How to Get Rid of Ticks & Fleas From Cats

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How to Get Rid of Ticks
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By Jamie Conrad, eHow Contributor
Whether your
cat is an outdoor
cat or an indoor
cat, it is still
subject to flea
and tick
Fleas and ticks
are parasites
that feed on the
blood of your
cat. Not only are
they irritating to
cats, they are also dangerous. They carry disease and
other parasites (such as tapeworms) that also infest
your cat. If your cat has a flea and tick problem, act
quickly to eliminate the problem and prevent it from
becoming worse.
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Groom your cat with a comb and brush. Pet
stores stock specialized combs and brushes
for removing fleas and ticks. They grab hold
of fleas and ticks and pull them off your pet.
Remove the parasites from the tool and
dump them into a dish of soapy water to
discard after grooming.
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Ticks off Y our Animals
Remove stubborn ticks with tweezers. Grasp
the tick where it meets your cat's skin firmly
and quickly pull the tick out. This may hurt
your cat a bit.
Give your cat a flea bath. Use a shampoo
specifically designed to remove fleas from
cats to ensure the product is safe for your
cat. You may need a helper for this step as
bathing cats is often a difficult task.
See your veterinarian. Fleas and ticks carry
disease and if your cat was infested a
veterinarian should examine it to check for
disease. Your veterinarian can give you
prescription flea and tick medication to
prevent the problem reoccurring.
Administer flea and tick control medications
as directed by your veterinarian. These
medications act as a preventative to keep
parasites like fleas and ticks off of your cat.
Some of these medications kill fleas and
ticks currently on your pet.
Treat your cat's bedding. Wash the bedding
in hot, soapy water and run it through the
dryer on a hot cycle.
Apply flea and tick control pesticides to your
home. These pesticides are made for indoor
or outdoor use. Some treat for fleas, some
for ticks and some eliminate both. An
exterminator will effectively treat your home
and yard. Your veterinarian can also
recommend a pesticide perfect for your
Vacuum your home frequently. Keep a flea
collar in the bag or canister of your vacuum
to kill fleas inside the vacuum itself, where
fleas can live and reproduce. Empty the
canister, or discard the bag, after each use
to prevent fleas from re-infesting your home.
Tips & Warnings
Discard fleas and ticks by flushing them down the
toilet to ensure they will not re-infest your home or
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