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For members of BMC HealthNet Plan
Commonwealth Care –
What It Means for You
ou may have heard about a
new health program created
by the state called Commonwealth
Care. BMC HealthNet Plan,
along with other managed care
organizations in Massachusetts,
will be offering Commonwealth
Care insurance.
What does this mean for you?
Your MassHealth coverage is not affected.
As long as you are eligible for
MassHealth, your BMC HealthNet
Plan coverage will continue. That
will not change. In the future,
if your income changes, it’s
possible that you could qualify for
Commonwealth Care.
What is Commonwealth Care?
Commonwealth Care is a new
insurance program for
Massachusetts residents who
don’t qualify for MassHealth
and who don’t have health
insurance through their employer.
Massachusetts residents must meet
certain income guidelines in order
to be eligible for Commonwealth
Care coverage. The Plan expects
to begin enrolling Commonwealth
Care members on October 1, 2006.
If you have questions about
Commonwealth Care, please call
the Member Services Call Center at
1-888-566-0010 or our marketing
line at 1-800-792-4355.
September 2006
How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy
he key to a
healthy pregnancy
starts with seeing your
doctor. The earlier
in your pregnancy
you see your doctor,
the quicker he or she
can get you on the
right track to staying
healthy right through
the delivery.
If you think you
might be pregnant,
take a home
pregnancy test which
you can buy at any
drug store. You’ll only
pay a $1 copay if your doctor
gives you a prescription for
the test kit. And if you’re
under age 19, there is no
copayment. If the test says
you’re pregnant, call your
doctor right away to make an
Let us know
Don’t forget to tell us if you’re
pregnant too! We need to
know, so we can send you a
packet of useful information,
including a pregnancy
calendar. You can call the
Member Services Call Center
at 1-888-566-0010. You
can also go to our Web site
(www.bmchp.org) and in the
member health information
section, you can submit a
form online letting us know
about your pregnancy. A
representative from our
Health Services department
will contact you by phone to
help with your care.
During your pregnancy
In the early part of your
pregnancy, your doctor
will talk to you about the
importance of eating right and
getting rest. He or she will also
prescribe vitamins to make
sure you’re getting the right
nutrients. If you smoke, your
doctor will talk to you about
the importance of quitting and
the effects that smoking can
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How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy
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Your Frequently
Asked Questions
What should I do if I receive a bill?
As a member of BMC HealthNet Plan, you should not get billed
for your medical services that are covered by the Plan. Providers
are not supposed to bill patients who receive MassHealth benefits.
But sometimes mistakes happen. If you ever get a bill for covered
services, mail the bill to
us and we’ll take care of
Send the bill to:
getting it paid.
BMC HealthNet Plan
Attn: Member Services Call Center
Two Copley Place
Suite 600
Boston MA 02116
You can also call the
Member Services Call
Center at 1-888-566-0010
for help. To make sure you
don’t get bills in the future,
make sure you show your BMC HealthNet Plan and MassHealth ID
cards every time you go to the doctor. That way the provider will
know that you’re covered by the Plan.
How do I get a list of providers?
When you joined the Plan, you received a Provider Directory listing
providers in your area. Recently, the Plan updated the Provider
Directory. To request a copy, call the Member Services Call Center
at 1-888-566-0010.
Check Out Our Audio Health Library
Even when
you’re not sick,
you may want
to learn more
about a disease
or condition.
BMC HealthNet
Plan’s Audio
Health Library
contains prerecorded messages on many
health topics.
Like the Nurse Advice Line, the
Audio Health Library is available 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can reach the Audio Health
Library at the same toll-free number
you dial for the Nurse Advice Line:
1-800-973-6273. Listen for the Audio
Health Library menu option and then
select the health topic you want.
For a complete listing of Audio
Health Library topics, go to BMC
HealthNet Plan’s Web site
have on your unborn baby.
BMC HealthNet Plan has just
added a new benefit to help
you quit smoking. See the
article entitled We Can Help
You Stop Smoking to learn
about this great benefit.
After the baby arrives
Once you’ve delivered your
baby, it’s important to follow
up with the doctor. Just as
your baby needs to see the
pediatrician, you need to see
your doctor about four to six
weeks after the delivery. Your
doctor will make sure you’re
recovering well from the
delivery. He or she can also
talk to you about how you’re
doing at home. Having a baby
can add stress to your life.
Your doctor can help make
sure you’re able to cope with
your new responsibilities…
and help you.
Want more information
about having a healthy
pregnancy? Go to the
member page at
Here are just a few of the
hundreds of health topics
to choose from:
•Crying baby
•Colon cancer
•Chest pain
•Many, many more…
CALL 1-800-973-6273
Domestic Violence:
What You Can Do
We Can Help You Stop Smoking
moking is bad for your health and it causes more than
400,000 deaths each year in the United States. It also
leads to other health problems like heart disease, cancer and
lung problems.
