“EvEry child is an artist. thE problEm is how

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how
to remain an artist once we grow up.”
–Pablo Picasso, painter and sculptor
West Milton
New Carlisle
South Charleston
Tipp City
West Chester
ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s
Letter from the CEO of Culture Works..........3
Letter from the Board Chair
of Culture Works......................................4
About Culture Works................................5
Admission Discounts–Passport to the Arts.....6
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.................7
Carillon Historical Park........................8 & 9
Dayton Art Institute......................... 10 & 11
Dayton Contemporary Dance
Company...................................... 12 & 13
Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.........14 - 17
Five Rivers Metro Parks............................ 18
Human Race Theatre Company........ 19 & 20
Muse Machine....................................... 21
Map of the Dayton Region’s
Cultural Assets...............................22 & 23
The National Museum of the
United States Air Force....................24 & 25
Passport to the Arts--Dining and
Cultural Discounts................................... 26
Sinclair Community College..................... 27
Springfield Art Museum........................... 28
SunWatch and Fort Ancient..................... 29
University of Dayton............................... 30
Victoria Theatre Association............. 31 & 32
Wright State University............................ 33
Zoot Theatre.......................................... 34
Listings of the Dayton Region’s
Cultural Assets....................................... 35
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the second annual edition of
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region.
Although I relocated from Seattle to Dayton
a little more than two years ago, I continue to
be astonished and amazed by the quality and
variety of the cultural assets located here. It is
this incredible cultural vibrancy, combined with
a rich history of innovation and other unique
attributes, that makes the Dayton Region such a
wonderful place to live, work, play—and stay.
Culture Works
110 North Main Street, Suite 165
Martine Meredith Collier, President & CEO
Chloe Donaldson, Development Program
Culture Works produced A Guide to Arts &
Culture in the Dayton Region for the first time
last year to encourage citizens of the region to
connect more often to the vast array of arts
and cultural experiences available here, and
to serve as a tool for relocation and economic
development. The richness and diversity of
the cultural organizations and opportunities
available within a 50-mile radius of Dayton is truly astonishing—and this is a message
Culture Works wants to send out loud and clear to potential residents, tourists, and
employers looking for a new home.
Therese Miller, Chief Financial Officer
New for this year, you will find a map of the Dayton Region on pages 22-23 that identifies
the locations of the cultural organizations listed in this publication. Wow! As you can see,
wherever you choose to live in this region, there are cultural opportunities available not
only in your own backyard, but also just a short distance away.
Scott Buchanan, Treasurer
Also new for this year, we have included universities and colleges. The post-secondary
institutions located in the Dayton Region boast not only outstanding arts facilities, but
also high quality visual arts exhibits, music performances, and theatrical experiences that
are open to the public.
The response we have received to this publication has been overwhelmingly positive. We
have heard from individuals who have expanded their cultural horizons by experiencing a
new art form or attending an exhibit or event in a different community that they did not
know about previously. And we have learned from relocation professionals and human
resource directors that this publication is valuable in attracting talent and investment by
distinguishing Dayton as a unique arts and cultural market.
Special thanks to Vectren and the NewPage Corporation who provided support to make
this publication possible.
We also want to recognize the Culture Works donors, workplace giving sites, and all of
the individuals and organizations in the Dayton Region who provide financial support
to sustain these incredible cultural resources. It is this support that enables our cultural
community to thrive.
My first two years in Dayton have been filled with outstanding performances, inspiring
art exhibits, unique museum adventures, and a mind-boggling variety of festivals. I
look forward to continuing my journey of discovery into the wide variety of cultural
experiences unique to this region. I hope that you will join me in exploring all the exciting
opportunities to experience arts and culture here in the Dayton Region.
Ashley Robison, Marketing Coordinator
Dorie Watts, Workplace Giving Coordinator
Amber S. Best, Chair
Steve Petitjean, Vice Chair
Thomas B. Thickel, Secretary
Alan Schaeffer, Immediate Past Chair
C. Allen Begley, Jr.
Bryan Bucklew
Sara Collins
Matt Dunn
Larry Forman
Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders
Thomas J. Koenig
Jacqueline Miller, PhD.
Allen Norris
Phillip L. Parker
Carrie Scarff
Sally Struthers, PhD.
Sheri Sword
Paul Weaver
Culture Works wishes to acknowledge
the generous support from NewPage
Corporation which made this
publication possible
This NewPage paper has been
chain-of-custody certified by
three independent third-party
certification systems.
Martine Meredith Collier, CFRE, GPC
President & CEO
[email protected]
Printed on Anthem®, 80 lb. gloss text,
from NewPage. Made in the USA.
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Culture Works Guide to Arts
& Culture in the Dayton Region. Since its
introduction, the Guide has received much
applause in terms of the aggregate information
from multiple counties, cities and towns as well as
the activities and promotion of the extraordinary
talent we have in this region.
I always get a bit nostalgic when I turn the pages
of a program brochure or calendar of events for
an upcoming season. I vividly remember my first
live performance – watching the dancers in their
beautiful costumes and listening to the rhythmic
music as they glided across the stage. I was
completely mesmerized. Growing up, my parents
encouraged us to get involved with the arts, and
whether that was participating in chorus or band
in school or attending a local play or festival, the arts have always been a part of my life.
Culture works would
like to thank our
major sponsors
In turn, I’ve raised my children with the same values and appreciation of the arts. I recall
bringing my son to the Nutcracker ballet at a very young age. Just minutes into the
performance, he leaned over and asked, “When are they going to start speaking?” I was
speechless. I quietly said, “Well, they dance, so watch them perform and see if you can
recognize the different instruments being used to play the songs.” He loved it. Ever since,
my children appreciate all types of cultural experiences, and I know the arts will always be a
part of their lives, too.
Earlier this year Culture Works brought Doug Borwick, author of Building Communities, Not
Audiences to Dayton to speak about the future of arts in the United States. His philosophy is
based on the notion that, “It is from community that the arts developed and it is in serving
communities that the arts will thrive… Communities do not exist to serve the arts; the arts
exist to serve communities.”
Mr. Borwick’s principles are consistent with the mission of Culture Works. We are the
funding, advocacy, and service organization that passionately inspires, supports, and
sustains arts and culture locally.
As the umbrella arts agency for the Greater Dayton region, Culture Works believes that
creating and maintaining a vibrant and attractive community filled with quality arts brings
measurable and immeasurable value to our citizens. From providing inspiring educational
opportunities for our children, to attracting and retaining employees in our region, to
adding beauty and entertainment for our lives, arts and culture reflect all the best and most
beautiful parts of who we are.
Culture Works is proud to provide support and services for cultural organizations operating
in the Dayton Region. We are privileged to partner with corporations, foundations and
individuals to secure a flourishing and creative environment for area residents of all ages
and backgrounds. It’s an honor to serve on the Culture Works board, and I’m thankful for
the leadership and relentless dedication of Alan Schaeffer, former chair, as well as Martine
Collier, President and CEO of Culture Works. We will all continue to work with the staff and
board members to perpetuate our mission.
For many of us, Dayton has always been home. But whether you are from this area, or a
newcomer, there is so much to explore. Dayton has a rich heritage of innovation; and the
breadth and depth of the quality and variety of opportunities here make it a great place
to live, work, play and raise families. I am truly grateful for the many amazing cultural
experiences that are available in the region. I hope that you find the latest edition of
the guide informative and please take full advantage of the various opportunities and
experiences available to you.
Amber S. Best
Culture Works Board of Trustees
For a complete listing of companies, individuals,
foundations, and organizations that support
Culture Works go to www.cultureworks.org.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
culture creates community
WHO WE ARE Culture Works is a nonprofit regional arts agency that provides a unified voice for all the cultural
organizations and activities in the Dayton Region, and promotes the good news about the amazing cultural
vibrancy of our region to a national audience.
WHAT WE DO Culture Works is committed to leading the charge to insure a healthy environment for arts and
culture in this community for generations to come. We work to galvanize widespread support for arts and
culture, while also ensuring that every citizen has an opportunity to experience the cultural vibrancy that
defines our region.
• Campaign for the Arts: Provide workplace giving opportunities to more than 40 companies throughout the region to create awareness and raise funds.
• Guide to Art & Culture in the Dayton Region: Produce an annual publication that highlights the
cultural assets and opportunities of the entire region.
• Community Cultural Planning: Convene widespread community participation to develop strategies to
utilize cultural resources to achieve civic and economic goals.
• Advocacy: Communicate locally, regionally, and nationally, the importance of arts and culture to our
region’s economy, as well as to each citizen’s quality of life.
WHY WE MATTER Our efforts play a vital role in making the Dayton Region more appealing to new residents,
tourists, and employers looking for a new home.
BECOME A MEMBER Culture Works could not provide its programs and services without broad-based community
support. Individuals making an annual contribution of $85 or more to Culture Works become members of
the Passport to the Arts program, receiving discounts for performance tickets, dining, and other cultural
activities. See pages 6 and 26 for listings of 2013-2014 discounts. To become a member and find out more,
passport to the arts
“ My husband and I love the Passport to the Arts program and are constantly telling our friends about it. Not only do we get two performance
tickets for the price of one, we also save by dining before the performance at a participating Passport restaurant and receive a savings there
as well. We attend more events now, and are willing to try new things because the Passport makes it affordable.”
.…comment from a response to a recent Culture Works survey.
2013-2014 Passport Eligible Performances
A Culture Works Passport to the Arts membership provides Buy One-Get One FREE Ticket Discounts for the following
2013-2014 performances. Donors become a Passport to the Arts Member by contributing $85 or more to Culture Works. Memberships are
good for one year. Discounts are valid only for the dates listed below, and some restrictions apply. For more information about the Passport
performances--dates, performance times and locations, and how to redeem your Passport discount—visit the Culture Works website at
cultureworks.org or call us at 937-222-2787. To find out more about other restaurant, cultural, and retail discounts available through
the Passport to the Arts program, turn to page 26 of this publication.
•Hymns of Triumph
October 27, 2013
•Bach’s Mass in B Minor
March 23, 2014
•Celebrating Dance and Song
(featuring the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company)
May 18, 2014
October 5-6, 2013
•In the Spirit of…Behold His Holy Name
December 14-15, 2013
•Revisioning 45: New Works Unveiled
February 8-9, 2014
April 5-6, 2014
•DCDC2 Annual Spring Concert: Change
April 27, 2014
•Celebrating Dance and Song (with the Bach Society of Dayton)
May 18, 2014
•Street Beats
June 7, 2014
Dayton Ballet
•A Range of Motion
Select Performances, October, 2013
•The Nutcracker
Select Performances, December 2013
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
•Philhar Monster
October 20, 2013
•Far Excursions
November 1, 2013
•Principal Quartet & Friends
November 7, 2013
•Holiday Pops with Melissa Manchester
December 6, 2013
•The Art of Transformation
Select Performances January 2014
•Concertmasters’ Choice
January 16, 2014
•Mozart & Haydn
January 19, 2014
•Saint-Saens and His Organ Symphony
February 7, 2014
•An Evening with Arturo Sandoval
February 28, 2014
•Stories and Dreams
March 7, 2014
•Mozart & Beethoven
March 16, 2014
•Mozart’s Legacy
March 28, 2014
•Young Artists in the Spotlight: Bugs!
March 30, 2014
•Billboard Hits of the 60s
April 4, 2014
•Mozart & the Romantics
April 13, 2014
Dayton Opera
November 24, 2013
•Hansel and Gretel
February 23, 2014
•Becky’s New Car
September 2013
•Fiddler on the Roof
October-November 2013
•Torch Song Trilogy
January-February 2014
•Other Desert Cities
March-April 2014
•Play it By Heart
June 2014
*The first eight performances are Passport eligible
January 17-18, 2014
•Air of Remembrance Concert
November 9-10, 2013
•Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Musica
February 16, 2014
•Monty Python’s SPAMALOT
October 4,5,6, 2013
November 13,15,16, 2013
•A Shayna Maidel
Feb. 7, 8,9, 2014
•A Flea in Her Ear
April, 4,5,6,11,12, 2014
•Holidays in the Heartland,
Schuster Center
November 10, 2013
•Rocky Horror (Puppet) Show
October-November, 2013
•The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe
February-March, 2014
•Animal Farm
April-May, 2014
•Spring Concert
May 2014
•Spanish Flair
October 26-27, 2013
•Handel’s Judas Maccabeus
November 24, 2013
•Russian Masters
February 15-16, 2014
•Viva Italia!
April 26-27, 2014
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
THE Thirst For
Imagine a place where extraordinary traveling exhibits and interactive experiences spark the imagination! From fiery demonstrations of basic scientific principles and live animal friends from around
the globe, to dynamic images of Earth and space,
experience a one-of-a-kind, interactive Museum that
will allow you to explore, dream and learn. With handson activities, daily public programs, engaging permanent exhibits, and special featured traveling shows, the
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery ignites curiosity for
all visitors — from 2-102 years old!
Visitors can splash their way through the Water
Properties Table, find their rhythm at the CW Color Wall,
and get a hands-on lesson in physics as they climb a
three story tower in Science Central, and then get
wild with the furry, prickly, and scaly residents of the
Discovery Zoo. Even the littlest scientists remain engaged all day with learning areas designed just for toddlers at Kids’ PLAYce.
Everyone dares to dream big at Explorers Crossing,
where inquisitive minds enjoy learning through role
playing as they interact with career-driven and environmentally focused exhibits. Children can tune up a
car, become a veterinarian, preside over a trial, or learn
about the importance of recycling and how people affect wildlife. Visitors can also take a dive into Splash!,
where they can explore the story of water conservation
and learn about Miami Valley’s unique water history
and resources.
Featuring animals from diverse ecosystems native to
five continents, the Discovery Zoo brings visitors faceto-face with nearly 100 animals, including meerkats,
a bobcat, and the ever popular river otters. Themed to
showcase the ways in which animals adapt to their environment, the Discovery Zoo also includes a nocturnal
area with kinkajous, skunks and Egyptian fruit bats, as
well as a rain forest environment with Brazilian agoutis
Whether you take a trip to the moon with your favorite
Sesame Street® characters or a stroll to the prehistoric
past with creatures that roamed Earth’s ancient seas,
The Dome offers a full-color, immersive experience that
engages all the senses. Featuring two distinct projector
systems, The Dome offers full dome educational shows,
next generation 3D films incorporating electronic LCD
glasses, and enhanced traditional live planetarium
shows with crystal clear views of the night sky – no
matter what the weather is like outside! Already the
only public Planetarium in the region, The Dome has elevated learning opportunities by offering options that
are as entertaining as they are educational.
The Museum brings nature indoors at the MeadWestvaco
Treehouse, and history comes to life with select artifacts from the Museum’s 1.4 million item Collection in
the African Room and Bieser Discovery Center.
View 24-hour time-capsulated images showing commercial air traffic around the world, track turtles as they
cross the Pacific Ocean, or marvel at detailed images of
the planets of our Solar System in Science On a Sphere®.
This 68-inch diameter carbon fiber globe, suspended in
mid-air, offers a scaled view of Earth and space, capable
of demonstrating both an astonishing array of visualizations showing earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land,
as well as some of the most breathtaking astronomical
phenomena in the galaxy.
Whether you discover your inner scientist at one of the
hands-on exhibits, are inspired by the vivid imagery
of The Dome, or learn more about one of the Discovery
Zoo’s furry friends, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
will inspire curiosity and wonder in people of all ages.
The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is open Monday Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm, and Sunday noon – 5 pm. General
admission now includes unlimited shows in The Dome
(based on available seating). Admission for children
under 16 is $9.00 and adults are $12.00, while seniors
60 and over enjoy $10.00 general admission. Museum
members and children under two are admitted free of
charge. For more information please call 937-275-5811
or visit www.BoonshoftMuseum.org.
Photographs courtesy of BOONSHOFT MUSEUM.
Meerkats at the
Discovery Zoo
cuddle for
the camera.
photo by Jim Witmer
and Prehensile-tailed porcupines. This newly remodeled
space allows the resident animal ambassadors to thrive,
and daily programs with experienced Live Animal staff
provide an unparalleled learning experience.
Dayton History at Carillon Historical Park
arillon Historical Park is an outdoor museum complex
consisting of 30 exhibit buildings on a beautiful, 65acre site. The Park showcases Dayton’s rich heritage
of creativity, invention and milestones in innovation
that changed the nation and the world. Visit the indoor Heritage
Center of Dayton Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship that
includes an impressive collection of NCR cash registers, a multisensory 4D theater, a full scale, Ohio-made Carousel of Dayton
Innovation, and so much more. The Park is home to the John W.
Berry, Sr. Wright Brothers Aviation
Center, a unit of the Dayton Aviation
Heritage National Historical Park.
The Center houses the original 1905
Wright Flyer III, the world’s first
practical airplane.
Dayton History is Montgomery County’s official historical organization. The organization boasts multiple campuses in the
greater Dayton, Ohio area: Carillon Historical Park, Hawthorn
Hill, the Paul Laurence Dunbar State Memorial, the Patterson
Homestead, the Old Court House, Memorial Hall and the
Archive Center. Dayton History brings the past to life to understand the present and inspire the future by collecting, preserving, interpreting, presenting, and promoting the region’s past.  
Admission to the Park is free for
Dayton History members. Fees of
$8.00/adult, $7.00/senior (60+) and
$5/child (3-17) apply. There are no
fees charged to shop in the Museum
Store or to dine at Culp’s Café.
For additional information, call 937293-2841 or visit
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Dayton Concours d’Elegance
September 15, 2013, 10:30-4 pm.
Examine and admire 200 of the finest classic and antique automobiles and
motorcycles in the country amidst the beautiful and welcoming setting of
Carillon Historical Park. Guest will be treated to food, live music, and historical
demonstrations in addition to viewing beautiful cars and motorcycles up close and
personal. For a truly unique experience, please join us for the Dayton Concours
d’Elegance Preview Party on September 14, 2013 from 6:30 to 10:30 pm.
Home and Harvest at the Patterson Homestead
September 15 & 22, 10 am-4 pm
Experience the Harvest season during the Victorian Era. Explore traditional
activities through the eyes of the Patterson family including period games, harvest
supper preparations, and Victorian songs of merriment. Fun for the entire family.
Angel Night at Calvary & Carillon
December 5, 2013, 5:30-9 pm
Join us for a special evening filled with holiday spirit. Bundle up for a carriage
ride through the cemetery to view the illuminated angel statues. Sip hot chocolate,
decorate festive cookies, and visit the Museum store featuring unique gifts from
local artisans.
Ringing in the Holidays
November 23, 2013, 6:30-10pm
Kick off the holiday season as you mingle with family and friends at this festive
celebration! Sample gourmet hors d’oeuvres and warm your spirits with a
delicious martini from the open bar or a steaming cup of premium coffee. You can
listen to classic holiday tunes while you vote for your favorite specialty dessert in
the “Dayton’s Most Delightful Dessert Contest!”
KnockOut Dayton at Memorial Hall
March 2, 2014, 6:30-11pm
Don’t miss the action as Dayton V.I.P.’s duke it out in the ring! Enjoy drinks and
gourmet concessions with a 1920s flair while cheering on your favorite fighter at
the boxing exhibition presented by Drake’s Downtown Gym.
