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Albany Hills State School
Strength through Knowledge
Tuesday 5 May 2015
Edition 13
What’s on
5-7 Mothers’ Day Stall
5 Senior Assembly
6 Junior Assembly
6&7 Regional Rugby
League Trials
8 Gala Day
9 Uniting Church Fete
12 School Council
Nominations Close
12 4CB Excursion
12-14 NAPLAN
14 Prep Pirate Show
18 Under 8s Morning
15 ACSHS Performance
22 Gala Day
5 Gala Day
26 End of Term
Front Gate
8:30am - 9:00am
2:50pm - 3:15pm
Back Gate
Open 7:30am
Closed 3:20pm
Closed weekends and
school holidays
Uniform Shop
Tues 2.30 – 3.30pm
Wed 8am – 9.30am
Thurs 8am – 9.30am
Fri 8am – 8.30am
2:30 – 3:30pm
Money Collection
Mon - Fri
Place in window box
outside school office.
Office Hours
8:00am – 3:00pm
A message from Mr Rod Mason...
Dear Parents and Caregivers
School Instruction Time
Changes made at the start of this term to bring our instruction time in line with expectations were made on
the belief that 5 hours is the expected length of instruction each day. Whilst this is correct, included in the
5 hours is a 10 minute rest break. As this is a part of the industrial agreement I have to change the official
time of instruction to 8:40 (instead of 8:30). Bell time will remain the same with the first warning bell at
8:25 for students to move to classrooms. At 8:30 classrooms are open and instruction begins at 8:40.
My apologies for inconvenience caused by the previous 8:30 start, students now will now be able to arrive
at school and be ready for work at 8:40.
Welcome to families new to the school
We have had a number of new enrolments recently, and are making preparations for the 2016 intake of
Prep students. Along with the students come new families and we do our best to make everyone feel
welcome and to quickly become part of the community of Albany Hills State School. Many thanks to Beth
and the Prep teachers who organise the meetings with prospective and continuing Prep families. Our
School Captains (Ben and Charlee) spoke well of their experiences in the school since Prep, and Charlotte
(Year 1) was a perfect example of the quality Early Years educational program present in our school. Our
parent and P & C Reps provided a warm welcome and impressed with their connection and contributions
to the school.
No doubt the evening session tonight will go as well as Monday morning’s initial meeting did.
School Captains visit Parliament House
Thanks to an invitation from Tim Mander (our local State representative), the school captains and I
accompanied a P & C representative to Parliament House where we enjoyed a tour of the House and a
sausage sizzle. Our school enjoys great interest and support from all three levels of government,
something we all appreciate and value.
School Council Membership Nominations due 12 May
Nomination forms are available from the school website and the front office for parents who may wish to
serve the school community on the Albany Hills State School Council. Two positions are available for
parents who will be elected at the P & C Meeting on 26 May.
The School Council will set the foundations for the future and so membership of this inaugural Council is
an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the direction of our school. Commitment, readiness to
work in a team and an open mind to possibilities are all attributes many parents possess and use in their
daily lives. Please give serious consideration to nominating so that we have a strong School Council that
will pave the way to a strong and optimistic future.
Thought for the Week
Saying ‘Thankyou costs little but is worth more than gold’.
Last Friday the local Rotary Club collected a large amount of excess school furniture that will now go to
schools in Vanuatu. They organised a truck and some workers to help Steve and Jason empty the shed
near the parents’ car-park. We now have room to store items for the September School Fete as well as
having helped to improve educational opportunity for children in that far off island.
So, thanks to Rotary, we appreciate your support and willingness to help.
Rod Mason
Student Absences
Phone: 3264 0760 Email: [email protected]
Keong Road
PO Box 378
Albany Creek Qld 4035
Albany Creek Qld 4035
The Herald: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3264 0777
Fax: 07 3264 0700
Student Absence: 07 3264 0760
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.albahillss.eq.edu.au
[email protected]
From the Deputies……
Special Performance
ANZAC Photos
Our School Captains at the
Shrine of Remembrance
Our special assembly…
Next Friday 15 May at 1.45 pm,
all parents are welcome to join
our whole school in the
auditorium. Albany Creek State
High School Instrumental Music
ensembles will be giving a
special performance. Many past
students from our school will be
performing; we are really looking
forward to seeing them and
enjoying the music.
Stay Informed!
There are at least four easy
ways to stay informed about
what’s going on at Albany Hills.
Prep Enrolments
If you are planning to enrol your
child in prep for 2016, please
contact our school office to
receive your enrolment forms.
Students born between 1 July
2010 and 30 June 2011 are
eligible for Prep in 2016.
Future students and their
families are invited to join us for
Under Eights’ Morning on
Monday 18 May.
