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Pace Eighteen
For the first time, appropriations of
Entered at the Post Office at Westfleld. N. J»- New.Jersey's 21 counties exceed 100
M Second ClasK Mailer.
million dollars.
Publlita.* Thui-«4ay« «t -Westlleld, l*?w Jersey,
by Tlia WMtdcJJ !*odcr Priming and Publishing
The counties stepped into big league
Cmnpuny, Aw Independent Newspaper.
Official Pnprr for 1he Town of Westfleld and government spending by appropriating
Ri>rouvh or Mountainside.
a total of $108,637,447 in 1952. This
Subscription roles J2.S0 a year In advance.
compares with $99,347,328 appropriEstablished 1890.
ated in 1951 budgets.
Office: to Elm Street, Westfleia, N. J.
Bulk of the county budgets goes for
•Tel. WB. 2-4407 — WH 2-4<0S
•current year operations. Over 95 million
Member ,
Quality Weeklies ot New Jersey
dollars is budgeted this year for operaNew Jersey Press Association
tions, as compared with less than 87
National Editorial Association
million dollars last year.
Only one per cent—about one and a
quarter million dollars—of the aggregate appropriations will go from current
funds for capital improvements in the
counties this year. This is slightly less
than last year and is the only major division of the overall budget to show a
THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1952
Nearly 10 per cent of the county budThe Cost Of Freedom
Memorial Day, 1952, the second get—about ?1 in $10—will go for debt
The 1952 budgets provide a
since the United Nation's fight for free- servicetotal of $10,275,711 for debt payments
dom began in Korea, will again this by the counties this year. This is 'about
year take on a solemn note which has a quarter million dollars more than last
dominated half of the past decade. It year.
is more than a day for a few flowers and
In addition to appropriating for the
a parade, a. school and bank holiday current year costs, the counties are redesigned for pleasure. It is one moment quired to make provision in their budof an entire year set aside for renewed gets for additional expenditures made
dedication to the ideals for which men but not included in the previous years'
have sacrificed their own rights to life, budgete. Nearly \V> million dollars was
liberty and the pursuit of happiness that appropriated to cover such deferred
charges this year as compared with less
others might continue to enjoy them.
than one million last year. The reserve
When the first Memorial Day was for uncollected taxes was pegged at
decreed 84 years ago • upon order of $129,839 this year, slightly over the
Gen. John A. Logan, commander-iii- 1951 total.
chief of the Grand Army of the Republic
The county budget totals, compiled
it was to serve as a reminder that we from
records filed with the state's Divihave not for.gdtten " . , the cost of a sion of Local Government, were reported
tree and undivided Republic". Since by the New Jersey Taxpayers Assocto-.
General Logan's decree, we have added tion.
the dead of four more major wars to a
Increasing interest by organized taxgrowing list of Americans slain defend- payers
affairs in government at the
ing their country and the principles upon county in
level, also was reported by the
which it was founded. The cost of the Taxpayers Association. ^
preservation of freedom is not someCitizen committees this year conferred
thing to be forgotten easily.
' '
with freeholders, studied proposed budMemorial Day is a time for us to gets, presented analyses, testified at pubreview American traditions and ideals lic hearings and otherwise came to grips
and determine whether we, asindiVidu-., with the governmental spending probleni
als, are living up to .the high standards in seven counties. Advance studies are
set for us by our battle 'dead who paid being programmed for next year's budthe supreme penalty to safeguard our geting by several of these committees as
way of lite. Perhaps we take all this well aa others in counties in which citi,for granted as our due. We can w.ateh. zens have not been active recently on. an
-.the American flag, for example,.pass in organized basis, the Taxpayers Associa» frflntof us at a parade'aha ii6t"^&%irity>tion said. .
obligation to, pay it its proper-respect.
M M '
•In a letter to the editor in today's
LEADER, the Memorial Day Committee
In a recent article a staff reporter of
comments on the widespread failure of
men to remove their hats as the flag the Wall Street Journal pointed out thnt
passes by. Furthermore, the Committee despite unchanged outward appearances
points out, persons parked in cars along a beef animal is no longer the relatively
the route of a parade often do not have simple creature he used to be. Today's
the courtesy to step out of their cars and critter now conceals beneath his hide
more than 1,000 possible wholesale price
gtand at attention.
ceilings, depending on how he is slaughSimple courtesy to your flag is not ask- tered, how the meat is wrapped, who
ing a great deal. The American flag eats it and where it is shipped. For
deserves your respect. It symbolizes a each kind of meat animal there's a
country with a glorious history; a coun-_ special set of ceiling prices and regulatry whose sons have never been afraid tions governing processing.
