grows green. The fire goes burning ahead and behind the fire it grows greener.
Kabir says this tree is of great importance, when you cut its roots, then only it bears the
Kabir is here talking about the consciousness spread to all senses in our body. When we
start turning off our outer senses, our spiritual world starts growing and when you are
able to cut the root of attachment to this world then only our soul bears the fruit of GOD
Birah jalaai main jalauan, jalati jalahari jaau.
Mo dekhya jalahari jale, santo kahan bujhaau.
I am getting burned in the fire of separation. I went to the river in hope to put off the fire,
but the river itself caught fire seeing me. O saints, where else now would I turn to put this
fire off?
Birah jalanti main phiru, mo birhin ko dukh.
Chhanh na baiThun darapati, mati jal uThe bhuk.
I wander here and there burning in the fire of separation, but poor me has great trouble. I
can’t even find a shadow in hope of some coolness. I fear sitting in the shadow of the
tree, so the tree wouldn’t catch fire from me.
Aai sakon na tujjh pe, sakaun na tujjh bulaai.
Jiyaraa yonhi lehuge, birah tapaai-tapaai.
I can’t come to you; neither can I ask you to come to me. I know you will take my life
burning in your separation only.
AankhaDiyaa jhaai paree, panth nihaari-nihari.
JeehaDiya chhalaa paDyaa, Ram pukaari-pukaari.
O my dear, my eyes are blackened watching your way and my tongue is burned calling
your name (yet you didn’t come to me!).
Kabir dekhat din gaya, nis bhi dekhat jaai.
Birhin piy pawe nahi, jiyara talafe maai.
Kabir says – O mother, the day was gone watching his way, now the night is also at the
end. This dear bride who is separated from her husband is restless without him.
Lakadee jali koyala bhai, Koyalaa jal bhayo raakh.
Main papan aisee jaee, koyalaa bhayi na raakh.
The wood burnt to coal and coal burnt to ashes. But I - the great sinner, kept burning yet
couldn’t become coal or ashes.
Kabir is saying about the karmas and sins which need to be burnt when we start
meditating. Slowly our karmas and desires start burning, but it gives us pain and some
kind of suffering also. Until these all are burnt and we become pure, we will not be able
to meet our Lord and find the ultimate love.
Birah-baan jihi laagiyaa, aushadhi lage na taahi.
Sisaki-sisaki mari-mari jiwe, uThe karaahi-karaahi.
Someone who is bored by the pang of separation can’t be cured. No medicine, no drugs
will help him. He has to live crying, weeping and moaning. (Till a soul is become pure
and is able to see the true self, it feels this pain and suffering).
Mans gaya pinjar raha, taakan laage kaag.
Sahib ajahu na aaya, mand hamare bhaag.
The Birhin (the bride separated from her husband) keeps waiting and watching for her
husband, can’t enjoy anything now. She is so desperate and sad, her health has gone
down. Now flesh is not on her body, only skeleton remains. Knowing that her death is
nearing, crows are watching (for her flesh).Still her beloved didn’t come. Kabir says my
luck is so bad, my Sahib still didn’t consider me worth him.
Kaaga sab tan khaaiyo, chun chun khaaiyo maans.
Do naina mat khaaiyo, mohe piya Milan kee aas.
Kabir is in the state that now he can’t bear the pain of separation and will die. He requests
to crows (it is common in Parasis to leave the dead body for flesh eater birds to finish it)
– Please eat my whole body, eat all the flesh, but please don’t eat my eyes. I am still
waiting to see my beloved!! I have still hope even I am dieing, he will come to meet me
and my eyes will show him to me!!
Birhin udee panth siri, panthee bujhe dhaai.
Ek shabad kah peev ka, kab re milenge aai.
Birhin waits near the path and runs to the traveler when someone goes on the way. She
asks – tell me something about my beloved, when he will come to meet me? This is a
metaphor of the souls waiting to meet the Lord, and they keep asking to their Guru when
they will be so lucky to meet their Lord.
Atakee bhaal shareer me, teer raha hai TooT.
Chumbak bina nikale nahee,koti Jatan ko PhooT.
Imagine an arrow which was broken while it was in our body and its sharp piece is still in
the body. When all things fail, a magnet works to pull it out. Here Kabir is saying about
our soul trapped in these physical and other layers of body and is unable to come out of it
by itself. There we need a Guru, who has met with the Lord, has become charged and
magnet like and he can pull our soul upwards.
Birah bhuvangam tan base, mantra na laage koy.
Raam-biyogee na jiwe, jiwe to bauraa hoy.
This poisonous snake of Birah(is Kabir referring Kundalini here??) entered in my body,
now no mantra works on it. (It bites me from within), people say it right- who have felt
this separation from Ram, will not survive anymore. Even if they survive, it is sure they
will become insane. When this love truly happens to devotee, he starts being aloof from
the outer world, and not being able to meet the Lord, he looks like insane. (When he
meets the Lord, he becomes saturated with love and bliss, thus even then he looks like
insane to the outer world).
Jo roun to bal ghaTe, hansu to Raam risaay.
Jiyara yonhee lehunge, birah tapaai-tapaai.
If I cry for him, my strength lessens and if I laugh (I take pleasure in worldly things), my
Lord will get angry of me. O my dear Lord, I know you will take my life in this way
only, burning me slowly in this pang of separation.
Kabir hari ka bhawata, Jheenaa pinajr saans.
Raini na aawe neendDee,angi na chaDhai maans.
Kabir says – the lover of the Lord looks like skeleton taking breathe somehow. He can’t
sleep in nights and is even worse in his health and body.
Raam biyogee tan bikal, taahi naa cheenhe koi.
Tambolee ke paan jyu, din-din peela hoi.
The person who is separated from Ram and is searching for his beloved is restless and
even careless about his physical appearance. People don’t recognize (his condition). He
grows pale day by day like the betel leaves.
Yaa birhin ko maut de, yaa aapaa dikhalaay.
AaTh pahar kaa daajhaNaa, mope sahyaa na jay.
Oh my dear beloved, please give me death or show yourself. Now it is unbearable to bear
this 24 hours pain and suffering (I can’t live without seeing you and I would prefer death
than living without you).
Kabeer hansanaa doori kari, kari rowan so chitt.
Bin rowan kyu paaiye, prem piyaara mitt.
Kabir says stop laughing (enjoying worldly things) and make commitment to weeping.
No one is able to meet him without crying for him.
***The same example is given by Ramkrishna. He says when a child is playing and
laughing, his mother doesn’t pay attention. But when the kid wants to go to mother and
doesn’t enjoy playing anymore, he starts crying. At that time, even his mother is busy
with something, she comes running and picks her child. So is true for the Lord. Till he
sees that we are enjoying here, he doesn’t bother showing himself. But when we cry from
the heart for him, he comes to us. Ramkrishna used to say even if you cry constantly for
three days and nights reminding only him, it is sure he will show himself to you, but this
cry should be from the core of heart as the child cries.
Sab rang taant rabaab tan, birah bajaawe nitt.
Aur na akoi sun sake, kai saai kai chitt.
This body is like all colored (all notes of music) Rabab(a musical instrument), the Birah
plays is day and night. Its melody is hearable only to my soul or my dear beloved.
3. Baalam Aao Hamare Geh(O dear, come to my home)………….................
Naina antar aav tu, tyuhi nain jhapeun.
Na haun dekhun aur kun, n tujh dekhan deun.
Kabir says, O my beloved, come into my eyes. As soon as you come, I will close my
eyes, thus will keep you closed in my eyes. My love is so firm, neither shall I see anyone
else, nor shall I let you see anyone else.
Kabir supine Hari milaa, sowt liyaa jagaay.
Aankhi na kholun darapata, mati sapana hoi jay.
Kabir says – My Lord came to me in dream, and called me to wake up. Now I fear
opening my eyes that this sweet meeting wouldn’t turn into mere a dream and I would
loose sight of my beloved!!
Is tan kaa deewaa karun, baatee melyun jeev.
Lohee seenchu tel jyu, Kab mukh dekhyu peev.
I will make the lamp of this body and will make the wick of my soul. I will pour the
blood as oil in this lamp and in the light of this lamp; I shall see the face of my beloved.
Eke grih ek sang me, hau birhin sang kant.
Kab preetam hansi bolihe, joh rahee main panth.