Twitter: @AlbanyHillsSS
QSchools app: download
and make Albany Hills a
Albany Hills State School
Parents page (managed by
Under Eights’
Kind regards
Steve Wiedman
Beth Henderson
Deputy Principals
Our annual celebration is a
morning of free choice activities
for children in P-2 on Monday 18
May from 9am to 10.30am. This
year’s theme is Voices of
Years On’
children—Look, listen, hear and
respond. Family, friends and
visitors are welcome.
Mr Mason checking out the army
School photos will be taken on
27 and 28 May. Our students
always look outstanding in
photos with formal school
uniforms including plain black
shoes, navy socks, school
coloured hair accessories
and adherence to
jewellery rules. Payment
envelopes with
information will be sent
home soon.
I was very lucky to be able to go
to my very first Dawn Service on
Saturday 25 April. I will never
forget this special day because it
was 100 years ago that our
soldiers landed on the shores of
Gallipoli. At the service there
was a man who played a song
on his guitar called “And The
Band Played Waltzing
Matilda”. I had never heard this
song and really enjoyed listening
to the words and it made me
realise what the soldiers had
done for our country. It made
me feel very proud to be
Australian especially when we
got to sing our Australian
Lucas Freiberg 5JS
Uniting Church Fete
Library News
The annual Albany Creek
Uniting Church Fete is being
held on Saturday 9 May from
9am to 3pm.
There will be games, Mother’s
Day gifts, musical performances,
food and much more. So come
along to 652 Albany Creek Rd,
Albany Creek (near Aldi) on
You are sure to have a great
Library Borrowing Days
We have had to make a few
changes to the timetables.
Below are the days that your
child/ren, have to borrow and
return Library books:
Monday- All Prep Classes, 4CB,
Tuesday- 2RR, 2BJ, 6JM/6JW,
4LB, 4JL
Wednesday- 3SS, 4ZE
Thursday- 2BV, 2RA, 2HR,
3RG, 3BC, 5PH/5AT
Friday - All Year 1 classes,
3BB, 5CB/5JS
Catelan Dent and Rhys Golding
Specialist Lesson
Timetable Changes
As some of you may have been
notified through your class
teachers, there have been some
changes to the Specialist
Timetable this term.
Below is an overview of when
your student will require
specialist equipment. That is,
sports uniform or Library books.
PE Lessons – sports uniform
Mon – Year 6, PSG, PJP, PMC,
Tues - Year 1, 2BJ, 2HR, 2BV,
Wed - Year 5, PMC, PLH, PSG
Thurs - Year 4, PLS, PLB, PJP,
2RR, 2RA
Fri - Year 3
Library Borrowing – library
Mon - Prep, 4CB, 6HJ/6HM
Tues - 6JM/6JW, 2RR, 2BJ,
4LB, 4JL
Wed - 4ZE, 3SS
Thurs - 5PH/5AT, 3BC, 3RG,
2BV, 2RA, 2HR
Fri - 3BB, 5CB/5JS, Year 1
All students need to bring a
library bag to protect the books.
If you don’t already have one,
the school library bag is
available from the P&C Uniform
shop. No matter what age your
child is; water bottles still leak,
items are jammed in bags
quickly and it will invariably rain
at 3pm, as they’re heading
home, so please make sure your
child has a bag to protect the
books. It’s a great idea to put an
easily identifiable key ring, tag or
ribbon on their bag as they are
so similar, they are often mixed
least 10 minutes every day and
log their activity as a way of
tracking the progress over the
month. If you participate in the
“Read More in May” Challenge
you can be eligible to win $250
worth of book vouchers.
More information on the sheets
attached as well as your reading
log. Keep it in a safe place. If
you have any other questions,
drop in to the library and ask Mrs
New Library Monitors
Congratulations to our new
Library monitors who have
recently passed their test and
received their badges on
assembly. They are:
Isabelle Anstee
Samantha Blunt
Lily Clark
Casey Webber
Congratulations girls!
Keep on Reading,
Dale Robertson & Julia Callow.
Cleaners Wanted
We are seeking expressions of
interest to go on our casual relief
cleaners list. The hours are
5.00am - 8.30am and 2.30pm 6.00pm. If anyone is interested
or you know of anyone who may
be interested please call on
3264 0777 or call into the office.
National Family Reading
May is National Family Reading
month. It is designed to get more
kids reading with their families.
Research shows that family
reading time is one of the best
ways to grow a child’s interest in
the wonderful world of books.
During May 2015, Scholastic
Book Club is running a program
inviting students to read with a
member of their family for at
Host Families Needed
Still in need of 15 more families
to billet students and teachers
from our sister-school in Japan
from July 26 to Aug 9.
If you can help out please
contact me Nicki
[email protected]
Thank you!
Nicki Newmarch
P&C News
Tuckshop Roster
11 May – 15 May
Carissa A
Tammy G
Wendy C
Katrina B
Ali G
Kim D
Renee O
Amanda C
Tracey C
Peta L
Leah S
Bring Week
This week’s item is pasta
Please drop them into us at
the tuckshop.