' to die in the cause of peace and freedom.
One of the nation's leading meat-packAs you remember the dead tomorrow, ing companies' • sells 90 percent of its
remember also that they died to protect tonnage below ceiling prices and still
the American flag and all it represents. has to keep 300 people working full time
Your courtesy and respect is, indeed, a figuring out how to comply with OPS
very small thing to give. Others have regulations. Confusion reigns supreme.
given their lives.
Accountants and clerical workers in a
single month piled up $200,000 in overtime pay sorting over old records "for
We Weep—Dear Congressmen:
OPS. One contradiction in regulations
made it necessary to go through 11,000,. NEWS ITEM: "The House has
000 invoiced items a second time. A disvoted that members of Congress
tributor in Denver whose territory exshall be able to deduct all their
tends from Canada- to Mexico . has to
expenses while in Washington, in
keep track of 11,000 different ceilings
making out their federal income
on veal alone.
tax returns."
The best description of the regulation
Ever alert to means of economy, house
is "incredible—but true." It is a
members previously voted to forego n
perfect example of the waste, ineffici$2,500 untaxed expense allowance, ency,
and disruption that inevitably oceffective next January, substituting a curs when the Washington deep-thinkers
base pay of $15,000 against your present and their political stooges decide'they'll
base of $12,600, which in effect, made remake the nation's economy and run
the $2,500 taxable.
it by fiat. The fact that they know little
On the scene, as you are, and well or nothing obout the complexities of
aware that your continued splashing of business they regulate doesn't bother
millions mid even billions here and there them a whit. Order follows order,
will menn ever increasing tax burdens, amendment follows amendment, new inyou astute members were quick to terpretation follows new interpretation
figure out that you needed some relief— —and no one knows from one day to the
even as we at homo.
next what's going to happen. If this
We weop copious tears in sympathy goes on long enough, the tragic end rewith your dilemma dear Congressmen— Hiilt is always the same—initiative is
the more so because wo have struggled discouraged, the strongest backs crack
under this burden for lo, these many under the burden of red tnpe, scarcity
years. Of course, we nre a mite per- takes the place of abundance, and the
plexed n» to why you put no limit on the publfc pays and suffers.
amount that may be counted as WashM
ington expense or will you leave that
"The Socialists and their followers arc
up to (lie inquiring tux. im-n? And wo always hammcring'awny at the Ameriare u Jlttlu sad thnt while you w6re can business mnn. Yot, whon nil the facts
taking cure of this little personal matter, nre known he Is mvonled as tlio truly
you didn't weep some tears i'or those of grout progressive force, providing visUB who uro ut home and having shed ion, leadership, know-how and willing
them, do something really gigantic in servico in Amoricn's inarch toward H
the way of reducing the tux burden for still bettor life for nil."—West Memphis,
all ol us.
Arknnsus, NOWH.
How to B« Safe
Jditor. I.eatfer:
Coiig>»tuitions are in order ta
YMCA. Rules for
ie Mail Bo?
«ct»l« ,
t \ a ! B y t ^ T y g r ,
lave forced a Town Council tJ
>f that 1
Councilman Criticizes
Leader Editorial
Editor, Leader:
Your editorial "The Traffic
Problem" in last week's Leader
was very interesting and I am
sure the Town Council appreciated
the compliments paid to it. On
the other hand, I am sure they
feel that the criticism is not wholly warranted.
You stated it is moving too fast
in its efforts to solve our traffic
problems. You refer to elimination of 13 parking spaces on East
&ro»d street between Mountain
and Central avenues but do not
mention that the Council the same
week made available 19 parking
spaces in a new municipal parking
lot on Central avenue behind the
Rialto Theatre which is just a fewfeet from Broad street.
I would like to point out here
that* other citizens have complained that we are too Blow at solving:
,traffic and parking problems.
You also did not mention that
by eliminating the few parking
spaces on East Broad street the
Council, to a large degree, has
cleared up the town's worse traffic
bottleneck on which it has received
complaints from many, many citizens for years.
You also did not mention that
the subject of removing certain
meter spaces from East Broad
street had been studied by the
Council, discussed with the Merchants Association and State of
New. Jersey Traffic Bureau for
more than a year prior to taking<
action. Also, this activity long
predated the newly formed Traffic Committee. It has only been
carrying out the program that developed long before this committee's formation.
