How to generate QR codes

How to generate QR codes
Written by Orla Doyle, Innovo Training and Development
How to generate QR codes
QR codes are a great way to integrate the online and
Step 3: You now need to select where you would like
offline marketing activity of a small business. A QR code
the QR to direct customers to. This can be any online or
image can be developed for free using online tools. In this
digital location, i.e. your company website, a Facebook
article we go through step by step how to develop a QR
fan page, a Twitter account. Once you have selected the
location you would like your customers to be directed
to, simply highlight and copy the URL as shown in the
Step 1: Select a QR code generator by searching online. A
example below.
popular one to use is the Google supported QR generator, (this is also a URL shortner). To use www. to create your QR code you will be required to sign
in with a Gmail or iGoogle account.
Step 2: Once you have signed into you will
be taken to this screen:
Step 4: Paste the copied URL into the relevant area in and then click on the button ‘Shorten URL’.
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How to generate QR codes
Step 5: Once the URL has been shortened, you can
Step 6: To use the code on print material or other
access the QR code by clicking on the ‘Details’ link for the
locations, save the image as a ‘jpeg’ in a selected folder,
relevant code. You are then presented with this screen:
normally your pictures folder. To save the image, you
simply right click on the image and select the ‘Save As’
As you can see from this screenshot the QR code is in the
right hand corner of the screen, this is the unique code
for the URL which you have selected.
This will allow you to rename the image and embed it in
various locations.
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