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PharmLogic Announces Sponsored Research Agreement with
Boston University
Warwick, R.I. (February 26, 2014) – PharmLogic, LLC has entered into a Sponsored Research Agreement
with Boston University to fund the research of Chemistry Professor Scott Schaus and Biology Professor Ulla
Hansen in developing a targeted therapy to treat hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), one of the most common
cancers. The incidence of HCC is increasing despite a decrease in overall incidence of all cancers.
Professors Schaus and Hansen reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science their discovery
of a new protein target for chemotherapy in the treatment of liver cancer—the transcription factor LSF. The coinvestigators identified small molecules that inhibit LSF cellular activity, and in turn growth of the cancer. Drs.
Schaus and Hansen will be furthering their research in this area in collaboration with PharmLogic over the next
“We are pleased to be involved in this most worthwhile cancer project in collaboration with exceptional
researchers Drs. Schaus and Hansen,” said PharmLogic CEO, David Corvese, “With the addition of this
project, PharmLogic is now developing nine different products, three of which have a cancer indication”
Professor Schaus received his B.A. in Chemistry, summa cum laude, from Boston University in 1995 and a
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Harvard University in 1999. He joined the faculty of Boston University in
the fall of 2001. Professor Hansen received her A.B. in Chemistry from Oberlin College in 1974, and a Ph.D.
in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Harvard University in 1979. After 15 years on the faculty of
Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, she moved to Boston University in 1998.
Drs. Schaus and Hansen joined forces a couple of years ago to focus on the mechanisms of cell growth as it
relates to the potential treatment of liver cancer, for which there has been no effective, systemic treatment.
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About Boston University
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Founded in 1839, Boston University is an internationally recognized institution of higher education and
research. With more than 33,000 students, it is the fourth-largest independent university in the United States.
BU consists of 16 schools and colleges, along with a number of multi-disciplinary centers and institutes
integral to the University’s research and teaching mission. In 2012, BU joined the Association of American
Universities (AAU), a consortium of 62 leading research universities in the United States and Canada.
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85 Toll Gate Road | Warwick, RI 02886 | Phone: (401)738-0215 | [email protected]