Me and my beloved live in the same home with each other, yet I am Birhin(the bride
separated from the groom). I am still waiting -when he will come to me and will take me
and talk to me happily.
Man parteet na premras, na is tan me Dhang.
Na jano us peev su, kaise rahasee sang.
My mind is not firm in faith neither I have love in me. I don’t know any good manner. I
wonder how will I be able to meet my beloved and how I will live with him (Kabir is
here referring the immaturity and innocence of the soul when she fears about the
unknown-the existence, the love, the Lord).
Bahut dinan ki johatee, baaT tumharee Raam
Jiy tarase tujh milan ko, man naahee bisaraam
I am waiting and watching your way for so long time. My heart is craving to meet you;
my mind can’t find peace and rest (until I see you).
Patibartaa mailee bhalee, kaalee kuchit kuroop.
Patibartaa ke roop par, waro koTi saroop.
A Satee( dedicated and committed wife) is the most beautiful woman even she is ugly
and black and is dirty. She is the dearest and the most beautiful woman in eyes of her
husband. I will sacrifice crores of beautiful (woman) for that one.
Kabir is indicating here that single minded devotion is what matters in the eyes of the
Lord. Even if a soul is not so advanced and is not so pure but she is devoted to his
beloved, the Lord considers her beautiful and loves her and makes her path smooth.
Talafai bin balam mor jiya.
Din nahi chain raat nahi nindiyaa, talaf-talaf ke bhor kiyaa.
Tan-man mor rahanT as dole, soon sej par janam chhiya.
Nain thakit bhaye, panth na soojhe, saai bedardi sudh na liyaa.
Kahat kabir suno bhai saadho, haro peer dukh jor kiyaa.
(*Language – Bhojpuri mixed Hindi)
My heart aches without my beloved. I can’t find peace in day and can’t even sleep in
nights. I spend whole the night this way. My body and mind (soul) trembles like
ranahT(buckets used to pull water from the well), sleeping on this vacant bed (where my
beloved is not with me) is a great shame for me. My eyes got tired watching the path ( on
which he will come to me), now I can’t see even my way to go ahead, still my heartless
beloved doesn’t remember me, doesn’t care for me. Kabir says – O Saints, I call him
desperately to come and take all my pains away.
Baalam aao hamare geh re.
Tum bin dukhiya deh re.
Sab koi kahe tumharee naree, moko yah andeh re.
Ekmek hwai sej na sowe, tab lag kaisaa neh re.
Ann na bhawe, neend na aawe, grih ban dhare na dheer re.
Jyo kamee ko kamini pyaree, juy pyaase ko neer re.
Hai koi aisa par upakaaree, hari so kahe sunaai re.
Ab to Kabir behal bhaye hain, bin dekhe jiu jaai re.
O my dear, please come to my home. My body (being) is in great pain. All people say
that I am your bride, but I have doubt in it. Until I sleep with you being absolutely one
with you, how can I feel your love? Now I don’t like eating, nor can I sleep a bit. I can’t
find peace at home or in jungle. My heart is restless without you like a lustful person
feels for the woman and a thirsty person searches for the water. Kabir cries his heart out –
O dear, is there anyone who can tell my beloved about my situation so he could come to
me. Kabir is going through great suffering, now he will die without seeing his beloved.
Avinaashee dulha kab miliho, sab santan ke pratipaal.
Jal upajee, jala hee so neha, raTat piyaas piyaas.
Main birhin ThaDhee mag joun, Ram tumhaaree aas.
Chhadyo geh neh lagi tumse, bhai charan laualeen.
Talaabeli hot ghaT bheetar, jaise jal binu meen.
Diwas na bhukh, raini nahi nidra, man angana na suhaai.
Sejariyaa barin bhai moko, jaagat raini bihaai.
When I will find my immortal groom, who is the care taker of all saints? It is like I was
born in the water, and am in love with the water still I am dieing crying for water
(because I am not able to drink it and I am still thirsty. It is said that this existence is
nothing but love or GOD, we are born in it, we are made of it and we search for it, but are
unable to find it.). I am standing by the side of the way watching your visit, O my Lord; I
have only hope of you. I left the home and absorbed in your love, attached myself to your
feet. There is great restlessness in me, like a fish would be dieing out of water. I don’t
feel hunger in days neither am I able to sleep in nights and even don’t like my courtyard.
Now my bed seems enemy for me (I can’t sleep) and I spend whole night waking and
waiting for you.
Dagamag ChaaDi de man bauraa.
Ab to jare mare bani aawe, leenho haath sinhoraa.
Hoi nisank magan hwai nacho, lobh-moh bhram chhaaDo.
Sooro kaha maran the darape, satee na sanchay bhanDo.
Lokbed kul ki marjaada, yahe gale me phansee.
Aadha chal kar paachha phirihe, hoihe jag me haansee.
Yahu sansaar sakal hai mailaa, Ram kahe te soochaa.
Kahe Kabir naav nahi chaaDo, girat-parat chaDhi unchaa.
Kabir says – now don’t keep a doubt in your mind. Don’t think twice, now it is time to
burn yourself to death. Like a Satee woman doesn’t fear for her life for a second when
she takes SINHORA( small box used to keep sindoor) in her hands(when she decides to
burn herself with the dead body of her husband, she takes it as a symbol of commitment)
so you keep your commitment to the Lord. Now be doubtless and dance with great
ecstasy, drop all greed, attachment and illusion. A warrior doesn’t have fear of death and
a Satee woman won’t collect pots (She is going to be with her husband, it is useless for
This world, society and prestige of your family – these all are just obstacles, chains
around your neck. Drop all these thoughts. Now don’t look or come back from the half
way, people will laugh at you and will make big fun of you. This world is all filthy, only
name of Ram is pure and true. Kabir says don’t leave the boat, just follow your journey;
you will reach at the highest somehow.
Kabir is describing the commitment, determination and un-attachment needed in the path
of spirituality. He always gives example of Sadhu(un-attachment), Satee(dedication and
commitment) and Warrior(fearlessness and determination) for that purpose. Here he is
taking an example of Satee who is all three in one when she decides to burn with the dead
body of her husband.
Karo jaatan sakhee saai milan kee.
GuDiya GuDawa soop supeliya, taj de budhi larikaiyaa khelan kee.
Dewata pittar, bhuiyaa bhawaanee, yah maarag chaurasee chalan kee.
Unchaa mahal ajab ranag ranglaa, saai sej wahan phulwa phulan kee.
Tana-man-dhan arapan karu wahan, surat samhaaru paru paiyana sajan kee.
Kah Kabir nirbhay hoy hansaa, kunji bata deu talaa khulan kee.
Kabir says O dear sakhee (friend who is girl, refers to soul), do everything in pursuit to
meet your beloved. Now you are grown up, abandon all your dolls and playthings (soop
supeliya – things to do house chores, little girls play with their models) and drop this
childlike attitude to play with dolls (fake things). Here Kabir is indicating to the ways
people do worship of different deities and think they are real one. According to Kabir, it
is like playing with dolls. Till a girl is not grown up, she will not be able to understand
the true meaning of marriage and groom. So it is useless to tell her about real things, she
likes to play at that time. Same is true for souls, until they are grown up and are ready to
meet the Lord, they like to do these worship and prayers.
Kabir says-It is time to get real life experience (you are grown up and now are ready to be
bride). Worship of all deities and dead ancestors and worshiping mother earth and mother
power are all the ways to come in this 84 lacs species again and again. Your true groom
resides where he has highest palace, and he is colored in such strange color (you have not
seen before). There your groom’s bed is made of blossomed flowers. Surrender your
body, mind and wealth to him, hold up your all consciousness and bow down to his feet.
Kabir says your soul (swan -free souls) shall become fearless there; I will tell you the key
of the lock which when opened, leads to that place.
Jaagu piyaaree ab ka sowe.
Raini gayee din kaahe ko khowe.
Jin jaaga tin maanik paaya.
Tain bauree sab soy gawaayaa.
Piy tere chatur tu moorakh naaree.
Kabahu na piy ki sej sanwaaree.
Tain bauree bauraapan keenho.
Bhar joban piy apan na cheenho.
Jaag dekh piy sej na tere.
Tohi chhaDi uTh gaye sabere.
Kah Kabir soi jan jaage.
Shabd-baan ur-antar laage.
