National Fuel Northern Access Project

National Fuel Northern Access Project
Wednesday, May 20
Wendelville Firehall
7340 Campbell Blvd.
6:00 PM - Questions for the Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
7:00 PM - FERC Presentation
This is our ONLY meeting to have our voices on
public record before comments close on May 29.
Events happening in Pendleton:
 A 22,000 horsepower gas compressor station will be built in our area less than a mile from the
school releasing many harmful chemicals into the air and soil and is a major hazard to human,
animal and plant health. Health risks from these chemicals include eye and respiratory tract
irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, fatigue, loss of coordination, allergic skin reaction,
nausea, and memory impairment, and damage to the liver, kidney, and central nervous system, as
well as, elevated risk of cancer. Resource:
 Compressor stations have a tremendous amount of constant noise starting with the construction
phase and lifelong, continuous ground vibrations and low-frequency engine noise averaging 55
decibels or higher. Resource:
 National Fuel will be upgrading the gas pipeline from 16” to a 24” high-pressured pipeline for 4miles in our town with random day/night “blowdowns” sounding like jet-engines that could last for
hours. Part of the pipeline upgrade is along the capped Frontier Chemical Superfund containing
semi-volatile and hazardous waste chemicals at Townline and Beach Ridge. Read an article on
pipelines and health
 Decreased wildlife and disrupted habitats is a concern due to the noise levels and the environmental
pollution from the compressor stations and pipeline. Resource:
Attend the meeting, call a representative, research & share information
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