! You can now get your test scores online with GEDWizard

You can now get your test scores online
with GEDWizard!
5* to 14 days after testing:
1. Go to: https://secure.gedwizard.com
2. Do you know your GEDWizard Account’s email and password?
Yes you do!
Email: [email protected]
Password: abc[idnumber]
Example: Jane Doe, 123-45-6789 (ID Number**)
Email: [email protected]
Password: abc123456789
3. Click Logon
4. Click Your Score Report
Score reports will no longer be mailed to your home.
The Writing Test takes longer to score than the other tests.
Computers are available at the Public and Western libraries
Keep your address up-to-date in GEDWizard.
*Most often, scores (exception: Writing test scores) will be available after 3:00pm the first working day after testing. We don’t
guarantee it, however!
**Your ID number is the same as your Social Security number. If you have declined to provide us with your SS number, we will issue
an assigned ID number. This number will appear on your testing sheet at the time of testing.
If you took your tests with Western Technical College and have trouble logging in, please contact Mary Taylor, 608.789.6202
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