Oh my dear, wake up, why are you sleeping now? Your whole night is spent sleeping,
now don’t get your days lost. Those who keep awaken, find the gems. You poor soul, you
spent all your life sleeping. Your beloved is a smart one and you are a dumb woman (who
can’t compete to her husband in love); never did you make your husband’s bed. You poor
dumb woman, you did all foolish things, never recognized your beloved one while you
were young. Wake up and see, your husband is not with you, he woke up early leaving
you on the bed. Kabir says - only those are awaken whose heart is bored by the arrow of
words (shabd, celestial music, in worldly sense it refers to words of love).
Kabir is simplifying the soul’s consciousness and recognition towards her Lord, like a
foolish wife doesn’t understand her husband’s standards and doesn’t care for her husband
and soon her husband gets bored with her and leaves her behind. Later the wife searches
for her husband madly. Same way, our own Lord is within us, with us, but we never care
for him, and we do all worldly things but not anything to please him. Soon he leaves us
(bed-body, our self with all layers of being). We spend our all life in sleeping state (our
consciousness is not in waken state) without recognizing our beloved and tasting the
nectar of love.
Piya Milan ki aas, raho kablo kharee.
Unche nahi chaDhi jaaye, mane lajja bharee.
Paanv nahi Thaharaay, chaDhun giri-giri paDun.
Phiri-phiri chaDhun samhaari, charan aage dharun.
Ang-ang thaharaay to bahu bidhi Dari rahun.
Karam kapaT mag gheri to bhram me pari rahun.
Baree nipaT anaari to jheenee gail hai.
ATapaT chaal tumhaar, milan kas hoi hai.
Chhoro kumati vikaar, sumati gahi leejiye.
Satguru shabd samhaari charan chit deejiye.
AntarpaT de khol shabd ur laav ree.
Dil bich das Kabir mile tohi baawaree.
How long I will stand here in the hope to meet my beloved? The path is so narrow and
high, how will I climb up? My heart is full of shame (a bride is supposed to wait for her
husband and not to make a move by herself to meet her husband). My feet don’t hold the
ground properly and I fall again and again while trying to climb up. I again try to climb
up with great care and put my foot ahead. When my whole body trembles (the path is so
slippery), I fear I will fall. My karmas and bad habits try to entangle me on the way and I
fall in great illusion. Kabir says (to the bride) - Oh dear, you are so young and so
immature, and the path is so narrow. You keep your walk straight, or how will you be
able to meet your husband? Abandon all wrong thoughts and get attached to good
thoughts, keep remembering your Guru’s words and his feet in your heart. Open the door
within you and keep the sound in your heart. Kabir says your beloved will meet you in
your own heart only.
This metaphor represents the efforts, obstacles, hope and disappointments of the soul
when she tries to go within and to meet her beloved one, the Lord.
Kaise din katihe, jatan bataye jaiyo Rama.
Ehi paar Ganga, wohi paar Jamana,
Bichwa maraiya hamka, chawaye jaiyo Rama.
Anchara phadi ke kagaj banay lai,
Apnee suratiyaa hiyare likhaye jaiyo Rama
Kahat Kabeer suno bhai saadho,
Bahiya pakad ke, rahiya bataay jaiyo Rama.
Kabir asks -how I will spend my days (without you) .Tell me the ways I could survive
without you. The Ganga is this side and the Yamuna on the other side. Please make a hut
for me in between, where I could live in these days (while I have not found you). (Here
Ganga and Jamuna indicate Ida and Pingla Nadi and hut in between indicates Sushumna
through which we go inside in meditation.)
Kabir says - I will tear my saree and will make paper of it. I request you to imprint your
face on it; I will keep it with my heart. Kabir says, O saints, please get me by arms and
show me the path to my beloved.
Ye ankhiyan alsaanee, piy ho sej chalo.
Khambha pakaD patang as Dole, bole madhuri baanee.
Phoolan sej bichhay jo raakhyo, piya bina kumhalaanee.
Dhere paanv dharo palangaa par, jaagat nanad jiThaanee.
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, lok-laaj bichhalanee.
Kabir was a poet before a saint and he was kind of lover rather than a devotee, so he has
told so many pads regarding this love factor. He considers himself as a dedicated and
committed bride who has only one pleasure in this world, and that is to meet her groom.
Though mystics take so many relations with the Lord to make their attachment so firm
that nothing could shake them from their path, but the most loving and unbreakable bond
is that of husband and wife, or to say true committed lovers. Kabir brings this divine
experience to the level where even a human can understand its overwhelming feeling and
influence. So he sings absolutely like a bride who is so mad for her husband and nothing
is dear to her except the company of her groom. In this pad Kabir says- O my dear
beloved, come to the bed (bed here refers to the body where meeting of the soul and her
Lord takes place), my eyes are being sleepy, I want to sleep with you. My heart sings
sweet and trembles like a kite stuck to a poll (Feelings lovers get – Sensations during
meditation in context of divine love). I had made a bed of flowers but it is being faded
without my beloved. O my dear soul, put your feet on the bed so noiselessly, your sisterin-law and mother-in-law (villains in real life love stories, our physical senses in spiritual
language) are awaken (they will disturb your meeting with your beloved). Kabir says- O
dear saints, now I have dropped all the thoughts of shame and prestige of this world and
society for my love, I am going to meet my dear beloved.
***Ramkrishna has also said- drop these three things also-Shame, Hatred and Fear, to
pursue the path of the beloved………
Milana kaThin hai, kaise milaungi piy jay.
Samujhi soch pag dharo jatan se, baar-baar dig jay.
Unchi gail raah rapaTeelee, paanv nahee Thaharaay.
Lok-laaj kul kee marjaadaa, dekhat man sakuchaay.
Naihar baas basa peehar me, laaj tajee nahi jay.
Adhar bhoomi janh mahal piya ka, hampe chadyo na jay.
Dhani bhai baree, purush bhaye bhola, surat jhakora khaay.
Dootee satguru mile beech me, deenho bhed bataay.
Sahib Kabir piya so bhetyo, seetal kanTh lagaay.
This meeting is too difficult, how I will go and meet to my beloved? Oh dear, think
carefully and put your feet carefully ahead, it trembles again and again. What I will do,
this path is going so high and so slippery, and my feet are unable to stand on it. The
pressure and fear of society (Kabir says it again and again, because even worldly love is a
shame in society and people don’t have good thoughts about lovers, though later they
sing thousands of songs about their love, and so is true for the love and devotion to the
Lord, people laugh at the mystics in their lifetime and later they praise them). When I see
all these obstacles, I feel ashamed. I spent my life in my parents home(Naihar – Kabir
speaks a lot about it- represents this world where this soul has come to be born, to grow
up and then to meet her beloved- the Lord) so I have difficulty dropping this feeling of
shame. My beloved’s palace is high in the sky; I can’t climb up to it. Kabir says – the
bride is too young and the groom is innocent, the surat (consciousness) trembles (like a
tree in the wind) while it tries to go upside. Kabir says - my Guru, the messenger of love
met to me in mid way and he told me the secret. Now Kabir has met to his beloved. It
was so cool and blissful when he met and hugged me!!
Toko piya milenge, ghunghaT ke paT khol re.
GhaT-ghaT me wah saai rahata, kaTuk bachan mat bol re.
Dhan-joban ka garab na keeje, jhooTha panchrang chol re.
Sunnmahal me diyana bari le, aasan so mat Dol re.
Jag jugut so rangmahal me, piya paayo anamol re.
Kahe Kabir aanand bhayo hai, baajat anahad Dhol re.
Oh my dear, don’t put it on, open the veil and you will find the beloved. The Lord
prevails in everything; never speak a bitter word to anyone. Never be proud of the wealth,
youth or power. This body –colored in five colors (made of five elements) is a fake. Light
your lamp in the void palace, and don’t wave from your position. Kabir says I have found
my priceless beloved in this palace by waking and making great effort. Now I am in
infinite bliss and the unstuck melody is resounding everywhere.
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Mast Qalandar
When a seeker finds his true home, meets his beloved one and tastes the divine nectar of
love, this great ecstasy is beyond words!! No worldly drugs or drinks can compare to it,
no words can describe it!! This is full time intoxiction which never comes down!!
Yet Kabir has tried to describe this bliss and ecstasy in so many ways. Here are some
dohas and pads.
