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Albany Hills State School
Strength through Knowledge
Tuesday 19 May 2015
Edition 15
What’s on
A message from Mr Rod Mason...
19&20 Regional Football
20 Year 3 Grandparents’
21 P-2 Fancy Dress Ball
22 Gala Day
25 Under 8s Morning
26 National Sorry Day
26 Regional Cross Country
26 School Council
26 P&C
27 & 28 School Photos
29 P-6 Disco
4 Senior Musical
5 Gala Day
26 End of Term
Front Gate
8:30am - 9:00am
2:50pm - 3:15pm
Back Gate
Open 7:30am
Closed 3:20pm
Closed weekends and
school holidays
Uniform Shop
Tues 2.30 – 3.30pm
Wed 8am – 9.30am
Thurs 8am – 9.30am
Fri 8am – 8.30am
2:30 – 3:30pm
Money Collection
Mon - Fri
Place in window box
outside school office.
Office Hours
8:00am – 3:00pm
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Albany Hills State School Council Elections
Establishment of the foundation Council to guide the future of our Independent Public School is
imminent with elections to be held next week. Staff will vote at the staff meeting next Tuesday
and parents will cast their votes at the P & C meeting on the evening of the 26 . Thanks to
those who nominated and I look forward to working closely with the Council as it paves the way
for the future development of our school.
Reporting to Parents
Teachers are busy finalising assessment and beginning the task of compiling the end of
semester written reports that will be sent home in the last week. Given the frequent contact that
occurs between parents and class teachers the written report confirms much of what is already
known about student achievement, behaviour and effort. A most important aspect of the report
is the advice provided to students on how they may work with their teachers and parents to
achieve at their levels of learning.
Parents of our youngest students may also consider the rate of cognitive development that their
children are experiencing. Just as physical, social and emotional abilities develop over time, so
does cognitive ability. This is taken into account by teachers when planning the learning for
their classes, differentiating tasks and expectations so that all students experience success and
build towards the standards expected.
As students get older different aspects of life and school influence their learning. Rapid physical
growth, further development of parts of the brain, as well as chemical changes occurring as
adolescence approaches, are all part of growing up and becoming an individual. We are
fortunate at Albany Hills that staff and parents develop positive relationships so that we can all
contribute to, and enjoy the grow and development of our students.
Did you notice our Front Wall?
Thanks to Rebecca Bonnyman the front wall has been cleaned and repainted over the
weekend. The Bonnyman family also removed the murals and we have stored them so they
may be featured elsewhere in the school. Rebecca is in Year 6 and worked with Mrs Ormiston
to present the idea, gain quotes and then persist in organising me so the work could be
Thanks Rebecca.
Rod Mason
Thought for the week:
‘Swimming the River has meaning for our own lives’
Keong Road
PO Box 378
Albany Creek Qld 4035
Albany Creek Qld 4035
The Herald: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3264 0777
Fax: 07 3264 0700
Student Absence: 07 3264 0760
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
National Sorry Day
26 May
Commemorating the stolen
generations is important for us
as a school to acknowledge the
pain and damage borne to some
of the most vulnerable people in
our community. The value and
respect that we pay to our
indigenous heritage, along with
the lessons we learn as we
reflect on the treatment of
aboriginal peoples since the first
settlement, provide guidance on
how we, as a community, may
think and act for the betterment
of all. Sorry Day leads into
National Reconciliation Week
(27 May to 3 June) and I have
provided a link to a website that
illustrates the struggle
indigenous communities
continue to face as they work to
reconcile the oldest culture in the
world with modern Australian
Wunan Chairman Ian trust
explains “Swimming the River”
Posted by The Wunan
Foundation “Swimming the
River” is how Wunan Chairman
Ian Trust explains the key issues
facing Aboriginal people in the
East Kimberley. The diagram
depicts the impact of European
settlement, failure of many
Aboriginal people to adapt to the
changing environment and
damage to people and culture
that has resulted. It also
proposes a solution – Living
Change – whereby Aboriginal
people accept responsibility for
their future, capitalize on their
abilities and, with help, learn to
“swim the river” and prosper
from the opportunities that exist
across the region and beyond.
From the Deputies……
Winter School
Our school community feels that
the wearing of a school uniform
is worthwhile as it encourages a
closer and deeper association
with the school. For this reason
we recommend that parents
make every effort to have their
children attired in correct school
uniform. The winter uniform is
our regular uniform including
 Black shoes, navy blue
socks or navy blue
stockings, school hat (no
For cold days:
 Navy fleecy track pants and
zip jacket with embroidered
school emblem on front
and/or navy, white and
maroon taslon matching zip
jacket and track pants.
