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Albany Hills State School
Strength through Knowledge
Tuesday 31 March 2015
Edition 10
What’s on
1 PLH & PMC Excursion
1 & 2 Regional AFL Trials
2 End Of Term
20 Term 2 begins
22, 23, 29, 30 Year 4
22 Regional Netball Trials
23 District Girls Touch
24 ANZAC Assembly
27 District Cross Country
28 Regional Hockey Trials
1 Gala Day
22 Gala Day
5 Gala Day
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8:30am - 9:00am
2:50pm - 3:15pm
Back Gate
Open 7:30am
Closed 3:20pm
Closed weekends and
school holidays
Uniform Shop
Tues 2.30 – 3.30pm
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Money Collection
Mon - Fri
Place in window box
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Office Hours
8:00am – 3:00pm
A message from Mr Rod Mason...
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Goodbye Term 1, Hello Term 2 2015
Bring on Term 2
Term 1 certainly flew with much being accomplished,
especially in setting up systems and processes to allow
us to operate effectively and efficiently as we respond
to the learning needs of students. Much of this may not
be apparent outside the school, but internally staff have
taken up the challenge of a clear focus on high
expectations of practice and of student engagement.
Following the Easter break (in Week 4), students in Years 3
and 5 will engage in National Testing of Literacy and
Numeracy. This data is used to identify areas of
improvement for individual students and to highlight aspects
of the curriculum we need to focus on. It is important for as
many students as possible to sit these tests as the data is a
vital part of our response to the learning needs of students.
Parents can be assured that students are well supported in
the lead up and at the time of the test.
Below is our number plate of priorities for 2015 (thanks
to Mr Wiedman). Maths, Science and Writing are the
focus of our curriculum. Explicit Teaching is used to
teach new content. The other three teaching strategies
of Interactive (group learning, whole class discussions),
Indirect (inquiry and investigation) and Experiential
(field trips, camps etc) are also being used throughout
the school.
Student achievement is also under the spotlight and I
thank the staff for their organisation for the
parent/teacher interviews held recently. This fits
perfectly with our mantra that ‘Parents will know the
level of learning of their children, and the next piece of
work they are engaged in’. My office wall is currently
decorated with information about all of our students and
we are using this to make decisions about their learning
program. This is a reflection of our belief that to teach
well we need to know our students well.
Maths - Science Writing
ANZAC Day, musical and sporting events, fancy dress and
much more promises to make next term an exciting time of
learning for our students. School Council elections, the P &
C settling in with the new executive and preparations for the
Fete in September will all contribute to building the
collaborative culture and partnership between home and
school. This bodes well for the future of Albany Hills State
Enjoy the Easter break, not too much chocolate (what does
constitute ‘Too Much Chocolate’?) and we look forward to
resuming school on Monday April 20.
Instruction Times Term 2:
To ensure we provide the five hours instruction required by
the Education Act, lessons will begin promptly at 8:30 as
from next Term. The first bell will sound at 8:25 and
students will move to their classrooms and get ready for the
day. Parents are often helping with reading and activities in
Prep and Year 1 at the start of the day, and, as this is a
valuable part of learning this will continue in collaboration
with classroom teachers.
In the interests of maximising the educational opportunities
for their children I’d ask parents to ensure they are in class
on time, and that vacations or other substantial periods of
time out of school be avoided.
Rod Mason
Thought of the Week
Enjoy the Easter break with family and friends
Keong Road
PO Box 378
Albany Creek Qld 4035
Albany Creek Qld 4035
The Herald: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3264 0777
Fax: 07 3264 0700
Student Absence: 07 3264 0760
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
From the Deputies……
Last Friday our student leaders
attended the LEAP (Leading and
Encouraging Active
Participation) into Leadership
Day which was held at Albany
Creek State School and
conducted by the Hills Coalition
of State Schools (Albany Hills
SS, Albany Creek SS, McDowall
SS and Eatons Hill SS). They
heard from our guest speaker
Councillor Mike Charlton
(Deputy Mayor, Councillor
Division 9, Moreton Bay
Regional Council) and the
students also participated in
workshops aimed at developing
their leadership skills, including
building confidence and public
speaking. Our leaders
represented Albany Hills
extremely well. Days such as
these demonstrate the strength
of our state schools in providing
great leadership opportunities for
our students as well as
highlighting the depth of talent in
our schools. The Deputy
Principals of the Hills Coalition
would like to thank our student
leaders for a great day.
Every Day Counts
As we reach the end of Term 1,
parents are reminded of the
importance of sending children
to school every day.
Unless your child is ill, it is
expected that your child will be
at school learning, every day of
the school year. This term
concludes at 3pm this Thursday
2 April.
More information on the
importance of regular school
attendance is available at
School Security
Keep a watch on our school
these holidays
With the holidays fast
approaching, we need you to
look out for after-hours crime in
our school.
