PROTECT WHAT IS DEAR ESP detection fl oor

ESP detection floor
The ESP detection floor is an innovative
underlay which detects movements from
people and sends out a warning when
these movements are considered to be
dangerous or unusual. The ESP detection
floor allows the monitoring of patients
in hospitals or residents in a care home,
guarding their safety whilst respecting
their privacy.
The ESP detection floor monitors a person’s movements and
detects any that are possibly dangerous or unusual
Population ageing poses challenges throughout
the entire world. One of the largest challenges can
More often, digital devices such as cameras and
be found in health care, as the need for it is rising
alarm buttons are used to support care givers in
whereas the number of people able to deliver such
providing adequate care. They assist in detecting and
care is declining. With the limited capacity of care
reporting unwanted situations. The ESP detection
and nursing homes, the need for adequate care (at
floor can be an important substitution of such aids.
home) is growing. The ESP detection floor has been
It monitors a person’s movements and detects any
designed especially to fit this need.
that are possibly dangerous or unusual. The system
automatically sends out a signal whenever a possible
emergency is identified. There is no need for the
person to act themselves or a carer to be at hand
or on standby. The ESP detection floor offers a way
to deliver customised care at manageable cost. It
provides an extra pair of eyes within hospitals, within
care and nursing homes and also within the home,
allowing elderly or young adults with disabilities
to live more securely and safely. The ESP detection
floor helps protect those who are dear to us.
easily installed as it consists of different tiles which
The ESP detection floor can be used for different
are placed next to each other. All tiles have a built-in
purposes. It detects possible dangerous movements,
intelligent registration unit. The registration unit
such as a fall, and will respond immediately to such
detects movement and sends this information via
movements by sending out an alarm. It can also be
the room unit to a central control panel, which
used to detect unusual movements and behavioral
collects and interprets all data. In case of a possible
patterns such as multiple bathroom trips during a
emergency, an alarm is sent out by the central
given period. Once detected, the patient’s care can
control panel. This control panel can be connected to
be adjusted to further fit their personal needs. The
any possible (existing) control system.
system can also be used as a tool to create “real life
scenarios”. For example, when going to the bathroom
during the night, the system will recognise the
The design and materials used ensure years of
movements and automatically switch on a previously
trouble-free usage. Using a central control panel, the
specified light. The software can be programmed
state of the ESP detection floor can be monitored
to fit the user’s needs and movements. It filters
permanently. The non-electrical components of the
permanent objects in the room such as furniture and
ESP detection floor consist for more than 90% of
can be adjusted to specific circumstances such as the
recycled materials and can therefore be used in a
presence of pets.
sustainable environment.
The technology behind the ESP detection floor is
The ESP detection floor can also be used in other
safe and completely new. It is based on changes in a
sectors and for different purposes such as security
weak electric field that detects movement patterns.
applications. It can be used as a burglar detection
The ESP detection floor is an underlay, to be placed
devise in homes, stores and other locations. Or as
under a flooring such as carpet, vinyl or wood. It is
in-store movement detection to track footfall and
analyse shopping patterns. The possibilities of the
In case of a possible emergency,
an alarm is sent out by
the central control panel
ESP detection floor are endless.
The ESP detection floor will be tested in different
care and nursing homes in the Netherlands. Once
the period of testing is successfully concluded, the
ESP detection floor will be ready for large scale
production and roll-out.
The ESP detection floor offers a way to deliver
customised care at manageable cost
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