All items can be obtained from
the School Uniform Shop. For
more information, go to our
Handbook for Parents:
For the uniform price list, go to:
Under 8s Morning:
Our annual celebration is a
morning of free choice activities
for children in P-2 will be on
Monday 25 May from 9am to
10.30am. This year’s theme is
Voices of children—Look, listen,
hear and respond. Family,
friends and visitors are welcome.
P-2 Fancy Dress
This Thursday 21 May, the
Fancy Dress Dance for all
students in our Prep, Year 1 and
2 will be held in the school
auditorium. Parents are all
required to stay with their child
as this is a family event and lots
of fun. Children have the most
wonderful time so please come
along. If fancy dress is a
problem for you please speak
with your child’s teacher for
ideas. Parents are also
encouraged to come in fancy
dress – this adds to the fun for
all. Please do not go to a lot of
expense as the
focus is on the
dancing and the
sharing of a good
time. We look
forward to seeing you
on Thursday evening.
Prep Enrolments
If you are planning to enrol your
child in prep for 2016, please
contact our school office to
receive your enrolment forms.
Students born between 1 July
2010 and 30 June 2011 are
eligible for Prep in 2016.
Time to Smile
School Photo Days are next
Wednesday 27 and
Thursday 28 May.
Proposed days for students:
Wednesday 27 May:
Student Leaders
All Year 1
All Year 2
All Year 4
Thursday 28 May:
3SS, 3BC, 3RG
5PH, 5AT, 5JS
All Year 6.
‘Swimming the River has
meaning for our own lives’
Students are to be dressed in
their formal uniforms for all
photos. This includes navy
socks and black shoes. Long
hair is to be worn up and hair
accessories are to be in
school colours – navy blue
and/or maroon.
Have your child’s school
memories captured forever
Please take time to read the
relevant information on the MSP
Photography payment envelopes
and remember these helpful
points: Don’t seal envelopes
inside each other. You can pay
for all children in one envelope
however each child needs to
have their own envelope on
photo day. Family envelopes
are available at the school
office upon request.
Please enclose correct money
as no change is given. Cash
and Cheques only. Credit Card
payments can be made prior to
photo day via our online ordering
system at
For any enquiries, please feel
free to contact the photographer,
MSP Photography:
[email protected]
07 38654291
Junior Assembly
Silver Tickets
Congratulations to the following
students who have earned
themselves a silver ticket.
Oscar B 3BC
Ben F 4JL,
Angel C 6HJ
Chloe D 6HJ.
Cleaners Wanted
We are seeking expressions of
interest to go on our casual relief
cleaners list. The hours are
5.00am - 8.30am and 2.30pm 6.00pm. If anyone is interested
or you know of anyone who may
be interested please call on
3264 0777 or call into the office.
Host Families Needed
A message for Host Families
If you have handed an
application form in but have not
been receiving my emails
Please let me know
Nicki Newmarch
[email protected]
Nicki Newmarch
There will be no Junior
Assemblies on 27 May and 3
June due to school photos and
musical rehearsals.
Stay Informed!
There are at least four easy
ways to stay informed about
what’s going on at Albany Hills.
Twitter: @AlbanyHillsSS
QSchools app: download and
make Albany Hills a favourite
Albany Hills State
School Parents page (managed
by parents)
Kind regards
Steve Wiedman
Beth Henderson
Deputy Principals
P&C News
Tuckshop Roster
25 May – 29 May
Louise Mc
Cobie H
Sue S
Sue S
Arscha K
Bec O
Melissa D
Anita S
Jenny S
Cassie S
Christine G
Bianca J
Bring Week
This week’s item is pasta spirals.
Please drop them into us at the
Grandparents’ Day
Grandparent's Day for Year 3
students is on Wednesday 20
May. Helpers to set up chairs in
the morning after drop off would
be really appreciated.
Fancy Dress Ball
‘Adventure in the
Hi, my name is Sierra and I have
written a book called, ‘Adventure
in the Sierra’. It took me a
couple of months to write it and
find the illustrations. Here is a
little sneak-peak…….
The Tucker family were
holidaying in the USA in the
Sierra Mountains. Peter, the
father and Renee, the mother,
lose their kids Calvin and
Vanessa! Calvin and Vanessa
get help from some animals, but
will the Tucker family ever see
each other again?