Ham vasi us des ke, jahan jaati-kul naahi.
Shabd-milawa hoi raha, deh-milawa naahi.
Kabir says – we are the citizen of that state where neither caste nor creed matters. There
we meet in the form of Shabd(sound current, the true form of the soul) and not with this
physical body.
Hadd gayi, anahad gaya, rahaa kabeera hoy.
Behaddi maidaan me, raha kabeera soy
The limited world is left behind and so is true about the anahad(region of the unstuck
melody). Now Kabir is in his true self. He rests in the infinite and unlimited field.
Kabir pyala prem ka, antar diyo lagay.
Rom-rom me rami raha, aur amal kya khay.
Kabir tastes the cup of love in his heart. This love is so divine and powerful drug; it is
spread in his whole being. No other drug or drink is comparable to it.
Payo satnaam gare ke harabaa.
Saankar khaTolana rahani hamaaree, dubare paanch kaharawaa.
Talee kunjee hame Guru deenhee, jaba chaho tab kholo kibarabaa.
Prem-preeti kee chunaree hamaaaree, jab chaho taba nacho saharabaa.
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, bahuri na aibe ehi nagarabaa.
I got this priceless necklace of Sat Naam. My DOLI(the carriage in which a bride is taken
to her husband’s place- here refers to the body) was shorter and narrow and the five
Kahars( persons carrying the DOLI-here five elements) were too slim(weak), (still I made
the journey to the palace of my beloved). My Guru gave me the key to open the door of
the palace. I open the door when even I want and go to meet him. I am wearing the
clothes made of love and affection and I dance with great bliss and happiness. Kabir says
that now he will not come back to this city (Naihar, parents’ place); he has found the
palace of his beloved one.
Ko beene, prem lagee ree maai, ko beene.
Raam rasaayan maate ree maai, ko beene.
Paai paai tu patihaai, paai kee turiaa bech khaai,
Ree maai ko beene,
Aise paai par bithuraai, tyon ras paani banaayo ree,
Naache taanaa naache baana, naache kooch puraanaa,
Karagahi baithi kabeera naache, choohe katya taana ree,
Maai ko beene.
Kabir says - who cares to weave? I am absorbed in love. No, I am not weaving now. Ram
(Love, God, Lover) is the great wine, I am totally drunk of it and want to live like it. No,
I will never weave again. Mother believes that I learnt weaving (paai-art of weaving,
paai-got) and will do good earning. She doesn't know that I sold the paai (weaver's tool).
I made the great wine and spread it all over the paai (weaver's tool). Now all are dancingtaana, baana( thread's linings for weaving) and the old brush. I am also dancing here at
weaver's workplace. Who cares to weave? I am drunk in the great wine of Him!!
Kabir is referring weaving as the karmas people do here in hope of good returns. The
tools are like things and work organs we use here. Kabir has made good use of them; he
made the divine drink of love. He tasted it himself and now has spread it all over the
things around him (to people around him) and all are dancing with great joy and ecstasy.
Now he will not do any more karmas to bind him here, he has cut all threads, has sold all
tools and has made all of them mad in divine love.
Sabai rasaayan main kiyaa, prem samaan na koy. ratee ek tan me sancharai, sab tan
kanchan hoy. I tasted all drinks, all drugs... nothing is as great as Love. You consume a
drop of it and it transforms you....your whole being gets changed. Like metal gets
converted to gold...... you are something else now..... most graceful and beautiful.............
Kabir baadal prem kaa, ham par barsyaa aai.
Antari bheegee aatmaa, haree bhai banraai.
Kabir says when this cloud of love rained over me, my heart and soul became cool and
calm. Now the desert within me is blossomed like a forest.
Lalee mere laal kee, jit dekho tit laal.
Lalee dekahan main gayee, main bhee ho gayee laal.
The color of my beloved is spread all over the world. Wherever I see I see his color only.
I went to see his colors but I am myself colored by his color.
The ultimate realization happens when a devotee sees that everything is made of the same
essence and there is nothing spared by GODLINESS. At that moment when the oneness
occurs and the essence of Godliness which is nothing but pure love shows its true color to
the devotee, he realizes that he himself is the same and nothing less than that.
Haman hai ishq mastaana, haman ko hoshiyari kya.
Rahe aajaad ya jag me, haman duniyaa se yaaree kya.
Jo bichude hain piyaare se, bhaTakate dar badar phirate,
Hamara yaar hai hamame haman ko intejaari kya.
Na pal bichude piyaa hamse, na ham bichude piyare se.
Unhee se neh laaga hai haman ko bekaraaree kya.
Kabira ishq ka maataa, dui ko door kar dil se.
Jo chalana raah naajuk hai, haman sar bojh bharee kya.
I am drunk of his love, what is the need of being smart or wise? I am free in this world; I
need not any friendship here. Whoever is separated from the beloved, wanders here and
there. My beloved is within my heart, I need not to search or wait for him. We are in love
with each other. He doesn’t leave me for a moment; neither I am separated from him (for
a fraction of second). My love is only him, why will I be restless when I have found him
(within me)? Kabir says - get drunk of this divine love and drop all thoughts of duality. If
I have to walk over so narrow (like walking on a rope) path, why will I keep any baggage
on my head?
Hari ras peeyaa jaaniye, je kabahu na jaai khumaar.
Maimantaa ghoomat phire, naahee tan kee saar.
How will you know who is a GOD-realized soul, who has tasted the great wine, the
nectar of GOD?? Kabir says you can see the symptoms – the person who has attained the
community with GOD, looks like intoxicated all the time. This intoxication never comes
down, he looks like insane, wanders like the same, doesn’t even bother about his body or
Kabir hari-ras yo piyaa, bakee rahee na thaaki.
Paaka kalash kumhaar ka, bahuri chadhe na chaaki.
When I drank the nectar of love (Kabir has said it as Hari-ras or Hari-jal at so many
places- GOD-realization), no desires were left in my mind. Kabir says - (Now my
realization is complete), I shall not come here again (I am baked up in the holy fire of
knowledge/ self- realization). When the potter bakes the pot, and somehow it breaks, he
shall not mix it again to make new pots. So is true for the GOD, when a person has
realized the ultimate truth, he will not come again in this world.
***Ramkrishna has given this example of baked pot so many times.
Prem-Preeti ka cholana, pahiri Kabeera naach.
Tan man wapar varihau,Jo koi bolo saanch.
Kabir wears the cloths of love and affection and dances madly. He will sacrifice his body
and mind on those who are bound to the truth only.
Tu tu karata tu bhaya, mujhame rahi na hu.
Wari tere naam par, jit dekhun tit tu.
I called you, I thought about you, only you were on my mind. Now there is no me within
me. I am sacrificed upon you, I see only you everywhere. When true love happens, only
beloved remains, even when a person falls in love with someone, he or she thinks about
the beloved only. Kabir says that it is you only everywhere. When I thought about you all
the time, my own self was dropped completely, and now I can see it is you only and
nothing else.
Kahana tha so kah diyaa, ab kachhu kaha na jay.
Ek raha dooja gaya, dariyaa lahar samaay.
I have already said what ever was there to say. Now it is not possible to say anything
more. Now it is only ONE and the duality is gone. The river has met to the ocean, now
there is no separate existence.
Had me rahe so maanwa, behad rahe so saadh.
Had - behad dono taje, taakee mata agaadh.
The person, who is within limits, is a human. The person who travels to unlimited regions
is a Sadhu. But the person who has gone beyond the limited and the unlimited, his
consciousness is like infinite. He is the truly realized soul!!
Hari sangat sheetal bhayaa, miTee moh ki taap.
Nisi waasar such nidhi raha aan ke prakaTa aap.
When Kabir met to his Lord, all pain and sufferings of this world disappeared. Now he
enjoys the bliss day and night, as the Lord showed himself by his own will and love.
Deepak deeyaa tel bhari, baatee dayi aghaTT.
Pooraa kiya bisaahuNa, bahuri na aavo haTT.
My Lord gave me the lamp full of oil and the wick everlasting. Now my shopping has
completed here, now I won’t be coming again in this market (world).
Kabir man nirmal bhaya, jaise ganga neer.
Paachhe Paachhe Hari phire, kahat kabir kabir.