Tavern Dinners
Enjoy an authentic hearth cooked meal in the 18th century Newcom Tavern. The
tastes and aromas of traditional recipes change with the seasons along with
hands-on demonstrations such as musket shooting, ice cream churning, and making
apple pomanders. You will complete the evening with live entertainment such as
minstrels, dramatic performances, and magicians. Advance reservations required.
Tavern Dinner Schedule, 6-9pm
October 18, 19, 25, 26, 2013
Harvest Feast November 1 and 2, 2013
Christmas Feast
December 13 and 14, 2013
Deeds Carillon Concerts
Carillon Historical Park is also home to the Deeds Carillon, one of Dayton’s
best-known landmarks, and the largest carillon in Ohio. Join us for free, familyfriendly concerts at Deeds Carillon. Award-winning musician and past President
of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, Dr. Larry Weinstein, will perform
each original concert. For more information about the concerts, please
call 937-293-2841.
Concert Schedule
September 1, 2013
September 11, 2013
September 15, 2013
September 15, 2013
October 6, 2013
October 20, 2013
November 3, 2013
November 23, 2013
December 7, 2013
December 15, 2013
3 pm
10 am
11 am
2 pm
3 pm
3 pm
3 pm
6:30 pm
9 am
12 pm
Victorian Afternoon Tea
Connect a Million Minds
Victoria Afternoon Tea Schedule, 2-4 pm
September 22, 2013
Harvest Tea
Hallow’s Eve Tea
October 12 and 13, 2013
Thanksgiving Tea November 17, 2013
Christmas Tea
December 7, 8, 14, 15, 2013
Connect a Million Minds Schedule, 3:30-5 pm
September 17, 2013
October 15, 2013
November 12, 2013
December 10, 2013
Join us for a 19th century afternoon tea at the historic Patterson Homestead. Enjoy
hot tea, a variety of breads, tea sandwiches and desserts served by interpreters in
19th century costume. Learn about the Patterson family history and take a tour of
the Homestead. Advance reservations required
Train Runs
Carillon Park Rail and Steam Society operates the 1/8th scale railroad as
a working, interactive exhibit of the museum. The goal is to complement
the museum’s collection of historic railroad equipment and bring these
magnificent static displays to life. Train runs are held from 1-4 pm.
Train Run Schedule
Saturday, September 7, 2013
Sunday, September 15, 2013
Saturday, October 5, 2013
Saturday, October 19, 2013
Saturday, November 30, 2013
Saturday, December 14, 2013
The Connect a Million Minds program introduces youth to opportunities and
resources that inspire them to develop the STEM skills they need to become the
problem solvers of tomorrow. Eighty percent of jobs in the next decade will require
science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. This next generation
needs these important skills to solve our nation’s greatest challenges. Grades 4-8.
Learning your Ps and Qs: Print Class
September 8, 1-5 pm
Have you ever wondered how people printed before there were computers? This
program will explore the history of printing in Dayton and how it was done. As
the “printer’s devil” you will be taught how to compose and set type, operate the
Linotype, lock it all up, and then run the presses to create your own personalized
greeting cards. Ages 15 and older. Advanced registration
is required.
Lincoln Society of Dayton
Join us for monthly meetings about the life and times of our nation’s 16th President,
Abraham Lincoln. All meetings start at 2 pm.
Lincoln Society of Dayton Meeting Schedule:
August 25, 2013
September 8, 2013
October 6, 2013
November 3, 2013
December 1, 2013
Photographs courtesy of DAYTON ART INSTITUTE.
Art Changes Lives – Live It
at The Dayton Art Institute
he Dayton Art Institute (DAI) has been a fixture of
downtown Dayton for more than 90 years. Founded
in 1919, it is one of the region’s premier fine arts museums. In addition to exhibiting outstanding special
exhibitions and an impressive permanent collection
of art from around the world, the museum is renowned for
educational programming that includes an array of offerings
for diverse audiences.
Executive Director Michael R. Roediger and Associate Director Jane A. Black have spearheaded many new projects during their first two years of leadership at the museum. These
include new partnerships, programs and events; key funding
for repairs and improvements to the museum’s historic 1929
facility; and the creation of a community gathering space featuring the all-new Leo Bistro restaurant and renovated Museum Store.
Farnese at Caprarola in Italy, both examples of sixteenth century Italian Renaissance architecture.
In addition to its gallery spaces, the museum facility includes
a 478-seat auditorium that is known for its superb acoustics,
a spectacular Great Hall that is used for many events and
weddings throughout the year, and two cloisters, one that is
open-air and one that is enclosed for year-round events and
As they focus on the new, Roediger and Black also work to
improve and enhance the museum’s long-standing traditions
and strengths.
Permanent Collection
The museum’s permanent collection, praised for its diversity
and quality, contains more than 26,000 objects, spanning
5,000 years of art history. At any given time, the museum
galleries display about 1,000 works from the permanent collection. The upper-level galleries include the Berry Wing of
European Art and the Dicke Wing of American Art. The lowerlevel galleries include the Patterson-Kettering Wing of Asian
Art, the Eilleen Dicke Gallery of Glass, and special exhibition
galleries, as well as galleries devoted to African, Oceanic, PreColumbian and Native American art.
The Dayton Art Institute sits atop a hill on the edge of the
Great Miami River overlooking downtown Dayton. The museum’s landmark building, designed by prominent museum
architect Edward B. Green of Buffalo and completed in 1930,
was modeled after the Villa d’Este near Rome and the Villa
The lower level also contains the museum’s Experiencenter
family gallery. It provides hands-on learning activities for
children and families, and encourages visitors to engage in
active participation throughout the space. Connecting activities provide opportunities for families to explore the museum
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
and its collections together. The Experiencenter’s featured exhibition I See the Rhythm, on
view through April 2014, explores the creative
space where music and art overlap.
Special Exhibitions
In addition to its permanent collection, The
Dayton Art Institute is known for a diverse
selection of special exhibitions. The museum’s
2013 spring exhibitions, commemorating the
100th anniversary of the 1913 Dayton flood,
received great acclaim from the nearly 8,000
people who visited it. During the summer of
2013, connections between art and sports will
be highlighted in the exhibitions, Andy Warhol:
Athletes and The Art of Sport: Highlights from the
Collection of The Dayton Art Institute. The fall
2013 exhibition, Object of Devotion: Medieval
English Alabaster Sculpture from the Victoria and
Albert Museum, presents 60 beautifully-carved
alabaster panels and free-standing figures
that were displayed in the homes, chapels,
and churches of both aristocratic and nonaristocratic Christians in the 15th and 16th
centuries. Several new exhibitions are planned
for 2014, including Deco Japan: Shaping Art
and Culture, 1920-1945 in the fall. It features
nearly 200 works from the Levenson collection, the world’s premier collection of Japanese art in the Deco style.
Education has been a cornerstone of the museum since its early years, when it operated an art
school. Today, The Dayton Art Institute offers
a variety of workshops and classes for adults
and children, including a its long-running and
popular Summer Art Camp programs. In addition, the education department collaborates
with many area schools and arts groups on
arts educations programs that reach children
and youth from preschool to high school age.
Programs & Events
In addition to classes and workshops, the
museum offers many different programs and
events throughout the year, ranging from artist lectures to concerts and social events. Some
of the long-running musical programs at the
museum include the Vanguard Concerts series, the Vectren Jazz & Beyond series, summer Twilight Concerts and the fall/winter Afternoon Musicales.
The museum’s signature events are its annual
Art Ball gala and Oktoberfest celebrations.
Held the second Saturday in June, the Art Ball
gala is one of Dayton’s premier black tie galas.
Guests enjoy dinner served throughout the
museum galleries, as well as live music, silent
auctions and more. The annual Oktoberfest,
held in September, has been one of Dayton’s
favorite festivals for more than 40 years. An
average of 25,000 people attends the two-day
celebration of food, music, art, and, of course,
New Hours, Events,
Partnerships & Projects
While continuing to build upon these successful events, Roediger and Black seek to build
new audiences for the museum through new
events, new partnerships and new projects.
Dayton’s Zoot Theatre Company, a professional puppet and mask company, begins its second
season as a resident company of the museum’s
NCR Renaissance Auditorium. It will produce
and stage three shows there during its 20132014 season.
“This new space is all about serving visitors
and making them feel welcome at The DAI, by
providing a fuller museum experience,” says
Roediger. “Guests can enjoy coffee, wine, food,
shopping and more, which we hope will inspire
them to return on a regular basis.”
Both The Museum Store and Leo Bistro are
open during regular museum hours, which
were also expanded in 2013. The Dayton Art
Institute is now open Tuesday – Friday, 11 .am.
– 8 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sunday, noon – 5 p.m.
“We heard many requests for expanded hours
and more evening hours, to better accommodate busy schedules,” says Roediger.
“Our goal is to provide a stellar experience for
every guest, every time,” says Associate Director Jane Black. “The expanded hours are part
of our ongoing efforts to make the museum an
inclusive and accessible place where everyone
feels welcome.”
Several new events that began in 2012 will
continue in 2013, including the Prime Time
Party Rental Series and Fifth Third Bank Arts
Night Out. The Prime Time Party Rental Series
celebrates pop culture icons and highlights related art in the museum’s collection. The 2013
series kicked off with a Wizard of Oz Party and
Studio 54 Disco Party, and will conclude in
November with a Renaissance Ball. The Fifth
Third Bank Arts Night Out series brings the
visual and performing arts together for a series of one-night performances taking place in
October, November and December in the NCR
Renaissance Auditorium. Through its partnership with Zoot Theatre Company, the museum
is able to offer ticket packages that combine
both Zoot and Fifth Third Bank Arts Night Out
“Trends around the country have shown that
museum attendance is increasingly event driven, and that has been a focus for us as we look
at new ways to bring visitors to The Dayton Art
Institute,” says Black.
That trend has also played a role in a renovation project that began during the summer
of 2012 and combined the museum’s former
Café and Museum Store into a new community gathering space with an open floor plan.
The newly renovated Museum Store opened
in December 2012, and the all-new Leo Bistro
opened for lunch and dinner in February 2013.
The museum also recently launched What Is a
Masterpiece?, a new interactive tour that uses
QR codes and mobile technology to provide
guests with in-depth information about select
works from the museum’s permanent collection. As part of that project, made possible
by a federal Institute of Museum and Library
Services (IMLS) grant the museum received in
2011, Wi-Fi is now available throughout the
museum, as well as in Leo Bistro.
Experience The Dayton Art Institute –
Become a Member
One of the best ways to experience all the
museum has to offer is through membership.
Not only does membership provide a critical
source of support for museum operation, but it
also provides many benefits. Members receive
free admission to the permanent collection
and most special exhibitions, free admission
to many events and programs, including Vectren Jazz & Beyond, discounts to many other
events and programs, discounts in The Museum Store and Leo Bistro, and discounts on
art classes and workshops. Costing as little as
$45 for an individual (only $70 for a family),
a museum membership quickly pays for itself.
Visit Us Today!
The Dayton Art Institute is located at 456 Belmonte Park North in downtown Dayton, just
minutes off Interstate 75 in downtown Dayton. Free parking is available at the museum
and the facility is fully accessible to physically
challenged visitors. For more information, call
937-223-4ART (4278) or visit
CultureWorks.org 11
Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
Living the Legacy—
45 Years and Counting…
Dayton Contemporary Dance Company invites all to share in their
45th Anniversary Season, and to become reacquainted with their
world-renowned artistry in dance.
ounded in Dayton, Ohio in 1968 by the late dancer, teacher, choreographer, and visionary leader
Jeraldyne Blunden, the Dayton Contemporary Dance
Company (DCDC) is one of very few American dance
companies of international reputation among those
located outside a large US metropolitan city. The company is
committed to the creation of dance art, the performance of
dance art, and the touring of dance art. Additionally, the company is committed to teaching the next generation of dance
professionals: DCDC2 is the company’s apprenticeship arm
that prepares professional dancers for the company’s first
troupe as well as for other top dance companies nationwide.
The mission of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company:
Rooted in the African-American experience, the Dayton
Contemporary Dance Company is a culturally diverse contemporary dance company committed to reaching the broadest
audience through exceptional performance and arts-integrated education.
The company’s vision statement: Transcending human boundaries through contemporary dance.
To fulfill the company’s mission and vision statements, the
Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: 1) creates, performs,
and tours locally, nationally, and globally, dance art of exceptional quality, and 2) delivers premier arts-integrated
education services to the local community and while on tour
nationally and internationally. In 2012-2013, approximately
30,000 people benefitted from the company’s dance art and
its arts-integrated education services.
Among the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company’s major
dance creations, which the company also premiered, include
The Flight Project (2003), a group of five dance works that celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first manned flight by
the Dayton-born Wright Brothers; and colôr-ógraphy, n. the
dances of Jacob Lawrence (2007), which was comprised of four
dance works inspired by the African-American painter Jacob
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Individual masterworks created at the company and premiered by the
company include Vespers (1986) by the late Ulysses Dove, Children of the
Passage (1999) by Ronald K. Brown and Donald McKayle, and Etudes
(2004) by Kevin Ward, among many others. The Dayton Contemporary
Dance Company tours locally, nationally and internationally, including Bermuda, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, and
South Korea. In August 2012 the company’s latest international tour
took place in China at the grand opening of University of Dayton China
Institute in Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou, China. In 2013 the film
“Sparkle” was shown nationally on PBS as part of their presentation
“Lifecasters.” This award-winning documentary is about DCDC dancer Sheri “Sparkle” Williams and was created by Oscar-nominated film
makers Julia Reichert and Stephen Bognar.
In addition to dance creation, performance, and touring, the Dayton
Contemporary Dance Company reaches out to local, national, and international populations by using the art of dance as an experiential
tool to support learning. This method is called arts-integrated education and is extremely versatile in its potential applications.
The program that delivers the company’s arts-integrated education is
called Teaching, Learning, and Caring, which is adaptable to the learning needs of the entire life spectrum, from toddler to senior citizen. A
special feature of the Teaching, Learning, and Caring program is that
it supports the education needs of young populations in underserved
communities to help improve their chances for success.
The 2013-2014 season, Living the Legacy, marks the 45th Anniversary
of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.
Saturday, October 5th at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, October 6,
at 3 pm, 2013 • University of Dayton, Boll Theatre, Dayton, Ohio
Emergence is a showcase of the work of emerging choreographers from the Ohio region. Four works will be presented
and one will be made a permanent member of the company’s
repertoire, one of the world’s largest in contemporary dance.
Saturday, December 14th at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, December 15,
at 3 pm, 2013 • Dayton Convention Center, 22 East Fifth Street,
Dayton, Ohio
This will be the seventh production of DCDC’s most beloved
dance concert. The In the Spirit of series taps into the deepest origins of the African-American community that gave birth
to the dance company. Highlights include a community choir,
a children’s choir, live instrumentalists, and plenty of holiday
singing, dance, and joy!
Saturday, February 8 at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, February 9, at 3 pm,
2014 • Victoria Theatre, 138 North Main Street, Dayton, Ohio
This concert will present three world premieres of new work
by the internationally renowned choreographers Donald Byrd,
Ronen Koresh, and Ray Mercer. The creation of their new
work is made possible by the dance company’s two-year project Revisioning 45, named in reference to the company’s 45th
Saturday, April 5 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, April 6 at 3 pm •
Dayton Art Institute, NCR Renaissance Auditorium,
456 Belmonte Park North, Dayton, Ohio
In proud collaboration with its university partners, DCDC presents a fusion of dance with live instrumentalists and singers
who are chosen among students attending the University of
Dayton, Central State University, and Wright State University.
Synchronicity presents on state the dynamism of their collaborative relationships.
Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 4 pm • University of Dayton, Boll Theatre,
Dayton, Ohio
DCDC2 stages Change, a subject so broad and general that
only the human body through movement can give it new expression. Dance is the supreme art for this acute knowledge
of time.
Saturday, May 10th, 6 pm to 11 pm • The Mandalay, 2700
East River Road, Dayton, Ohio
As the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company’s annual fundraising gala, Soulstice has developed a reputation for being
one of the most entertaining events in town! Come celebrate
45 years of one of the city of Dayton’s, the state of Ohio’s,
and the nation’s top performance arts company.
Sunday, May 18, 2014 • Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3939
Stonebridge Road, Dayton, Ohio
DCDC joins the Bach Society of Dayton in its presentation of
a concert where live music and dance will weave an experience of movement and sound. Contemporary dance of the
African-American experience will pair with select classical
music of the European tradition.
Earley Room, Building 12, 444 West 3rd Street, Room 172, Dayton Ohio
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Sinclair Community College, Charity
DCDC is a family-oriented organization defined by a shared
love: the art of dance. Likewise, other Dayton family enterprises have left their mark on the Miami Valley area. The 2nd
Legacy Luncheon celebration is planned in their honor and on
behalf of the entire Dayton community.
Saturday, June 7, 2014 •Carillon Park, 1000 Carillon Blvd.,
Dayton, Ohio
Carillon Park will be the venue for the dance company’s venture into great dance art performed before a live audience
out of doors. Street Beats will celebrate the community that
is Dayton, and Carillon Park is the choice location for such a
For tickets to the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, contact Ticket Center Stage at 937-228-3630 or www.ticketcenterstage.com
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Dayton Performing Arts Alliance
Photographs courtesy of DPAA
On July 1, 2012, a landmark moment in the history of
performing arts organizations in the United States took place
in Dayton, Ohio. A merger between the Dayton Ballet, the
Dayton Opera, and the Dayton Philharmonic created a new
organization—the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
he 2013-2014 Signature Season heralds the first time
in the nation that a ballet company, and opera company, and a philharmonic orchestra have joined forces
under one roof to collaborate on all aspects of an arts
season. The results are sure to please lovers of dance,
opera, and all types of music. The season consists of eight Series,
three Special Events, and three Signature Events. The Signature
Events are groundbreaking performances that include all three
arts forms interwoven throughout the program to combine all
three art forms into one sparkling evening of cultural entertainment. For tickets and more information visit www.daytonperformingarts.org
Dayton Ballet Stages a New Production of The Nutcracker
and Three Repertory Offerings
he second oldest ballet company in the United States,
Dayton Ballet is known internationally as “The Company
of Premieres.” As one of the top three dance companies
in the nation that produces and presents new work, and
the only dance company to establish a fund designated
specifically to create new full-length 21st Century ballets, the
organization celebrated its 75th anniversary in the 2012-2013
The newly formed Dayton Performing Arts Alliance presents a
unique foundation to foster collaborations among orchestral
music, opera and dance, providing opportunities for
exceptional artistic productions as well as enhanced educational
Dayton Ballet began when Josephine Schwarz and her sister
Hermene opened The Schwarz School of Dance in 1927. “Miss
Jo” later studied at the School of American Ballet, but was
forced to return home to Dayton after receiving an injury
while performing in New York. In May 1937, Miss Jo and Miss
Hermene gathered together the school’s finest dancers, named
the troupe “The Experimental Group for Young Dancers,” and
staged a performance at the Dayton Art Institute. This was the
first performance of what is now Dayton Ballet.
Dayton Ballet hosts a season of four performances that includes
familiar traditional ballets, the classic family-friendly holiday
staple The Nutcracker, as well as new and innovative works.
“Home” is the historic 1,139-seat Victoria Theatre and the
While performances are Dayton Ballet’s most high-profile
events, it is the company’s commitment to dance education,
training and outreach that remains at the core of its existence.
