PetScience Flealine Fast Acting, Longer Lasting, Gentle & Effective.

For Cats & Dogs
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Fast Acting, Longer Lasting,
Gentle & Effective.
Available in a handy 2 pipette pack that will control fleas for up to
Flea Control
The end of the
line for fleas!
5 weeks for Cats & Kittens, and up to 8 weeks for Small, Medium
& Large Dogs.
Contains 100g/L Fipronil, an excellent
weapon for flea treatment.
PetScience Flealine for Cats
and Dogs is based on a new
formula that contains the
active ingredient Fipronil, an
insecticide belonging to the
phenylpyrazole family, which
is recognized to be highly
effective against fleas, killing
fleas within 24 hours.
What else can you do?
Fleas carry worms and disease. It is important to deworm your
pet. Fleas are the intermediate host for Flea Tapeworm. To treat
or prevent worm infestations, ensure you treat your cat every
3 months with an all wormer such as Endogard ™ Palatable All-
Fast actin g!
Wormer. Endogard ™ is the tastiest way to prevent worm problems.
Simple to use
and as easy as
1 - 2 - 3 to apply!
Hold the
Snap off the top
of the pipette by
bending it back
and forward along
the scored line.
Part the pet’s
hair, touch the
pipette tip to
the skin and
gently squeeze.
Fast acting. Longer lasting!
Ensure you always use the correct dosage:
Cats & Kittens over 8 weeks of age and 1Kg - 0.5ml
Small Dogs between 1Kg to 10Kg - 0.67ml
Medium Dogs between 10Kg to 20Kg - 1.34ml
Large Dogs between 20Kg to 40Kg - 2.68ml
Repeat this procedure
at one or two
different points
between the back
of the neck and
shoulders until empty.
Apply this product
as a spot high on
the back of the cat’s
neck behind it’s
Adult Flea
Everything you
need to know about
PetScience Flealine.
How does it work?
• Once PetScience Flealine
has been applied, it spreads
rapidly over your pet,
remaining in the oily layer of
Break the cycle
and treat your pet!
PetScience Flealine kills fleas on your pet
and stops them laying eggs!
the skin, and effective for up to
5 weeks for Cats and 8 weeks
for Dogs.
How does it prevent FAD- Flea Allergy
• Fleas don’t have to bite your pet to be controlled by PetScience
Flealine. This reduces suffering from painful flea bites and
controls Flea Allergic Dermatitis. PetScience Flealine can kill
fleas before they lay their eggs, breaking the flea lifecycle.
• Consult your veterinarian for further information about Flea
Allergic Dermatitis (FAD).
What age does my cat or dog have to be before I can apply
PetScience Flealine for Cats, or for Dogs?
PetScience Flealine can be applied to Cats and Kittens, Dogs and
• Ensure that your pet’s bedding and sleeping areas are
always clean.
• Ensure you treat your cat and/or dog for fleas every 5 weeks
for cats/kittens, and every 8 weeks for dogs with PetScience
Flealine for Cats and for Dogs.
• Ensure you treat your cat for worms every 3 months with
Endogard ™ Palatable All-Wormer.
Puppies as young as 8 weeks of age and over 1kg.
• Regularly remove faeces from the garden or litter tray.
How long will PetScience Flealine for Cats and for Dogs
• Always ensure your family washes their hands after playing
actually control fleas for?
• PetScience Flealine for Cats has been formulated to give 5 week
flea control per 0.5ml pipette application.
• PetScience Flealine for Small Dogs, Medium Dogs and Large
Dogs has been formulated to give 8 weeks flea control per their
respective pipette application.
with your pet and prevent pets from licking your face or hands.
• Control intermediate hosts of worms and fleas such as rats
and mice.
• Ensure you treat your environment for fleas at least once a year.
Fleas - an all year round problem, for you
and your pets.
We have an unusually high infestation - can I apply
PetScience Flealine for Cats and for Dogs more often
if necessary?
• In periods of high external reinfestation, PetScience Flealine
Fleas are prolific breeders and can produce up to 400 eggs in their
life-span of 2 - 3 weeks. These will fall from your pet’s coat into
your environment. Eggs develop rapidly in the carpet, bedding or
for Cats and for Dogs can be administered more frequently
dry soil. In warm, moist conditions, eggs hatch within a few days
at 1 month intervals to kill adult fleas passed on from the
into larvae. The larvae feed on organic matter, including flea dirt or
environment and/or other animals. It is also highly advisable to
dried blood material, which is shed from your pet’s coat.
treat the entire house with 3 - 4 12 month Flea Bombs.
Flea pupae can remain unhatched and unaffected by treatment for
Flea and worm buster tips.
many months. The adult flea emerges from it’s pupae in search of a
Follow these simple tips to ensure your pet and home are
We recommend the use of 12 month flea bombs to treat flea eggs
protected against worm and flea infestations:
and larvae in the environment.
For Cats & Dogs
blood meal - this protein source is needed to allow it to lay eggs.
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