Smoking also harms others. More than 50,000 people die each
year from second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is the smoke
you inhale from someone else’s cigarette. Young children are also
more likely to smoke if a parent smokes.
New benefit to help you quit
On July 1, 2006, BMC HealthNet Plan
added a new benefit to help members
quit smoking. The Plan now covers oneon-one and group counseling to give
you the support you need. You are also
eligible for medications to help you quit,
including nicotine replacement therapy.
To find out more about your benefit and how we can help you to
stop smoking, call the Member Services Call Center at
Members Tell Us What They Think of the Plan
Earlier this year, BMC HealthNet
Plan asked a leading market
research group to conduct a
survey of our members. We
wanted to find out what our
members thought about the Plan
and the services they receive.
The company, Market
Measurement, conducted a
random telephone survey to ask
members a variety of questions
about the Plan. They found that,
overall, members are happy with
us. In fact, 79% of members
surveyed reported that they are
“Very Satisfied” with us. 17%
reported being “Somewhat
Satisfied.” Only 4% said they
are either “Slightly Satisfied” or
“Not At All Satisfied.”
Members listed “Coverage/
Benefits” and “Ease of Use” as
the most popular features of the
Plan. In addition, members said
that they liked getting free kids’
car seats and free kids’ bicycle
There were also some areas
where members told us we could
improve. Coverage for certain
health issues was mentioned,
including improved dental
coverage. Since the survey was
completed, MassHealth has
added new dental benefits for
members. See the article on the
back cover entitled New Benefits
to learn about this benefit.
If you ever have questions or
concerns about the Plan and your
coverage, please let us know.
nyone can be the victim of
domestic violence. Abuse
happens to people of every age,
race, culture, religion, gender
and sexual orientation. Domestic
violence is not just physical abuse.
Abuse also can be emotional,
financial or sexual. Here are just
some of the warning signs of an
abusive relationship:
• A batterer or abusive person may make it difficult for you to leave the house to spend time with family or friends.
• He or she may constantly criticize you and put you down.
• The abuser may make you believe the abuse is your fault.
If any of these sound familiar, you
may be in an abusive relationship.
You are not to blame. No one
has the right to hurt you – ever.
Remember: domestic violence is
also a crime. So there are laws to
protect you and also your children
if they are being abused.
If you are in
CALL 911
right away
to get out of
that situation.
If you or
someone you
know is not
in immediate danger, but is still
in an abusive situation and need
help, call the Domestic Violence
SafeLink at 1-877-785-2020. They
can help you by offering resources,
support, safe shelter, counseling
and understanding. You can also
find more information on domestic
violence at www.janedoe.org.
PERMIT NO. 56027
Two Copley Place
Suite 600
Boston, MA 02116
New Benefits; Dental, Vision, Smoking Cessation and more
How to Have a
Healthy Pregnancy
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We Can Help You
Stop Smoking
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Boston Area Main Office:
Two Copley Place
Suite 600
Boston, MA 02116
Western Massachusetts Regional Office:
354 Birnie Avenue, 3rd Floor
Springfield, MA 01107
Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Office:
Bourne Counting House
One Merrill's Wharf
New Bedford, MA 02740
Berkshire Regional Office:
163 South Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
New benefits covered directly by BMC
HealthNet Plan
•Chiropractic Services – up to 20 visits/treatments for members
of all ages
•Wigs – must be medically necessary and prescribed by
a physician
•Acute hospital inpatient administratively necessary days
•Tobacco cessation – individual and group counseling as well as pharmacotherapy treatment
•24-hour post-medical detoxification substance abuse treatment services
•Non-emergency transportation (out-of-state location) – arranged by the Plan for services located outside a
50-mile radius of the Massachusetts border
New benefits covered directly by
•Dental services (non-
emergency) – preventive and basic services for children and adults
•Eye glasses and contact lenses – prior authorization required
If you have any questions or need
more information about these new
benefits, please call us.
Make sure you let us know. That way you’ll be sure to get this
newsletter and other important information. Call the Member Services
Call Center at 1-888-566-0010.
Este boletín de noticias esta disponible en español. Si usted quisiera una copia de la traduccion en español, llame el Centro de Llamada de Servicio de Miembros al 1-888-566-0012.
09/06 96.6M
As of July 1, 2006, BMC HealthNet
Plan and MassHealth began
offering members several new
benefits. You should have received
a letter from BMC HealthNet Plan
that included details on these new
benefits. Here is a brief overview: