Look after your Dubarrys and they’ll look after you

Country Boot Care Guide
Look after your Dubarrys and they’ll look after you
Your Dubarry footwear is made to last, using the finest quality leather to ensure high performance and protection.
Created using the full cowhide, with its characterful and naturally occurring imperfections, the leathers are specially
treated to absorb less moisture and require 70% less drying time compared to other leather types. But all leather
needs care, and with a little time and the right treatments, your Dubarry footwear will stay supple and waterproof,
whatever you do in yours...
IMPORTANT: yard manure, waste liquids and salt water can be very corrosive to leather.
To prolong performance and protection for your Dubarrys, always scrub them with a brush and
rinse with fresh tap water after exposure.
Use Footwear Cleaner
on all parts of the boot
Use tap water to clean
fabric section on Kerry
and Wicklow boots
Apply Footwear
Protector Spray
to the nubuck and
suede leathers
Finish your cleaning regime with an application of Dubarry
Protector, the world’s first water-based fluorochemical spray
for footwear. The spray, in addition to restoring a waterrepellent finish, offers a high-resistance to oil and stains. It is
extremely durable and will work on all types of nubuck and
suede leather.
Apply Conditioner
to the smooth leathers
The first step in your Dubarry care regime
is to remove heavy mud and dirt, which
should be removed initially with tap water
Rinse off
and a brush. Make sure that yard manure
heavy mud
and waste liquids are thoroughly rinsed
and dirt with
off immediately with fresh tap water. The
tap water
same applies to seawater and/or salt. Then
use our scrub Cleaner, which has been
developed using skin care technology. It
contains a light beaded material that aids in the removal of dirt and other
residues. It leaves the footwear in prime condition ready for conditioning.
Apply Footwear Cleaner
Once your boots are dry apply Dubarry Conditioner, which
is a water-based flurochemical. It will condition the leather
bringing it back to that new look while also offering water
repellency and high levels of oil and stain resistance. It is of
particular benefit to smooth leathers.
Scrub with brush
Allow the boots to dry naturally before any further treatment.
Never use artificial heat or leave in proximity to an open fire.
For best results, air dry for a minimum of 48 hours.
Dubarry Shoes Limited, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland
Repeated wetting and drying can eventually cause leather to crack. Like
human skin these natural leathers require regular moisturising. Dubarry
Leather Cream contains tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, emu oil, beeswax and
lanolin to help protect, preserve and soften the leather while enhancing
the water repellent properties.
In addition to the other three products described here, Dubarry
strongly recommends the use of our Leather Cream, especially in the
flex part of the foot. Dubarry Leather Cream is to be used on the
smooth leather ONLY.
Apply Leather Cream
Work into
leather with a
soft brush until
Cautions when using all footwear care products:
Irritating to eyes. Keep away from areas of ignition. Do not smoke around products.
Vapours may cause dizziness and drowsiness. Do not breathe spray. Avoid contact with
eyes and skin. Use in a well ventilated area.
In the case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with cold water and seek medical advice.
Keep containers tightly closed.
For more comprehensive information DUBARRY FOOTWEAR CARE SHEETS
can be downloaded from dubarry.com