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We are the first in our
families to graduate
from college
And we are doing some pretty
amazing things.
2011 Trajectory >
This past year
has been an incredible
journey for the Tiger Woods Foundation. Our mission is simple - we believe that
everyone deserves the opportunity to attend college. Each year we provide vital
resources to thousands of young people through our innovative programs and
one-to-one support. 2011 was exceptional in this regard, as the total number
of students reached through the flagship Tiger Woods Learning Center topped
65,000 during its fifth year of operations. The Earl Woods Scholarship Program
welcomed its 60th scholar as we celebrated the graduation of our very first
class. Our expansion continued throughout the summer and fall as we launched
summer programming at the Learning Center campuses in Washington, D.C. and
opened new campuses in Florida and Pennsylvania.
Supporting this program growth are five unique fundraising events: AT&T National, Tiger Woods Invitational, Tiger Jam,
Deutsche Bank Championship and World Challenge. These events bring tremendous support to the Foundation by raising
funds and spreading our mission to millions. At the AT&T National, we launched the We Salute Our Heroes tribute wall,
which allowed tournament spectators to send personal messages of thanks to our troops. We also created the inaugural
Tiger Woods Invitational, a private golf event at Pebble Beach Golf Links, and returned to Las Vegas for Tiger Jam with rock
icons John Mayer and Keith Urban. The Deutsche Bank Championship celebrated its 9th year with another fantastic Labor
Day finish crowning 2011 champion Webb Simpson. Finally, we closed out an exceptional year with a big win by Tiger
Woods at the World Challenge golf tournament held at Sherwood Country Club outside of Los Angeles.
This Year in Review celebrates these important milestones and highlights the incredible stories of our scholars. While our
programs and events enjoy the dedication of an outstanding board and staff, we share in these milestones with a diverse
group of generous individuals, foundations and corporations who steadfastly support our mission. Their contributions are
vital to our success, and the following pages share their perspectives on what makes the Foundation so special. We are
grateful for their support and for the support of countless others.
On behalf of Tiger Woods, the Board of Governors and the staff and volunteers of the Tiger Woods Foundation, thank you.
Gregory T. McLaughlin
President and CEO
COURSE Syllabus:
A year In review
five YEARS and counting
First Grads
By Guest Author:
By Guest Author:
Sandra Barry
Summer enrichment
Omar villa
By Guest Author: Carrie
an absolute honor
By Guest Author: Tom
An APP For that
click and learn
Expanded learning
A scholarly perspective
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Roman Gonzales
Gyla Bell
JAM Session
By Guest Author:
MC Hammer
Kit Weir
We Salute our heroes
Big crowds, big moments
A Big Win
By Guest Author:
By Guest Author:
By Guest Author:
Joanne Rashbaum
Jenny Nguyen
Seth Waugh
Tiger Woods
A Special ThankS to all guest Authors for your support!
Five years and counting
Sandra BArry
Former Superintendent, Anaheim School District
The mostly low-income students, who frequent the
TWLC, interact with adults who continuously strive to
expand kids’ horizons by introducing them to content,
careers and opportunities they never knew
least not for them. For example, on a daily basis you
will find students solving crimes in a forensic science
lab, building robots, launching rockets, designing
computer software or producing music videos.
Students perform these challenging tasks and solve
these complex problems at levels rarely seen before.
Classroom teachers not only are amazed at their
students’ enthusiastic responses to TWLC curricula,
they marvel at their outstanding performances. I, too,
am in awe of the TWLC staff’s ability to bring out the
best in children while fostering their optimism and selfconfidence. These efforts have helped students create
a new reality...a better tomorrow…for themselves and
future generations.
Seven years ago the TWLC was just a dream; today it
is making students’ dreams come true. So passionate
am I about the Foundation and Learning Center that I
continue to proudly serve on the Board of Governors,
chair the Learning Center committee, serve on the
Scholarship committee, mentor two Earl Woods
Scholars and act as a resource to the leaders
of the education and professional development
programs. The TWLC is only five years old and it
already has exceeded my wildest imagination. I
am excited about the TWLC’s future as it promises
to continue changing kids’ lives. I truly believe
Anaheim has a new “happiest place on earth.”