This mission helps to develop future audiences through
the Dayton Ballet II Company featuring pre-professional
training and performing along with the association with Muse
Machine. In addition, the Nonprofit Partners Program works
with community agencies assisting special populations by
distributing 1,000 tickets to at-risk youths, senior citizens,
handicapped or terminally ill individuals and military families
so that they may experience the joy of a ballet performance.
Numerous adults enjoy pre-performance lectures and Encore!
post-performance discussions with Dayton Ballet dancers,
choreographers, and other artists.
Miss Jo’s vision lives on. Her devotion to artistic excellence,
arts education and the love of dance is incorporated into each
and every performance. Dayton Ballet is skillfully guided by
the artistic direction of Karen Russo Burke. This season will
present dance works by Susanne Payne, Gerald Arpino, Jessica
Lang, Dermot Burke, Justin Koertgen, Gina Garner-Walther,
Gina Patterson and Karen Russo Burke, including her new
production of The Nutcracker accompanied by the Dayton
Philharmonic Orchestra.
Dayton Opera Celebrates a Rich 53-Year History and
an Inventive Future
rom the first meetings of its founders in the fall of
1960, Dayton Opera has enriched the cultural life of
the Dayton Region. Dayton Opera’s 53-year history
began in the autumn of 1960, when a group of operaloving Daytonians met to discuss the region’s need for
a professional opera company. With great volunteer support,
Dayton Opera performed its first season in 1961-62, and was
formally incorporated on May 31, 1962.
Since that time, the company’s audiences have grown. In 2003,
Dayton Opera moved from its long-time home of Memorial Hall
to its new home at the Benjamin and Marian Performing Arts
Center. The beautiful Mead Theatre, perfectly suited to opera
performances, has enabled the company to produce bigger and
better productions in an acoustically superior theatre.
state-of-the-art Schuster Center, which accommodates 2,300
patrons. Over 40 performances are presented in the two venues
throughout the season.
Dayton Opera’s founder and first artistic director, Lester
Freedman (also then-artistic director of Toledo Opera), led the
young opera company for 20 years, producing the staples of the
opera repertoire in Downtown’s Memorial Hall.
In 1996, Thomas Bankston, in collaboration with Cincinnati
Opera, was named Artistic Administrator. In 2001, after
several years of great artistic success and increased financial
stability, Bankston was appointed as full-time Artistic Director
and then as General & Artistic Director in 2004. During his
tenure, Dayton Opera has grown in size and stature, especially
through the move from Memorial Hall to the Benjamin and
Marian Schuster Center in 2003. In July, 2012, as a result of the
Dayton Performing Arts Merger, Bankston returns as the fulltime Artistic Director, allowing him more time to focus on the
opera productions and collaborations with the Philharmonic
and the Ballet.
CultureWorks.org 15
Dayton Performing Arts Alliance
Many accomplished and well-known singers have been heard in
Dayton Opera productions throughout the years. They include
Martina Arroyo, Placido Domingo, Robert Merrill, Roberta
Peters, Jerome Hines, Erie Mills, Samuel Ramey, James Morris
and Mary Jane Johnson.
In recent years, Dayton Opera has fostered the developing
careers of artists such as Vivica Genaux, Lester Lynch, Megan
Monaghan, Cynthia Lawrence, Scott Piper, Anna Christy,
Jennifer Rivera, Andrew Garland and Indira Mahajan. The
desire to support young talent has also been manifested
through the company’s Artist-in-Residence program, a
professional training program established in the 1987-1988
In 2003, Dayton Opera performed its first production in
the Schuster Center, a critically acclaimed production of
Verdi’s Aida. This production, the largest in the history of the
company, played to full audiences and began a new era of opera
Also in 2003, Dayton Opera inaugurated a new concert
presentation entitled the Dayton Opera Star Gala. This annual
concert has featured such internationally renowned operatic
artists as Denyce Graves, Deborah Voigt, Angela Brown, Ruth
Ann Swenson, Lawrence Brownlee and Marcello Giordani.
In 2006, Dayton Opera brought a significant new production of
Madame Butterfly to Dayton. Designed by renowned Japanese
modern artist Jun Kaneko, this non-traditional production
featured bold colors, geometric shapes and multi-media effects
to bring animated visual artwork into the opera theatre.
Audiences from 19 states attended this landmark production,
which was a critical and popular success.
In 2010, Dayton Opera raised the curtain to its 50th
Anniversary Celebration Season with two company premieres,
The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and Beethoven’s Fidelio. The
season continued with a semi-staged version of Beethoven’s
Fidelio, Donizetti’s The Daughter of the Regiment and a starstudded 50th Anniversary Star Gala featuring 12 returning
favorite guest artists
As Dayton Opera enters year two of this exciting new
collaborative era, arts patrons can look forward to bold new
collaborations with the Dayton Philharmonic, the Dayton Ballet
and other regional arts organizations.
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra Offers a Wide Variety of Music
he 2013-2014 Signature Season heralds the first
time in the nation that a ballet company, and opera
company, and a philharmonic orchestra have joined
forces under one roof to collaborate on all aspects of
an arts season. The results are sure to please lovers
of dance, opera, and all types of music. The season consists of
eight Series, three Special Events, and three Signature Events.
The Signature Events are groundbreaking performances that
include all three arts forms interwoven throughout the program
combine all three art forms into one sparkling evening of
cultural entertainment. For tickets and more information visit
Founded in 1933, the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra has a
distinguished place as one of the Dayton Region’s oldest and
longest standing cultural institutions. The Dayton Philharmonic
is a regional orchestra with 83 contracted musicians. Rich in
artistic tradition, the Orchestra is proud to call the Benjamin
and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center its home.
Artistic Director Neal Gittleman inspires each listener’s
imagination with his unique programming, in-depth comments,
his easy-going style and infectious enthusiasm for music. His
focus is to make symphonic music readily available, as well as
appreciated, by all musical tastes.
Under his direction, the Orchestra has received the American
Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) award
for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music eight
times. Maestro Gittleman continues to bring breakthrough
programming to the Dayton Philharmonic. His tenure has
seen the addition of five new subscription series: Classical
Connections, a beginner’s guide to better understanding of
classical music; the Family Series, three concerts designed so
that families can experience the wonders of classical music;
Symphony Sundaes featuring the music of the late 1700 and
early 1800’s; and, the Rockin’ Orchestra which celebrates the
rock ‘n roll that is especially enhanced in a symphonic setting.
Under Gittleman, the DPO has also expanded and diversified
its non-subscription special event program offerings including
the annual New Year’s Eve concert as well as a wide range of
innovative Special Events.
Neal Gittleman has been on the Dayton Philharmonic podium
since September 1995. He continues to broaden the Orchestra’s
repertoire with more 20th century compositions and additional
variety in programming. He has introduced a number of
world, American and Dayton Philharmonic premieres and has
expanded performance collaboration within the Dayton arts
community. Gittleman’s mission naturally carries on the dream
of the Orchestra’s founding Music Director, Dr. Paul Katz.
The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra tradition began in June
1933 when the then-young conductor and violinist, Katz,
and his 26 professional area musicians performed Dayton’s
very first symphonic concert. In April 1934, the Chamber
Orchestra Society changed its name to the Dayton
Philharmonic Orchestra. For 42 years, Katz conducted and
refined the Orchestra he had created. In November 1934, Katz
introduced the first Young People’s Concert to Dayton. The
success of these concerts continues today, attracting audiences
of more than 14,000 school children each year.
Realizing how much choral music would enhance the
Orchestra’s concert programming, Katz founded the original
all-volunteer Dayton Philharmonic Chorus in 1935. Currently,
the 140- plus members, who are residents of the Dayton
Region, join the Orchestra in concert several times a season to
perform an amazing array of the most challenging and beautiful
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
For tickets by phone, call 937-228-3630, online at www.ticketcenterstage.com, or in person at the • Schuster Box Office
Dayton philharmonic orchestra 2013-2014 Season
Russian Rites
Classical Series
September 26, 2013 at 8 pm (Thursday)
September 28, 2013 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Giacomo Puccini and
His Great Tosca
Classical Connections Series
November 15, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Igor Stravinsky and His
Rites of Spring
Holiday Pops with
Melissa Manchester
September 27, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
December 6, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
December 7, 2013 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Classical Connections Series
Sound of Simon & Garfunkel
SuperPops Series
October 11, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
October 12, 2013 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
The Music of Paul McCartney
Rockin’ Orchestra Series
October 18, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Halloween Concert
SuperPops Series
Handel’s Messiah
Special Event
December 22, 2013 at 6:30 pm (Sunday)
Dayton Art Institute
Special Events
November 7, 2013 at 6:30 pm (Thursday)
Dayton Art Institute
The Music of Tom Petty &
The Heartbreakers
Rockin’ Orchestra Series
November 14, 2013 at 8 pm (Thursday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Disney in Concert
Mozart’s Legacy
January 24, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
January 25, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
March 28, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
March 29, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
SuperPops Series
Reflections of France
Classical Series
February 6, 2014 at 8 pm (Thursday)
February 8, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Classical Series
The Adventures of Alice
in Wonderland
Family Series
March 30, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
December 31, 2013 at 8pm (Tuesday)
Schuster Center
February 7, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
April 4, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
April 5, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Signature Event
The Art of Transformation
Classical Series
Michael Gandolfi and
His Garden of Sound
Principal Quartet & Friends
March 16, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Dayton Masonic Center
Symphony Sundaes Series
Oh What a Night:
Billboard Hits of the 60s
Far Excursions
November 1, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
November 2, 2013 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
January 19, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Dayton Masonic Center
Camille Saint-Saens and His
Organ Concerto
Family Series
Classical Series
Mozart & Beethoven
Symphony Sundaes Series
New Year’s Eve Celebration
January 9, 2014 at 8 pm (Thursday)
January 11, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
October 20, 2013 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Mozart and Haydn
Classical Connections Series
January 10, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Concertmaster’s Choice
Special Event
January 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm (Thursday)
Dayton Art Institute
The Music of the Rolling
Rockin’ Orchestra Series
January 18, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Classical Connections Series
An Evening with
Arturo Sandoval
SuperPops Series
February 28, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
March 1, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Stories and Dreams
Classical Series
March 7, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
March 8, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Musical Fables and Tales
Family Series
SuperPops Series
Mozart & the Romantics
Symphony Sundaes Series
April 13, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Dayton Masonic Center
Best of Broadway with the
Human Race Theatre Company
May 9, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
May 10, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Beethoven’s Great Ninth
Classical Series
March 9, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
May 16, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
May 17, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Women of Rock
The Music of Journey
March 15, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
June 7, 2014 at 8 pm (Saturday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Rockin’ Orchestra Series
Rockin’ Orchestra Series
Dayton Ballet’s
2013-2014 Season
Dayton Opera’s 2013-2014
A Range of Motion
Season Opening Spectacular
October 24, 2013 at 8 pm (Thursday)
October 25, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
October 26, 2013 at 3 pm and 8pm (Saturday)
October 27, 2013 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Victoria Theatre
The Nutcracker New Production
December 13, 2013 at 7:30 pm (Friday)
December 14, 2013 at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm (Saturday)
December 15, 2013 at 2:30 pm (Sunday)
December 20, 2013 at 7:30 pm (Friday)
December 21, 2013 at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm (Saturday)
December 22, 2013 at 2:30 pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Diversity in Dance
February 13, 2014 at 8 pm (Thursday)
February 14, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
February 15, 2014 at 3 pm and 8pm (Saturday)
February 16, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Victoria Theatre
New Directions Ballet
March 20, 2014 at 8 pm (Thursday)
March 21, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
March 22, 2014 at 3 pm & 8 pm (Saturday)
March 23, 2014 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Victoria Theatre
September 21, 2013 at 8 pm (Saturday)
September 22, 2013 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre - Schuster Center
Tosca Opera
November 22, 2013 at 8 pm (Friday)
November 24, 2013 at 3 pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
Hansel & Gretel Opera
February 21, 2014 at 8pm (Friday)
February 23, 2014 at 3pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
May 2, 2014 at 8 pm (Friday)
May 4, 2014 at 3pm (Sunday)
Mead Theatre – Schuster Center
FREE Opera Overtures
New to opera? Or want to prepare for your next performance?
Learn more about the plotline, history and music with Opera Speaker
Dr. Sam Dorf. You’ll find him informative, extremely passionate about
opera and humorously irreverent!
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five rivers metroparks
all natural
Photos courtesy of Five Rivers Metroparks
five rivers metroparks offer
year round adventures in nature
Wetland at Carriage Hill MetroPark
Hike the orange trail to see examples of wetlands.
Did you know wetlands act as filters for our ground
water? Approximately 90% of the wetlands that existed in Ohio prior to European settlement have been
destroyed. Five Rivers MetroParks has worked to
preserve remnants of original wetlands and restore
or create wetland habitat. Look and listen for frogs,
one of many wetland residents.
Pollinators in the gardens
of Cox Arboretum MetroPark
While you visit the Butterfly House at Cox Arboretum,
take note of all the pollinators attracted to the surrounding gardens. Among them, the clearwing hummingbird moth beats its wings fast and sips nectar,
just like a hummingbird, except it’s an insect. Have
you spotted one at your home? Try growing some native pollinator plants to attract more butterflies and
rotecting the Dayton-Area’s Natural Spaces for 50 Years.
Thank you for your support of your MetroParks for over half a
century! It is through your sustained encouragement and community partnership that we have been able to provide natural experiences that inspire a personal connection with nature for the
past 50 years. We hope to continue to serve our community, and we invite
everyone to celebrate with us for what is truly a collaborative effort.
Can You Find the Secrets of Hidden Nature?
To help us mark a half a century of protecting our region’s natural heritage, five local artists have generously donated their nature-inspired work
for use in our celebration. Just as the beauty of nature is often “hidden,”
Five Rivers MetroParks has hidden secret messages in the artwork that
will connect you to an element of our past. Look for this artwork on signs
throughout your MetroParks and on promotional posters across the community. When you find them, use your smartphone to scan hidden codes
that take you to video stories or look for hidden phone
numbers to call to receive a
secret message about the
past, present, and future of
your MetroParks.
50 Things to See and Do
How well do you know
your MetroParks? Discover
something new, or find a
“hidden” element of your favorite park by participating
in our 50 Things to See and
Do. Start with these five
and then challenge yourself
to find all 50 from the list at
Big Spring at Englewood MetroPark
Explore this “secret” area of Englewood MetroPark.
Big Spring draws water from nearby Stillwater River.
Explore the moss-covered rocks and search the muddy spots for animal prints. Wonder what kinds of
creatures have visited Big Spring?
Ashzilla at Island MetroPark
Protecting our region’s natural heritage means more
than just preserving nature for the enjoyment of its
beauty. Five Rivers MetroParks conserves nature
because its contributes to the health of our regional
ecology. Trees are no exception; this 154-inch-wide,
131-foot-tall white ash (appropriately nicknamed
“Ashzilla”) provides food and shelter for birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and hundreds of species of insects.
Ashzilla is one of MetroParks’ 10 biggest ash trees
that have been innoculated against the effects of
emerald ash borer, thanks to a donation from the
Garden Club of Dayton. You can get involved in reforestation efforts by visit metroparks.org/forests
and clicking on the “Take Action” tab.
Spotted salamanders at Sugarcreek MetroPark
Native to Ohio’s swampy woodland areas, spotted
salamanders are making a comeback in the Dayton
region. Spotted salamanders are sensitive to the environment, but thanks to proper care and maintenance of the forest, these creatures are rebounding in
population. Because of their secretive and nocturnal
nature and habit of tunneling underground, spotted
salamanders are seldom seen except in early spring,
when they migrate in large numbers to breeding
ponds. Search for them by turning over logs. Don’t
forget to put the log back the way you found it! Other
creatures might be using the log for shelter, too.
Find more ways to celebrate Five Rivers MetroParks’
50th anniversary at metroparks.org/history.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
photo by: Scott J. Kimmins
the human race theatre company
on the
s the Dayton area’s only professional regional
theatre, The Human Race Theatre Company has
delivered the beauty, drama and excitement of
live theatre to the region for the past 27 seasons.
Unlike big performing arts centers who present
national touring productions, they create every set, costume,
sound and light cue—every moment of the action on stage
for every show—especially for the audience. Each performance is truly a unique experience.
Each season, The Human Race produces a richly diverse fiveshow series and a number of special events in the 212-seat
Loft Theatre at 126 North Main Street in downtown Dayton.
A favorite among local theatre-goers, The Loft’s intimate layout provides an incredible experience, with no seat more than
six rows from the stage.
photo by: Scott J. Kimmins
the human race theatre
company provides a unique
entertainment experience
The Loft Season highlights the theatre’s commitment to presenting the latest award-winning plays to hit the national
scene, celebrating modern classics and taking the lead in
shepherding new works for the American stage with regional and world premieres. The Human Race’s Musical Theatre
Workshop series expands the repertoire of enthusiastic musical audiences with brand new or seldom performed material, highlighted by the three-day Festival of New Musicals
each summer. The education programs touch thousands of
children with theatre classes, summer camps, in-school touring productions, and weekday matinee performances. And
the engagement programs address the cultural needs of challenged individuals throughout the Dayton Region.
CultureWorks.org 19
the human race theatre company
Festival of New Musicals • August 2 – 4
This season, The Human Race’s annual summer festival celebrates
the development of new musicals with workshop productions of
The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes (August 2 and 3), a satirical romantic comedy about a man whose life becomes a musical by Christopher Dimond and Michael Kooman, and Guarding
Gold Street (August 3 and 4), an original musical about an
American family growing up, growing old and growing together
by Sean Michael Flowers and Marya Spring Cordes.
Becky’s New Car • September 12 – 29
The season opens with a mid-life comedic crisis by Steven Dietz.
Becky Foster is stuck in neutral—middle aged, in middle management and a middling marriage—until an honest misunderstanding with a wealthy widower offers her the chance at an exciting
double life...and she takes it. Now she’s frantically juggling to
keep her two worlds apart before everything threatens to come
crashing down on her. It’s enough to drive Becky off a cliff, and
she’s taking the audience along for the ride!
Fiddler on the Roof • October 31 – November 17
Fall is filled with the beloved songs of a classic musical. Welcome
to the village of Anatevka, where tradition is everything. But
change is sweeping across the land and into poor dairyman
Tevye’s house. When his daughters want to break with the old
ways and choose their own husbands, Tevye must decide which
he loves more – his family’s happiness or his long-held beliefs.
Filled with timeless tunes and wonderful dance numbers, this
Broadway blockbuster is a heartwarming tale for young and old.
Torch Song Trilogy • January 30 – February 16
Poignant and filled with witty, sharp humor, Harvey Fierstein’s
deeply personal story of self-discovery became a ground-breaking cultural milestone as it redefined an era in gay America.
What begins as a chance encounter in a New York nightclub
leads drag-queen Arnold Beckoff in a hilarious, yet touching,
pursuit of love, happiness and a life of which he can be proud
in this Tony Award Winner for Best Play. From a failed affair
with a reluctant lover, to a committed relationship with a young
model and the promise of a stable family, Arnold’s struggle for
acceptance meets its greatest challenge in his intolerant mother.
