November 9, 2011 Label WN:

November 9, 2011
Label WN: November 9, 2011 – READING WARM-UP
Title of your Book for Pleasure (BfP) and author or Teen Ink
Beg Pg # _____ to End Pg # _____ or Title of “Article” and author
Read silently for 10 minutes.
Author Letters, Mid-Semester Self-Assessment – PAST DUE
Letters to Emily in Altoona, PA – due Thursday (bonus)
Five new pages in WN – due Friday (minimum of 45 total)
What is a dialectical journal?
What is a significant passage?
Build a sense of classroom community.
PASS R2.4: Build fluency by reading
PASS R3.2a: Make inferences and draw
conclusions supported by text evidence
and student experiences.
Durham & Utley | CJH | English 8 and Pre-AP English 8
If you were absent …
Complete the Mugshot
and Activity
Instructions. You will
need to check out a
copy of The Giver by
Lois Lowry and read
Chapters 1-2. Show all
your work to your
November 9, 2011
ACTIVITY: Dialectic Journal for The Giver by Lois Lowry
1. Date and label the next space in your WN:
11/9/11 - The Giver by Lois Lowry
2. Create a T-chart for chapters 1 and 2. (See example below.)
3. As you read, note your thinking (predictions, questions, and
inferences) in the left column.
4. In the right column, copy the significant quote (textual evidence)
that led to your thinking.
5. Make at least two entries per chapter.
Thought/Question – Inference
“Significant Passage” – Evidence
Notice the “quotation marks” (pg#).
If this is a perfect place,
why would Jonas or
anyone else be afraid?
“It was almost December
and Jonas was beginning
to be frightened” (pg 1).
Draw a line separating each entry.
Durham & Utley | CJH | English 8 and Pre-AP English 8