Tiger Woods Learning Center, Anaheim, CA /
65,000 students served since January 1, 2006
/ 750 teachers participated in professional
development program / 500 volunteers / 24,000
golf students / 227 schools and 43 districts
served through TWLC programs / 6,465 hours of
programs / 600 video games created / 100 crimes
solved / 1,200 rockets launched / 1,000 robots
programmed / 5,500 DNA strands analyzed
Five Year Celebration
Five Year Celebration
My initial involvement with the Tiger Woods Learning
Center (TWLC) began when I served as superintendent
of a large elementary school district in Anaheim, Tiger’s
hometown and the home of his 35,000-square-foot
Learning Center. As I eagerly watched this state-of-theart facility being built and its programs and services
designed, I realized that something very special would
be happening for kids at the TWLC. Five years later, the
TWLC continues to deliver something special to kids:
unique, hands-on STEM curricula, career awareness
and college guidance.
Students with mentors are more likely to enroll in
college, live without public assistance, become involved
in community service and be hopeful about their future.
With help from his mentor, Mike, Evan secured his firstever surgical internship at Hoag Hospital in Orange County,
Calif. First in his class, Evan will graduate in May 2012 and
attend New York University School of Medicine on a full
scholarship in the fall. Like all the Earl Woods Scholars,
Evan cites his mentor relationship as life changing.
An App
For that
Alvaro also regularly checks his swing maintenance
using the My Swing app. We were so excited to have
access to this technology. The app features Tiger’s
actual golf swing, something all our students, including
Alvaro, really enjoy watching. We use each of Tiger’s
swings, filmed using every club, as the model to
showcase the different length of swings and describe
how the body moves and works in the swing. Alvaro
is able to identify his own swing flaws, and whenever
he feels out of position in his swing, he simply
records his swing flaws and refers to the adjustments
recommended in the app. He also loves to conduct
a side-by-side comparison with Tiger’s swing whenever
he is swinging well to compare crucial positions like
address, impact and the finish.
Roman gonzAles
Senior Manager, Golf and Recreation
Tiger Woods Learning Center,
Orange County
In general, we make golf accessible for everyone.
Additionally, the TWLC’s golf program has been
instrumental in helping tens of thousands of students
decide on a career path, graduate from high school,
pursue a higher education and get excited about
I’d like to take you on a tour of our golf program from
the viewpoint of one of our students. When he began
playing golf as a 6th grader, he never thought he would
end up on his varsity golf team or competing in golf
tournaments across Southern California. He never
thought Anaheim could support any of his desires, until
the TWLC became a part of his life.
Alvaro Gonzalez started at the TWLC by attending the
Saturday Golf Clinics, learning the fundamentals of
putting, chipping, pitching and the full-swing with other
students his age. He practiced the expectations of golf
in etiquette, on-course mannerisms and application of
basic golf rules. He honed his golf skills so much that
he became eligible for the TWLC Player Development
Program (PDP). The PDP signifies a student’s passion
and dedication to the game of golf and allows three
levels of progression for students who want to become
competitive players.
Alvaro made his way through the PDP, becoming one of
the first to pass all levels (Level-1 Tour Class, Level-2
Players Class and Level-3 Masters Class). Being part
of the PDP provides privileges such as: free range
balls during practice sessions at the TWLC, outings
with TWLC golf professionals at prestigious courses
throughout Orange County, access to special TWLC
golf workshops like club-making and golf fitness, and
access to professional events like the World Challenge.
In his attempt to become the best golfer he can be,
Alvaro developed a new outlook on life. A sophomore
at Savanna High School in Anaheim, he now has
established a golf handicap of 8.0 index. He maintains
a 3.3 GPA and aspires to play collegiate golf. He is
driven and motivated with plans to pursue a higher
education. I can honestly say that the TWLC golf
program has had a direct and positive impact on
Alvaro’s life.
Tiger Woods: My Swing / Named Best Sports App
of 2011 by the New York Times / Ranked number
3 in all of iTunes Sports Apps / iPhone launched
in March 2011 / iPad launched in September
2011 / More than 180,000 swings recorded /
More than 50,000 students have participated in
the TWLC golf program / 11.5 million golf balls hit
to date / 25,000 golf clubs, 300 golf bags and
2,000 rounds of golf provided free of charge to
Tiger Woods: My Swing
Tiger Woods: My Swing
The golf program at the Tiger Woods Learning Center
(TWLC) offers a world-class golf experience like no
other. It specializes in beginning and intermediate
golf, offering fundamental golf instruction at a stateof-the-art facility, along with innovative techniques in
instruction involving the latest technology. We provide
golf equipment to students who can’t afford their own
and access to prestigious golf courses to students who
can’t afford green fees. Since last year, we’ve added
the Tiger Woods: My Swing app into the program.
This app provides immediate, useful feedback to the
fundamentals of golf like putting, chipping and the fullswing mechanics.