Other Desert Cities • March 27 – April 13
This revealing family drama by Jon Robin Baitz is one of the hottest new plays in the country. The Wyeth family’s Palm Springs
Christmas reunion is already a tense affair between conservative parents Lyman and Polly, former GOP celebrities, their two
grown children and Polly’s liberal alcoholic sister, Silda. Any
sense of peace vanishes completely when daughter Brooke, a
once promising novelist, announces she is about to publish a tellall memoir that threatens to tarnish her prominent family’s past
and reopen old wounds. As Brooke confesses her true motivations behind the book, she learns the real history is more shocking than she ever knew.
Play It by Heart • June 12 – 29
It’s the passing of the torch in a country music dynasty as superstar Jeannine Jasper’s long career draws to a close. The changing world of the music industry is about to thrust her little sister,
Jamie Lynn, into the spotlight. When an old flame comes calling, Jeannine envisions a quiet life offstage, but Jamie Lynn’s wild
ways may cut short her time on top. Stage mother Naomi tries
to keep control of her daughters until a scandalous secret comes
to light and threatens to tear them apart. A musical about heartbreak and healing, this regional premiere comes alive with an
exciting new score filled with classic and contemporary country
songs and a book by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award® winner
Brian Yorkey (Next to Normal).
For audience members looking to add a little something to their
theatre going experience, we offer pre-show discussions with
the directors, post-show talkbacks with the casts, opening night
pizza parties and pre-show light fare dining in our lobby, all on
select performances of each production. Patrons who are vision
or hearing-impaired can enjoy the theatre at our signed/audio
described performances.
More on the productions, including performance calendars, cast
biographies and photos, as well as information on our special
performances can be found at www.humanracetheatre.org.
Season subscriptions are available for 3, 4 and 5-play options,
as well as Flex Pass options. Subscription packages range from
$81 to $216, depending on the performance date and number
of shows. Single tickets start at $31 for adults and $29 for seniors. There are a limited number of special $25 discount seats at
most performances. Student tickets start at $15.50. Tickets to the
summer Festival of New Musicals are $15 in advance and sold
separately from the rest of the season.
Subscriptions and tickets can be purchased by calling (937) 2283630 or online at www.humanracetheatre.org.
photo by: Scott J. Kimmins
The Human race theatre
company 2013 - 2014 Season
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
ver its 30-year history, Muse Machine has
been acclaimed both locally and nationally, by
educators, students and families, the President of
the United States and the National Endowment
for the Arts, for enriching the creative and academic lives of
thousands of young people across the Miami Valley.
photo by: Daniel Rader
Enriching the Lives of
Students Through the Arts
full-fledged musical production in January. With a top-notch
creative team and the best technical crew in the business,
students are both supported and challenged to grow.
Muse Machine artist-educators are in schools (Pre K-12)
almost every day of the school year, helping students
understand aspects of math, science, history, language arts
or any subject through tailored creative arts programs. Muse
also introduces young people to the top performances and
artists from across the globe via discounted ticket programs,
workshops and road trips. Muse musicals and concerts provide
outstanding pre-professional theatrical opportunities,
some of the largest productions in the state. And year-long
professional development excursions for teachers continually
equip and inspire many of the area’s best teachers.
During the production, students develop a new sense of
independence and teamwork as they step into new roles on
and offstage. Students build important self-confidence as
they learn to express themselves in new ways. Many alumni
of the Muse student productions have gone on to New York
City to engage successful Broadway careers.
Muse in the Elementary Schools
The arts are a powerful way to bring new understanding to any
classroom subject. During week-long residencies, elementary
teachers and artists work together as artist/educators, pairing
the artist’s professional skills with a curriculum established
by the teacher.
Road Trips and Workshops
As a Muse member, you can also attend specialized workshops
created by leading artists in the fields of theatre, film, improv
comedy, dance and more. Students can also go on out-of-town
trips to top arts events in other cities.
During the residency, the artist, teacher and students may
write original music and songs, choreograph new dances, write
and perform theatre pieces or create works of visual art that help
students learn math, science, history or language arts.
Each residency ends with a public performance open to
parents and community members.  It’s a celebration of what
can happen when artists and educators work together to
enrich the lives of students.
Muse in the High Schools and Middle Schools
For high school and middle school students, Muse Machine
produces a series of educational, in-school performances that
draw upon top local artists and major arts organizations.
Muse student members at participating schools enjoy several
in-school arts education performances each year, helping
students to better relate to challenging curricular concepts.
The performances incorporate actors, music, dance, movies,
humor and more to engage students while they learn.
Student Productions
Each year, the Muse Machine brings together the most talented
young performers from across the Miami Valley for two of
the largest, most successful pre-professional productions in
the state. These include a summer concert in August and a
Discounted Tickets
By becoming a Muse Machine member, students can buy
discounted tickets for the Muse Machine annual musical
and summer concert as well as performances at the Schuster
Center, the Victoria Theatre and other local venues.
How Can We Participate?
High school and middle school students can join on
musemachine.com. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access
to all of Muse Machine’s student programs including Muse
in-school productions, the ticket discount program, student
workshops, road trips and the annual student productions.
Elementary students in participating schools have the
opportunity to engage in week-long arts education residencies.
Elementary students are also welcome to audition for our
student productions when young people are needed in the cast.
As a parent, one of the most important ways you can get
involved with Muse Machine is to sign your child up for
student programs at musemachine.com. At the website, you
can also volunteer for Muse Machine or make a tax-deductible
Explore the best performances in the area and give your kids
the opportunity to have fun while learning.
January 16-19, 2014 at the Victoria Theatre
(Thurs 1/16 at 7 pm; Fri 1/17 at 8 pm;
Sat 1/18 at 3 pm and 8 pm; Sun 1/19 at 2 pm)
CultureWorks.org 21
his map indicates the locations for the organizations listed on pages 31 through 39 of this
Guide. We encourage you to take advantage of the multitude of arts opportunities and
experiences that make the Dayton Region such a vibrant place to live, work, and play.
1 Acting Up: Young Performer’s Community Theatre of Mason
2 America’s Packard Museum
3 Antioch Review
4 Antioch College
5 Antioch Writers Workshop
6 Art Central Foundation
7 Aullwood Audubon Center
and Farm
8 Bach Society of Dayton
9 Bear’s Mill
10 Beavercreek Community
11 The Black Box Improv Theater
12 Boonshoft Museum of
13 Brookville Community Theatre
14 Brukner Nature Center
16 Carillon Park
17 Cedarville University
18 The Celtic Academy of Irish
19 Centerville Arts Commission
20 Centerville Community Chorus
21 Central State University
22 Chamber Music Yellow Springs
23 Children’s Performing Arts of
24 The Children’s Theatre of Mason
26 Clark State Community College
27 Clinton County History Center
28 Culture Works
29 Darke County Center for the
30 Dayton Access Television (DATV)
31 Dayton Art Institute
32 Dayton Boy’s Choir
33 Dayton Ballet
34 Dayton Contemporary Dance
35 Dayton Cultural Center
36 Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus
37 Dayton International Peace
38 Dayton Jazz Orchestra
39 Dayton Literary Peace Prize
40 Dayton Mandolin Orchestra
41 Dayton Opera Association
42 Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
43 Dayton Playhouse
44 Dayton Printmakers
45 Dayton Public Radio
46 Dayton Public Television
(Think TV)
47 Dayton Society of Painters
& Sculptors
48 Dayton Theatre Guild
49 Dayton Visual Arts Center
50 Downtown Dayton Partnership
51 Edison Community College
52 Encore Theater Company
53 Erma Bombeck Writer’s
54 Fairfield Community Arts
55 Fairfield Footlighters
56 Film Dayton
57 Fitton Center for Creative Arts
58 Five Rivers MetroParks
59 Fort Ancient
60 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott
61 Fraze Pavilion
62 Gallery Saint John
63 Garst Museum
64 Gary Geis Dance Company
65 Gem City Ballet
66 Glen Helen Nature Preserve
67 Ham It Up! Productions
68 The Hamilton-Fairfield
Symphony Orchestra
69 Harps of Grace
70 Hartman Rock Garden
71 Heritage Center Museum
72 The Human Race Theatre
73 K12 Gallery for Young People
74 Kettering Children’s Choir
75 La Comedia Dinner Theatre
76 Le Jeune Ballet National
77 Learning Tree Farm
78 Lebanon Symphony Orchestra
79 Lebanon Theatre Company
80 Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance
81 Mayhem & Mystery
82 Meriam R. Hare Quaker
Heritage Center
83 Miami University
84 Miami Valley Music Men
85 Miami Valley Storytellers
86 Miami Valley Symphony
87 Miamisburg Mound Park
88 Middletown Arts Center
89 Middletown Lyric Theatre
90 Middletown Public Radio
91 Middletown Symphony
92 Montgomery County Arts &
Cultural District
93 The Murphy Theatre
94 Muse Machine
96 National Afro-American
Museum and Cultural Center
97 National Bronze Sculpture
98 National Museum of the
US Air Force
New Carlisle Chautauqua
Arts Council
Ohio Performing Arts Institute
Oxford Community Arts Center
Pennsylvania House Museum
The Performing Arts Academy
Piqua Arts Council
Playhouse South
Preble County Arts Association
Project Jericho
Public Art in Vandalia
Public Radio for the Miami
Valley (WYSO)
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Residence in Praise Fine Arts
Rosewood Art Centre
Sculptural Village of Versailles
Shango Arts Studio
Sinclair Community College
SMAG Dance Collective
South Charleston Opera
House Players
South Dayton Dance Theatre
Springfield Arts Council
Springfield Civic Theatre
Springfield Museum of Art
Springfield Stageworks
Springfield Symphony
Stivers School for the Arts
SunWatch Indian Village
Archaeological Park
Tipp City Area Arts Council
The Tipp Roller Mill & Theatre
Town and Country Fine
Art Center
Town Hall Theatre
Troy Civic Theatre
Troy-Hayner Cultural Center
Urbana University
University of Dayton
Vandalia Cultural Arts Program
Vandalia Youth Theatre
Victoria Theatre Association
Warren County Arts Council
Warren County Arts and
Culture Center
We Care Arts
West Chester Symphony
Wilberforce University
Wilmington College
Wind In The Woods
Wittenberg University
Woodland Historic Cemetery
& Arboretum
Wright B Flyer Inc.
Wright State University
Xenia Area Community Theater
Yellow Springs Arts Council
YS Kids Playhouse
The Zoot Theatre Company
88 91
54 55
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
N Main
W 3rd
31 114
86 85
53 145 133
146 118 19
South Charleston
81 75
66 97
4 Yellow
143 69
128 61 105 139 112
70 107 122 26
Springfield 123
W 5th St
New Carlisle
108 134
119 120 121
64 102 60 71 100
W 5th St
in St
S Ma
Tipp City
w St
S Ludlo
67 126
W 4th
W 3rd
West Milton
1st St
39136 ument Ave 65 E
E Mo8n
50 28 94
49 41 33 15 t73
W 3rd
45 42
52 36
N Keo
131 130
142 27 93 82
137 138
West Chester
CultureWorks.org 23
W 5th St
The museum’s vast aircraft collection spans the range of military aviation history from the era of the Wright brothers to
today’s age of stealth aircraft. A number of popular and historically significant aircraft headline the museum’s growing collection. Particularly noteworthy aircraft from the early years
include a rare SPAD XIII, Caproni CA 36 bomber and an MB-2
bomber. The World War II collection includes the B-29 Bockscar
that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, along with a P-51
and Japanese Zero. The F-86 and MiG-15 help represent the
Korean War, with the F-4 among Vietnam standouts.
“We Are the Keepers
of Their Stories”
Modern favorites include the B-52, B-1, F-15, F-16, F-117
stealth fighter, the Reaper, Predator and Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles, the F-22A Raptor and the world’s only
permanent public exhibit of a B-2 stealth bomber.
(Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force)
The museum features a world-class collection of presidential
aircraft, including SAM (Special Air Mission) 26000, a Boeing
VC-137C that served as President John F. Kennedy’s Air Force
he National Museum of the United States Air Force is
the service’s national institution for preserving and
presenting the Air Force story. Each year more than
one million visitors come to the museum to learn
about the mission, history and evolving capabilities of
America’s Air Force.
The museum is the world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum featuring more than 360 aerospace vehicles and
missiles on display amid more than 17 acres of indoor exhibit
space. Thousands of personal artifacts, photographs and documents further highlight the people and events that comprise
the Air Force storyline, from the beginnings of military flight
to today’s war on terrorism.
Nearly a century ago, two innovative brothers from Dayton,
Ohio, pursued their vision that man could escape from gravity’s
constraints in their “flying machine.” This machine not only set
the course for taking transportation to the skies, but also dramatically changed the way in which wars are fought and opened
the door for endless possibilities for all of mankind, including
the exploration of space.
Museum staff members go to great lengths when it comes to the
accuracy and detail of exhibits. Hundreds of hours are spent
in the archives researching the history of actual missions. In
recent years, the staff has initiated a contemporary approach
to exhibit design that incorporates sensory devices such as customized mannequins, special lighting and sound walls to create emotionally evocative habitats around aircraft on display.
These dioramas help bring history to life by creating scenes that
draw visitors into the moment depicted, illuminating the story
of the people behind history’s aircraft and campaigns.
Items on display include military uniforms dating back to 1916
and personal mementos, such as diaries and medals. Other
items of interest include an original Wright wind tunnel and a
display devoted to Major Glenn Miller’s Army Air Force Band.
A special section of the museum pays tribute to celebrities in
uniform, including Brig. Gen. Jimmy Stewart, Maj. Clark Gable,
Flight Officer Jackie Coogan, Capt. Ronald Reagan and Tech.
Sgt. Joe Louis.
One of the most admired exhibits at the museum is the B-25B
Mitchell and Doolittle Tokyo Raiders diorama, which depicts
those who served during the famed World War II mission.
Resting on a simulated carrier deck, the B-25B comes to life
with mannequins representing Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, members of the Doolittle Raiders and USS Hornet crewmembers. The
museum has been fortunate to host these aviation legends for
some of their reunions.
Another popular exhibit is “Warrior Airmen,” which presents
the role of Airmen in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi
Freedom. The exhibit features compelling first-hand accounts
using more than 400 artifacts, three dioramas with fully
dressed and equipped mannequins, a robot investigating an
improvised explosive device, an audiovisual presentation on a
15-foot wide screen, and interactive touch-screen kiosks.
Education and Events
Animating the Air Force story, the museum offers a wide variety of special events and educational programs to connect the
service with the public. Through its education office, the museA Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
The museum manages hundreds of special events each year.
Favorites include the biennial World War I Dawn Patrol
Rendezvous, the annual Giant Scale Radio-Controlled Model
Aircraft Air Show, outdoor and indoor concerts featuring the
Air Force Band of Flight, the Wings and Things Guest Lecture
Series and more.
Expansion Vision
In recent years, the museum has continued to add historically
significant aircraft to its collection and further develop the storyline contained in its galleries. Foreseeing continued growth,
museum officials and the Air Force Museum Foundation, a philanthropic, non-profit organization created in 1960 to assist the
museum when federal funds are not available, recognized a
need for added facilities and created a multi-phase, long-term
facility expansion plan.
In 2003 the first phase of the expansion became reality with the
opening of the 200,000 square-foot Eugene W. Kettering Cold
War Gallery. In 2004 the museum opened the Missile and Space
Gallery to exhibit its world-class collection of Intercontinental
Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and satellite boosters, along with elements of its space collection.
The next phase calls for a fourth building that will house a new
Space Gallery, Presidential Aircraft Gallery and Global Reach
Gallery. The Air Force Museum Foundation is currently supporting a major capital campaign to fund the building project.
Space Gallery
The new Space Gallery will tell the remarkable story of Air Force
activities in space. A major exhibit component of the gallery
will be the NASA Crew Compartment Trainer (CCT), a highfidelity representation of a space shuttle orbiter crew station
that was used primarily for on-orbit crew training and engineering evaluations. The gallery also will include a Titan IV
space launch vehicle, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft,
and many recently retired NASA artifacts such as a nose cap
assembly, landing gear strut and a variety of astronaut equipment. In addition, a range of satellites and related items will
showcase the Air Force’s vast reconnaissance, early warning,
communications and other space-based capabilities. Other new
exhibits will be developed to showcase Air Force technologies
with many unique characteristics in design, propulsion, payload capacity, human factors, communication, range, speed and
operating environment.
permit the museum to bring the presidential aircraft to the
main facility, allowing all visitors the opportunity to view this
historic collection of nine presidential aircraft, among them
the Douglas VC-54 used by Presidents Roosevelt and Truman,
the Douglas VC-118 used by President Truman, the Lockheed
VC-121E used by President Eisenhower and the Boeing VC137C used by President Kennedy.
Global Reach Gallery
An important element of Air Force history will be told in the
Global Reach Gallery. Providing airlift remains a major mission
of the U.S. Air Force and it forms a critical part of the Air Force’s
ability to maintain global reach. The Global Reach Gallery will
give the opportunity to house large aircraft currently in the
museum’s collection, such as the C-141 Hanoi Taxi, which served
a long career maintaining global reach for the Air Force and was
the first C-141 to carry American prisoners of war out of North
Vietnam, and those anticipated to become part of the collection, such as a C-5 Galaxy and KC-135. The Air Force’s airlift
and air refueling missions will also be explained in this gallery.
Educational Programming
The museum is planning to develop new exhibits with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
programs. These include exhibits that will showcase Air Force
technologies with many unique characteristics in design, propulsion, payload capacity, human factors, communication,
range, speed and operating environment.
One of the unique features of the fourth building will be the
creation of dedicated, interactive spaces for learning in the
galleries. Three Learning Nodes will provide a unique environment for lectures and demonstrations, as well as extensions of
the exhibit experience. These 60-seat “gallery classrooms” will
allow museum staff to facilitate new STEM experiences, while
guest scientists and engineers from Air Force organizations,
the aerospace industry, and area colleges and universities will
be invited to share their expertise. Multimedia presentations
will introduce students to air and space missions and the men
and women responsible for their execution. When the nodes
are not in use for scheduled programs, multimedia presentations will captivate public audiences.
(Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force)
um has more than 150,000 encounters each year with students,
teachers, youth groups and family members through hands-on
learning activities, workshops, tours and curriculum materials.
In doing so, the museum helps inspire tomorrow’s Airmen and
cultivates future air power advocates.
Presidential Gallery
The museum is the repository for Air Force aircraft that have
been retired from the presidential aircraft fleet. Currently, the
museum’s presidential aircraft are on display in an auxiliary
hangar a mile from the main museum complex on a controlledaccess portion of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Visitors
must be transported by bus to this facility. The new gallery will
CultureWorks.org 25
passport to the arts
2013-2014 Dining, Shopping, and Cultural Discounts
For the most current listing of Passport providers, go to cultureworks.org.
$1.00 off General Adult Admission
Limit one per card. Not valid with other
discounts or coupons or for Special Events.
(937) 890-7360 • Aullwood.audubon.center.org
Free DATV Membership with Passport Purchase
Receive one year of free membership upon
completion of workshops. New members only.
10% off food purchase
(937) 203-3999 • Salarrestaurant.com
(937) 223-5311 • datv.org
$1.00 off general adult admission
Limit one per card. Not valid with other offers or
for Special Events
10% Off Food Purchase
(937) 938-6405 • Blindbobs.com
(937) 268-8199 • Sunwatch.org
25% off two adult admissions to
special exhibitions
Object of Devotion, Medieval English Alabaster Sculpture from
the Victoria and Albert Museum (Fall 2013) and Isabella Kirkland:
Stilled Life (Spring 2014) OR $15 off a Sponsoring Membership
(includes reciprocal privileges to 15 other Ohio Art museums and
more than 500 museums nationwide.)