Kabir is pure in his heart and mind like the water of the Ganga. He is the beloved of the
Lord, now the Lord follows him calling “Kabir, Kabir”. The thinnest yet the strongest
rope is the rope of love. Kabir has mastered the art of love, he got his mind and heart
cleansed and put the love in it. He found the master key of the beloved’s heart. Now the
Lord is attached with this love, he is eagerly following Kabir!!!
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Satguru: Living God in Human Form
Satguru: God in Human Form………..
Guru kumhar sish kumbh hai, gadhi-gadhi kaadhe khoT.
Bheetar haath sahaar de, baahar maare choT.
Guru is like the potter, who keeps working on the pot to make it in the shape. While he
strikes gently on its surface to shape it, he gives support of the other hand from within.
The Guru also works on his disciples in the same way. He scolds them to remove all bad
habits and negative thoughts but at the same time he keeps providing his love to them so
they feel supported and get the courage to remove all impurities without getting any
harm. Here Kabir is saying a psychological truth of utter importance – telling someone
about his or her faults and giving advices for betterment is not enough to improve them.
There should be so intense love which could make them feel that they are not alone, they
are being cared and who so ever is giving them advices, is always with them. It gives
them encouragement and power to fight and get themselves in good shape removing all
impurities. A true Guru only can do this miracle on spiritual path (but it is of the same
importance in any other teaching field also). That is why Guru is so important.
Prem piyaala jo pilaaya, sees dakshiNa dey.
Lobhee sees na de sake naam prem ka ley.
I will offer my head to him for this teaching; who has provided me the cup of divine love.
A greedy person saves his head, doesn’t offer it to him, still he wants to find love, talks
about love (that is impossible).
Guru dhobi sish kaapaDa, saabun sirjanhaar.
Surati shila par dhoiye, nikase joti apaar.
The Guru is like washer man, the disciple is like cloth and the Creator (Name or NAAM)
is like soap. Wash away all your filth on the stone of Surati (consciousness) and see what
a great light emerges from yourself!!
Jaake man vishwas hai, sada guru hai sang.
Koti kaal jhakjhorahee, tau na ho chit bhang.
Who so ever has full faith in his Guru; his Guru shall always remain with him. No matter
how many times (Koti - Crore) Kaal plays trick to divert his mind, his concentration will
not break. Faith upon own Guru has this power to save his disciple in worse conditions.
Guru Gobind dono khaDe, kako laagu pay.
Baliharee Guru aapne, Gobind diyo lakhaay.
My Guru and my Lord both are now in front of me (by the grace of Guru)!! Tell me
whom should I bow down!! Even there was Lord always present, I was not able to meet
him, but by the grace of my Guru, I found my Lord also!! Sure my Guru is greater than
my Lord, without him I couldn’t find my Lord!!
Sab dharatee kagaj karau, lekhani sab banraay.
Saat samudra ki masi karu, Guru gun likha na jay.
Even I use this whole earth as paper, make pen of all woods and use the water of seven
seas as ink, still I can’t write all virtues of my Guru!!
Bhalee bhai jo Guru milya, nahi to hoti haani.
Deepak diShTi patang jyo, padata puree jaani.
It was for my good that I met to my Guru or I could be at great loss!! As moth falls in the
light of a lamp, so I could fall in this illusionary world!! I am saved by my Guru’s grace!!
Yah tan vis kee belaree, guru amrit kee khaan.
Sees diyo jo guru mile, to bhee sastaa jaan.
This body is the mistletoe of poison, and my Guru is the mine of Amrit. If you can’t find
Guru, you are bound to fall in this poisonous well and destroy yourself. If you can find
your Guru by sacrificing your head, still this trade is a profitable one. You will find
something priceless in exchange of this worthless head (ego, identity, bundle of desires
and karmas).
Teerath gaye se ek phal, sant mile phal chaar.
Sant guru mile adhik phal, kahe kabir vichaar.
If you go to holy place, you may get one spiritual benefit, but if you meet a Saint, you
will get four benefits. Go ahead and find a Saint Guru and you will get unlimited benefits.
Sant purus ki aarasee, santon kee hee deh.
Lakha jo chahe alakh ko, unhi me lakh je leh.
Saints are like mirrors, you can see the invisible through their body. They have cleansed
their mind body and soul and the invisible reflects in them (That is why sometimes they
call Saints the incarnation of GOD or GODLY power).
Raam naam ke paTantare, debe ko kuchh naahi.
Kya le Guru santoShiye, hauns rahee man mahi.
I don’t have anything equivalent to Name of Ram. I have had this desire unfulfilled that I
could give something to my Guru (in exchange of Name) to make him pleased, there is
nothing compatible to that.
Kabir bhaThee kalaal kee, bahutak baiThe aai.
Sir saumpe soi piwe, nahi to piyaa na jaai.
Kabir says this is the brewery of the famous brewer. So many people came here to drink,
but the brewer has put the strange price for the drink. You have to give your head in
exchange of this drink, only then you can taste this drink!!
This drink is the divine drink of love, the brewer is the true Guru and the head is our false
self, ego.
Kabir Guru ke bhaawate, doorahi se deesant.
Tan chheenaa man anamanaa, jag se rooThi phirant.
Kabir says who ever loves his Guru and is beloved of Guru is seemingly different from
others. His body grows thinner and he seems to be absent minded, He is indifferent from
this world (is absorbed in his inner world!!).
Brichh kabahu nahi phal bhake, nadee na sanchay neer.
Parmaarath ke kaarane, saadhun dhara shareer.
Trees never eat their own fruit, other creatures use them. The river never uses its water
for itself. This water is utilized by others. So is true for the saints. They are here to help
worldly souls, to get us out of this illusionary world. They don’t have their life for their
own sake or desires.
Sarwar tarawar santjan, chautha barase meh.
Parmaarath ke kaarane charo dhaaree deh.
One is river, second is tree, third are Saints and fourth kind is clouds. These have come
here to help and serve others and not for any own purpose.
Guru samaan daataa nahee, yaachak shees samaan.
Teen lok kee smapadaa, so guru deenhee daan.
There is no donor or giver like Guru and no beggar like the disciple. The disciple asks the
wealth of GOD-realization and liberation which is priceless (much more than the wealth
of three lokas), so he is the greatest beggar. And Guru gives this wealth so without taking
anything in exchange of that so he is the greatest donor.
Nirbairee nihkaamataa, Saai setee neh.
Vishiyaa su nyaaraa rahe, santani aa ang eh.
The person who has no enemy and no desires and not even lust or greed for any sensual
pleasures, who has only love for the Lord; is the real Saint.
Nahi sheetal hai chandrama, him nahi sheetal hoy.
Kabir sheetal sant jan, naam sanehee hoy.
Kabir says – the Moon is not so cool and not even the ice is so cool. But the saints are
really cool who are attached to the Name of Ram, who have fallen in the love of Ram.
(This coolness comes from the beyond, from the beloved one, the origin of everything
cool and blissful!)
Ram bulawa bhejiya, diyaa Kabira Roy.
Jo sukh saadhu sang me, so baikunTh na hoy.
Kabir says when his time of departure came and Ram (Lord) called him back to his true
home, he started weeping. He says there is a joy being with true devotees of Lord, he will
not be able to get it there.
* The same interesting fact I found in Ramkrishna. He says he brought himself back after
merging in the ocean of love-to be with true devotees of Lord, make their way smooth
and pray Lord with them, this way to enjoy their company.
Beware of fake Gurus……….
Jaka guru hai andhla, chela hai ja chandh.
Andhe andha Theliya, dunyu koop parent.
If the Guru is blind (unrealized) and the disciple is also blind, how can they progress
further? If a blind shows the path to the other blind, they both are bound to fall in some
dead well at some time. The same is also true for spiritual path. If a person is not fully
GOD-realized and he becomes Guru, he can’t show true path to his disciples. His
disciples are bound to go astray.
PhooTee aankh vivek kee, lakhe na sant asant.
Jake sang das bees hain, tako naam mahant.
People have their inner eyes of conscience blind; they don’t see who real saint is and who
is a fake one. They consider that person as a great saint who ever has a great number of
disciples with him. But a true saint doesn’t have many disciples; they have few but true
and determined disciples.
Bandhe ko bandhaa mile, chhute kaun upaay.
Kar sangati nirbandh kee, pal me let chhuDaay.