Teens who do not participate in after-school
programs are nearly three times more likely to skip
class, experiment with drugs or join gangs, making
after school hours extremely critical. At the TWLC,
students like Raymond spend important afterschool hours using a flight simulator, launching
rockets, designing video games and outlining a plan
for college. In fact, unlike so many of their peers,
91% of TWLC students report increased confidence
and optimism about their futures, making them
nearly invincible to negative influences.
Jam Session
MC Hammer
Rapper / Musician / Humanitarian
I’ve been coming to Tiger Jam in Las Vegas for years
now. I originally came as the guest of my good friend
and TWF Board Member Ron Conway. I enjoyed the
event so much, and I’m now the annual host of the
Tiger Jam After Party. I love participating in this with
Tiger because it’s for such a good cause. Year after
year, the event features some of the best musical
talent around like No Doubt, Stevie Wonder, Prince
and Sting. 2011 was equally awesome with fellow
Grammy winners John Mayer and Keith Urban. The
crowd really enjoyed it.
My favorite part of the night is the After Party. It is
a raucous, dancing good time. As host, I DJ, get the
crowd fired up and of course, dance! It’s so much
fun to see everyone cutting loose on the dance floor
until the early hours of the morning. In all the fun, the
2011 event raised approximately $750,000 for the
kids of the Foundation, and I’m so proud to support
it year after year.
Tiger Jam 2011 / $750,000 raised / 800 VIP
guests / Keith Urban and John Mayer delivered an
electrifying performance / Keynote speaker: Earl
Woods Scholar Tamika Mitchell / After Party at
House of Blues hosted by MC Hammer / Notable
auction items: British Open Championship package,
Meet and Greet with Tiger, Mayer and Urban
tiger jam
tiger jam
Prior to the show, Tiger Jam guests attend a VIP
reception, with great food, a live auction and guest
speakers. I always enjoy hearing Tiger and the TWF
students speak about the purpose of Tiger Jam and
all the great things his Foundation is doing to help
get kids into college. One of the Foundation scholars
spoke about how much college is changing her life in
a positive way. It was great to hear, and I know Tiger
is so proud of how his dad’s inspiration continues to
make a difference.
Between 1982 and 2006, the cost of higher
education grew by more than 439 percent. High
costs and lack of understanding about financial aid
pose as barriers for college entry. A junior in high
school, Edgar is using TWF resources to create a
customized plan that will help him pay for college
after graduating next year. That makes Edgar
another one of the 1,270 students and families
who are making college a reality through TWF’s
2011 financial aid workshops.
Earl Woods Scholar, UC Santa Cruz, Class of 2011
The Tiger Woods Foundation began supporting me
during the last semester of my senior year in high
school. Right before submitting my intent to register
at UC Santa Cruz, I received a package in the mail
from the Tiger Woods Foundation congratulating
me on my high school achievements, along with
involvement and commitment to community
service. Due to all my hard work, the scholarship
committee decided to select me as one of the first
Earl Woods Scholarship recipients by awarding me
a scholarship toward my higher education for the
next four years.
Two of my biggest passions are law and education.
After working my way through school, I see how
effective education is to my life, my family and
my culture, especially since my parents never
had these opportunities. I must say that I have
journeyed through an amazing four years of my life.
I have grown to be the individual I never expected
to be; I am a consumer of knowledge, an educator
and first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s
degree from a four-year institution.
As my passions moved me forward in life, I
graduated and took a job as a Community Service
Leader with the City of Irvine, developing and
implementing after-school recreation programs and
services for target populations. Now I am applying
to graduate schools across the country with the
goal of receiving a Masters in Higher Education
Administration. Once I finish graduate school, I
hope to attend law school with the support of my
family, friends, the Tiger Woods Foundation and my
mentor, Todd Theodora.
Earl Woods Scholarship Program / Founded in 2006 / 87% are first-generation
college students / 85% of juniors and seniors participated in internships / 60
scholars / 60 mentors / 100% college retention (from first year to second year)
/ Average financial aid package: $35,425 / Four graduates: Avni Patel – UCLA,
Biochemistry major; Bianca Angeles – UC Berkeley, Psychology major; Stephanie
Chae – UC San Diego, Biochemistry major & minor in Healthcare - Sociology; Omar
Villa – UC Santa Cruz, Latin American and Latino Studies
First Graduating Class
First Graduating Class
I was looking forward to having a mentor during
college. I definitely needed the guidance of an adult
who had college experience since that was an area
my parents were unable to offer me advice. Unlike
my fellow scholars, I was going through a struggle of
my own. Aside from being a college student loaded
with tons of work, being a first-generation student
and the culture shock I experienced, I was an
undocumented student. This added an extra weight
to my back. I did not have the opportunity to apply
for federal aid, student loans, or even the chance
to study abroad, which I really wanted to do. I come
from a low-income first-generation family and my
father’s paycheck was just enough to make ends
meet. The Earl Woods Scholarship took those bricks
off my back and enabled me to graduate from UC
Santa Cruz. This scholarship program is one of the
best out there.