To read more, and find out if the
family find each other, please
head to the school library where
my book will be on display!
Sierra Hallett 4JL
The Fancy Dress Ball for P to 2
is on Thursday 21 May. $5 entry
fee for adults. Children are free.
Doors open at 5.30 for sausage
sizzle and the canteen will be
selling snacks. Parents are
required to stay with their child
as this is a family event and lots
of fun. Entertainment will start at
6.30. There will be a raffle and
prizes for best dressed boys and
girls in each year level but no
need to go to a lot of expense as
the focus is on dancing and the
sharing of a good time. There is
also a prize for a Mum and Dad
so parents can join in the dress
up fun.
Helpers to set up chairs at 2pm
before school pick up would be
very welcome.
We are looking forward to a
wonderful week of music and
dance with the children.
Wendy Clements
Music Committee President
Fete News
We can email you the Fete
Newsletters straight into your
inbox so you don’t miss out on
all the latest updates, activities,
competitions and information.
Subscribe by emailing us at
[email protected]
Bring week is cake week!
Plain flour, self-raising flour,
white sugar, brown sugar, castor
sugar, icing sugar, coconut,
cocoa and cake decorations.
The AHSS P&C are planning on
printing a fantastic recipe book
that will be for sale prior to this
year’s Fete. The recipe book will
contain the best recipes for
cakes, slices, cookies and
confectionery that you can use
to bake for all future cake stalls
(including at this year’s
Fete!). There will also be
delicious school lunch ideas that
you can use throughout the
school year.
To participate, please send your
favourite recipe ideas
to: [email protected]
OR hand write recipe and return
in envelope to P&C pigeon hole
(Please note the name of the
child/family contributing the idea
and class).
Recipes are required to be
submitted by Wednesday 27
May 2015.
Don’t forget our 2 hand goods
convenors Melinda (Books) and
Lucy (2 Goods) are now
collecting your donations for our
2 hand stalls.
Contact details for both Melinda
and Lucy can be found in the
printed newsletter or on the fete
website or simply send an email
to our fete account –
[email protected]
This stall is looking for
volunteers to paint faces and
apply glitter tattoos on Fete Day.
There will be full training
provided one evening in August
and you only need to help for 2
hours on the day.
Volunteers can sign up
here: https://www.volunteersignu Or contact Frances
[email protected] if you
have any questions.
WANTED: Your favourite cakes,
slices and sweet treats recipes
and/or Your favourite school
lunch ideas.
In designing the AHSS Recipe
book we need pictures for both
the front cover and the internal
What is your favourite thing
about Albany Hills State
School?? Show us through your
Please submit
your artwork to
the office
by Wednesday
27 May 2015.
Cover page
winning student
will receive a
Fete Committee
Community News
Albany Creek
Open Day- Saturday 13 June
2015. Albany Creek Community
Kindergarten is affiliated with
C&K, and has been serving the
community for over 40
years. Come down and meet
our fabulous staff and see our
Kindergarten in action. 10am till
16 Ernie Street, Albany Creek
Aspley High 2016
Family Sunday and Master
Enrolment Event is Sunday 31
May 8:30am – 11:30am
Domestic Violence
Event to raise funds for victims
of domestic violence
Tickets are on sale now for a
special event being held on
Friday 29 May 2015 to raise
much-needed funds for those
impacted by Domestic and
Family Violence in our local
Making a Difference, Creating
the Change is being hosted by
the Queensland Police Service’s
Pine Rivers Patrol Group
Domestic and Family Violence
Prevention Coordinators,
Sergeant Kelly Gurski and
Sergeant Sue Tomsett, with
support from philanthropist Ms
Judy Friedman.
Sergeant Kelly Gurski said the
event was being held as part of
Domestic and Family Violence
Prevention Month (May), with all
funds raised on the night to
support the work of the
Regional Domestic Violence
Making a Difference, Creating
the Change is being held on the
Rooftop at the Eatons Hill Hotel
located at 646 South Pine Road,
Eatons Hill, from 6:30pm –
Tickets are on sale now!
Dayboro Day Festival
2015 Dayboro Day Festival
& Dayboro Antique &
Collectables Fair
Sunday 31 May 2015
It’s all about Community
Bushcare News
On Saturday May 23 between
7.30-9.30 Bushcare members
and friends will meet at the end
of McConachie St Albany Creek
to complete the first Bird survey
for our local Nature Watch
activity. You are most welcome
to come bring your binoculars.
For more details contact
[email protected]