The Central avenue parking lot
has not been used to its ultimate
extent because the merchants in
the area have not fully publicised
the advantages of its use and proximity of thia parking lot to th«
stores near where the Broad street
parking whs eliminated.
As chairman of the Traffic and
Parking Committee of the Town
Council I can assure you that the
only desire of the committee and
the Town Council is to do wh^t
is best for ALL the citizens of
Westfield and will not try to favor individual groups, whoever they
may be. We also 'realize the possibility that as humans we can
Make Bome possible errors...
' I n closing may I compliment tho
Leader and its publisher on a fine,
'well edited paper even though it
is also like us, other humans, in
that it also may at times make an
error in its editorial judgment.
Chairman, Traffic and
Parking Committee
Editor, Leader:
' •
In my lette* printed in the Leader of tc:«y there is an error in
the quotation from Theodore Roosevelt. If you atill have the letter
I wrote, please look at it again.
I'm quite sure that I didn't make
any mistake, but that I quoted his
words correctly. He said, "There
can be no divided allegiance here"
—not imdivided as printed. Will
you therefore please print this
letter just "to keep the record
straight?" Thank you.
May 22, 1952
Flag Courtety
Editor, Leader: t
An item which has come up for
discussion at meetings of the 1952
Memorial Day Committee is the
failure of men to remove their
hats as the American Flag passes
by. All of us have the same complaint. Not,only do the men stand
watching the flag go by without
removing their hats but those who
are parked in cars along the route
do not have the courtesy to' get
out of their cars Nmd stand at
attention. All of us feel that
this respect is due our flag and
have' felt considerable resentment
toward those who fail to observe
a basic patriotic rule.
1952 Memorial Day Committee
Thanks Firemen
Editor, Leader:
We would like to express our
appreciation to the members of
the Weatficld Fire Department for
tho extreme care they took in handling: furnishings and possessions
while extinguishing the (Ire May
23rd fn our house.
We are huppy to know that wa
live in n town where there is available such efficiency when nitnntiophy HtrikeH.
Our sincere thanks to all who
55U Slmcknmnxon Drive
Tins Shelter
Editor, Leader:
It !H irood to fi'ol appreciative,
but Htill better to oxproHH UIIH fooling anil therefore the writer Is
down a few thi)ii|rhta con-
'isle of fir.^0**"' < I M
than it h»« u2?' wrt»i«lj
Go Up, Up, Up
Fiw IOMCS throughout the country' were up again during MartH,
The lateat fi*ur« released by the
National Board of Fire Underwit! official, i ^ S - * » . * l f i |
e n show a one per cent-increase that the >»<. 77"
over losses for the saw* period a
year a«o—and a Uwee-and-onethird percent incraooawr figures
for February ot tftto year.
FiKLPromrntsr. SAFgsr
Dollar-win, «"lotal of »72,254
000 worth . # property in the
United SUM' was destroyed or
damaged f* the most recent single
month fo¥ which we hav« reliable
flgur**!'Think of it' Seventy-two
mill!** dollars worth of property
.gone" forever, largely as a re
suit of carelessness.
•"" At various times in the past, our
rising fire loss (rend has been explained away on the basis that we
are living in an inflationary economy and that increases expressed
in terms of dollar's really do not
le< or
l-e the
you cleaned
you s
your premlsa?
cerning the privilege of one who, J o s e p h CamiMo N a m e d
as a resident, shares the charms, * _f
.-,]<*% < v «
the rood and the friendliness which T o Yoilllg G O P Office
characterize life in our town.
Three years in- Westfield have . Joseph Camillo o'f Westfield was
not dimmed the appeal a°nd hapelected, treasurer of the Young Hepily lasting first impressions, and
publicans of New Jersey at their
it seems -only fair to say that life annual convention Saturday in Atin many other American commun- lantic City. Also" named are:
ities, while having much to cum- Chairman, Hervey S... Moore Jr.,
tnend ii, never quite touched the Trenton; vice chairman, Katherihe
heart in so man; ways that arc Webber, Burlington; secretary,
Florence Cope, Raritan, and NaIn no city of comparable size, tional committee members, Cailton
have we found a park which sur- R. Rough, Lindenwold, and Lottie
passes or even matches the sylvan D. Kowalski, Trentom
beauty iof Mindowaskin. Although
Union County's official delegates
in the very heart of our town, included Miss Martha Kravec, Miss
quiet and peace enfold those who
Mary McNamai-a and William A.