Through this scholarship I met my mentor, Mr. Todd
Theodora, who has grown to be a part of my life.
He accepted me, opened his home to me and
gave me the opportunity to meet his family. Todd is
definitely someone I will look up to as I continue on
my journey, and I plan to keep in contact with him
as I venture into new endeavors. One of the best
things he did for me was to offer me an internship
at his law firm. I enjoyed my internship there as it
provided me with valuable work experience I utilize
on a day-to-day basis. I had many “full circle”
moments throughout my experience, as terms I
learned in my classes were used during my time at
Theodora Oringher PC. It was a great feeling being
able to connect what I was learning in class and
seeing it applied in the real world.
The STEM Sector is expected to create 8.6 million
new jobs by 2018. As an Earl Woods Scholar Grace
is ready. In addition to her electrical engineering
and computer science studies, Grace spent seven
months as an intern in the Global Technology department at Pixar, working on render-optimization
and motion blur for a 2014 feature film. She
accepted her first full-time position with NASA
in March 2012, three months before graduating
from UC Berkeley. Like Grace, 100% of TWF students
are exposed to STEM classes and internships.
Gyla Bell
Activities are rooted in computer science, chemistry, biology, physics, physical education and much more.
Each lesson has been carefully crafted to capture what TWLC members love about the classes – activities
that are fun, interactive and relevant to their lives and future careers. Lessons also feature the opportunity
for students to collaborate with their peers through investigative learning methods to solve problems and
learn new skills.
The feedback we’ve received since launching the TWLC lessons has been really positive. Administrators are
impressed by how comprehensive they are. We are hearing they really enjoy the lessons, find value in them
and are looking for ways to utilize them throughout their organizations. By sharing our lessons online, we are
providing an opportunity for young people, educators and youth workers worldwide to experience the magic
of the Tiger Woods Learning Center.
Program Director, Tiger Woods Learning Center,
Orange County
In May 2011, the Tiger Woods Learning Center
(TWLC) began sharing its innovative curricula online,
allowing educators and youth-serving organizations
around the world to access the unique activities
taking place in TWLC classrooms every day. These
lessons foster student learning through a realworld, hands-on approach, something not always
available in public schools.
A new lesson is featured each month from one
of the TWLC’s signature career or college accessthemed courses. All the lessons are STEM-focused
and align with national educational standards.
TWLC Lessons / Launched May 2011 / Eleven lessons
of the month: Squid Dissection, Multimedia Fusion
2, Core Muscles, Cleanin’ Up The Mess (oil spill
experiment), Paper Rockets (rocketry), What Are They
Trying to Tell Us?, Graphic Design: Photoshop, Principle
of Flight: Force, Ice Creamistry, Super Sales People,
Putting Lessons / Eleven different activities for kids /
Fit Plan – full curriculum available / 23,389 page views
Online Lessons
Online Lessons
With the TWLC online curricula, students outside
our campuses may sample some of the exciting
activities taking place in TWLC classrooms and
discover what makes learning at the TWLC so fun.
The website offers a platform for TWLC instructors to
share best practices in teaching methods and the
development of innovative curricula. The lessons
offered virtually are based on the idea that young
people learn best when they are engaged and active
participants in their own learning process. TWLC
lessons highlight opportunities for young people
to think creatively, solve problems and collaborate
with others.
Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is more important
than ever. By 2018, it is estimated 72% of jobs
will require a bachelor’s degree or better. This
is why 100% of Earl Woods Scholars attain their
bachelor’s degrees from universities like Harvard,
Georgetown, Berkeley and Stanford. The first in
her family to attend college, Vina graduates in May
2012. Her studies have taken her to seven countries
and will result in a Bachelor’s Degree in Business
Administration and a Master’s Degree in Urban
Planning from the University of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.
We Salute our heroes
Joanne Rashbaum
AT&T National Tournament Volunteer
Entertainment and the opportunity to volunteer
and give back to the community are part of what
makes the AT&T National one of my favorite
sporting events to attend. From the very first year
of the tournament, when AT&T employees served as
Shuttle Hosts, we had the opportunity to welcome
the players and public to a highly visible event that
showcased AT&T’s commitment to supporting local
charitable organizations and the military.
