MSMA’s Online CME Catalog How-To

MSMA’s Online CME Catalog How-To
The site works similar to or any online “store.” To purchase any item, the user must create an
account. If you have never logged onto (or created an account on) our online catalog, just follow these stepby-step instructions:
Log on to
Under the “Browse by Subject Matter” section, click the “Prescribing” option (direct link:
Select any course by clicking on the course title. After selecting a course, you will be taken to the
course description.
When ready to purchase, click the yellow “ADD TO CART” button near the top right of the page.
For MSMA members, select the MEMBER option and click continue.
You will then be taken to a page where you are able to view your entire order (which should only
include the one prescription course, if you have followed the directions above; feel free to add other
courses before continuing on to the next step).
Click the “checkout” button.
The site will then walk you through the registration and payment process. You MUST register with the
site in order to purchase any product. Please know that your info is 100% secure and confidential.
Compelte the information as prompted on the screen and click “continue” at the bottom of each form.
The site will prompt you to complete the payment process and – after you complete that payment –
the course you purchased will be added to your account and will be made available to view and to earn
the applicable credit.
Once you have created an account on the site, you can return anytime to the home page at and log in as a user.
To log in, simply hover your mouse over the “Hello, Guest” greeting on the top right of the home page (and all
pages). Click the SIGN IN button then use your email address and password to log in.
As soon as you log in, you will be taken to a screen with 4 tabs: my products, my receipts, my profile, and my
content updates.
 The “my products” tab will show all courses that you have purchased and that are available to
complete and earn credit.
 The “my receipts” tab is, as you might expect, your receipts for purchased products.
 The “my profile” tab is for updated personal information.
 The “my content updates” tab is to sign up for email notifications when courses for your preferred
subject areas become available.
Any time you want to return to the catalog home page, simply click the “HOME” link above the tabs.
If at any time you have issues, please utilize the helpful links at the bottom of the webpage: the toll free help
line AND/OR the live online chat feature.