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The Official Newsletter of L.E.A.P. – Literacy Education Assistance Pups
Volume 1, Issue 1
Providing Unconditional love
November, 2007
Increasing children’s excitement in reading, one dog at a time.
What is L.E.A.P.?
Literacy Education Assistance Pups –
L.E.A.P.®- is composed of a dedicated group of
volunteers who strive to increase the quality of
reading education for the students in our
community through the use of trained therapy
dogs. The goal of the L.E.A.P. program is to
improve the literacy skills of children, and grow
their enthusiasm for reading, through the
assistance of therapy dog teams as literacy
mentors. Registered therapy dogs and their
handlers are instrumental in improving the
literacy skills of children in an effective, unique
and most importantly FUN way!
“Dogs never talk about themselves but listen to
you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an
appearance of being interested in the
conversation." - Jerome K. Jerome
"To err is human, to forgive, canine." - Unknown
Cindy and Harley read to children
at the Rehoboth Library!
Want to help you child get even more excited about
The L.E.A.P. dogs love to listen to children read.
Bring your child to the Rehoboth Library to read to our
specially trained dogs. There is no judgment, no
criticism just tons of tail wagging fun!
Wednesday evenings 6P-7P
Rehoboth Library
Parents love the program!
“Robert has become so much more confident in his reading
and his reading level has increased this semester”
“Dog trainers/owners give lots of personal encouragement to
each child.”
“Kids love dogs and theses dogs are so gentle and huggable
that it makes the kids happy to come to the LEAP program.”
“Robert went from being embarrassed about reading out loud
(he would take the book so the trainer could not see the words
so he could make up words if he did not know them) – to
reading out loud on his own. I would like to bring (my kids)
and their friends with us next Fall.”
“Thanks for a great program.”
“Encouraging to (have kids) read for fun and not reward.”
“We really look forward to upcoming years! I know this will
continue to grow!” - Wendy Tindall, Rehoboth Library
A Few of the
Participating Pups…
Mandi – Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Molly – Portuguese Water Dog
Keely – Golden Retriever
Phoebe – Golden Retriever
Chloe – English Bulldog
Luca – Sussex Spaniel
Dudley – Goldendoodle
Sadie – Black Lab
Kai – Golden/Collie Mix
Maggy – Schnauzer
Victory – Golden Retriever
Next Issue:
¾ More L.E.A.P. pictures and more L.E.A.P. dogs
¾ What do the children say?
¾ Coming Events
Hildy-Beagle/Jack Russel
Chobe-Golden Retreiver
See the L.E.A.P. dogs in the Lewes Christmas Parade!
Savannah Road, Lewes, Delaware
Teddy-Labrador Retreiver
Rebel-Irish Wolfhound
Lesley Bowers – Director of Training, [email protected]
Linda Kickenweitz – Director of Administration
Cynthia Martin – Rehoboth Library, [email protected]
Diane Miller – Bethel UMC Liaison, [email protected]
Linda Palmer – Bethel UMC, [email protected]
Jackie Rifenbergh – Harbor Healthcare, [email protected]
For more information about L.E.A.P. programs
or to become a L.E.A.P. member,
Contact any L.E.A.P. coordinator.
Harley-Irish Wolfhound
Next month :
Meet more LEAP pups!
“Dogs are miracles with paws.”
-Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy
“There is no psychiatrist in the world like
a puppy licking your face.”
~Ben Williams