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Martial Arts
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Community Self Defense…. page
41st Edition
The following Gateway Students attended the January 24th Belt Test: Gabby Howard, David
Wilkerson, Brian Salazar, Ramon Jefferson, Lester Hurtault, Dominic Lewis, Jennifer Vazquez,
Brooklyn Kerner, Valentin Herculano and David Herculano.
Winter Battle
Held on Jan. 31st
Ft. Oglethorpe, GA
Kenneth Summerlin
(on left)
Anthony Mendez
(on right)
Both fought their
way to
Gold Medals
Hanmudo /Hapkido News
On Saturday, February 21st, Master Chaplin offered a free self defense class to our local
community . He taught a few basic techniques done with elbows, knees and palm strikes. He
then covered how to escape from choke holds and wrist grabs. Overall, a very informative
class. We all had fun and learned a lot at the same time. Many thanks to Master Damon Excell,
Cathy Smith, Morgan Everett and Armando Salinas for donating body parts and time. And
thank you so much Master Chaplin for sharing your information and helping us stay safe!
Gateway offers free training throughout the year, so check the website regularly
for future dates.
“When it comes to self defense, the only difference between being a victim or
being victorious is self defense training.”
By Master Betty Amodeo
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They now offer JP+ Gummies for kids. It is great to be able to offer your child improved
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There are also brochures located in the lobby. Remember to always seize the moment!
Students with top Attendance
December 2008
January 2009
February 2009
Araya Khurana and Ramon Jefferson
Doyin Osinloye, Jocelyn Galvan
and Jonathan Galvan
Karen Aguilar, Marsi James
And Ramon Jefferson
Private classes are still being taught on Friday afternoons. See Master Ogle for scheduling if you
are interested. Classes are 30 min. long and are $20.00 per class.
You select the areas you want to improve in:
fighting, forms, self-defense, strength, overall technique.
17th Annual Georgia AAU Taekwondo Championships
Georgia Qualifier
March 7th, 2009
Tournament Results
Congratulations to the following students that competed in the AAU Qualifier held at
Berkmar High School: David Wilkerson, Lester Hurtault, Ramon Jefferson, DJ Osinloye, Kristopher Bass, Dylan Malec, Kayla Bryant, Karen Aguilar, Morgan Holliday,
Chris Logan, Michael Handlin, Austin Sullivan, David Herculano, Oasis Tyagi, Doyin
Osinloye, Hena Arora, Anthony Mendez, Kenneth Summerlin and Lauren Edwards.
Sparring: 7
Forms: 7
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Total Medals : 28
Lauren Edwards (on left) brought in supplies to the school so our students could make
valentine cards for foster children living in group foster homes. She participated with
a local radio station to help make the day special for hundreds of kids. Thank you
Lauren for helping Gateway be a part of that!
Next Belt Test : Saturday March 28th at 11:30am
Tournaments: March 21st– Grandmaster Seo’s in Dalton, GA
May 2nd– Georgia Games
May 16th– Universal challenge