Last year, as part of the AT&T National focus on the
military, I chaired the 2011 committee that helped
organize and manage the We Salute Our Heroes
tribute wall. The wall was the first of its kind at a
golf tournament, and we kept our fingers crossed
that it would be the “big bang” of the week. We
were not disappointed. It was a moving experience
to welcome fans, players, caddies, tournament staff
and media as they made their way through the main
tournament entrance, walked up to the tribute wall
and wrote a message to the troops.
The positive response to the tribute wall was
overwhelming. After the first day, it was clear one
wall wouldn’t be nearly enough space for all those
who wanted to write a message. We welcomed
veterans from wars dating back to WWII, families of
active duty troops and wounded warriors. Everyone
wanted to sign, and space was at a premium. Our
volunteers found creative ways to make space for
people to sign – children got down low, tall adults
wrote high, stepstools came out for others and
people wrote sideways to get on that last little
edge. “Thank you” stickers created for those who
signed the wall quickly ran out, were reprinted and
ran out again.
With the help of the tournament staff, we set up a
second wall, which took little time to fill. Then we
improvised. We flipped the walls over and people
signed the backs. Attendees’ love for the military
spanned four walls and easily would have covered
more had we had them. After the tournament,
sections of the tribute wall were delivered to
and displayed at several military locations in the
surrounding area.
On a recent visit to the new Bethesda Hospital,
formerly Walter Reed Medical Center, I met a veteran
who had just returned from a tour overseas. When
he heard I was with AT&T, he gave me a huge smile
and told me about his dad’s proud description of
his experience signing the wall at the AT&T National
last summer. That smile said it all!
AT&T National 2011 / $3.6M raised / $6.2M
purse / 150,060 fans attended / We Salute Our
Heroes Wall - 768-square-feet of signatures and
messages / 2011 Champion – Nick Watney / June
28-July 3 at Aronimink Golf Club, Philadelphia,
PA / 30,000 free military tickets / 7,000 care
packages assembled and sent to troops overseas
/ 120 top PGA TOUR players
AT&T National
AT&T National
Throughout the week, everyone told us that signing
the wall was one of the highlights of the tournament.
They all hoped the AT&T National would continue
to make the wall a key part of tournaments going
Family codes, self-doubt and an expectation to fail
all serve as unique barriers to millions of firstgeneration college students. While at UCLA, the Earl
Woods Scholarship Program helped Jenny navigate
a world vastly different from her Garden Grove high
school. She graduates in May 2012 with a degree
in American Literature and Culture. Catering to
the special needs of first-generation students, the
Earl Woods Scholarship Program is one of the few
in the U.S. that provides resources beyond financial
aid, including mentors, employment workshops,
internships and admissions counseling.
summer Enrichment
Carrie Bollwinkle
Executive Director, Employees Community Fund, Boeing Corporation, CA
The Employees Community Fund of Boeing
California (“ECF CA”) was thrilled to be one of the
inaugural supporters of the Tiger Woods Learning
Center Summer Academy. Thanks to the generosity
of Boeing employees and the vision of the Learning
Center staff, ECF CA’s grant enabled eight children
of deployed military from California bases to
attend the week-long STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math) Academy at the Tiger Woods
Learning Center in Anaheim. Students in the STEM
Academy received 15 hours of instruction along
with three enrichment workshops. These STEM
classes included comparative zoology, resourceful
robotics, velocity vehicles and video game
design, while enrichment classes included digital
photography and Photoshop, rocketry, alternative
energy, comparative marine life and beginning golf.
Youth with parents in the active duty forces
experience amplified challenges with frequent
relocations, school transitions and separations
from a parent because of the military’s mission. By
giving young people this rich array of experiences in
both STEM and golf, the Summer Academy exposed
all participating students to career and confidencebuilding skills and concepts that will last a lifetime.
The Summer Academy was the perfect opportunity
for ECF CA to impact two areas of great interest to
Boeing employees – STEM education and serving
our military. Thank you to the Tiger Woods Learning
Center for the opportunity to partner on this
excellent program.
TWLC Summer Academy / August 7-12, 2011 / 40 military
youth attended on full scholarship / 80 total students attended
from 12 states and three countries / Ages 11-14 / 20,000 golf
balls used / Two programs: STEM Academy and Golf Academy
/ Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, CA / Day-long
Disneyland trip including a Disney’s World of Physics workshop
Summer Academy
Summer Academy
86% of surveyed companies say they use internships
to recruit college students for future employment.
