Corporate Harvester – Job Description

Corporate Harvester – Job Description
The Company
AeroFarms is dedicated to enabling local production at commercial scale in different markets
throughout the world. Specifically, we are focused on developing local farms that grow flavorful,
safe, pesticide-free produce that can be easily traced from farm to fork through a simple and
transparent supply chain. As we scale, we are looking for dedicated people who can help us
address our global food crisis and fundamentally transform agriculture.
AeroFarms is building a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Newark, NJ that will be the world’s
largest indoor vertical farm for leafy greens and herbs and will serve the NY Metro area. To
support substantial interest from national retailers, AeroFarms plans a significant scaling of the
business, including facilities in additional cities in the near-term. In addition to North America, the
company also has farms under development in other regions of the world.
Our harvesters have excellent attention to detail and a love for plants. The ideal candidate will
have worked in a nursery, greenhouse, or farm.
 Harvesting
o The job requires strict adherence to our food safety and hygiene requirements
o Written instructions must be followed and they can vary day-to-day
 Record Keeping
o Keep detailed records of each harvest per established protocol
Qualification and Desired Skills
 High school graduate
 Good arithmetic skills
 Comfortable working longer hours and being on call to attend to the farm holidays and
weekends if necessary
 Ability to perform physical activity (Lifting up to 100 lbs. assisted) (Carrying 50 lbs.)
 Must have a valid driver’s license
 Must have appropriate work authorization papers
 Experience with basis plumbing, electric, and hand tools
 Very strong English skills
 5+ years experience in horticulture space (greenhouse/hydroponics/aeroponics)
 Experience with food safety and HACCP protocols and auditing procedures (preferred)
 Familiarity in Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, PowerPoint (preferred)
 College degree or experience in horticulture, agronomy, or similar
 Has own car for running errands
 Comfortable assembling components or experience with commercial wiring or plumbing
We look forward to hearing back from you. Please contact us at [email protected] with your
resume and cover letter.