(937) 223-5277 • Daytonartinstitute.org
10% off food purchase
Cannot be combined with other coupons,
not valid on Daily Lunch Specials.
(937) 910-8000 • Unos.com
10% off food purchase
(937) 222-2257 • Brixxicecompany.com
10% off food purchase
Not valid during Happy Hour or with other specials.
(937) 461-2233 • Delishdayton.com
Buy one, get one free appetizer
Free item is of equal or lesser value.
10% off other food items.
Not valid with other discounts or promotions.
$2.00 off one Child Admission with purchase
of one Adult Admission
(937) 224-9463 • thewinegalleryandcafe.com
Limit one offer per card per family. Not valid with other discounts/
coupons or for Special Events
(937) 275-7431 • Boonshoftmuseum.org
20% off student education programs
10% off, dine in or carry out
Not valid on purchases of alcohol or gift cards
Includes Summer Art Camps, Saturday Art Classes, Pre-K
Classes, Homeschool Classes, Adult Classes, and
purchases in the Sale Gallery.
(937) 461-5149 • k12gallery.com
(937) 222-0623 • Schustercenter.org/citilites
10% off food purchase
(937) 228-2626 • 228coco.com
10% off on a Performance Evening
when dining before 7:00pm
Not valid with other discounts or promotions.
(937) 434-4750 • meadowlarkrestaurant.com
The Wright Cheesecake
50% off a slice of cheesecake with the
purchase of a lunch
(937) 344-7000
10% off purchases
Not valid on Pandora jewelry, special orders, sale or
consignment items, or with other discounts.
(937) 434-3565 • zigzaggallery.net
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Photos courtesy of Sinclair Community College
With art exhibitions, musical performances, multicultural events and theatrical
productions open to the public, Sinclair offers limitless opportunities to take
advantage of outstanding artistic resources.
2013-2014 SEASON
Cynthia Bornhorst-Winslow
Choral Concert
January 6-30, 2014
December 7, 2013
For more information and to
purchase tickets, go to
Jenifer Nelson
Handbell Choir Concert
January 6-30, 2014
December 10, 2013
Monty Python’s SPAMALOT
REACH exhibit
Wind Symphony Concert
February 5-March 5, 2014
December 14, 2013
Annual Juried Art Show
March 19-April 8, 2014
Jazz Ensemble Concert with
Saxophone Artist, Bruce Jordan
Graduating Art Students’
Portfolio Show
Community Bands Concert
October 4-12, 2013
November 13-16, 2013
A Shayna Maidel
February 7-15, 2014
A Flea In Her Ear
April 4-12, 2014
April 14-May 1, 2014
February 23, 2014
College for Life Long Learning Off
Campus Senior’s Show
Concert Band Concert
May 13-June 3, 2014
Music events are free and open to the
public. For more information call
Fine Art Faculty Show with
Featured Artist – Sally A. Struthers,
Wind Symphony and
Concert Band Concert
Jeffrey C. Jones
October 2-November 6, 2013
Anastasia Samoylova
October 2-November 6, 2013
Ed Smith
November 13 – December 11, 2013
Tim McCoy
November 13 – December 11, 2013
February 24, 2014
Choral Concert
April 19, 2014
Sinclair galleries and exhibitions are
free and open to the public. For more
information, call 937-512-2253 or
August 26–September 25, 2013
January 24, 2014
October 20, 2013
Fall Choral Concert:
Sinclair Chorale, Chamber Choir
and Women’s Emsemble.
November 18, 2013
Jazz Ensemble Concert with
Trombone Artist, Brent Wallarab
Jazz Ensemble Concert with Trumpet Artist, Peter Olstad
April 25, 2014
Choral Concert: Chamber Choir,
Chorale, and Women’s Ensemble
April 27, 2014
Wind Symphony, Concert Band
and Youth Wind Ensemble Concert
April 27, 2014
Handbell Choir Concert
April 29, 2014
Jazz Combo Concert
May 3, 2014
November 22, 2013
Concert Band Concert
November 25, 2013
CultureWorks.org 27
Springfield Museum of Art
Museum of Art
Offering family-friendly educational experiences and great
exhibitions, first time visitors are often amazed by both the
quality and scope of the American art on display and by the
grand and intimate gallery spaces of the museum situated
along Buck Creek in downtown Springfield. Visitors will
see portraits by Gilbert Stuart, Charles Willson Peale, and
Ammi Phillips from the late 1700s and early 1800s along
with landscapes, still lifes, and prints by recognized Ohio
artists such as Robert Scott Duncanson, Henry Church,
Jr., and Edna Boies Hopkins. Changing exhibitions introduce works by a single artist or groupings around an
artistic theme. This fall two exhibitions run concurrently, “Gatherings: A Fiber Installation” by Sue Cavanaugh
and “The Best of 2013” from the Ohio Craft Museum.
“Gatherings” offers a close look at the work of a quilter who
continues to apply and expand on traditional techniques in
creating fiber art, and “Best of 2013” is a juried exhibition
of the finest work from Ohio artists and craftspeople working in wood, metal, ceramics, glass, and textiles. Both exhibits run from late September to early December.
From February 14-May 11, 2014 the Springfield Museum of
Art plays host to a very special exhibition, “Classic Images:
Photography by Ansel Adams.” A remarkable collection of
seventy-two photographic prints that Adams himself made
for his daughter, these images are one of several “museum
portfolios” Adams created to highlight what he felt was his
best work. Iconic images like Moonrise, Hernandez, New
Mexico and views of Yosemite National Park will captivate
visitors with their amazing interplay of light and shadow
that make majestic images of our natural world.
The Museum’s renewed focus on art education allows children and adults to discover and learn about the art works on
display in the galleries. “Kids Find Art,” a series of Sunday
Photos courtesy of Springfield Museum of Art
elighting and surprising visitors for nearly
seventy years, the Springfield Museum of Art
is now the only art museum in Ohio to be affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution in
Washington, D.C.
afternoon drop-in family workshops explores works of art
on exhibit and is followed by an art-making activity. Artist
gallery talks will provide engaging museum experiences,
and school and community group programs are scheduled
throughout the year to focus on our special exhibitions – fiber arts and crafts in the fall and the photography of Ansel
Adams in the spring. For full details visit our website www.
springfieldart.museum .
The Museum’s tradition of providing community art
classes continues through a partnership with Clark State
Community College and Wittenberg University. This long
commitment to encouraging art-making in the community
resulted in the annual Juried Members’ exhibition, marking its 67th year with this summer’s exhibit from June
22-August 11. The Museum also actively supports regional
arts groups through exhibition partnerships such as the
Western Ohio Watercolor Society’s biennial winter exhibition at the Museum December 14-January 26, 2014.
Exhibition Schedule
67th Annual Juried Members’ exhibition
June 22 – August 11, 2013
“Gatherings: A Fiber Installation” by Sue Cavanaugh
September 22 – November 30, 2013
“The Best of 2013” from the Ohio Craft Museum
October 8 – December 1, 2013
Western Ohio Watercolor Society juried exhibition
December 14, 2014 – January 26, 2014
“Classic Images: Photographs by Ansel Adams”
February 14 – May 11, 2014
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
SunWatch Indian Village & fort ancient
Along with an Interpretive Center that explores the history and
purpose of this 800-year-old site, SunWatch also offers visitors
the chance to view an ongoing native prairie reconstruction,
and participate in a variety of programs and events year-round.
Photograph courtesy of SUNWATCH INDIAN VILLAGE.
Annual days of celebration offer a look into the history and
culture of Native peoples, with a Flute and Art Festival each
August, and the Keeping the Tradition Pow Wow, hosted by
the Miami Valley Council for Native Americans, each June.
SunWatch, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013, also
observes the Winter Solstice by reliving the experiences of the
Miami Valley’s early inhabitants. Visitors spend the night in
the structures of the outdoor village, sharing stories, songs,
and traditions.
From underwater archeology to historical myths and mysteries,
an annual lecture series, co-hosted by the Dayton Society of the
Archaeological Institute of America each winter, delves into
topics of interest. The Saturday morning lectures are free and
open to the public.
exploring ohio’s
preHistoric past
both sunwatch and
fort ancient provide
visitors the chance to
travel back in time
iscover Ohio’s prehistoric past at two of the most
unique Native sites in Ohio! For millennia, the native peoples that inhabited this region left a legacy
that archaeologists are still working to uncover,
and SunWatch and Fort Ancient offer visitors the
chance to dig a little deeper into two very different aspects of
Ohio’s prehistory.
SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park is open Tuesday
through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday noon –
5:00 p.m. Admission for seniors and children ages 6-16 is $4.00
and admission for adults is $6.00. For more information please
call 513-932-4421 or visit SunWatch.org.
Fort Ancient, in contrast, is a much older site that offers a
completely different view of both the Adena and Fort Ancient
cultures. Visitors can explore acres of land that feature beautiful
vistas and offer ample opportunities to view the flora and
fauna of southwestern Ohio – as well as more than 18,000 feet
of earthen embankments that comprise the largest and bestpreserved prehistoric hilltop enclosure in the United States.
Situated on a bluff 235 feet above the Little Miami River Valley,
the Museum at Fort Ancient presents an overarching view
of 15,000 years of Ohio history, while the prehistoric themed
garden offers a glimpse into how the prehistoric peoples of
the area survived. Visitors can also walk and bike through the
picturesque, tranquil trails once used by the ancient civilization.
Major educational events, such as the Celebration: A Gathering
of Four Directions and Archaeology Day in June, give visitors
the chance to get hands-on with history, and experience the life
of those who built the site – and those today who are trying to
understand it.
The preserved and serene natural settings of these historic
locations transport visitors back in time to experience Fort
Ancient and Hopewell cultures. The manmade earthen
structures and once-inhabited Villages and gardens of
SunWatch and Fort Ancient create a beautiful setting for
historic enrichment and exploration.
More than 2,000 years old, Fort Ancient, also a National
Historical Landmark, offers a window into the past, as ongoing
excavations at the site reveal more about the various peoples
and cultures who once thrived on the land. Now believed to be a
ceremonial site that took nearly four centuries to complete, the
earthworks continue to entice visitors from around the world to
discover more about Ohio’s past.
At SunWatch, explore a partially reconstructed Village that
once thrived on the banks of the Great Miami River. A National
Historic Landmark since 1975, this planned, stockade village
dates to the Fort Ancient period and has apparent astronomical
alignments that reveal an early understanding of the complex
movements of the Earth and Sun.
Fort Ancient is open is open April - November, Tuesday through
Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm and on Sunday noon – 5 pm Admission
for seniors and students ages 6-16 is $5.00 and admission for
adults is $6.00. Children under six and members are admitted
free of charge. For more information please call 937-268-8199
or visit FortAncient.org.
CultureWorks.org 29
the University of Dayton
2013-14 Selected Events:
Action: The Street Murals of Joel Berger
August 19 - September 17, ArtStreet Studio D Gallery
Ranging, a Faculty/Staff Exhibition
Photos courtesy of the University of Dayton
August 21 – September 19, Gallery 249, College Park Center
National Playing for Change Day and Department of
Music Open House
Saturday, September 21, 12 – 3 pm, College Park Center
The Rite of Spring and Its Legacies: Global and Regional
Perspectives Arts Series Performance and Symposium
Sunday, September 22, 2 – 5:30 pm, Sears Recital Hall
Stravinsky, Faith and Revolution: Intersections of Arts,
Culture and Human Rights, Graul Endowed Chair Forum
Monday, September 23 at 7 pm, Kennedy Union Boll Theatre
into Impact:
The Arts at
the University of Dayton
Bullet: Who Pulls the Trigger?
September 24 – November 3, ArtStreet Studio D Gallery
The One and the Many: Art and Human Rights
September 27 – October 31, Gallery 249, College Park Center
Dayton Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra: 20th Century
Composers Take on Human Rights Arts Series Performance
Thursday, October 3 at 8 pm, Kennedy Union Boll Theatre
Arts Series: Garth Knox, Viola Virtuoso
Thursday, October 24 at 8 pm, Sears Recital Hall
October 25-27, 31 and November 1 – 2, Kennedy Union Boll Theatre
World Rhythms: Reggae Activist Taj Weekes
Thursday, November 14 at 8 pm, Kennedy Union Boll Theatre
What makes us human?
he University of Dayton will engage in a year of exploration and dialogue about the influence of the
arts across multiple dimensions of our lives. It will
be a year of immersion inspired by the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and the compelling challenges of advancing global human rights in the
21st century.
How do the arts shape perceptions of social issues? How do
they create cultural, political, and personal change? At multiple events, and through open dialogue and experiences
across our campus, we'll learn from each other how artistic
explorations of critical human rights issues impact global humanity.
From visiting artists to films and symposiums to performances, much of this year's arts programming will embrace
the theme of "Rites. Rights. Writes." To learn more about the
arts at the University of Dayton, visit www.udayton.edu/arts
or call 937-229-5104.
Hammerstep Cypher: Performance in the Round
Arts Series Performance
Wednesday, November 20 at 9 pm, McGinnis Center
Department of Music Christmas Concert
Wednesday, December 4 at 8 pm, South Park United Methodist Church
Van Cliburn Competition Silver Medalist Piano Recital
Arts Series Performance
Sunday, February 9, Sears Recital Hall
Annual Horvath Student Juried Exhibition
March 27 – April 24, Gallery 249, College Park Center
Celebration of the Arts: Opening Performance
and Exhibition
Tuesday, April 1, Schuster Center
Celebration of the Arts: Closing Exhibition and Reception
Wednesday, April 9, Gallery 249, College Park Center
For ticket information and a complete schedule of arts events,
please visit www.udayton.edu/arts.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
photo by: Robin Feld
victoria theatre association
Downtown Dayton’s Urban Nights at the Schuster Center
Victoria Theatre Association
enriching the lives, learning, and leisure of
the community through the performing arts.
ictoria Theatre Association is one of Dayton’s
premier not-for-profit arts organizations, presenting more than 400 arts performances annually and managing three superb art facilities:
the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing
Arts Center, the historic Victoria Theatre and the intimate
Loft Theatre at the Metropolitan Arts Center. In addition,
Victoria Theatre Association operates a thriving restaurant
(Citilites Restaurant & Bar at the Schuster Center), a prosperous catering and special event business, The Arts Garage
and Ticket Center Stage, a convenient place to purchase tickets to all events held in our venues.
Victoria Theatre Association’s diversified business model allows the organization to avoid dependence solely on ticket
sales from productions. As a not-for-profit organization,
VTA relies on donations and sponsorships to continue to
maintain state-of-the-art performance venues as they age,
subsidize rent for tenants, and provide Education & Engagement activities to over 30,000 children each year.
“Our vision is to be the leading artistic and economic driver
for Dayton and the Miami Valley Region,” states VTA President & CEO Ken Neufeld. “2013 commemorates the 10th
Anniversary of the opening of The Benjamin & Marian
Schuster Performing Arts Center. Over the past 10 years
more than three million people have visited the Schuster
Center during more than 5,900 events, all the while assum-
ing an important role in developing downtown Dayton and
attracting businesses and residents.”
“We at Victoria Theatre Association take our responsibility
to the community seriously,” Mr. Neufeld continued. “Each
year we attract over 400,000 people to downtown and our
activities generate over $33 million in economic activity. We
hope that over the next 10 years, the Schuster Center and all
of our performance venues continue to be places citizens all
over the region can call home.”
Victoria Theatre Association is well on its way to achieving
its vision of becoming a leading artistic and economic driver
for the region. It’s difficult to find a date where there is nothing happening in one of our venues. All three are actively
used by talented resident companies such as the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance (comprised of Dayton Ballet, Dayton
Opera and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra), The Human
Race Theatre Company, and The Muse Machine—as well as
hosting acclaimed touring artists and productions.
Several other businesses are also located in the buildings
including: The Dayton Ballet School and Dayton Ballet’s
costume shop at the Victoria Theatre. The offices of DPAA,
Dayton City Paper, The Muse Machine and The Human Race
Theatre Company, as well as restaurant Uno Chicago Grill
reside in the Metropolitan Arts Center.
CultureWorks.org 31
Schuster Center
Victoria Theatre
For more information about Victoria Theatre Association’s
programs and presentations, please visit
Best Seats, Best Price
Ticket Center Stage is the official ticket outlet for all performances in the Schuster Center, Victoria Theatre and The Loft
Theatre. Located in the Wintergarden of the Schuster Center,
the Ticket Center Stage Box Office offers the best selection
The Loft Theatre
of seats, personal services from knowledgeable and friendly
ticket agents, and offers the absolute best price. Tickets purchased through other sources or websites are most likely substantially more expensive and are sometimes not even valid.
The only way to be sure you are getting the best seats at the
best price is to buy only from Ticket Center Stage in person at
the Box Office in the Schuster Center, by phone at
(937) 228-3630, toll free (888) 228-3630 or online at
a Live Radio Play
Four Guys
Victoria Theatre
December 3 – 15, 2013
Schuster Center
January 28 – February 2, 2014
photo by:
Victoria Theatre
May 3, 2013
Schuster Center
October 22 – 27, 2013
Schuster Center
April 8 – 13, 2014
Schuster Center
June 17 – 22, 2014
Victoria Theatre
October 5, 2013
Victoria Theatre
October 18, 2013
photo by: Joan Marcus
Sister Act
Schuster Center
May 27 – June 1, 2014
Photographs courtesy of VTA.
victoria theatre association
Victoria Theatre
March 14, 2014
Victoria Theatre
May 2, 2014
Victoria Theatre
November 2, 2013
The Zoot Theatre Company Presents
Victoria Theatre
February 1, 2014
Victoria Theatre
March 8, 2014
Schuster Center
November 8, 2013
Schuster Center
November 29 – December 1, 2013
Victoria Theatre
January 24, 2014
Schuster Center
April 22 – 23, 2014
Victoria Theatre
February 24, 2014
Victoria Theatre
March 24, 2014
Victoria Theatre
April 21, 2014
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Photos courtesy of Wright State University
Wright State University
Wright State University Fine
and Performing Arts
Wright State University’s Departments of Art and Art History; Music; and Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures have joined together
to form CELIA—Collaborative Education, Leadership, and Innovation in the Arts—an Ohio Center of Excellence at Wright State
University. CELIA acts to develop initiatives to enrich the already remarkable artistic climate in the Dayton region while enhancing
ongoing collaborations and nurturing new partnerships. Wright State productions take place on campus in the Creative Arts Center,
which contains three unique performance spaces and the University Art Galleries.
Art Exhibitions
(937) 775-2978
All events are in the Stein Art Galleries
in Wright State’s Creative Arts Center
Free and open to the public.
Concerto/Aria Night
Schuster Hall in Wright State’s
Creative Arts Center
February 25, 2014
Honors' Recital
Schuster Hall in Wright State’s
Creative Arts Center
April 27, 2014
Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light
September 15 – October 13, 2013
The Fixed Shadow:
A Juried Photography Exhibition
of Camera-less Images
October 27 – December 8, 2013
Above and Below
January 15 – March 2, 2014
Open Studio
March 19 - March 30, 2014
2014 Senior Thesis Show
April 16 – May 3, 2014
Theatre Performances
(937) 775-2500
All events are in the Festival Playhouse
Theatre in Wright State’s Creative
Arts Center
September 19 – 29, 2013
October 24 – November 10, 2013
CELIA Events
All events take place in the Wright States,
Creative Arts Center
Three day festival celebrating
Jane Austen’s greatest masterpiece!
