How to Gain Business Connections

How to Gain Business Connections
Posted on August 23, 2013
This week I was trying to learn more about an organization. After doing some searching
on the internet I was disappointed. I couldn't find one thing about them. How can I
possibly connect if I can't even find you?
Connections are a great asset to your farm. They can provide knowledge sharing,
resource sharing, business relationships and even open doors to unique growth
opportunities. We are in an era where it is easy to connect and share information and
we need to capitalize on that opportunity.
I wrote a few months ago about the importance of a company website, even if it is a
basic website. I understand in the busy world of farming those types of projects often
get put on the back burner, sometimes for years.
I have one quicker, cheaper and easier alternative that will help you start to connect
and build more relationships today. LinkedIn is a business social networking site. It is
nothing like Facebook or Twitter; no one is on there posting about their kids, what they
had for breakfast, etc. This is strictly a professional business site in which you can build a
pool of connections.
The profile you create can list who you are, your farm, information about your
operation, where you went to school, associations and location. It goes even further in
that you can add attachments of articles that interest you, documents, links to your
website, etc. A more recent feature is the ability to list skills that you have and others
can endorse you; these are like professional testimonials. If you have a seed business or
offer farm services this is a great way to get more exposure. You can also have
individuals write paragraphs "recommending" you to others.
You can create a Linkedin account for free. For additional features you can pay
monthly for more access and be able to utilize the tool more robustly.
Feel free to look at my LinkedIn account to get ideas and when you take 15 minutes to
create yours, let's connect!
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