How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy Notice to BMC HealthNet plan

For members of BMC HealthNet Plan
Notice to BMC
HealthNet plan
members about
benefit changes
You should have already received
a notice from MassHealth to
inform you that, effective July
1, 2010, MassHealth made
changes to some of the member
benefits your receive through
BMC HealthNet Plan. This is
a summary of those changes.
For more information, go to the
MassHealth member page at or call our Member
Services Department at
1-888-566-0010 (TTY/TDD
1-866-765-0055), Monday
through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6
p.m. You can also view an
updated version of your Member
Handbook containing these
changes at or call
Member Services to request a
printed copy.
Pharmacy Copay Changes
Effective July 1, 2010, BMC
HealthNet Plan co-pays for
most covered generic and overthe-counter drugs changed
from $2 to $3 for both firsttime prescriptions and refills.
The co-pay for certain covered
generic and over-the-counter
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August 2010
How to Have a
Healthy Pregnancy
1) See your doctor
The keys to a healthy pregnancy start with
a visit to your doctor. The earlier in your
pregnancy you see your doctor, the quicker he
or she make sure you are on the right track to
staying healthy right through the delivery.
If you think you might be pregnant, take
a home pregnancy test which you can buy
at any drug store. If the test says you’re
pregnant, call your doctor or midwife right
away to make an appointment.
2) Let us know
Don’t forget to tell us if you’re pregnant too! We want to help. You
can call the Member Services Department at 1-888-566-0010. You
can also go to our Web site ( to submit a form letting us
know about your pregnancy. Just go to the MassHealth member
page and click on “Care Management”. In the “Pregnancy, Prenatal
and Postpartum” section, click on the “Let BMC HealthNet Plan
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In-Home Therapy
When a child’s behavioral health needs make daily life hard for the
family, In-Home Therapy may be the right answer for your family
In-Home Therapy is one of six new behavioral health services
for children and youth under age 21 with MassHealth Standard,
CommonHealth, Family Assistance, Basic or Essential who are
enrolled in BMC HealthNet Plan. The service offers family therapy
at home and in the community. It may help your family support
and better understand your child.
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BMC HealthNet Plan Member Services Department | 1-888-566-0010
Benefit Changes
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drugs mainly used for diabetes,
high blood pressure, and high
cholesterol stays at $1.
Your Frequently
Asked Questions
Does BMC HealthNet Plan have
benefits to help me stop smoking?
Yes! You’re eligible for medications
to help you quit, including nicotine
replacement therapy. We also cover
one-on-one and group counseling to
give you the support you need. To give you even more help to quit,
BMC HealthNet Plan partners with QuitWorks, a service of the
Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Visit them online at or call 1-800-TRY-TO-STOP.
Your Member Handbook and Provider Directory
When you joined BMC HealthNet Plan, we sent you a member
handbook. If you ever need another copy of the handbook, call
our Member Services department at 1-888-566-0010 and ask that
one be sent to you. To find providers in our network, go to bmchp.
org and click on “Find a Provider.” If you need a free paper copy of
your provider directory, call Member Services to request one.
New phone number? Moving?
New e-mail address? Let us know.
Whenever your address or phone number changes, please
contact our Member Services department to let us know. The
number is 1-888-566-0010. You should also contact MassHealth
and give them your new contact information. That way you
won’t risk losing your eligibility due to MassHealth not having
your correct address. You can call MassHealth
Customer Service at 1-800-841-2900.
Also, whenever you speak with one of our
Member Services representatives, make
sure to give them your e-mail address.
That way, we can send you information
about your BMC HealthNet Plan
membership and benefits faster and
with links to more information on
the Internet.
BMC HealthNet Plan Member Services Department | 1-888-566-0010
Dental Benefits
Effective July 1, 2010,
MassHealth no longer pays
for restorative dental services
(including fillings, crowns and
root canals) for members age 21
and older. MassHealth still covers
preventive dental care (exams,
cleanings, X-rays, etc.) If you
have questions about your dental
coverage, call MassHealth
Dental Customer Service at
(TTY: 1-800-466-7566).
Transportation Benefits
Effective July 1, 2010
MassHealth no longer covers
non-emergency transportation
for MassHealth Basic and
Family Assistance members.
For more information on your
transportation benefits, call
MassHealth Customer Service at
(TTY: 1-800-497-4648).
Complex Care Management
BMC HealthNet Plan’s Care
Management Select program
offers help for members at high
risk for problems because of
health conditions or special
health care needs. For more
information about our complex
care management program,
please call 1-866-853-5241
(TTY: 1-866-765-0055).
In-Home Therapy
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Healthy Pregnancy
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Know You’re Pregnant” link. One of our care managers will
contact you by phone to help with your care. And if you qualify,
the representative can even help you arrange transportation to
get to your doctor appointments.
3) Eat right, get rest, don't smoke
In the early part of your pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will
talk to you about the importance of eating right and getting rest.
He or she will also prescribe vitamins to make sure you’re getting
the right nutrients. If you smoke, and you want to stop, talk to
your doctor for a referral for a smoking cessation program or
4) After the baby arrives – see your doctor again
Once you’ve delivered your baby, it’s important to follow up with
the doctor. Just as your baby needs to see his or her doctor,
you need to see your doctor about four to six weeks after the
delivery. Your doctor will make sure you’re recovering well from
the delivery. He or she can also talk to you about how you’re
doing at home. Having a baby can add stress to your life. Your
doctor can help make sure you’re able to cope with your new
responsibilities…and help you.
Want more information about having a healthy pregnancy?
Go to the MassHealth member page at, click on
“Care Management” and then go to the “Pregnancy, Prenatal and
Postpartum” section.
Get text messages that help
your pregnancy
There’s a new FREE service to help
pregnant moms. Text4baby provides
totally free text messages three times
a week with information to help you
through your pregnancy and baby’s
first year. It’s easy to join. Just text
BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411
to sign up. Go to for
more information.
In this service, counselors help
your child and family create
and carry out a treatment plan.
The treatment plan can center
on setting limits, improving
family communication or helping
prevent behavioral crises. It
can also focus on changing
problem patterns that can get
in the way of your child’s school
performance or family life.
Who is likely to need
In-Home Therapy?
IHT may be the right service
for a youth who needs more
help than outpatient therapy.
Outpatient therapy usually
happens in an office. IHT can
happen anywhere the youth
is located. It can take place in
the youth’s home, school, or
other community setting. Unlike
outpatient therapy, IHT allows
families to try out new skills
in the places where problems
occur, such as in the home or
No Referral Needed
No referral is needed for IHT.
Families take the first step by
contacting an IHT provider who
works with the family to decide
if the service is right for their
child’s needs. If it is not, the IHT
provider will direct the family to
another service that might better
fit the youth’s needs.
Families can learn more
about In-Home Therapy and
other services for MassHealth
members by calling BMC
HealthNet Plan’s Behavioral
Health line at 1-888-217-3501.
Note: In-Home Therapy replaces
Family Stabilization Team (FST)
services as a MassHealth
service for youth under age 21.
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