October 10 – 12, 2013
Family-friendly introduction to the arts
December 7, 2013
Wright State’s annual arts fundraiser
(937) 775-5512
April 12, 2014
The Magic Fire
January 30 – February 9, 2014
Music Performances
(937) 775-2500
Holidays in the Heartland
Schuster Center, downtown Dayton
November 10, 2013
Les Misérables
March 20 – April 6, 2014
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Wright State Dance Concert
April 24 – 27, 2014
CultureWorks.org 33
Photos courtesy of the Zoot Theatre Company
The Zoot Theatre Company
The Zoot Theatre Company
he Zoot Theatre Company has become one of the
most recognizable and unique arts organizations in
Dayton. With four aspects of its Mission: MainStage
productions (held at The Dayton Art Institute); Educational programming; Touring; and Rentals, Zoot’s
artistic style is on display and evident in almost every professional visual and performing arts venue in the area. Originally a part of the Victoria Theatre Association’s (VTA) Impact Program, Zoot eventually became the first ever resident
company at the VTA’s Mathile Theatre. A testament to the
mission of the Impact Program, Zoot eventually outgrew the
program designed to incubate and help fledgling arts organizations and moved to become a resident company at The
Dayton Art Institute’s NCR Renaissance Auditorium.
Building upon its strong foundation of fostering artistic
partnerships, Zoot has toured as a part of the Muse Machine’s In School Tour; on stage at the Victoria Theatre as a
part of the Discovery Series, and partnered with other reputable organizations such as The Dayton Youth Philharmonic
Orchestra; Town Hall Theatre; and The Human Race Theatre
Company. Not being one to be “pigeon-holed” into a specific
style, Zoot expanded on the visually artistic aspect of puppetry and masks and provided workshops for organizations
such as the Victoria Theatre during Disney’s The Lion King,
Culture Works, The Muse Machine, Oakwood High School,
and others throughout southwestern Ohio.
The unique style of marrying the visual with the performing
arts has positioned Zoot as one of the fastest growing players on the “arts scene” in Ohio. After having outgrown the
Mathile Theatre, Zoot struck a unique and first-of-its-kind
partnership with the Dayton Art Institute, and beginning in
2012 held its Inaugural MainStage Season at The Dayton Art
Institute’s NCR Renaissance Auditorium. As a result of this
move and new partnership Zoot grew its audience by more
than 300% over attendance at every prior production at the
Mathile Theatre. In addition, Zoot has continued to expand
other programming areas such as; expanded workshops and
educational programming in conjunction with the Art Institute’s Education Department; and has created or built upon
partnerships with the major arts organizations such as the
Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, The Human Race Theatre
Company, The Muse Machine, and the Victoria Theatre Association.
The future holds even more promise. The company’s first national tour set to begin in the Fall of 2014 to performing arts
centers throughout the nation, will be in conjunction with
the MainStage Season at The Dayton Art Institute, its puppet rentals, Summer Series, and educational programming.
Zoot is proud to be a Dayton Original and even more proud
that the tour will allow Zoot to export its unique brand of
marrying the visual and performing arts, showing audiences
all over that Dayton truly is a hub of artistic talent and production.
2013-2014 Zoot MainStage Season at
The Dayton Art Institute
The Rocky Horror (Puppet) Show
Ocober 11 – November 2, 2013
The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe
February 14 – March 2, 2014
Animal Farm
April 25 – May 11, 2014
Tickets to all events can be purchased
online at zoottheatrecompany.org
or by phone by calling 937.512.0140.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Culture Works Area Listings
ulture Works hopes you enjoy
this Guide to Arts & Culture in
the Dayton Region, which we
produce annually, and that you
will refer to it often. But please
keep in mind that some information may
change during the course of the year. For
the most current information on cultural
organizations and activities, you can
view updated listings on-line, as well as a
comprehensive cultural calendar at www.
If you are one of the organizations
listed, and have an addition, deletion,
or correction, please contact us at info@
cultureworks.org. We will strive to keep the
online edition of the Guide, as accurate as
possible between print publications.
Culture Works
Dayton • 937-222-2787
Culture Works is the funding, advocacy, and service
organization that inspires, supports, and sustains arts
and culture in the Dayton region. An umbrella cultural
organization, Culture Works serves as the community
clearinghouse for the multi-county Dayton Region,
promoting the totality of the region’s cultural assets to
a national constituency. Culture Works also facilitates
collaborative efforts surrounding planning, research,
marketing, and audience development, and conducts
an annual Campaign for the Arts.
Darke County Center for the Arts
Greenville • 937-547-0908
Darke County Center for the Arts was formed in 1978
to expand opportunities for cultural enrichment in the
community by supporting the arts and restoring the
Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall as a community cultural
center. The DCCA presents an Artists Series, a Family
Theatre Series, and a Coffeehouse Series. They have
an active program of arts education, and support a
summer residency for local students.
Arts Support Agencies
& Cultural Centers
Art Central Foundation
Middletown • 513-267-4016
The Art Central Foundation provides art-based
activities & events, offers educational opportunities
& youth mentoring, and supports partnerships among
arts organizations, nurturing an environment in which
artists can create, market, network and thrive.
Centerville Arts Commission
Centerville • 937-433-7151
The Centerville Arts Commission is a volunteer
organization whose mission is to involve the citizens
of the Centerville area in the visual and performing
arts. The commission offers a summer and winter
performance series, an art gallery and much more;
most experiences are free.
The mission of the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance
is to bring art exposure, art education and cultural
awareness to the community of Mason and
surrounding areas. The Alliance is dedicated to
enriching the community by welcoming local and
regional visual and performing artists and supporting
their efforts through collaboration and partnerships.
Middletown Arts Center
Middletown • 513-424-2417
Middletown Arts Center was founded in 1957 by
the Art Committee of the Federation of Women’s
Clubs of Middletown. The mission of the MAC is to
enrich our community by creating opportunities for
artistic expression through learning and appreciation.
A welcoming, stimulating and diverse learning
environment is provided with professional facilities,
artists, classes, exhibits and workshops.
Montgomery County Arts and
Cultural District (MCACD)
Dayton • 937-890-5159
The Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District
supports, nurtures, and encourages the development
and preservation of arts and culture in Montgomery
County with primary funding from the Montgomery
County Commission. The MCACD is a special
purpose unit of government created under Ohio Law
to provide support to arts and cultural organizations
and individual artists within Montgomery County,
Ohio. The MCACD has awarded approximately
$24 million to arts and cultural organizations and
individual artists over the last 20 years.
Table of Contents
Arts Support Agencies
& Cultural Centers..................................35
Art Museums, Exhibitions, &
Services to Visual Artists.........................36
Choral Music............................................37
Multidisciplinary & Arts Education..............38
Nature, Science, History & Lifestyle............39
Orchestral & Instrumental Music.................40
Universities and Colleges...........................43
Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance
Mason • 513-573-0007
New Carlisle Chautauqua
Arts Council
New Carlisle • 937-845-8774
Dayton Cultural Center
Dayton • 937-333-2489
The City of Dayton Department of Recreation and
Youth Services provides recreation and leisure
services to children, teens, families, seniors, and
neighborhoods in the City of Dayton. The Cultural
Center features exhibit space and a small auditorium
for meetings and performances.
Fairfield Community Arts Center
Fairfield • 513-867-5348
Adjacent to Village Green Park, in the heart of
Fairfield, the Fairfield Community Arts Center offers
a venue for cultural events and leisure activities. The
FCAC is home to a 237-seat theatre, art gallery,
pottery studio, dance studio, children’s area and
seniors’ lounge.
Fitton Center for Creative Arts
Hamilton • 513-863-8873
Take your pick from a wide variety of programs
designed to inspire the artist, musician or performer
in you. Choose from art exhibits, performances,
informative luncheons or an abundant offering of
classes, workshops and private lessons.
The New Carlisle Chautauqua Arts Council endeavors
to bring new perspectives to the community through
their annual Summer in the Park concert series in
Smith Park every June through August, along with
providing theater and music opportunities to New
Carlisle schools.
Oxford Community Arts Center
Oxford • 513-524-8506
The Oxford Community Arts Center is a nonprofit
organization representing performing and visual
community arts groups who wish to rehearse,
perform, display and teach various arts and craft
forms in a facility that represents a permanent home
for the community arts.
Piqua Arts Council (PAC)
Piqua • 937-773-9630
Since 1990, the Piqua Arts Council has served the
local community by providing quality programs that
enrich, educate, enlighten and enthrall audiences
of all ages. PAC sponsors creative writing contests,
public murals, an annual art walk and more.
CultureWorks.org 35
Culture Works Area Listings
Preble County Arts Association
Eaton • 937-456-3999
Warren County Arts Council
Lebanon • [email protected]
Dayton Society of Painters
& Sculptors
Dayton • 937-228-4532
The Preble County Arts Association was formed in
1965 as a fine arts guild dedicated to providing
understanding, enlightenment, and participation in
the fine arts through programs, classes, and exhibits.
The Preble County Art Center, owned and operated
by the PCAA, is dedicated as a cultural opportunity
facility for all people of the community.
The Warren County Arts Council seeks to provide
passionate leadership for the creation of a vibrant
arts community in Warren County by supporting and
promoting the visual and performing arts and artists.
The mission of WCAC is to encourage and promote
the development, practice and enjoyment of the arts.
Dayton Society of Painters & Sculptors is a nonprofit
organization helping local artists to promote their
work and improve their craft. An historic home in St.
Anne’s Hill, 48 High Street Gallery, serves as both an
operating base and a gallery space for DSPS.
Rosewood Art Centre
City of Kettering
Kettering • 937-296-0294
Rosewood Arts Centre presents a unique opportunity
to experience hands-on activities in visual and
performing arts programs. The 34,000 square foot
facility draws 130,000 patrons through its doors
annual for classes, gallery exhibitions, theater
performances, studio use, special events and more.
Local arts and community groups, including the
Kettering Arts Council, utilize the facility.
Springfield Arts Council (SAC)
Springfield • 937-324-2712
The mission of the Springfield Arts Council is to
build a better community by sharing the performing
arts with all citizens of the Springfield and Clark
County community. The Council presents the annual
admission-free Summer Arts Festival, and highlights
Broadway and national touring attractions with its
Broadway and Beyond Series. The SAC also provides
performing artists to area schools through its Arts in
the Classroom program and participates in numerous
other outreach efforts.
Tipp City Area Arts Council
Tipp City • 937-667-8631
The Tipp City Area Arts Council is dedicated to the
promotion, development and support of the visual,
musical, physical and literary arts in Tipp City, Ohio
and surrounding areas. The organization hosts
a variety of classes, art showings, contests and
performances throughout the year.
Troy-Hayner Cultural Center
Troy • 937-339-0457
Taking care to preserve the beauty of the historic
landmark in which it is housed, the Center is a lively
hub for community and cultural activity. Opportunities
include exhibits, performing arts programs, classes
in art, and a wide range of other cultural and
educational offerings.
Vandalia Cultural Arts Program
Vandalia • 937-415-2254
The Vandalia Cultural Arts Program was established
to benefit the City of Vandalia and its residents
by providing revenue to support artistic and
cultural activities, programs, performances, and
organizations. VCAP has an annual grant program
and facilitates monthly exhibits of local art.
Warren County Arts
and Culture Center
Lebanon • 513-696-8521
The Warren County Arts and Culture Center’s vision
is to foster an environment that inspires, enriches and
promotes visual and performing arts supporting the
development of individuals and groups ranging from
first time participants to those aspiring to world-class
achievement in their area of specialization.
Yellow Springs Arts Council
Yellow Springs • [email protected]
YSAC incorporated as a nonprofit in 1972. The
organization encourages and supports local arts
and cultural offering through program coordination,
community partnership, and targeted services
for artists and arts groups of all arts disciplines.
Opportunities for artists and the public are provided
through an education program, gallery, and the
Yellow Springs Experience arts marketing program.
Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC)
Dayton • 937-224-3822
DVAC is a resource for artists, art collectors and
art lovers presenting exhibitions of contemporary
art by accomplished regional artists and providing
professional development workshops for artists.
Opportunities are also provided to interact with
artists, art professionals and collectors; purchase
artwork by member artists; and receive art consulting,
framing and installation services.
Gallery Saint John
Dayton • 937-320-5405
Gallery Saint John is a nonprofit gallery that exhibits
art works done by members of the Society of Mary
and their acquaintances In the Dayton community, as
well as nature preserve displays and works from the
collection of the Marian Library of the University of
Dayton. Nine shows are held each year, in addition
to workshops in design, ceramics, drawing, painting
and photography techniques.
Art Museums, Exhibitions &
Services to Visual Artists
Hartman Rock Garden
Springfield • [email protected]
Connecting Art Design and
Community (CADC)
Dayton • 937-313-9883
What began as a modest concrete fish pond in H.G.
(Ben) Hartman’s back yard is now revered as a folk
art masterpiece. The Hartman Rock Garden includes
over 250,000 individual stones that combine a
mixture of history, religion and depression-era pop
culture. Among the Harman Rock Garden’s many
unique attributes, the sheer scale of the work and its
contextual location in a residential neighborhood,
contributes greatly to its status as an iconic “outsider”
art site. Fully restored by the Kohler Foundation in
2009, the Garden is open daily from dawn to dusk
with no admission charge.
A nonprofit, contemporary fine arts organization
committed to enriching the cultural life of the greater
Miami Valley, CADC provides an exciting, ongoing
venue for exhibitions by both emerging artists and
established professional artists. It offers patrons and
appreciators of fine art an unforgettable gallery
experience along with a broad array of original art.
Dayton Art Institute (DAI)
Dayton • 937-223-5277
For more than 90 years, the Dayton Art Institute has
been committed to enriching lives and serving the
community by creating meaningful experiences with
art, inviting visitors to explore the diverse permanent
collection, world-class special exhibitions, family
programs, art classes, social events and more.
The Dayton Printmakers
Cooperative (DPC)
Dayton • 513-850-1983
The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative is a nonprofit
alliance of area printmakers and artists. Since its
founding in 1983, the Cooperative has provided a
studio environment for artists to enrich their cultural
channels and broaden their knowledge of the
printmaking media. The Cooperative has continues
to grow through the support of its artist members and
patrons in partnership with the Dayton Visual Arts
K12 Gallery for Young
People and TEJAS
Dayton • 937-461-5149
The K12 Gallery for Young People is a nonprofit visual
arts organization that offers creative experiences to
the people of the Dayton and Miami Valley Area. The
K12 studios offer classes for young people, and the
TEJAS studio offers classes for teens and adults, and
special artist workshops.
National Bronze Sculpture
Yellow Springs • 937-767-1515
Four national and area artists will participate in an
abstract Bronze Sculpture Symposium October 13-26,
2013 on the campus of Antioch College. The 2-week
symposium will feature the ancient lost wax process,
dating back thousands of years, and culminate in the
pouring of molten bronze at a public event. A Bronze
Sculpture Trail will be created in 2014 with the twelve
final castings.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Public Art in Vandalia (PAIV)
Vandalia • 937-415-2254
Public Art in Vandalia enhances neighborhoods and
urban environments in the City of Vandalia, through
the installation and maintenance of permanent works
of art. PAIV welcomes and embraces public art for the
community – donated, loaned, or commissioned – in
an effort to grow Vandalia’s public art collection. The
Chiseled Stone Sculpture Symposium which PAIV held
in 2010 attracted over 7,500 visitors and produced
five large limestone sculptures now displayed
throughout the city.
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Hamilton • 513 868-8336
Overlooking the Great Miami River, Pyramid Hill
Sculpture Park & Museum is a 265-acre sculpture
park and outdoor museum combining the lure of
nature with the dynamic presence of monumental
art. It is a setting where landscape and art come
together in natural galleries among vast meadows
and woodlands.
Shango Arts
Dayton • 937-223-2290
Shango Arts is a nonprofit organization founded by
artist Willis “Bing” Davis to provide art and cultural
experiences to enhance the understanding and
appreciation of African-American art and culture,
reinforce the inter-relationship of the visual arts to other
artistic and cultural expressions, while enhancing the
position of African-American artists in the community
and the world at large.
Sculptural Village of Versailles
Versailles • 800-504-2995
Frank Lloyd Wright’s
Westcott House
Springfield • 937-327-9291
Completed in 1908, the Westcott House is Frank
Lloyd Wright’s only Prairie Style home in Ohio and
one of the country’s finest Wright house museums. The
Westcott House underwent a $5.3 million restoration
in 2005 and each of its features—from art glass
and original hardware to hand-decorated walls
and massive urns—has been returned to its 1908
appearance. Call for 90-minute, docent-led tour times
offered Wednesday through Saturday.
Choral Music
Bach Society of Dayton
Dayton • 937-294-2224
The Bach Society of Dayton is dedicated to performing
and promoting appreciation of choral masterworks
from early music, including J.S. Bach, to new music,
and to nurturing the next generation of choral singers.
The 60-voice chorus, under the direction of John
Neely, is accompanied by professional chamber
orchestra and soloist, and frequently collaborates
on inventive programs with leading performing arts
organizations in the Miami Valley.
2013-2014 Season:
Hymns of Triumph: October 27, 2013
Sweet Sounds of the Holidays: December 8, 2013
Bach’s Mass in B Minor: March 23, 2014
Celebrating Dance and Song: (with the Dayton
Contemporary Dance Company), May 18, 2014
Twelve life-sized bronzed sculptures are scattered
throughout the community of Versailles. Most of the
art is lit for viewing at night, and all but one piece
is publicly accessible. A brochure describing each
with a map to its location is available at The Inn at
Town and Country
Fine Art Center
Kettering • 937-293-5381
Since 1994, the nonprofit Town and Country Fine
Art Center has provided the Miami Valley with fine,
original art, offering exhibits, classes, workshops and
a scholarship program. The mission of the organization
is to promote an environment where artists achieve
satisfaction in the development and marketing of their
work, to produce an appreciation for fine art in the
greater community, and to provide a venue where
artwork can be purchased and collected.
The Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus sings to inspire,
encourage, and sustain excellence in the choral
arts and to achieve a gay-affirming presence in the
greater Miami Valley. DGMC is continually reaching
for excellence in choral music, offering a broad
repertoire in a variety of accessible venues while
educating the community at large about the value of
Kettering Children’s Choir
Kettering • 937-296-3224
The Kettering Children’s Choir is a choral organization
whose mission is to educate talented young singers
and build an appreciation for musical excellence.
The Choir’s vision is to be known throughout Ohio
as a premier vocal ensemble and choral school, with
structured musical training, high quality standards of
artistic performance and music appreciation.
Miami Valley Music Men (MVMM)
Dayton • 937-475-6321
The Miami Valley Music Men, a chapter of the
Barbershop Harmony Society, is a men’s barbershop
chorus that has been in the Dayton area since 1950.
Barbershop music is characterized by four-part
a cappella harmony and the distinct barbershop
seventh (ringing) chord. The MVMM perform at a
wide variety of community venues throughout the
region each year.
Dayton • 937-222-2787 x 240
Musica! is Dayton’s Chamber Choir, bringing vocal
excellence to the Dayton Region since 1990. Musica
offers a wide variety of music—from Baroque to
Broadway, Classics to Spirituals, and Madrigals to
Vocal Jazz.
