2015 Student Cancellation & Variation Form

Student Work Placement
Cancellation / Variation Request Form
Cancellation/Variations to confirmed Work Placements must be immediately
notified to the Work Placement Team at Business Education Network to enable the placement to be
re-allocated, if possible. Cancellations/vacations should only occur in the event of illness.
Cancellations will not be accepted in the event of change of preference, sporting and/or work
commitments or holidays.
**PLEASE NOTE: 1 form is required per cancellation/variation**
Please ensure to complete this form and either fax or email back to our Work Placement
Team at:
Fax: 02 9907 1594
Carolina Barajas Email: [email protected]
Kim Walsh Email: [email protected]
School Name:
Phone Number:
Details of Cancellation / Variation
Date of Confirmed Placement: ___________________________________________________
Name of Employer: ____________________________________________________________
Name of Student: _____________________________________________________________
Reason for Cancellation/Variation: _______________________________________________
Name of Replacement Student (if applicable): ______________________________________
Notified by: __________________________________________________________________
Date of Notification: ___________________________________________________________
Signature of VET Coordinator: ___________________________________________________
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