Tuckshop Training
New online training program to
help tuckshop staff and
Tuckshop convenors and
volunteers can now access a
new tool to help them
understand Smart Choices.
A free online Smart Choices
training program is now available
to help tuckshop convenors and
volunteers develop their
knowledge, skills and confidence
in implementing the Smart
Choices strategy, which is aimed
at improving the health and
wellbeing of Queensland
children and young people
through the supply of nutritious
food and drinks in the school
All participants who complete the
three training modules and the
quiz will receive a Certificate of
Mothers’ Day Stall
Here is the Mothers’ Day Stall
Timetable for next week.
Each item is $5. Children can
buy as many as they want with
their class.
There is also many
Nan/Grandma items too.
The stall will be open at 8.00 am
each day for siblings to come in
and buy their items together.
Tuesday 5 May
PLH, 1KT, 1RS, 1NM, 1JJ, 2RA,
2BV, 2BJ, 3BC, 4JL, 4LB, 6JM
Wednesday 6 May
Thursday 7 May
PSG, PMC, 2HR, 2RR, 3BB,
3RG, 3SS, 4ZE, 4CB, 5JS, 5CB,
6JW, 6HM
Lucy Audet
Banking Newsflash
Besides the benefits of teaching
our children from a young age
the process of saving money
and why we bank each week,
there is also the other side of
School Banking and the money it
raises for our school. How does
it raise money for our school you
may be asking? Quarterly, we
are paid commissions by the
CBA which is calculated on a
percentage of the total banked
each term by our school. We
also receive $5.00 each time a
new student signs up for school
banking. We have just been
paid for Term 1 and below are
some stat’s:
*Over $10,000 banked by our
* 116 new students signed up for
school banking
*Commission: $1098.00!!
To compare - Our Commission
in 2014 for the entire year was
$2240.00, with 109 new sign
ups. So that gives you an idea
of how huge Term 1 has been
for school banking.
Tanya and I would like to thank
our volunteers who come and
help each Tuesday process the
books and encourage any other
mums/dads/grandparents to
come help as well if you can
spare approx an hour on a
Tuesday morning from drop off
once a month.
Its never to late to sign
up. Simply pop into your local
CBA branch or come and see
Tanya and me in the parent
room Tuesday mornings from
8.15am, with your Driver’s
Licence, and we can do all the
paperwork for you and have you
signed up the same day.
Im sure our P&C will find some
wonderful projects in our school
to put these funds towards.
Lynne & Tanya
0417 758 107
Fete News
Fete Newsletter
We can email you the Fete
Newsletters straight into your
inbox so you don’t miss out on
all the latest updates, activities,
competitions and information.
Subscribe by emailing us at
[email protected]
Fete Committee
Community News
Albany Creek Uniting
Church May Fair
We are having our annual May
Fair on Saturday 9 May. Albany
Hills Junior Choir, Senior String
Ensemble, Senior Choir and
Senior Concert Band will all be
performing from 12 noon. Please
come and support them, and
enjoy browsing the stalls and
having a bite to eat from the
barbecue or morning teas.
Any queries, please contact
Heather Golding on
0403 007 578.
Vacancy - School
Crossing Supervisor
Applications are currently being
called for the position of a
School Crossing Supervisor at
Albany Creek State High
School. It’s a good opportunity
for a parent to earn a bit of
pocket money while waiting for
pick up after school. One
position is available.
This is a 5 day per school week
(two weeks off, two weeks on
roster), in all weather conditions,
30 minutes per day (2.55 pm to
3.25 pm); afternoons only paid
Casual position.
The current rate of pay is $27.49
per hour. There are some preemployment conditions outlined
in the application pack which is
available upon request.
Full training will be provided to
the successful candidate.
If you are interested in finding
out more about this position,
please contact Simon Knowles,
Treasurer at email
[email protected]
who will be able to organise an
application pack to be sent to
Applications close on Thursday
14 May, 2015
Wavell State High
School Open Day
Sunday 17 May 2015
2:00pm – 4:30pm
School Assembly Hall, Telopia
Avenue, Wavell Heights
Come and see for yourself why
Wavell High School is the best
choice for an excellent
Visit our website:
Or Phone 3350 0333
Karate &Self Defence
All ages welcome, first lesson is
Family Discounts
Fun and Fitness
More details ring 0409 474 494
Ferny Grove High
Twilight Expo Open Day
Wednesday 20 May 2015
McGinn Road, Ferny Grove
Information sessions, food stalls,
Entertainment provided and
meet the Principal and staff.
Mothers’ Day Bushcare meet at
McConachie St Albany Creek
Sunday May 10,8am.
Take home a special plant for
Mothers’ Day and investigate the
water for water insects. Inspect
the site after the big rain event
last week. [email protected]