2013-2014 Season:
Springfield Museum of Art
Springfield • 937-325-4673
Springfield is now home to the only Smithsonian
Affiliate art museum in the State of Ohio. The
distinction celebrates the Springfield Museum of
Art’s adherence to best practices and its exemplary
permanent collection, which features artists such as
Berenice Abbott, George Bellows and A.T. Bricher.
The Museum’s dynamic schedule of changing
exhibitions including self-taught and contemporary
artists ensures there’s always something new to see.
Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus
Dayton • 937-530-0642
An Air of Remembrance: November 9 & 10, 2013
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Musica:
Sunday, February 16, 2014
A Song for Mother’s Day: May 10 & 11, 2014
Centerville Community Chorus
The Centerville Community Chorus is an all-volunteer
chorus co-sponsored by the City of Centerville and the
Centerville Arts Commission. The Chorus consists of
singers who represent a wide range of vocations and
ages, and perform at a variety of venues throughout
the community.
Dayton Boy’s Choir
Dayton • 937-640-0949
S. Norman Park founded the Dayton Boys Choir in
1943. His vision was to provide an outlet for the vocal
talents of young gentlemen from the Dayton, Ohio
area. Selected by audition, the boys sing at a variety
of events across the region and the nation each year.
The Celtic Academy of Irish Dance
Dayton • 937-256-6086
The mission of the Celtic Academy is to promote a
greater understanding and appreciation of the Irish
culture through dance. The Academy performs for
various organizations and functions in the greater
Dayton and Southwest Ohio area throughout the year.
Dayton Ballet
Dayton • 937-449-5060
The second oldest ballet company in the United States,
Dayton Ballet is part of the Dayton Performing Arts
Alliance, and is one of the top three dance companies
in the nation that produces and presents new work. The
organization celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013.
CultureWorks.org 37
Culture Works Area Listings
Dayton Contemporary
Dance Company (DCDC)
Dayton • 937-228-3232
Rooted in the African-American experience, DCDC is a
culturally diverse company committed to reaching the
broadest audience through exceptional performance
and arts-integrated education. Now in its 43rd year,
DCDC has won national and international acclaim
and renown for powerful performances and a diverse
repertoire of works by world class choreographers.
Gary Geis Dance Company
Springfield • 937-322-6229
The Gary Geis Dance Company advances the
appreciation of the art of dance and promotes dance
education. The broad experience of the artistic staff
provides the members of this pre-professional dance
company with a highly diverse curriculum.
Gem City Ballet
Springboro • 937-550-9245
Gem City Ballet was formed to educate young
dancers in the joys and rigors of ballet performance,
to make quality ballet performances available to a
wider audience, and to provide new and experienced
choreographers an opportunity to create new works.
Le Jeune Ballet National Company
Mason • 513-257-8083
Premiering in 2011, Le Jeune Ballet National
Company is the first professional company of its kind
in the nation, composed of ballet dance professionals
at the very beginning of their career. JBN dancers
and staff share their talents in outreach programs for
community members of all ages.
SMAG Dance Collective
Dayton • 937-329-6948
SMAG Dance Collective is a contemporary fusion
dance company founded by Michael Groomes in
2003. Groomes saw an opportunity to create an
organization that would appeal to both traditional
and non-traditional dance audiences, provide
opportunity for dancers and choreographers, and
develop collaborations which push the impetus of the
region toward being an arts and cultural destination.
South Dayton Dance Theatre
Centerville • 937-435-5052
South Dayton Dance Theatre is a non-profit
organization that gives their members a glimpse of
life as a professional dancer. Dancers ranging in age
from 11 – 18 are chosen through an audition process.
Throughout the year, the dancers get opportunities
to perform, including a Spring Concert and The
Antioch Review
Yellow Springs • 937-769-1365
The Antioch Review, founded in 1941, is one of the
oldest, continuously publishing literary magazines in
America, publishing fiction, essays, and poetry from
both emerging and established authors that serve
readers and authors while encouraging others to
publish the “best words in the best order.”
Antioch Writers Workshop
Yellow Springs • 937-769-1803
Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate, or
advanced writer, Antioch Writers’ Workshop
programs offer the tools and inspiration you need
to take the next steps on your writing path, offering
instruction in the creative writing craft and in the
professional skills creative writers need to succeed in
the publishing world.
Dayton Literary Peace Prize Award
Dayton • 937-298-5072
The Dayton Literary Peace Prize, inaugurated in
2006, is the first and only annual U.S. literary award
recognizing the power of the written word to promote
peace. The Dayton Literary Peace Prize invites
nominations in adult fiction and nonfiction books
published within the past year that have led readers
to a better understanding of other cultures, peoples,
religions, and political points of view.
Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop
Dayton • [email protected]
The Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop is devoted to
both humor and human interest writing. Through the
workshop, the University of Dayton and the Bombeck
family honor one of America’s most celebrated
storytellers and humorists.
Miami Valley Storytellers
Dayton • 937-767-9823
Miami Valley Storytellers promotes the oral tradition
of storytelling as an art form which bridges gaps
between cultures and generations. The goals are to
develop the skills of the members, to demonstrate to
the general public just how storytelling can enhance
other disciplines, and to provide a forum for telling
and for listening.
Dayton Access Television (DATV)
Dayton • 937-223-5311
DATV is a nonprofit organization that, since 1978, has
given Dayton the “Freedom to Communicate” as a
community forum that empowers all citizens to learn,
create and express their ideas through electronic
Dayton Public Radio
(WDPR 88.1, WDPG 89.9)
Dayton • 937-496-3850
Classical 88.1 is a nonprofit organization
broadcasting classical music 24 hours a day. WDPR
celebrates and advances classical music and the fine
arts using multiple technologies to enrich the lives
of listeners, and serve as a voice for the region’s
performing and fine arts organizations.
Dayton Public Television (Think TV)
Dayton • 937-220-1600
Think TV is a widely used educational, cultural and
informational resource for the community. Greater
Dayton Public Television’s mission is to improve our
understanding of one another, the community and
the world through diverse educational, cultural and
informational programming and services provided to
people in schools, homes and the workplace.
Film Dayton
Dayton • 937-554-0031
FilmDayton is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven
organization dedicated to building the Dayton
region’s film community, bringing together local
filmmakers, students and fans at monthly “Film
Connections” meetings. FilmDayton promotes and
supports film events in the Miami Valley, building an
infrastructure to encourage new film making in the
Dayton Region.
Middletown Public Radio
(WNKN 105.9)
Middletown • 859-572-6500
WNKN is a public radio station broadcasting an
adult alternative format. Licensed to Middletown,
Ohio, the station serves the southwest Ohio Region
and is owned by Northern Kentucky University. The
station’s slogan is “Public Radio that Rocks.”
Public Radio for the
Miami Valley (WYSO 91.3)
Yellow Springs • 937-767-6420
WYSO is the Miami Valley’s only NPR News station,
delivering local and state news plus public affairs
programming and news specials. WYSO seeks to
enrich public discourse by fostering intellectual and
cultural curiosity, and by serving as a dynamic,
creative, local companion.
Multidisciplinary &
Arts Education
Cityfolk shares diverse artistic traditions from across
America and around the world with the communities
of Southwest Ohio. Cityfolk will present two
performances at the University of Dayton Boll Theatre
this season.
Taj Weekes and Adowa: November 14, 2013
Cedric Watson: March 12, 2014
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Muse Machine
Dayton • 937-222-6873
Muse Machine is a nationally recognized arts
education organization annually serving 70,000
students and their teachers in southwestern Ohio.
Since its inception in 1982, Muse Machine has
produced 25 annual musicals and 13 summer
concerts, and engaged thousands of students through
arts-integrated classroom instruction, interactive
workshops and professional development for
The Performing Arts Academy
Middletown • 513-594-7242
This nonprofit organization provides instruction in
voice, piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, percussion,
flute, lower brass and strings, and also provides group
lessons in voice, piano, theatre and guitar. They
produce several theatre productions each year.
Ohio Performing Arts Institute
Springfield • 937-324-7444
Ohio Performing Arts Institute is a nonprofit whose
vision is to preserve and enhance the arts through
quality theatre education and performances in the
community. OPAI offers a multitude of opportunities in
dance, private music lessons and acting for all ages.
The Performing Arts Academy
Middletown • 513-594-7242
This nonprofit organization provides instruction in
voice, piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, percussion,
flute, lower brass and strings, and also provides group
lessons in voice, piano, theatre and guitar. They
produce several theatre productions each year.
Project Jericho
Springfield • 937-328-3869
Project Jericho is a collaborative program between
the Clark State Performing Arts Center and Job and
Family Services of Clark County, providing performing
arts workshops, artist residencies, and family
performances to at-risk youth and families. Project
Jericho changes lives through positive in-depth arts
Residence in Praise Fine Arts
Trotwood • 937-854-3500
Residence in Praise Fine Arts provides professional
lessons for students ages five to senior adults in:
Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Theatre, Creative Writing,
Drill Team, Drum Corp and Communications.
Artistic programming is provided for the residents
of Trotwood and surrounding cities to participate,
present, engage, and appreciate the arts.
Stivers School for the Arts
Dayton • 937-542-7380
Brukner Nature Center
Troy • 937-698-6493
Stivers School for the Arts is a public arts magnet
school located in the St. Anne’s Hill Historic District
neighborhood of Dayton and serving students in
grades 7-12. Stivers pairs intensive training in the
arts with a rigorous academic program that regularly
produces test scores equal or superior to those of
surrounding suburban districts. Stivers is a prime
example of how participation in the arts enhances
academic performance, and has been ranked by U.S.
News and World Report as being among America’s
best high schools.
Brukner Nature Center is a privately-funded nonprofit
nature preserve dedicated to environmental education
and wildlife rehabilitation. See exhibits in the Nature
Art Gallery in the Heidelberg Auditorium.
We Care Arts
Kettering • 937-292-3937
We Care Arts is a place where people with disabilities
learn independence and build self esteem. Those
with emotional, mental and/or physical disabilities
can come to the facility and create artwork which
fosters confidence and empowerment. The We Care
Arts Gallery is the perfect place to find one of a kind
individually created gifts for all occasions.
Nature, Science, History
& Lifestyle
America’s Packard Museum
Dayton • 937-226-1710
America’s Packard Museum in Dayton is the world’s
only restored Packard Dealership operating as
a museum, and only full-time museum dedicated
exclusively to the Packard Motor Car company, its
products and philosophies.
Aullwood Audubon Center
and Farm
Dayton • 937-890-7360
Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, an Audubon
Center for environmental education and organic
agriculture, provides activities that increase
understanding and preservation of the planet by
children and adults through education, research and
recreation. Nature-themed art and textile exhibits are
often on display in their buildings.
Bear’s Mill
Greenville • 937-548-5112
Built in 1849, Bear’s Mill is one of the few operating
water-powered grist mills in Ohio today. In addition
to tours and grinding demonstrations, the Mill houses
a Mill Store featuring stoneground flours and meals,
kitchen accessories, and gourmet products. The Mill
Gallery features the “Art at the Mill” series exhibiting
paintings, sculpture, and photography of artists
through the Ohio Valley.
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Dayton • 937-275-7431
The mission of the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
is to be the premier regional provider of interactive
science learning experiences which enrich the lives
of children and adults, enhance the quality of life in
our community, and promote a broad understanding
of the world.
Carillon Park/Dayton History
Dayton • 937-293-2841
Dayton History consists of Carillon Historical Park, the
Archive Center, Hawthorn Hill, Patterson Homestead,
Old Court House, Memorial Hall and Old River Park.
Dayton History brings the past to life to understand
the present and inspire the future by collecting,
preserving, interpreting, and presenting the Dayton
Region’s past.
Clinton County History Center
& Genealogy Library
Wilmington • 937-382-4684
The Clinton County Historical Society maintains the
county museum which houses sculptures and paintings
by world-renowned Quaker artist Eli Harvey and
sponsors rotating exhibits. Genealogies and histories
important to the area are also housed in the former
residence of General James W. Denver.
Dayton International
Peace Museum
Dayton • 937-227-3223
The Dayton International Peace Museum is nonprofit,
all volunteer organizations whose educational
programs and exhibits are non-partisan and feature
themes of nonviolent conflict resolution, social justice
issues, international relations and peace. Dayton’s
history is honored as the center for the 1995 Dayton
Peace Accords.
Downtown Dayton Partnership
Dayton • 937-224-1518
The Downtown Dayton Partnership presents Urban
Nights twice each year – once in the fall (September
20, 2013) and once in the spring (May 9, 2014.)
Described as a huge, all-inclusive street party and
open house, this free event showcases downtown
Dayton’s art, music, nightlife and dining. Artists and
galleries open their doors to the public and musicians
of all kinds perform throughout the center city with
more than 100 creative spaces as part of the event.
Included are locations throughout downtown, the
Oregon Arts District and Wright-Dunbar Village.
Additionally, the DDP sponsors First Friday each
month, featuring street performances, roaming
entertainers, outdoor concerts, arts demonstrations,
live music and more.
Dates for Urban Nights 2013-2014
September 20, 2013 and May 9, 2014
Five Rivers MetroParks
Dayton • 937-275-7275
Celebrating 50 years of preserving green space and
natural areas, Five Rivers MetroParks is a nationally
renowned park system composed of natural area
parks, gardens, high-quality river corridors, urban
parks and a network of recreation trails. Fiver Rivers
MetroParks protects the region’s natural heritage and
provides outdoor experiences that inspire a personal
connection with nature. Educational programs and
recreational opportunities are offered year-round for
all ages.
CultureWorks.org 39
Culture Works Area Listings
Fort Ancient
Lebanon • 937-268-8199
Situated on a bluff 235 feet above the Little Miami
River Valley, the Museum at Fort Ancient presents an
overarching view of 15,000 years of Ohio history,
while the prehistoric-themed garden offers a glimpse
into how the prehistoric peoples of the area survived.
Garst Museum
Greenville • 937-548-5420
The Garst Museum is a large historical museum with
over 300,000 artifacts on display in over 35,000
square feet of exhibit space within six building
wings. Major exhibits are the Annie Oakley Center,
CrossRoads of Destiny, American Indians, Lowell
Thomas, and agricultural and military exhibits.
Glen Helen Nature Preserve
Yellow Springs • 937-769-1902
Glen Helen Nature Preserve encompasses 1,000
acres, all accessible from a 25-mile network of
footpaths. Visitors can view spectacular wildflowers,
400-year-old trees, limestone cliffs with waterfalls and
overhangs, and the beautiful yellow spring flower for
which the town is named.
National Afro-American Museum
and Cultural Center (NAAMCC)
n a t i o n a l - a f r o - a m e r i c a n - m us e u m - cultural-center
Wilberforce • 937-376-4944
The NAAMCC – the first national museum dedicated
to Afro-American history and culture – opened in
1988. The museum has received the enthusiastic
support of hundreds of individuals throughout the
nation who have donated family treasures to the
Center, developing one of the nation’s largest
collections of Afro-American materials.
National Museum of the
US Air Force
Dayton • 937-255-3286
The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force is the
world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum,
featuring more than 360 aerospace vehicles
and missiles, thousands of personal artifacts and
photographs that document the Air Force timeline
from the beginnings of military flight to today’s war
on terrorism.
Learning Tree Farm
Dayton • 937-866-8650
Learning Tree Farm is a nonprofit organization that
offers programs to all ages from throughout the Miami
Valley region. All the programs focus on hands-on
experiences with the animals, gardens and fields.
Meriam R. Hare Quaker
Heritage Center
Wilmington • 937-382-6661 X 719
Pennsylvania House Museum
Springfield • 937-322-7668
Springfield was once known as the end of the Historic
National Road. The Pennsylvania House Tavern &
Inn was an important stopover for livestock drovers
and pioneers traveling by foot, on horseback, or in
Conestoga wagons during the 19th century westward
expansion of the United States. The 24-room building,
built in 1839, now houses an extensive display of
antique furnishings, antique dolls, and one of the
largest antique button collections in the United States.
SunWatch Indian Village
Archaeological Park
Dayton • 937-268-8199
Located on the campus of Wilmington College, the
Quaker Heritage Center houses a permanent exhibit
highlighting Quaker contributions to American
history, a gallery with rotating exhibits, a library of
titles related to Quaker history and practice, and an
1840s style traditional Quaker Meetinghouse.
The mission of SunWatch Indian Village
Archaeological Park is to protect, preserve and
research the cultural remains of the SunWatch
National Historic Landmark archaeological site
and to serve as a visitor and educational center for
archaeology, Native American culture, and heritage
stewardship as they relate to the site.
Miamisburg Mound Park
Miamisburg • 937-866-3303
Woodland Historic Cemetery
& Arboretum
Dayton • 937-228-3221
The Miamisburg Mound is the best known but least
understood major prehistoric Indian feature in Ohio.
It is the largest conical shaped earthwork of its kind in
the United States and possibly the world.
Wright “B” Flyer Inc. is an all-volunteer membershipbased nonprofit based at the Dayton-Wright Brothers
Airport. The group flies and displays look-a-likes of the
Wright Brothers’ first production airplane, the Wright
Model B Flyer. The group’s Hangar at the DaytonWright Brothers Airport is open three days a week
as a free museum about the Wright Brothers and their
role in the development of aviation
Dayton Opera Association
Dayton • 937-228-0662
Dayton Opera, part of the Dayton Performing Arts
Alliance, was founded in 1960 and is the region’s only
professional opera company. Annually, it produces
three fully staged opera productions and one Star
Gala concert presentation as well as educational
Orchestral & Instrumental
Chamber Music Yellow Springs
Yellow Springs • 937-767-7001
Heritage Center Museum
Springfield • 937-324-0657
The City Building & Market, built in 1890, is now
home to the Heritage Center Museum. This newly
renovated facility, extending an entire city block,
houses a museum that faithfully recounts the history
of America’s Heartland with exhibits to fascinate
all ages. Known by architectural aficionados for its
stunning Richardsonian Romanesque design, the
Heritage Center hosts approximately 30,000 visitors
each year. Admission is free.
Wright B Flyer Inc.
Miamisburg • 937-885-2327
Founded in 1841, Woodland Cemetery is one of the
nation’s five oldest rural garden cemeteries and a
unique cultural, botanical and educational resource
in the heart of Dayton. The Romanesque gateway,
chapel and office, completed in 1889, are on the
National Register of Historic Places and the chapel
features one of the finest original Tiffany windows in
the country.
Chamber Music Yellow Springs presents ensembles
that play music from living composers, cross-cultural
works and familiar pieces. Pre-concert and postconcert events are offered that allow concertgoers of
all levels, from veteran attendees to first-timers, to gain
an enhanced appreciation for the wonderful musical
medium of chamber music.
Dayton Jazz Orchestra
Dayton • 937-885-2422
The Dayton Jazz Orchestra presents the exciting
sounds of modern and traditional big band music.
The 16-piece jazz orchestra plays selections from
the music libraries of Count Basie, Stan Kenton, Bob
Mintzer, Rob McConnell, Duke Ellington and more.
The DJO presents concerts and educational clinics
throughout the Dayton area.
Dayton Mandolin Orchestra
Dayton • 937-767-7655
The goal of the Dayton Mandolin Orchestra is to
enrich lives through the revival, preservation, and
promotion of the mandolin family and its repertoire.