An Environmental Science major, Fatou interned
at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
through the Earl Woods Scholarship Program.
Gaining important real-world experience, he
studied mercury spills in Arizona and Washington,
DC high schools. Since the program’s inception,
100% of juniors and seniors in the Earl Woods
Scholarship program have been placed in internships throughout college.
Kit Weir
Principal, Murray Middle School
It has been an incredible privilege to have a Tiger Woods Learning Center (TWLC) Campus at Murray Middle
School in Stuart, Florida. As the principal of Murray Middle, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to
provide our students with this type of high-quality, free after-school program. Our students are exposed to
an enriching and educational curriculum in a positive, safe environment. Through hands-on experiences and
activities, they are also developing a stronger interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM),
and have a better understanding of the connection between what they are learning in the classroom and
future career options.
As a life-long educator, it is inspiring to see the positive impact the TWLC program is having on our students.
They are excited about what they are learning and are developing a strong sense of self-worth. Our students
consider it an honor to be in the program and they want to do well. For the 6th grade TWLC students, one
of the highlights of this school year was when they got to teach 8th grade students (who are not in the
program) how to process fingerprints. It was on this day that Tiger Woods decided to pay a surprise visit
to our school. He spent quality time with the students and was genuinely interested in their success. The
students were impressed with his kindness and thoughtfulness. The TWLC Program has been a wonderful
partnership for our school. The TWLC staff has been superb to work with and the entire experience has
exceeded my expectations.
TWLC-FL opened in Fall 2011 at Murray Middle School in Stuart, Florida / Grades Served:
6-8 / 140 students have participated in the Forensic Science Program / Forensic
Science classes / 60 staff members trained in TWLC Positive Youth Development /
TWLC-PA opened in Fall 2011 at KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy in Philadelphia /
Grades Served: 9-10 / Class offerings: Going Green and Forensic Science
florida expansion
florida expansion
In particular, the students absolutely love the TWLC forensics program. It is centered on a “CSI” type theme
and culminates in the students trying to solve a mock “crime.” School staff members get involved by helping
to carry out the “caper” and then it is up to the students to use the skills they have learned in the forensics
program to solve it. The students are very professional in their detective work and it is rewarding to watch
them systematically identify and rule out suspects, based on scientific evidence. The students are also
learning chromatography, how to take DNA from a strawberry and exploring the pH levels of mystery liquids
and bases that could potentially be found at a crime scene. The students are engaged and excited to be
part of the TWLC program.
Youth are five times more likely to graduate if they
have a meaningful relationship with an adult, which
is why 100% of Earl Woods Scholars are paired with
a mentor upon acceptance. Steven was mentored
throughout his four-year college career by Andy,
who Steven credits as the most important person
in his adult life. After graduating from UCLA this
summer, Steven will attend medical school at the
University of Pittsburgh.
Big Crowds, Big Moments
Seth Waugh
CEO, Deutsche Bank Americas
For the last nine years, the Deutsche Bank Championship has been a world-class tournament and an essential
Labor Day tradition for New England fans. As a playoff event, we’ve become known for our family-friendly atmosphere,
exciting finishes and great champions. 2011 was no exception as Webb Simpson captured the title after a thrilling
comeback with three birdies in a playoff against Chez Reavie. On a day filled with big crowds and big moments,
Simpson delivered a stunning conclusion on the TPC Boston course.
While the event has grown in both importance and
popularity on the PGA TOUR, it’s important to note
the impact the tournament is having off the course as
well. At Deutsche Bank, we are as proud of what goes
on outside the ropes as inside. Since the tournament
began in 2003, it has raised over $20 million for
charity, including our primary beneficiary, the Tiger
Woods Foundation. This work reflects Deutsche Bank’s
commitment to the United States and our active
dedication to social responsibility.
Deutsche Bank Championship 2011 / 9 years / 100 of the
world’s best golfers / $8 million purse / Held at the Tournament
Players Club of Boston in Norton, Mass. / 2011 Champion –
Webb Simpson / Raised $2.3 million for charity in 2011 / Tiger
Woods Foundation is primary beneficiary
Deutsche Bank Championship
Deutsche Bank Championship
We also have a long history of supporting education
for children, and we are very proud to lend support to
the Foundation’s college-access programs. I’ve gotten
to know the Foundation, its staff and its programs
over the years, and I can say with certainty that their
programs are truly changing lives and helping so many
first-generation students achieve success in high
school and college.
