How to use Abacus5000 and PAD-5000 to test Spirent Abacus

Spirent Abacus
How to use Abacus5000 and PAD-5000 to test
voice quality of SIP phone
1. Instruction
PAD-5000 is used with Abacus5000 to perform voice quality measurements on IP
phones using analog signals.
2. Equipment
Abacus5000: ECG3 and ICG3
3. Interconnection of PAD-5000 and Abacus5000
1) Connect a two-wire (minimum) RJ-11 cable from the PAD-5000 ECG3 socket to any
of the 14 RJ-11 sockets on the ECI3RJ rear card of the ECG3 subsystem.
2) Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the local area network socket of the IP phone.
This is an RJ-45 connector, and will typically be marked LAN or Ethernet.
3) Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to Ethernet connector 0 (copper wire) on
the rear-panel card (IFI3 or IDI3) of the Abacus 5000 ICG3B or ICG3C subsystem.
4) Disconnect the modular plug of the four-wire RJ-22 cable attached to the telephone
handset. Replace the handset on the phone to keep the switchhook depressed.
5) Attach the other end of this four-wire RJ-22 cable to the PHONE socket on the rear
panel of the PAD-5000.
Note: It might be necessary to replace this RJ-22 cable with the supplied crossover cable
(Spirent P/N 65-03512) if it is later discovered that the IP telephone handset connector is
wired differently from that of the PAD-5000.
4. Abacus Configuration Steps
1) Protocol Selection
a. Card
b. Channels
c. ICG
Others as default.
2) Partition and Timing
a. Analog
b. SIP sub
3) Voice quality (Two methods)
a. Path confirmation (both Analog and SIP sub)
b. Send wav file on original side and wait for QoM on terminate side
① Write new script
② Add action to the script
③ Edit action as required
① Write new script
② Add action to the script
③ Edit action as required
4) Start test and see results