How to back up your Livescribe data (Windows 7/Vista)

How to back up your Livescribe data (Windows 7/Vista)
You may wish to do this as a regular part of your back up process, if your computer has to be sent
away for repair, or in order to move the data to a new computer (e.g. from a loan machine to a
machine provided as the result of a DSA application).
To back up your Livescribe data you first have to enable hidden files in Windows and then copy the
correct folder to a backup medium such as a USB pen or your H:\ drive. For more information about
the H:\ drive, see the IT Services guide to Backing up your work.
Step 1: Show Hidden Files
Click the Start button
Click Control Panel
Click Appearance and Personalization
Click Folder Options
5. In the Folder Options dialog, click the View tab
6. Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.
Step 2: Backing up Livescribe Data folder
1. Open up My Computer and navigate to C:\Users\your_windows_account_name\AppDataLocal
Note that your_windows_account_name is most likely to be some variation of your name. In the
example below, the account name is com250.
2. Right click on the Livescribe folder and choose Copy.
3. Go to your chosen backup location and paste (right click, then choose Paste) the folder there.
This process will take some time to complete so be patient.
Remember to hide the protected files and folders again by reversing your actions from Step 1.
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