First-generation scholars are more likely than
their peers to select careers based in community
service and social advancement. In fact, 98% of Earl
Woods Scholars participate in their own community
service activities. Civic-minded Earl Woods Scholar
Vladimir recently launched his career with City
Year, where he will provide full-time service to
keep other students in school and on track to high
school graduation. Vladimir will earn his Bachelor’s
of Science in Psychology from College of the Holy
Cross, Worcester, Mass., in May 2012.
An Absolute HonoR
Thomas P. Nerney
USLI Chairman, President and CEO
The golf experience was unbeatable. Guests enjoyed
playing three exceptional golf courses and a private
clinic with Tiger on Wednesday afternoon; however,
the Wednesday evening reception was a highlight for
many. To commemorate the week, Tiger and I were
joined by Earl Woods Scholar, Vina Vo, and Pebble
Beach Founder, Peter Ueberroth. Everyone who
spoke that night was fantastic, but special mention
must be made of Vina. A senior at the University of
Southern California, Vina spoke of her limited life
experiences and world view prior to admission into
the Earl Woods Scholarship Program. Her impressive
determination coupled with the Foundation’s
resources has taken Vina on an amazing journey
to more than seven countries and has helped her
to obtain a dual degree in Business Administration
and Urban Planning. She is a remarkable young
scholar, and I’m proud USLI has had a hand in
making sure she is the first in her family to graduate
from college.
Tiger Woods Invitational 2011 / Inaugural event
/ Oct. 11–13 / 120 amateur golfers / 3 days /
3 courses: Spyglass Hill Golf Course, Monterey
Peninsula Country Club and Pebble Beach Golf
Links / $700,000 raised / Tiger clinic / 2011
champions: team Dune Hollow: Jon Orszag, John
Martin, Ethan Early and Scott Ehrlich / Keynote
speakers: Peter Ueberroth, Earl Woods Scholar
Vina Vo, Tiger Woods and Tom Nerney
Going forward, I am excited that USLI’s support of
the Tiger Woods Foundation enables educational
resources at the Cristo Rey School in Philadelphia.
I hope this will be the first of many opportunities for
USLI and Tiger Woods Foundation to support more
schools across the country in the years to come.
Overall, the energy and enthusiasm of everyone at
the Foundation is inspirational and contagious. The
work they are doing is remarkable, and it’s changing
lives. USLI is honored to be a part of this event and
the Tiger Woods Foundation’s excellent programs.
tiger woods invitational
tiger woods invitational
Serving as the presenting sponsor of the inaugural
Tiger Woods Invitational at Pebble Beach was an
absolute honor. USLI got involved with the event
because we are committed to making a difference
through community outreach. We believe in
supporting educational programs and hoped the
Tiger Woods Invitational would help the Foundation
reach its goals. I can say with certainty that the
event’s 120 guests had an incredible time while
raising more than $700,000 for the Foundation’s
college-access programs.
The average graduate leaves college with more
than $19,000 in debt. Not Sue. In fact, Sue didn’t
know if she would even be able to attend college
until she received admission into the Earl Woods
Scholarship Program. She graduates from Cal
State Fullerton, Fullerton, Calif., in May 2012 with a
degree in Communications, and is just one example
of how Earl Woods Scholars receive 41% more
funding than those in other scholarship programs.
In addition to much-needed academic workshops,
highlights of the two days included mock interviews,
a delicious social etiquette luncheon at the
Anaheim White House Restaurant, fun icebreaker
activities and an industry forum panel where we
heard from professionals from a variety of fields.
I really enjoyed my mock interview with Reuters’
Sports Reporter Mark Lamport-Stokes. Mark and I
hit it off immediately. The interview felt more like a
conversation, and I realized how much I’ve learned
and grown since my first year in college. If I had
gone to the same interview four years ago, I would
have been terrified.
A Scholarly perspective
Jenny Nguyen
Earl Woods Scholar, UCLA, Class of 2012
I was excited to be reunited with my fellow fourth-year scholars Sue, Steven, Vina, Fatou, Evan and Grace — I
feel like I’ve known these guys forever. We go to schools all over the United States, but somehow are always
able to make it back to Anaheim to see each other at least once every year for these valuable Workshops.
Over the past four years I remember … how much fun we had cleaning out smelly cages at the Orange
County Zoo. How good we felt after making cookies and pastries for the kids at Orangewood Children’s
Home. How we brought tears to an elderly woman’s eyes when we spent all day repainting her house. These
are some of the best memories I’ve ever had.
I am excited for myself. I am excited for the future.