walk beside the still waters of its
Lear, Elizabeth, and John Bender,
enchanting: lake, watching the
white swans floating by, arid the „ U. S. Sen. H. Alexander Smith
reflected images of clouds and told the convention Republicans
trees. At all seasons of the year, "must work, fight and stand for
there is refreshment for the spirit something, not merely praise themawaiting all vfrho seek it, there,
selves, damn the Democrats and
The cultural activities in West- predict victory" if they waitt'jto
field are astonishing in their va- win. in November.. , .. .„ Kgni '.'•
riety and quality; music, art, drai"The hopes and, aspiidtions of
ma, civics and educational oppor- the free people on this side of the
tunities are available to all, nor
Iran Curtain
and of the.peop
should one forget the happy tnfJu-,, . ^ w 4 n t to }» j!r0e m the «thW
ence spread by the unique Comw »
h e declared, ','.dejWBd,,.Iijifcn
mumty Relations Council, "for,Uie,, (V . whsther w e meet
promotion of understanding in tho thaVconfronts us."
area of human relations among all
citizens," regardless of race, creed
Atunlmm as a Staler
or color. . As one who has pailicilealing* propertle. of alumpated in the friendly inter-racial
inum paint make it. valuable lor
buffet suppers, and stimulating
ny purpoies. It ii often uied aa
programs given by the Council at
a'pinieir ovite.bttuminota palnti, Ml
the Y, I feel that heicin lies the
jU ana.jotlajr,, eeatlngi which,
practical application of that muchci a)»(fift|ni|h and dli>
to-be-desired "good will among
finlihlnt^pUiTWaajr painttn
a Bailing mtolum wbta
In no city have we experienced
the* wish to ehanft the color of Ingreater courtesy on the part of its
terior woodwork that ha. been prepublic officials than in Westfield;
viously glvea
thin includes also the police force,
people in City Hall and the Post- •<-'«,
office. The Fire Department serv.
r. » . * • IM :
ices have—praise heaven — n'tyV
or.anj ff%*><been required, but one feels con-'
vinced that these, too, would be> community ijhflW. •, •
no exception.
waiting to take tn
Shopping in our town is a pleas? bound bus. /there is
ant and friendly affair, for which no escape frb.m the s
one should be grateful in a;*r'orld
and bitter cotd for that
where 80 much is far from being stand on the sidewalk,
either 1 The Newcomera' cfubj'tho for as much as 20 mini
Old Guard and many other Y-sponeral instances of act1
sori'd activities for both men and which resulted from a
women of all ages, are a further
soaking, due to this ait1
expression of the spirit of friendbeen related to me. • It is a great
trial also to invalids, aged persons
Estheticully, we have been grat- and in fact to all, who use tho
ified to observe the various im- bus.
provements which are constantly
A simply designed shelter open
appearing; the beautiful approach
on one side and equipped witn a'
to our railroad station; the conve- bench is all that is needed. It
niently arranged parking lots; the
could be erected on clty-oyned
planting of shrubs and. flowers
property at very small expense,
here and there in public areas, are situated on the Plaza, next to the
all relatively new. Three years Auto-Sales Co., on North avenue,
ago, they did not yet exist, in many where th« Somerset bus passes »f. T
There, it would be easily accessible,
One should not omit the superb without interfering with araienti
bus stops.
"" '
new high school, and the beautiful
and spacious auditorium, of which
This plan has other merits:.priany city could well be proud.
vate cars could discharge'tttise^l-(
Thinking of all these things, it gera for the bus there without
would seem that we are especially clogging already thick traffic, as
fortunate, and that we really lack at present. The area around the
no facilities of a modern commun- fire house would be freed of park-,
ity. And yet, there is still one; ed buses, discharging or taking on
small, but very important,' indeed, passengers, and the al*efttfrJhea*;yr
from the .standpoint of comfort traffic, added to by cross roads and
and even of health 1 I refer to a the busy railroad sWtttnh Rkaza,
would be lightened.
Other, forward looking communities have long since provided such
a shelter for its citizens; why not
to th«*« amounts whenever yoy tan. With
S 8 t f r*""n1'
And for yfir^MWptMa t#nW*nienteK<W«'v« a M
by-Mail Wan. to yoil too, you can add lo you
teHIn wiy..jM»athtr. .
Yes, most of your banking transactioni
will weigh less thanTPne ouncc-^Tlius,»
three-cent stamp will "carry
Bank this convenient,
Here's the Dope
241 North Ave.
WB. 24464