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Enabling Global Services
About Us:
Oakston Technologies is an Integrated Captive Center Services Company. That means, we help companies to
design, set-up and operate their own technology and back-office centers in US.
Oakston Technologies is solely focused on building global competencies for its clients in the captive mode. We do
understand that setting-up and operating a captive center is fraught with challenges, and hence we created a model
and methodology that brought all the benefits of offshore to our clients, and minimized the risks of being on your
own. We welcome you to learn more about our services and capabilities.
At Oakston Technologies Services, we energetically strive to deliver the best employment options for great
companies and the associates we place within them. We serve thousands of companies by sending them the highest
-quality individuals for temporary, temp-to-hire and full-time positions.
Companies make Oakston Technologies their first choice for full-time, direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary
employment agencies because we're at the forefront of the ever-changing Consulting industry. We meet our clients'
needs - precisely, quickly and cost-effectively - with the finest talent. Furthermore, our associates seek job placement
with Oakston Technologies because we have outstanding benefits and deep regional experience in top markets.
We know how to deliver great opportunities and keep our people happy, a potent combination for our clients and
associates alike.
Oakston Technologies Services is a highly professional Consulting services organization that prides itself on the
high quality of our customers, the work assignments we make available for associate employees, and the validity
and fairness of our work practices.
Oakston Technologies commits to provide all employees with a work environment free of discrimination related to
sex, race, color, religion, age, ethnic, or national origin, disability, or other illegal and inappropriate basis. We
protect employees from retaliation for bringing complaints to the attention of Oakston Technologies management
- thus encouraging an efficient, productive, and satisfying work environment.
Why Choose Us:
We are much more than a search firm.
We believe in partnering clients and candidates to help them achieve their objectives.
Our energy and commitment translates each of our associations into strong working relationships.
Our Values
Open, honest and direct in communication
Work with clients to exceed expectation
Zeal for quality
Clarity of accountability
Thorough research
Assistance in negotiation
Reduced selection time and cost
Assuring that we provide not just a person but a top quality asset
Oakston Technologies ha become feasible and self sustaining.
We have the people, the processes and the passion to succeed
Oakston Technologies has rooted itself in high-quality software development principles and an unwavering commitment
to delivery. These twin strengths enable Oakston to adapt smoothly to the rapid evolution of technology while
maintaining constant focus on the changing business needs of our clients.
We combine our comprehensive understanding of a client's business and industry with our cutting edge technology
solutions and superb delivery. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.
Oakston Technologies delivers application maintenance and development outsourcing (AMD/O), industry-specific
solutions and a range of integration services to more than 500 diverse clients. We have expertise in many industries
including the financial services, healthcare, retail and distribution, manufacturing, telecommunications and high
Few can replicate our proven experience and ability to offer a competitive cost structure without compromising quality.
We keep our promises
Oakston Technologies is committed to building stronger, deeper relationships with our clients to help them overcome
business challenges. We foster a culture that prizes consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of competitive,
value-added solutions.
Oakston Technologies meets client challenges by having the best people and processes in place to consistently
deliver services and solutions on time and on budget, across technologies and industries.
We are providing staffing services for the following verticles
» Industry Services
» Financial Services
» Healthcare Services
» Life science Services
» Retail / Manufacturing
» Telecommunications
» Professional Services
» Implementation Services
» Custom Reporting
» IT Services
» IT Consulting Services
» IT Offshore Outsourcing
» IT Integration Services
SAP GRC / SAP Compliance Services:
As your organization strives for growth and competitive advantage, it looks to IT to drive business efficiency, agility,
and innovation. As a result, IT excellence is no longer a luxury it's a competitive requirement.
SAP IT Excellence delivers a comprehensive set of services, enablement tools, and methodologies. It enables you to
craft an effective IT strategy and align it with business objectives. And it gives you the tools and methodologies you
need to optimize your IT infrastructure and protect your mission-critical applications from technical risks.
SAP IT Excellence focuses on the production, or “run,” phase of the software life cycle, which commands the largest
piece of the IT budget and presents the IT team with the greatest challenges. The portfolio addresses the following
business challenges:
» Align IT and business strategies
» Enable agility and continuous functional improvement and maintenance
» Ensure a stable and predictable IT environment
Services that Deliver Value
The SAP IT Excellence portfolio delivers value to your organization from three perspectives:
» Strategic SAP IT Excellence enables you to align IT and business strategies, improve innovation, and optimize your
ability to adapt to change all while reducing total cost of ownership.
» Functional The portfolio enables you to boost employee productivity, improve your ability to create value, and
increase your return on IT investment.
» Technical With SAP IT Excellence, you can ensure that IT operations are stable, predictable, and performing at the
highest levels. You can also mitigate risk, better manage change, and optimize both IT infrastructure and business
SAP Compliance:
SMB Validation & Compliance Group Inc. “Our 'trademark' is our understanding that 'Validation is a Regulatory
Requirement within a Business Environment, not a Science in itself.' We understand that Pharmaceutical and Medical
Device manufacturers purchase equipment in order to run production, not to have reams of documentation written
about it and then spend countless hours executing those documents. We use an efficient systematic, risk based,
quality system approach to developing protocols. We also employ a common sense, pragmatic approach to protocol
execution which allows us to fulfill all regulatory documentation requirements efficiently and with a minimum of delay
and with a minimum of interference with our customers' operations. We have worked with all the major equipment
suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry and we have developed solid relationships with these manufacturers in
order to quickly obtain the information required to develop protocols for their machinery.
We are experienced validation professionals, providing flexible practical solutions. We have knowledgeable, dedicated
staff. We maintain strong relationships with equipment suppliers promoting improved project performance.
Corportae Office:
SUITE: 210, MALVERN, PA 19355
Contact Details : 484-328-1619
Branch Office:
SUITE: 619, FRAZER, PA 19355
Email : [email protected]
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