Brochure - Peaceful Living Counseling and Professional Services

Mission Statement
The mission of Peaceful Living
Counseling & Professional Services
is to “embrace life and embrace
change” through providing
individuals with the necessary skills
they need to fulfill goals in life.
PLCPS is committed to a
collaborative approach,
utilizing a service system that
emphasizes trust, respect,
confidentiality and compassion.
Peaceful Living
Counseling &
Peaceful Living Counseling and
Professional Services provides
coaching, counseling and education
designated to work with adults,
adolescents and seniors with
emotional and mental health concerns
Vision Statement
The primary focus of Peaceful Living
Counseling and Professional Services
is to help people. The professionals
at PLCPS aim to make a difference
in the lives of others by acting as
“Agents of change.” We pride
ourselves in using a collaborative
approach to meet clients where
they are and to help them make
healthier choices to live a
meaningful life.
Peaceful Living Counseling &
Professional Services, LLC
1515 Market Street
Suite 1200 Philadelphia, PA 19102
600 West Germantown Pike
Suite 400
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Phone: 215-279-2468
Fax: 215-754-4431
[email protected]
Who we service
Our practice offers individuals a place
to be educated and counseled to help
them achieve their goals through
encouragement and support for men
and women ages 18-65 and adolescents
ages 14-18.
We offer a free initial telephone or Faceto-face consultation. This gives you the
opportunity to get to know your
therapist and decide if you think you
could work well together to help you
achieve your goals. The consultation
includes discussing what you hope to get
out of therapy and getting answers to
questions you may have about therapy,
fees and office policies.
Telephone consultations usually last
15-30 minutes.
Contact Peaceful Living Counseling &
Professional Services at (215) 279-2468
to schedule your initial consultation.
Life Coaching
Anger Management
Group Therapy
Case Management and Social
Mobile Therapy
People seek counseling or mental
health services for a variety of reasons,
such as for themselves, their families,
home or work issues, personal tragedy,
legal issues, and child or teen
behavioral issues.
Many behavioral health care options
exist. Finding the right treatment
option is the first step toward feeling
and doing better. We will assist clients
in accessing the treatment best
indicated to restore emotional wellbeing in relationships along with
personal growth.
Anger Management
Anger Management is a service
designed to meet the needs of
adolescents and adults dealing with
anger issues. The focus of the service
is to help individuals address their
anger in discussion groups and or
one-to-one sessions through
counseling or coaching, dialect, roleplaying and interactive activities.
Group sessions run in 8, 10 or 12week cycles of 90-minute classes.
Individual sessions are tailored to
meet individual needs. This program
is designed to educate and help
clients gain awareness and learn new
skills to understand their anger.
Anger Management topics include:
 Defining anger
 Identifying our cues and
 Anger, rage and the aggression
 Anger control plans
 Negative thoughts and beliefs
we carry
 Assertiveness training and
 Problem solving
 Coping strategies and
techniques to work through