Connect and Grow.

Meet Jennifer
Meet Marissa
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer,
LPC, NCC is a graduate of
Capella University and has
extensive experience in
individual and group
counseling as well as
seminars. She is also a wellpublished author and has
made many public
appearances lecturing on
the principles of mental
health. Jennifer specializes
in Christian and wholistic
counseling and recovery
from eating disorders. She
uses an eclectic approach,
which includes cognitive
behavioral therapy and
interpersonal and
motivational interventions.
Marissa Smale, LPC,
BCPC is a graduate of La
Salle University and has a
diverse background of
counseling experience. She
has worked with young
children, adolescents,
adults, and those struggling
with chronic mental illness
and addictions. Marissa has
managed acute behavioral
health care in facilities all
over the US, ensuring best
practices and standards for
care. Marissa uses an
eclectic approach to
counseling and has recently
added educational seminars
and clinical supervision to
her services.
“He who abides in Me,
and I in him, bears
much fruit.” John 15:5
We offer . . .
Counseling Services:
-Individual and group
sessions at our home office in
Wyndmoor, PA
-Distance counseling online or
by phone
Depression? Anxiety? Addictions? Guilt? Anger?
Stress? Low self-esteem? Marital or family conflicts?
Eating disorders? Career questions? Loneliness?
Social difficulties? Grief? Disorganization? Other
personal or relationship difficulties?
The verdict is in: Counseling works!
For most mental health disorders,
counseling works as well or better than
medication. More than this, counseling
can help you learn new ways of thinking,
behaving and relating that help you grow
into the person you really want to be.
Don’t hesitate. Reach out to us today
to learn how we can help.
-Finding Peace- On mental
-To Love and Be Loved- On
relationship health
-7 Deadly Psychological SinsOn replacing hurtful patterns
-Way of the Ragged Heart- On
healthy marriage
-Pure Love- On sexual
-Dying to be Beautiful- Help for
eating disorders
-The Sex Slave Next Door- On
sexual abuse recovery
-Wise as Serpents- On spotting
sexual perpetrators
Intensive Counseling:
Clients from out of town
come for 3 to 5-day periods
to meet several hours each
day for a short period of time.
We collaborate with you so
that the program meets your
budget and needs.