If you see anything suspicious,
please remember to call the
School Watch number – 13 17
The School Watch program is a
partnership between the
Department of Education and
Training, the Queensland Police
Service and the State
Government Protective Security
Service. It aims to reduce
vandalism, theft and arson in
Queensland schools.
If you do see something
suspicious, please don’t attempt
to intervene. Call the School
Watch number and let the local
police or State Government
Protective Security Service deal
with the matter.
Keep the number handy – 13 17
88 – and let’s work together to
help create a safer school
Kedron/Wavell RSL involved in
the assembly. Mrs Ormiston has
selected children to sing at the
assembly. There will be two
representatives from each class
laying a wreath. Two senior ADF
children will be representing the
Defence families in the school.
This is an important date in our
school’s calendar as we have a
large number of Australian
Defence Families at the school.
Everyone is welcome so please
come along and help us educate
our children on the importance of
ANZAC Day. Help us remember
on ANZAC Day.
Karen O’Connor
Stay Informed!
There are now at least four easy
ways to stay informed about
what’s going on at Albany Hills.
Twitter: @AlbanyHillsSS
QSchools app: download and
make Albany Hills a favourite
Albany Hills State School
Parents page (managed by
Kind regards
Dale Robertson
Steve Wiedman
Beth Henderson
Deputy Principals
Anzac Day Assembly
The school will be holding a
whole school assembly to
commemorate ANZAC Day on
Friday 24 April 2015. This is the
first Friday of Term 2. The
assembly will commence
promptly at 2 pm in the
auditorium. There will be
representatives from the
Australian Defence Force and a
retired service person from the
Helpers needed for
the Anzac Day
We are looking for volunteers
that could spare some time on
the morning of the ANZAC Day
assembly (Friday 24 April) from
9.10am to help set up the
auditorium ready for the
assembly in the afternoon. With
lots of hands it only takes about
1 hour to set up the auditorium
Any parents that would like to be
involved by volunteering their
time for this special event
please contact the school office
on 3264 0777 or email
[email protected] to Mrs
Karen O’Connor our Defence
School Transition Aide. Any time
you can spare would be greatly
Anzac Day Badges
ANZAC Day badges will be on
sale outside the tuckshop on
Wednesday 22 April, Thursday
23 April and Friday 24 April. This
is the first week after the Easter
school holidays. The school
captains will be selling badges
from 8.15 until 8.45 each of
these mornings.
There is a choice of a badge for
50 cents or a sticker for only 20
Remember to wear your badges
or stickers to the special ANZAC
Day assembly on Friday 24 April
Karen O’Connor
Defence School Transition Aide
Front Wall Face Lift
Hello, My name is Rebecca
Bonnyman. Mrs. Ormiston and I
came up with the idea of repainting the front wall of Albany
Hills State School. As you know
the wall is quite dirty with stains
on it. So far I have found out that
the stains on the front wall are
caused by tree sap that has
fallen from the trees nearby. In
order to beautify the wall it will
need to be cleaned and repainted. We are currently getting
quotes for this 4-stage process,
which includes
1. Cleaning of the wall
2. Painting of the wall itself (we
were thinking Navy Blue top and
Maroon bottom separated with
white in between.)
3. Designing of the murals
4. Painting the murals.
When the wall is finished it will
include the murals to show the
community the fantastic extracurricular activities that Albany
Hills has to offer for example
Eco Kids Club, Sports,
Japanese, Musical/Choir, Dance
Club, Robotics Club,
Instrumental Music, Talent
Quest etc.
We plan to get this done in time
for the school fete in September.
Rebecca Bonnyman 6JW
Silver Tickets
Congratulations to the following
students who have earned
themselves a silver ticket.
Grace M PLB, Chelsea G PMC,
Stella C PMC, Michael J 1KT,
Talia L, 3BC, Brooke E 3RG,
Lily S 3BC, Seth E 4LB
P&C News
Tuckshop Roster
20 April – 24 April
Jill S
Michelle S
Heather G
Bec O
Melissa D
Anita S
Orlanna H
Mel C
Bring Week
This week’s item is pasta spirals.
Please drop them into us at the
Happy Easter break everyone.
Entertainment Books
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Entertainment Books are coming
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Chocolate Drive
Chocolate money is now 2
weeks overdue. We will be
sending reminder letters home
today. Please send your $50
back to the office ASAP.
Thank you for your assistance
with this fundraiser. Wendy and
Fete News
Year 4 Fete Items
The Year 4 classes are
organising a "Lucky Jar" stand at
the Fete. We would love any
clean, empty, glass jars with a
screw lid that you have at
home. If possible please wash
the jars and remove any
labels. We greatly appreciate
your help and closer to the date
of the Fete we will be asking for
donations to go inside the
jars. All year four classes will be
working hard towards making
our Lucky Jar stand fantastic but
with a little extra help from our
school community our stand
could be even
Please send the
jars to any Year 4
Cindy Ballantyne
Community News
Bushcare at McConachie Street,
Albany Creek
Sunday April 12 and
Sunday May 10
All welcome. For details contact
[email protected]