This all-volunteer group offers a friendly and
supportive performance outlet that unites musicians of
diverse backgrounds and ability levels.
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
Dayton • 937-224-3521
The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, part of the Dayton
Performing Arts Alliance, is a fully professional,
unionized orchestra comprised of musicians who also
teach in area high schools, universities and privately.
In addition to a full symphony orchestra, the Dayton
Philharmonic supports a chamber orchestra, five
chamber ensembles, a professional concert band,
a 140-voice all-volunteer Chorus and two youth
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Fraze Pavilion
Kettering • 937-296-3302
Fraze Pavilion is southwestern Ohio’s premiere
outdoor entertainment venue, celebrating its 21st
season since Marvin Hamlisch christened the 4,300seat amphitheater in 1991. National and local artists
are welcomed to a varied season for performances in
a lovely setting under the stars.
The Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony
Hamilton • 513-895-5151
Founded in 1951, the Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony
Orchestra is dedicated to outstanding and uncommon
programming, providing the community with access
to international guest artists, fine musical talent, and
renowned conductors. The 75-member professional
orchestra presents ten to twelve concerts annually
and, since 1997, also includes a symphony chorale.
Harps of Grace
Dayton • 937-350-7133
The Harps of Grace ensemble was organized in the
spring of 2003 by local harpist desiring to play and
perform together. They present concerts for retirement
communities, schools, churches, and public events as
well as a Christmas and a spring concert. Harps of
Grace has twelve members and is directed by Dayton
Philharmonic principal harpist, Leslie Stratton Norris.
Lebanon Symphony Orchestra
Lebanon • 513-228-0346
The Lebanon Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to
make the classical music experience educational,
attractive, accessible and affordable for the families,
and to provide performance opportunities for the
advanced musician (the Lebanon Symphony Chorus),
the professional musician (the Lebanon Symphony
Orchestra), and the aspiring young musician (the
Lebanon Symphony Youth Orchestra).
Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra
Dayton • 937-530-0515
The Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra, founded
in 1989, brings high quality symphony orchestra
performances to the Miami Valley at community
prices. In addition to standard symphonic music, this
volunteer orchestra has performed full operas, ballets,
silent film scores and musical theater. The 2013-2014
season will include the fall performance of Handel’s
“Judas Maccabaeus” with area choristers and
local soloists. The year’s Clark J. Haines Memorial
Concerto Competition winner, violinist Mariko
Shimasaki, will be featured on another concert during
the season.
Middletown Symphony Orchestra
Middletown • 513-424-2426
2012-13 marks Carmon DeLeone’s 30th Anniversary
season with the Middletown Symphony Orchestra.
Four concerts will be presented from September
to May at the newly renovated Dave Finkelman
Auditorium of Miami University. The MSO also
provides a Youth Orchestra made up of talented area
middle and high school students.
Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Springfield • 937-325-8100
Founded in 1943, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra
is one of Springfield’s greatest assets. Music director
Peter Stafford Wilson conducts 72 of the area’s finest
professional musicians and internationally renowned
guest artists for six subscription concerts and
special outreach programs. The SSO also supports
a symphony chorale, three youth orchestras, and a
children’s chorus.
West Chester Symphony Orchestra
West Chester
The West Chester Symphony Orchestra, a nonprofit
organization founded in 1997, is comprised of
volunteer musicians who provide free entertainment
to the community. The mission is to educate, enrich,
and expose the local community and students to the
arts while providing an artistic musical opportunity for
orchestral musicians in the region.
Wind In The Woods
Wind in the Woods is a versatile ensemble whose
mission is to encourage interest in early music, to
entertain, and to educate. Instruments used to bring
to life medieval, renaissance, and baroque music
include recorders, crumhorns, cornamuse, kordholt,
gemshorn, viola da gamba, and lute.
Acting Up: Young Performer’s
Community Theatre of Mason
Mason •513-494-6062
Acting Up is a nonprofit, volunteer group which was
founded to provide experiences in all aspects of the
theater arts to young people in the region. Acting
Up is committed to providing the community not only
with an exceptional finished theatrical product, but a
fulfilling, educational and fun process.
Beavercreek Community Theatre
Beavercreek • 937-429-4737
Since 1995, Beavercreek Community Theatre’s goal
of appealing to a broad audience has been fulfilled
through its selections of multi-generational dramas
and musicals. A permanent theater home has allowed
BCT to offer full seasons of theatrical productions, to
encourage community involvement in the arts, and to
develop a Children’s Theater program.
The Black Box Improv Theater
Dayton • 937-369-0747
The Black Box Improv Theater is inspired by Chicago’s
legacy of long form improve. The production is a
completely improvised one act play, complete with
multiple characters, each with unique relationships,
often intertwining in complex ways.
Brookville Community Theatre
Brookville • 937-833-6790
Northwest of Dayton just off I-70, the Brookville
Community Theatre presents everything from comedies
and family-friendly musicals to mysteries and touching
dramas. A recipient of the several DayTony awards
for its productions, the theater operates in a cozy,
modern facility that seats 110 people.
Children’s Performing Arts
of Miamisburg (CPAM)
Miamisburg • 937-867-0353
Children’s Performing Arts of Miamisburg (CPAM)
is dedicated to promote, to all area youths, the
appreciation of the performing arts through education,
practice and performance and to enrich the lives of
those participants by strengthening the performing
arts of our communities. CPAM offers the opportunity
for children to develop their talents and get involved
in all aspects of theatre.
The Children’s Theatre of Mason
Mason • 513-398-0116
The mission of The Children’s Theatre of Mason is to
expose children to all aspects of theatrical production
and help them develop an appreciation for the
performing arts. CTM, a nonprofit organization,
produces two productions each season, and offers
children the opportunity to take part as performers,
crew members, set builders, make-up assistants and
Dayton Playhouse
Dayton • 937-424-8477
The Dayton Playhouse is a community theatre
providing outstanding theatrical productions to
Dayton Region audiences of all ages for more than
fifty years. The Playhouse is nationally recognized for
FutureFest, a festival of new plays.
Dayton Theatre Guild
Dayton • 937-278-5993
The Dayton Theatre Guild opened in 1945 and has
continuously staged live theater in every year since.
It has a tradition of good plays done well, utilizing
all-volunteer casts, crews and administration. Anyone
with a passion for theater can find a home at DTG
regardless of prior experience.
Encore Theater Company
Dayton • [email protected]
Encore Theater Company’s mission is the presentation
of new, unpublished works for the stage, providing a
safe venue for authors to hone their craft by working
with creative teams from all over the country and with
local actors, designers, technicians, musicians, and
CultureWorks.org 41
Culture Works Area Listings
Fairfield Footlighters
Fairfield • 513 867-5348
The Murphy Theatre
Wilmington • 937-382-3643
Fairfield Footlighters is a nonprofit Community Theatre
committed to making the theatrical experience
more accessible to the public and providing more
opportunities for young artists to enhance their
dramatic skills.
The Murphy Theatre, cultivates community and
surrounding interest in the performing arts, movies,
and other forms of entertainment. The mission of the
Murphy Theatre is to educate, enrich, and entertain
patrons with a superior theatre experience.
Ham It Up! Productions
Tipp City
Playhouse South
Kettering • 888-262-3792
Ham It Up! Productions offers classes for school-aged
children in acting, sketch comedy, script writing,
performance, stage make-up, costume design and
more. Founder Harriet Bergman brings over 20
years of experience in theater and education to the
Since 1960, Playhouse South has been known by
many names, and has been housed in a variety of
locations. The entirely volunteer organization puts
on several musicals each year. Operating funds
are obtained from box office receipts and patron
The Human Race Theatre Company
Dayton • 937-461-3823
2013-2014 heralds The Human Race Theatre
Company’s 27th season of bringing the beauty, drama
and excitement of live professional theatre to Dayton
and southwestern Ohio. The Loft Season provides
audiences with award-winning, cutting-edge dramas,
American classics and regional and world premieres,
and a Musical Theatre Workshop series expands the
repertoire for musical audiences with brand new or
seldom-performed material. Additionally, education
and engagement programs address the cultural needs
of a broad array of citizens.
La Comedia Dinner Theatre
Springboro • 937-746-4554
Featuring six Broadway-style shows a year, along with
a dinner buffet, La Comedia Dinner Theatre has been
serving as entertainment venue for southwest Ohio
since 1975. For each production, talent is cast from
auditions in New York City as well as locally.
Lebanon Theatre Company
Lebanon • 513-228-0932
Lebanon Theatre Company is a nonprofit organization
providing community theatre in an intimate 105-seat
theatre. The mission of LTC is to organize, sponsor,
produce and promote high-quality amateur theatrical
productions and to promote and develop theatrical
arts education for the Warren County area.
Mayhem & Mystery
Dayton • 937-287-5453
Mystery, intrigue, and merriment are yours to enjoy
with Mayhem & Mystery. Undertake an evening of
detective work as you try to solve the mystery and
compete for prizes. Performances take place in and
around the audience, and members are drawn into
the action. Shows change every two months.
Middletown Lyric Theatre
Middletown • 513-425-7140
Since 1978, Middletown Lyric Theatre has brought
quality community theatre to the Middletown area
and beyond. The mission of MLT is to inspire, nurture,
challenge, educate, and empower its artists and
audiences while continuing a long-standing tradition
of producing affordable, accessible theatre for the
community it serves.
Sinclair Community College
Dayton • 937-512-3000
Sinclair embraces both culture and creativity to
provide an environment where people can explore
new paths and opportunities in the arts. With art
exhibitions, musical performances, multicultural
events and theatrical productions open to the public,
Sinclair offers limitless opportunities to experience
true campus life and take advantage of outstanding
artistic resources.
South Charleston Opera
House Players
South Charleston • 937-462-0336
For more than 25 years the South Charleston Opera
House Players have staged a variety of productions
including comical farces, dinner theater, melodramas
and variety shows. All proceeds go to the South
Charleston Heritage Commission, a nonprofit
organization created to restore and maintain the
community’s small town Americana heritage.
Springfield Civic Theatre
Springfield • [email protected]
Springfield Civic Theatre has been providing quality
community theatre to the Clark County and Springfield
community for over 75 years.
Springfield Stageworks
Springfield • [email protected]
Founded in 2004, StageWorks is Springfield’s
alternative theatre company, producing local
productions of classic and contemporary plays.
Auditions are open to the public and performances
take place at the historic State Theater in downtown
The Tipp Roller Mill & Theatre
Tipp City • 937-667-3696
Originally the home of “Snowball Flour,” Tipp’s 1839
birthplace is located next to Canal Lock #15 on the
Miami and Erie Canal. The building is now occupied
by the Tipp Roller Mill Theater, which presents oldfashioned entertainment on Saturday evenings every
Town Hall Theatre
Dayton • 937-433-8957
Washington Township’s Town Hall Theatre is
dedicated to inspiring personal growth in young
people and creating shared performing arts
experiences for families. Select professionallytrained artists share their craft, seek out plays that
speak directly to young people, and offer a range of
performance opportunities, classes, and community
Troy Civic Theatre
Troy • 937-339-7700
Since 1965, Troy Civic Theatre has provided quality
family entertainment and live theatre experiences
for the Upper Miami Valley. Productions include
comedies, musicals, dramas, tragedies, children’s
theatre, repertory company and community outreach
University of Dayton
Dayton • 937-229-5104
At the University of Dayton—a top-tier national,
Catholic university—we understand that the arts are
essential to a Marianist education. From visual art
exhibitions and visiting artist lectures to film, theatre,
and dance performances, arts audiences will find
something for everyone at the University of Dayton.
Vandalia Youth Theatre
Established in 1991, Vandalia Youth Theatre is a
nonprofit educational organization committed to
making high-quality live theatre accessible, relevant,
and memorable for young people. Each summer VYT
produces several shows and musicals for children
Kindergarten through Grade 12. Every child who
auditions is cast in a show, regardless of experience
or ability.
Victoria Theatre Association
Dayton • 937-228-7591
The Victoria Theatre Association is a nonprofit
organization presenting more than 300 performances
for all ages annually. The VTA owns and operates
three arts facilities in downtown Dayton for the benefit
of the community – the historic Victoria Theatre, the
Loft Theatre, and the Schuster Performing Arts Center.
The Schuster Center, which opened in 2003, is
renowned nationally for its state of the art acoustics
and architecture. The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra,
Dayton Ballet and Dayton Opera utilize the Schuster
Center and the Victoria Theatre, as do national
touring companies and guest artists presented by the
VTA. The Loft Theatre is home to The Human Race
Theatre Company.
Wright State University
Dayton • 937.775.3246
Wright State University’s Departments of Art and
Art History; Music; and Theatre, Dance, and Motion
Pictures have joined together to form CELIA—
Collaborative Education, Leadership, and Innovation
in the Arts—an Ohio Center of Excellence at Wright
State University. CELIA acts to develop initiatives
to enrich the already remarkable artistic climate
in the Dayton region while enhancing ongoing
collaborations and nurturing
new partnerships.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
Wright State productions take place on campus in
the Creative Arts Center, which contains three unique
performance spaces and the University Art Galleries.
Xenia Area Community Theater
Xenia • 937-372-0516
Now in their 7th season, Xenia Area Community
Theater offers a season of stage performances,
summer youth programs and workshops. They also
support their activities with Second Act Thrift Store in
YS Kids Playhouse
Yellow Springs • 937-767-7800
Founded in 1995 and incorporated as a nonprofit
in 1997, YSKP aims to cultivate the development of
future actors, leaders, patrons and audiences, and to
enhance art awareness in the community through arts
education programming and the creation of original
multimedia theater for youth.
The Zoot Theatre Company
Dayton • 937-512-0140
Founded 1n 2006, to bring professional puppetry
and masks to Dayton, Zoot is a resident company at
The Dayton Art Institute where it produces its Summer
Series and Main Stage Season. In addition to its local
productions, Zoot provides educational outreach,
artist-in-residencies, and workshops to people of all
ages! Beginning in 2014, Zoot will “take the show on
the road” and launch its first-ever national tour.
Universities and Colleges
Antioch College
Yellow Springs • 937-319-6065
The arts curriculum at Antioch College introduces
students to multiple perspectives and strategies of
art making, including interdisciplinary, communitybased, and global contexts, both in the classroom
and through work experiences. Herndon Gallery is
the site for art and photography exhibits, receptions,
lectures and music performances that are open to the
Cedarville University
Cedarville • 937-766-7700
Cedarville University offers innovative art, design,
and theatre programs
inspiring creativity, and
preparing individuals to pursue their artistic futures.
The community is invited to participate by attending
the 2013-2014 theatre season, as well as a variety
of musical performances featuring a Brass Choir,
Concert Chorale, Jazz Band, Men’s Glee Club,
Women’s Choir, and University Orchestra.
Central State University
Wilberforce • 937-376-6077
University of Dayton
Dayton • 937-229-1000
The Department of Fine & Performing Arts offers a
major in the disciplines of art and music. In addition
to its primary role of providing professional and preprofessional training to its majors and minors, the
department serves as a major cultural center and
resource for the University and offers a wide range
of concerts, performances, exhibitions, lectures, and
courses which promote the aesthetic development of
the community.
From visual art exhibitions and visiting artists to film,
theatre, music, and dance performances, the University
of Dayton offers a variety of arts experiences. For
over 50 years the University Arts Series has been
presenting experiences both exhilarating and
challenging to campus and community audiences.
Hundreds of exceptional artists from around the world
have presented at the University of Dayton since
1961, each one helping us to better understand the
joys and challenges of being human.
Clark State Community College
Springfield • 937-328-3841
The Clark State Community College Performing Arts
Center is committed to the guiding principle that
the arts, by celebrating the human experience and
cultivating the spirit, are an integral part of personal,
family and community development. An impressive
array of performances are offered annually at the Arts
Edison Community College
Piqua • 937-778-8600
Edison Community College presents a series of
performances and exhibitions each year entitled “The
Arts at Edison” which feature a broad array of visual,
performing, and literary arts opportunities in addition
to performances by the Edison Stagelight Players.
Miami University
Oxford • 513.529.1809
The School of Creative Arts is also home to the Miami
University Art Museum and the Performing Arts Series,
both of which contribute to academic offerings
through artistic collaborations across campus, while
providing diversity, cultural awareness, and access to
the arts for the community and region. The Performing
Arts Series brings an impressive array of national
talent to the Dayton Region each year.
Sinclair Community College
Dayton • 937-512-3000
With art exhibitions, musical performances,
multicultural events and theatrical productions open
to the public, Sinclair invites the Dayton Region to find
an opportunity to truly experience the Sinclair culture.
The Sinclair Community College Arts Galleries
promote the development of professional and student
artists and serve as an educational resource for the
entire community.
Urbana University
Urbana • 937-484-1400
A variety of visual and performing arts opportunities
are provided to students at Urbana University
including a concert and jazz bank, the University
Singers, and an active theatre season. The Miller
Center for the Visual Arts opened its doors in 2010
and schedules annual exhibits each fall and spring.
Wilberforce University
Wilberforce • 937-376-2911
Renowned for its music program, Wilberforce
University is home to the internationally known
Wilberforce University Choir which traces its roots
back to 1878. The Choir is composed of more than
fifty singers, and has a repertoire that includes a
variety of artistic genres, including Classical, AfricanAmerican spirituals, contemporary gospel, and jazz,
as well as opera and Broadway styles.
Wilmington College
Wilmington • 800-341-9318
The Boyd Cultural Arts Center, a $7.6 million facility
completed in 2005, features the David and June
Harcum Art Gallery, 440-seat Hugh G. Heiland
Theatre and the Meriam R. Hare Quaker Heritage
Center and T. Canby Jones Meetinghouse. Summer
opportunities for performance and participation are
available through the Wilmington College Community
Summer Theatre and Clinton County Kids & Company,
an arts program for children and teens.
Wittenberg University
Springfield • 937-327-6231
Wittenberg University presents public talks, theatre
productions, dance concerts, music recitals, ensemble
concerts, art shows, and cultural festivals that enliven
the campus and the greater community. From visual
and performing artists of national and international
prominence to diverse cultural, intellectual and
value-centered programs, The Wittenberg Series
annually enhances Wittenberg’s academic program
by providing unique and exciting avenues to engage
with the arts.
Wright State University
Dayton • 937.775.3333
Wright State University’s Departments of Art and
Art History; Music; and Theatre, Dance, and Motion
Pictures have joined together to form CELIA—
Collaborative Education, Leadership, and Innovation
in the Arts—an Ohio Center of Excellence at Wright
State University. CELIA acts to develop initiatives
to enrich the already remarkable artistic climate
in the Dayton region while enhancing ongoing
collaborations and nurturing
new partnerships.
Wright State productions take place on campus in
the Creative Arts Center, which contains three unique
performance spaces and the University Art Galleries.
The Dayton Region is one of the richest areas in the nation for Festivals.
From the Greek Festival, to the Celtic Festival, to festivals celebrating sweet corn, strawberries, and sauerkraut–there are locally more
than 100 festivals each year. For a calendar of festivals throughout the year within the Dayton Region, visit culturworks.org.
CultureWorks.org 43
supporting creative energy everywhere
Vectren is a proud supporter of numerous arts organizations in the Dayton area.
Learn more about our efforts at www.vectrenfoundation.org.
A Guide to Arts & Culture in the Dayton Region
CultureWorks.org 45