If a bound person meets to another bound one, how can he be liberated? A chained
person doesn’t have strength to unlock the other. Kabir says keep the company of
liberated Saint who will get you unbound also.
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Long Journey Ahead: Pad of Different Stages
“Bolee hamaree poorabee, hame lakhe nahi koy.
Hamako to soi lakhe, dhur poorab ka hoy.”
Kabir says that his language is which belongs to Far East region, and no one can
understand it. Only those who belong to that region would be able to understand it. At
first place he says about his origin which was Banars ( which is in East part of India), but
as his sayings often have more than one meaning and sometimes the second one is more
real and important so is true here. Its actual meaning is that Kabir’s language is of the
previous (poorab) region (which was the state of the soul when it was in its homeland)
and only those will be able to understand it who belong to that land. This way he says
about his cryptic, symbolic language which is not for common people, but for spiritually
advanced people. Kabir’s sayings have a mystical mask as he states in above Doha.
There are three kind of sayings –
1. First kind is where he talks about this world’s problems, illusions (MAYA), a soul’s
ignorance and suffering, common behavior of humankind including fake Gurus and right
ways to live a good life.These pads are written in Doha and Chaupaai style and are called
“Ramaini”( means going into lust, the way to indulge in this world ).
2. Second kind of pads are where he speaks about truth stating all aspects of life, mortal
and immortal, the best way to behave in this world, the best way to persue higher
realities. These are based on his own experiences so these are called “SAKHI” or witness.
3. Third kind of pads is where he talks about different techniques and stages of sadhana
that is meditation, Yoga, Kundalini sadhana etc. These are where he talks about his
spiritual experiences. These are called Shabd. These are also of three kinds –
I. First is where he talks about his enlightenment, fulfillment and joy of meeting his
beloved “the ONE”.
II. Second kind of pads is of love where he sings like a woman, a bride of the GOD full
with love and devotion which sounds really interesting and mysterious. There are pads of
separation, pain of separation and of joy of meeting. I will try to explain as per my
understanding why he sounds like that because I have found this tendency in Ramkrishna
and other mystic writers like Rabindranath Tagore also. So I think there must be some
sound reason behind it.
III. Third kind of mystic pads are in which he talks absolutely in symbols -a chain of
symbols and these symbols are mostly taken from his early path Nathpanth. FYI
Nathpanth was impressed and originated by Bauddh Tanrta Mat. These pads are called
ULATBANSI or opposite statement. These are pads told in symbols which sound
opposite to reality but they decipher some deep and mystic meaning which doesn’t match
with words in pads even if we try to see it as metaphor and find a meaning in them. All
main words represent meanings individually and they can make a whole statement if we
can understand the meaning each word represents for. That was the way for those mystics
to keep sayings in safe way and only those who were able to achieve a higher stage could
decipher it.
In this post I am giving some pads of different stages of Kabir’s journey. As well known,
Kabir was a illiterate person but was a great poet in heart. And as poets do, he often sang
his songs in great depth. Whatever came to him, became a part of his pads. Even there are
examples of rude statements towards ignorant people. He was kinda Mauji Jeev, so
always spoke what the truth seemed to be to him. He faced great opposition from all
Gurus of all religion and Panths active in India, especially from Hindu and Muslim
community. In below lines he discards all opposition saying that he speaks based upon
experience and others talk about scriptures and holy books….
“Mera tera manua ek kaise hoi re.
Main kahata aankhin kee dekhee,
Tu kahata kaagad kee lekhee,
Main kahata surjhavanhaaree, tu rakhyo arujhaai re.”
How can my mind and your mind act in the same way? What ever I say is my own
experience, I have seen them by my own eyes and you say what ever is written in books.
I try to say things in simple way to make it understandable, but you make it complex, you
know it only by books and so get it mixed.
“Avadhu mera man matawaara.
Unmuni chaDha gagan-ras peewe, tribhuvan bhaya ujiyaara.
Gud kari gyan dhyaan kari mahua, bhav-bhaThee kari bharaa.
Sushaman naree sahaj samaanee, peewe peewanhara.
Doi puri joDi chugaai bhaaThee, chua maharas bhaaree. K
Kam-krodh dui kiya paleeta, ChhooTi gayi sansaaree.
Sunni mahal me mandala baaje, tahan mera man naache.
Guru Prasad amrit fal payaa, sahaj sushumana kaachhe*.
Poora milya tabai sukh upajyo, tan ki tapani bujhaanee.
Kahe Kabir bhav bandhan chhooTe, jotahi jot samanee.”
Kachhe - (to pull water out from a pond or well to make it empty-here refers to burn
away all worldly desires..)
Kabir says to Avadhoot (commonly used for Nathpanthi yogi) or Sadhu – “My mind is
drunk with the great wine. It is turned upward now (unmuni, a stage of Kundalini
sadhana, also used in context of meditaiton which is done by pulling consciousness
upwardly), and is drunk with that great nectar (gagan-ras) and three Loks are enlightened.
And how did he be able to make this great wine?? He took true knowledge as Gud
( sweetmeat) ,meditation as Mahua(a small fruit which is used in Indian villages to make
local wine), and this world as bhaThee( the oven used to make the wine). This way
Sushumna (Main nadee in three nadis) went up in natural way and Kabir, the drinker is
drinking this great wine. He put two nadis (Ida and Pingala) as two woods in that oven to
make the fire, put the lust and anger as fuses and this way he made the holy fire in which
all worldly desires were burnt away. Now that great wine is ready and Kabir is fully
drunk of it. Now Kabir listens the great music which is coming from sunnmahal (A place
where GOD is supposed to be, commonly used as sunnmahal, shabdmahal by kabir, some
explain it as a region which comes in the way of spiritual journey and is far below the
actual place of GOD) and he is madly dancing in joy. Kabir says that it was Guru’s grace
and blessings that he was able to get that fruit of immortality naturally. Kabir says that
only when he got the whole (the GOD), he was happy and joyous. His body and soul are
now feeling coolness. Kabir says that now his tie-ups with this world and its illusion are
broken and he is free, so free that his soul (consciousness) or light within him became
one with light of GOD.
"Avadhu gaganamandal ghar keeje.
Amrit jhare sada sukh upaje, bank naali ras peeje.
Mool bandhi sar gagan samaanaa, sushaman yo tan laagee.
Kam-krodh dui kiya paleeta, tahaan jogani jaagee.
Manwa jaai dareewe baitha, magan bhaya ras laaga.
Kahe kabir jiy sansaa naahi, shabad anahad baagaa."
Kabir says – “O Sadhu, make your home in the gaganmandal( a place in spiritual journey,
not sure whether he is refering gagan-gufa or a place higher). Sit there in dhyan, there
nectar is flowing and there is unbroken joy and happiness. When you will be there you
will be able to drink it through banknaal ( which in mystic world is assumed to start after
sahasrar and leads the way ahead). When he closed his Mooladhar (An aasan in Yoga
which is called moolbandh), the flow (sar- river) started rising above and reached to sky
(gagan), Sushmana became alive and active in body. He put lust and anger as fuses, thus
the Kundalini(Jogani) got awaken. Thus his mind sat at the third eye (dareebe – a small
window in palaces) and became intoxicated with the great wine. Kabir says no doubt
remains in the Garden of unstuck melody.
Avadhu achchharhu te nyaaraa.
Jo tum pawana gagan chadhao, karo gufa me wasaa.
Gagana pawanaa dono binase, kanh gaya jog tumhaara.
Gagana madhdhhe jotee jhalakai, paanee madhdhhe taaraa.
Ghatige neer, binasige taara, nikari gayo kehi dwaara.
MerudanD par daari dulaichee, jogee taaree laayaa.
So sumer par khak uDegee, kachcha jog kamaayaa.
Ingala binase, pingalaa binase, binase sushaman naaDee.
Jab unmani kee taaree TuTe, tab kanh rahee tumharee.
Adwait-viraag kaThin haia bhaai, anTake munivr-jogi.
Akshar-lok ki gamm batawe, so haia mukti-virogi.
Kah aaru akah duhu te nyaaraa, satt-asatt ke paraa.
Kahe kabir taahi lakh jogi, utari jaye bhav-paaraa.
