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«Waterfall Sample»-Mounting Machine
Pat. pending
• Semi-automatic machine of modern technology for waterfall sample strips.
• Accurate mounting of color strips thanks to
electronically controlled feed.
• Developed for preparation of overlapping
folded swatches (two-ply), stepped singleply samples and samples arranged in a row
with or without interval.
• High productivity thanks to short set-up and
changeover times and ease of operation.
• Suitable for all materials including velvet,
home textiles, paper, leather, artificial
leather, wallcoverings, etc.
• Ergonomic, solid and light construction;
Technical data
Sample size
– width infinitely variable
up to 450 mm (17.7")
– length
Sample spacing
infinitely variable
Output per hour
– two-ply samples
up to 400/h
– single-ply samples
up to 800/h
Sample loading
0.15 kW, 1 x 230 V / 50/60 CPS
width 75 cm (29.5")
depth 70 cm (27.5")
height 100 cm (39.4")
gross 72 kg (161 Ib.)
net 60 kg (134.5 lb.)
Subject to design changes
POLYTEX Switzerland
«Waterfall Sample»-Mounting Machine
Operating mode
1. Compile sample material in color sequence and
cut it on sample pinking machine:
– Width: up to 450 mm (17,7")
– Height: as required
2. Preselect feed in mm (0,04") and 0,1 mm (0,004")
steps on digital insert field.
3. Put on and press slightly the first sample strip, then
release the feed by means of foot pedal. Put on the
second sample strip, release the feed, etc.
Accurate sample spacing
Adjustable on a digital insert field for each desirable
sample length. The edge-perforated supporting
material «POLYTAPE» is fed by tractors.
The result
4. Release the feed again after the last sample and
cut the supporting material along the cut furrow by a
5. Cut the color collection on a pinking machine to
desired widths.
Supporting material «POLYTAPE»
In rolls of 49 cm (19,3") width and 70 m (39,4") length,
with perforated edge strips for traction feed. The
glued width is 45 cm (17,7"). Adhesive has been
specially developed for all types of fabrics.
6. Remove backing foil and mount the sample strips
onto the pre-printed card.
POLYTEX Switzerland