But I’m also excited for all the new Earl Woods
Scholars that I met at the Winter Workshop. In four
years, they will understand what we seniors have
felt. They’ll stand at that podium with the past four
years of their lives running wildly through their
heads and feel thankful for each and every moment.
Earl Woods Scholar Winter Workshop / December
21–22 at the Tiger Woods Learning Center / 54
scholars traveled from 12 states / 30 universities
represented / Social etiquette three-course
luncheon held at The Anaheim White House
Restaurant / Academic Workshops / Resume
writing / One-on-one taped, mock interviews with
business professionals / Industry Panel Experts
from: UC Irvine Medical Center & Medical School,
Reuters, The New Home Company, Department of
Education at UC Irvine, Boeing and Ernst & Young
Winter Workshop
Winter Workshop
The second annual Winter Workshop closed the 2011 year with warm laughter and bittersweet tears. The
purpose of the Workshop is to provide Earl Woods Scholars with helpful working sessions, congratulate
the graduating class and bring everyone together for one last time before the start of the New Year. When
I arrived at the Tiger Woods Learning Center for the two-day event, I was completely shocked by how much
the program has grown. Four years ago, there were 10 scholars. This winter, the entire dining room was full,
and I had many new names to learn.
Day two meant speech day for the upcoming 2012
grads. Fatou went first. We are all so proud of him.
Then Sue made her speech. Out of all the scholars,
it’s safe to say that Sue is my best friend. But Sue
did what I did not want her to do, which was get
emotional. I found myself tearing up while listening
to her speech. So I gave my speech. I got choked
up. And I felt so relieved when it was finally over. It
felt like a strange mixture of pride, gratitude and a
little sadness.
Only 43% of graduating high school seniors are
ready for college math and only 27% are ready
for college science. Not Miranda. Like all TWLC
students, Miranda is participating in dozens of
STEM-based classes. Her current favorites are
universal science and astronomy, both of which are
increasing her math and science skills. The best part
about Miranda’s success is that it happens every day
at the TWLC. With advanced classes in engineering,
robotics and aerospace, TWLC students consistently
show considerable gains in science skills.
Tiger Woods
Founder, Tiger Woods Foundation
On the course, my goal was to continue what I’d
been doing in Australia. With FedExCup Champion
Bill Haas, 12 Presidents Cup players and young
stand-outs in Rickie Fowler and Keegan Bradley in
the field, I knew it was going to be a tough week for
me to bring home the trophy. I felt very comfortable
I have to admit I was a bit nervous coming down
the stretch. I wanted all my on-course work to pay
off, but I also wanted to win. A win specifically at
this event means a lot to me and my Foundation.
I’m so glad I was able to bring it home. The 18th
green on Sunday at Sherwood is always surrounded
by a lot of familiar faces. Scattered around the
green were many old friends, the board and staff
of my Foundation, people who have worked with me
since I turned pro, students and scholars who’ve
grown up in our programs and even a few media
I’ve known most of my life. It was really special
to have everyone there to celebrate my first win
in two years, as well as the culmination of a great
week. I was proud to hoist the trophy among all
the local fans and those who truly benefit from the
Chevron World Challenge 2011 / Held Nov. 30 – Dec. 4 at Sherwood Country Club
/ 68,294 fans attended / $5 million purse / 250 volunteers / 18 top PGA TOUR
players / 13th annual event / 150 members of the media / Ratings comparable
or exceeded ratings for all non-major PGA TOUR events / 2011 Champion – Tiger
Woods / Woods donated his $1.2 million winnings to the Tiger Woods Foundation
chevron world challenge
chevron world challenge
I love coming home every year for my Foundation’s
tournament. With only 18 players in the field and
the familiar surroundings of Sherwood Country
Club, there is a lot that makes this week special.
My Dad and I started this event in 1999. It’s grown
a lot over the last 13 years. It’s a great week for
the kids and families that come out to watch year
after year, and it’s also fun for the guys in the field.
Because my Foundation serves as the beneficiary
of this tournament, it’s also a time where we
reflect on our year and all that we accomplished.
2011 was another great year for the Tiger Woods
Foundation, but I also enjoyed discussing all of our
plans for 2012. It’s exciting to work with the staff to
develop programs that are better, bigger and more
in the tournament from start to finish. I went out
every day and played shot for shot and tried to
place the ball correctly. By Sunday’s final round, I
was in the right position. It was Zach Johnson and
me battling it out in a match play situation. He had
the lead starting the final round and put pressure
on me throughout the day. His ball striking and
short game was phenomenal as he made very few
mistakes. I hit good shots on holes 17 and 18 and
made two clutch putts for birdie to ultimately win.
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