We saw in above pad how Kabir narrates about Kundalini Sadhana. Here he is trying to
say its limitations. Kabir here reveals the true path and the real goal to us. Once he
realized the limitations of other ways, he started telling people about it. There are two
basic concepts of GOD in Hindu culture- one is SAKAR (GOD as form or avatar) and
NIRAKAR (FoRMLESS one). Again they say there are two things working in this
creation which eventually made all things happen in this form- they are JAD(non-living,
matter) and CHAITANYA(living or soul) or Kshar(which is destroyable) and
Akshar(Which can’t be destroyed).Respectively first is nature or matter (five elements)
and and second is GOD, part of it working within creatures which makes them alive.
There are many Panths or ways to pray GOD. People who have spiritual knowledge and
depth say that the FORM or SAKAR are only to help ignorant people understand the
concept of something super natural power within their limited knowledge and concentrate
upon that so they could sharpen their vision. This will help them understand later the
FORMLESS ONE and follow the way leading to it. But the Saints who have achieved
self-realization say that Nirakar or Akshar is not the last stage of Realization. There is
something beyond that – that is the real thing. In this pad Kabir is explaining this to a
Spiritual being – Sadhu or Avadhu. He says HE is beyond the place of even Akshar –
immortality. You try to meditate and pull your wind (here referring the five winds used to
pull consciousness upward to raise Kundalini) and you do raise it to Gagan-Gufa
(inverted cave, A place in spiritual journey which comes between Sahasrar and TrikuTi ),
but when your meditation breaks and you come down to your natural consciousness then
where is your yoga with GOD?? In meditation you see the light in sky, but it is nothing
but like a person seeing image of stars in water. The moment water dries away; you are
unable to see them. They put colorful blanket on back ( merudandh, said for spinal cordthe place of three nadees ) and start doing meditation. But this achievement is not
permanent. The moment death ceases the breathes, this way the Sumer (Sumer, called for
spinal cord, it is also a mountain so said here in mischievous way) will turn into ashes.
You have learnt unripe yoga. This ida, pingla and sushumna will be perished away one
day, the moment the flow of meditation stops, where does go your yoga at that time? Do
you remain in constant communion with HIM all the time while doing meditation or
doing work?? There is one path called adwait marg. But it is highly difficult way to go
on; this way is for ONENESS, NON-DUALITY. But due to extreme difficulties on this
path, whoever tried to go on this way, got wandered. The person who shows the way till
Akshar-lok (immortal world) is not true in giving salvation. To achieve the true salvation,
go beyond the spoken and the unspoken, the truth and the untruth, see the thing which is
beyond everything and you will go beyond the cycles of life and death, you will be
Sadho shabd-saadhana keeje.
Jaasu shabd te pragaT bhaye sab, soi shabd gah leeje.
Shabdahi guru, shabd muni shish bhaye, shabd so biralaa boojhe.
Saai shishya aur guru mahaatam, jehi antargat soojhe.
Shabde ved-puraan kahat hai, shabde sab Thaharaawe.
Shabde sur-nar-muni sant kahat hain, Shabd bhed nahi paawe.
Shabde suni-suni bhesh dharat hain, shabd kahe anuraagi.
ShaT-darshan sab shabd kahat hain, shabd kahe bairaagee.
Shabde maaya jag utapaanee, shabde ker pasaaraa.
Kah Kabir janh shabd hot hai, gagan-bhed hai nyaaraa.
Kabir says – O dear Sadhu, do the meditation of Shabd (sound, un-struck melody). Keep
your attention to the sound from which all things sprang out. Sound is the Guru, Sound is
the Disciple and Monks but very few understand its mystery. GOD, disciple and the great
Guru all are nothing but Sound, but few know it when they seek and find the truth within
themselves. All holy books like Ved and Purana talk about the Shabd (here it refers about
book of words or worldly language), every body talks about these words. All deities,
humans, monks and saints talk about this Shabd (here it refers in both meaning, words of
worldly language and Sound) but they are unable to know the secret mystery of this
sound. Monks and Sanyasis(Renunciate) wear their special dress after knowing the words
about HIM (refers words in books), the lover of HIM (sounds like it is about the believer
of SAAKAR) speaks Shabds (words and bhajans), all six schools of philosophy (six
branches of Indian ancient philosophy) speak Shabd (words of books) and the Sanyasi
(one who has left worldly things -vairagee) also speaks about the shabd. This Sound
made this world with Maya (illusion) and all this creation is nothing but sound’s work.
Here it says about creation of Sound plus the illusion created by written books and words
also; all faiths, rituals and all things that are being carried out with spoken, written or
unspoken laws and words. Kabir says it is visible world of the Sound, the creation, the
outer surface. The place which is the origin of this sound, is the secret of everything, it is
beyond expression. Try to locate the place and be there, it is the real thing.
Satguru ho maharaj, mope saai rang daara.
Shabd ki choT lagi mere man me, bedh gaya tan saara.
AushaDh mool kachhu nahai laage, kya kare baid bichaara.
Sur-nar-munijan-peer-auliyaa, koi n paawe paara.
Sahib Kabir sarv rang rangiya, sarv rang se nyaaraa.
So far we have reached here, where Kabir found his Guru and followed his way of
meditation upon Sound. He heard that amazing sound and now is unable to focus on
anything else. So sweet is the melody!! He says – O dear Satguru, HE is playing with me
with colors of Sound. He throws colors upon me, when he plays the music!! The wound
of the Shabd hurt my mind, and it is slowly spreading all over my body. Now no
medicine seems to cure me, no Doctor has the remedy of this wound. All holy people are
trying to know the secret of it, but even they couldn’t get the resolution. Kabir says his
Sahib is the greatest, he has colored me with all colors yet he is beyond of all colors.
**(Here for reference I would like to give an example from Ramakrishna – he often used
to tell stories, symbolic to convey the mysterious experiences. This is one of his favorites
– There was a cloth dyer who had a bucket full of some liquid. Who ever came to him
and wanted the cloth to be colored in any particular color, he just dipped the cloth in the
bucket and lo! The same desired color was of the cloth! A person was watching this
entire process. When he saw that each and every color is coming from the same liquid, he
asked that I don’t want any cloth colored. Please give me the same thing you have in your
This way kabir got the wound of Love with the grace of the Guru and kept searching for
the medicine, which couldn’t be anything less then absolute Love of GOD – the original
liquid of all colors!!
AaTHahu pahar matwaala laagee rahe, AaaThahu pahar kee chhak peewe.
AaaThahu pahar mastaanaa maataa rahe, Brahm kee chhaul me saadh jeewe.
Saanch hi kahatu aur saanch hi gahatu hai, Kaanch ko tyaag kari saanch laagaa.
Kahe kabir yon saadh nirbhay hua, Janam aur maran ka bharam bhaaga.
Gagan ki gufa tahaa gaib ka chandanaa, Udaya aur ast ka naam naahee.
Diwas aur rain tahaan neku nahi paaiye, Prem - parkas ke sindh maahee.
Sadaa aanand dukh dand vyape nahi, Pooranaanand bharpoor dekhaa.
Bharam ur bbhranti tanh nek aawe nahi, Kahe Kabir ras ek pekha.
What is the surprise here for Kabir! He kept searching until he reaches at the place where
only happiness and joy remains and nothing else. This is the place of Gagan-Gufa, from
where anahat sound is originating (Saints say there are different sounds or melodies at
dfferent stages but this is the place where a seeker starts hearing this sound and gets
unexplainable bliss !!). People who know something about sant-mat can see that
whatever he is saying here is not the ultimate truth and experience. I will like to say to
those people that it is quite possible that Kabir kept saying his pads while he was on the
journey. We can make a diversion and see this Doha for the proof –
**"Pahunchenge tab kahenge, uterenge us Thay.
Ajahu beDa samud me, boli biguche kaay.
In these lines he says that it is not good to say anything right now (about spiritual
experiences), because my boat is still in the mid sea (bhavsaagar or the sea of world). It
will be good if I speak about it after I reach the destination safely. Saying something right
now can make me proud, can hinder the journey. Worthless to say that as he was a poet in
heart, he kept singing and talking about his experiences throughout the journey to share
his joy and bliss.
So here in above pad he speaks about the experience of the place where according to him,
he is intoxicated 24 hours a day (Pahar is three hours, eight pahar mean 24 hours, whole
day and night) with the nectar of GOD, he is drinking this holy nectar whole day and
night and moves in the swing of Brahm.He speaks and catches the truth and truth only, he
left all illusions (raw nature) behind and got attached to the truth. Kabir says that in this
way Sadhu (Kabir) became fearless. The fear of death and birth vanished. It is the cave in
the sky (gagan-gufa).There is no sunrise or sunset yet a strange light is spread all over.
