How to get Service Order ticket?

How to get Service
Order ticket?
ETG Help Desk target is fulfill your Service Order ticket fast
and effective way.
Create a new Service Order
1. Use
to open your subscription (don’t forget to put in your favorites)
2. Fill in credentials provided by ETG.
3. Click or open subscription item on the left site under common fast
4. Highlight active subscription. You can either click the check mark on
the left site or focus on the line for creating new Service Order ticket.
Note: You must have subscription for creating new Service Order Case.
5. On the ribbon New section  click Service Order button then you fill
the requested fields on the dialog box.
Notes. If you need the attached document, you have first succesfully
save the Service Order ticket. See next pages for detail.
5.1 Details
• Requested Date: Service Order ticket created date.
• Request Type: Error, Question, Development , Project, Other
• Description: Description of Service Order.
• Contact: Creater of Service Order
• Service Category: Importance degree of Service Order;
A- Critical
B- Normal
C- Low
• Module: Service Order Module (Product Information etc.)
• Sub module: Service Order Sub Module (Product etc.)
• Service stage: Status of Service Order.
6. On the ribbon click Attachments button then choose the required
file then Add note.
 For fasted response please try to as descriptive as possible such as
(screen capture, problematic data details, etc.)
Not: Please choose the file type as «file».
7.Clicking under the Service management on the left side
service order item you can see then all service orders case
details created by you.
For questions:
[email protected]