There is no day or night and all time light is spread from the ocean of light and love. Here
is all joy and happiness and no sorrow at all. It is the whole of joy and happiness, nothing
less than the WHOLE. Here no illusion can stand in mind and I saw the only one thing joy -all around there.
Santo sahaj smaaadhi bhalee.
Guru prataap jaa din te upajee, din din adhik chalee.
Aankh na mundu, kaan na rundhu, kaayaa kashT na dharu.
Khule nain main hanshans dekhu, sunder roop niharu.
Kahon so naam suno so sumiran, khaw-piyo so poojaa.
Girah ujaad ek sam lekhon, bhaw na rakho doojaa.
Janh-janh Dolun, soi parikarma, Jo kachhu karau so sewa.
Jab sowon tab karaun danDwat, poojaun aur na dewa.
Shabad nirantar se man laaga, malin waasanaa tyagee.
UThat baiThat kabahoo na chute, aisee taaree laagee.
Kahe Kabir yah ununi rahanee, yahi paragaT kari gaai.
Sukh-dukh ke ek pare param-sukh, tehi me raha samaai.
In above pad Kabir says that that way of natural samaadhi is the best. With the grace of
my Guru it triggered in me and grows day by day. Now I don’t need to close my eyes, to
block my ears and to trouble my body. Now I see HIM happily with my open eyes! Now
whatever I speak is his NAAM, whatever I listen is his SUMIRAN. What ever I eat and
drink is his worship only. Now home and the desert are alike for me, I don’t see any
difference between them. Where ever I walk, is nothing but parikrama( the ritual to move
around idols, temples, holy places) and whatever I do is only his service. When I sleep, it
is danDwat (to lay down in prayer) to him, I don’t pray another GOD. My attention
attached to the unstruck, unbroken Sound and all bad habits have left me now. This
communion never breaks, whether I sit or stand up. Kabir says it is a way to be always
upward (unmuni – the state of being upward in meditation, to be towards GOD) and it is
what I want to say you all. There is a place which is beyond sorrow and happiness, which
is ultimate bliss, I got attached and absorbed in the same. Now I see him with my open
eyes !! When Kabir got his final realization which was love and only love for GOD, he
didn’t need to do any yoga, meditation or something like that. He was able to commune
with him with open eyes! Such is the power of love; it makes the beloved run towards the
lover!! Does it matter whether the beloved is a human or non-human creature or even
GOD? HE is thirsty for love that is why he made this creation out of his desire.
Ramakrishna said once that among all devotees, love happens to very few. But when it
happens, it has the magic power to call his beloved at the wish as if HE is chained with
this love, such it the great power of love.
This way Kabir says again about experiences after realization –
Jaap mare, ajapaa mare, anahad hu mari jay.
Ram sanehi na mare, kahe Kabir samujhaay.
Those who do sumiran and jaap will die, those who do ajapaa jaap or maanas sumiran
will also die. The person who has gone till the region of anahad or Sound may die. But
the person who loves HIM can’t die. This is the nectar of love, which makes us
immortal!! Here are few references Kabir gives to recognize a GOD-Realized soul.
Had me rahe so maanwa, behad rahe so saadh.
Had - behad dono taje, taakee mata agaadh.
The person who is within limits, is a human. The person who travels to unlimited regions
is a Sadhu. But the person who has gone beyond the limited and the unlimited, his
consciousness is like infinite. He is the truly realized soul!!
GhaT kaa pardaa kholkar, sanmukh de deedaar.
Baal sanehi saaiyaa, awe ant kaa yaar.
HE opens the veil within your being and shows HIMSELF in front of you!! HE only is
our true friend. At the time of our birth (here it refers spiritual birth or the moment when
this creation came in existence and we as separate being came into picture) HE was the
only friend and when the journey of the soul has come to an end, I see HIM only as true
friend. HE has been our friend throughout our all lives, only it took whole journey from
the origin to coming down this material world and going back to our source to make us
realize this truth!!
Hari ras peeya jaaniye, kabahu na jaaye khumaar.
Maimanta ghoomat phire, naahee tan kee saar.
How will you know who is a GOD-realized soul, who has tasted the great wine, the
nectar of GOD?? Kabir says you can see the symptoms – the person who has attained the
community with GOD, looks like intoxicated all the time. This intoxication never comes
down, he looks like insane, wanders like the same, doesn’t even bother about his body or
Jihi hirde Hari aaiyaa, so kyu chhanaa hoi.
Jatan-Jatan kari daabiye, tau ujaalaa hoi.
Kabir says when HE comes in someone’s heart, you can know it instantly. It can’t be kept
under thickest veils. Even if the person wants to hide it, to keep it as secret and tries to do
so, he can’t. The more he tries, the more its light comes out. It can’t be hidden in anyway.
So graceful is his presence in devotee’s heart.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008
The Mystic Pad-1
Most of the time Kabir talks in symbols and metaphors. When we experience something
extra ordinary, the known language is often incapable to express it. If we want to make
our feelings public, we have to use the same language which public uses and to give the
best possible hint of what we experienced. So we begin using symbols which reflects the
nearly meaning to people by making their relevent experiences matching with that extra
ordinary. When Kabir wants to say the unconditional and extrem joy of being with Him
and his love, he generally uses the love and marriage symbols, because it is the strongest
feeling and highest joy known to people. Like other mystics, there are a lot of symbols
Kabir uses. Below is one of his mystic pads, interesing yet not easy to understand.
Jau charkha jari jay, badhaiya na mare.
Main katun sut hajaar, charkhula jin jare.
Baba mor byah karav, achcha barahi takaay.
Jau lon achchha bar na mile, tau lon tumahi bihay.
Pratham nagar pahunchte, parigo sog-santaap.
Ek achambha ham dekha, jo biTiya byahal baap.
Samadhee ke ghar samdhee aaye, aaye bahu ke bhay.
GoDe chulhaa, dai –dai, charkha diyo diDhay.
Devlok mar jaayenge, ek na mare baDhay.
Yah man ranjan kaarane, charkha diyo diDhaay.
Kahahi Kabir suno ho santo, charkha lakhe jo koy.
Jo yah charkha lakhi pare, tako aawagaman na hoy.
--- Beejak, Shabad – 68
Even if this spinning wheel gets burnt, the carpenter can never die. But if this spinning
wheel doesn’t get burnt, I shall weave thousands of yarns. O dear father, please find a
suitable groom for me and get me married with him. Please marry me while you are
trying to find the groom. When I entered the city, I felt the great pain and sorrow. We
saw this surprising event that daughter got married with father. Groom’s father came to
bride’s father’s home and brother of the bride came to meet the sister. The spinning
wheel got more strong by putting its parts tightly. All deities in heaven will die one day,
but the carpenter can not die, who has made this spinning wheel to please his desire.
Kabir says, whoever knows the secret of this wheel, becomes free form this world’ tieups.
When we see all statements at first glance, it doesn’t make any sense, because there is no
continuity in narrations, meanings and emotions. One statement doesn’t end and second
starts. This is due to the reason that once a mystic goes higher and higher, experiences
become so much unearthly that worldly language is not enough to describe it. So symbols
and metaphors are used to solve this problem. We have to understand each statement as a
separate statement and then make continuity among them. If this Wheel of Kal gets
destroyed, the origin and maker of it (GOD) can't be destroyed. If this wheel doesn't get
burnt and destroyed, I can do thousands of karmas. O dear Guru, please connect my heart
to HIM, and until I realize it and meet HIM, please keep me in your shelter. The first time
I got initiated, I worried about how could I be able to obey you and go there. But what a
surprise that after meeting you, my soul got connected to my creator ( father, supreme
soul). The father of Guru met to father of soul ( they seemed to be different, but after
realization, soul got the truth that it is one). Now I can say the truth because the real
knowledge is mine. At that moment this wheel of kal or creation seemed to be much clear
and organised. When I saw all things so clearly, I knew that though everything can be
vanished, but the infinite, who has created this wheel can't be destroyed. Kabir says that
who knows the truth behind this wheel, can't be trapped in this creation. After the GODRealization, you will not have to come in this mortality.