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A Satirical Glimpse into Musical Theatre T
Rebecca Akong
he main concepts of high school musicals are
generally tacky, cliché and nauseatingly predictable
and CSHC’s The Boy Friend is no exception. However,
the difference between most musicals and The Boy
Friend is that the latter is a pastiche—which is essentially
a fancy French word used to describe spoofs. In other
words, it’s a musical that makes fun of musicals!
Set in the roaring 1920’s in Nice, France, The
Boy Friend tells the classic tale of love—both new and
old. When a British schoolgirl, Polly Browne (played
by Julie Lumsden) writes herself a love letter on
behalf of her “boyfriend from Paris”, she finds herself
in a fix as the Carnival Ball approaches and all of her
girlfriends (Brianna Barker, Fionnagh Sheldon, Kara
Young, Jenna Roadley, Karli Gerbrandt and Nicole
Flynn) have boyfriends (Ben Cressman, Adam Owczar,
Jeff Hodgins, and Jordan Gerry) to accompany them
and are all anxious to meet Polly’s beau.
Things look up, however, when she meets the
dashing and well-bred Tony Brockhurst (played by
Lucas Wichenko). Unfortunately, Polly’s millionaire
father, a war veteran, Percival Browne (a role played by
both Hugh Wichenko and Matthew Hodgins) forbids
her from having a boyfriend for fear that they will be
after the fortune she is set to inherit upon his death, and
Tony, a messenger boy, has a dark secret of his own. In
order to appear on the same level as Tony, Polly
pretends to be the secretary of the school’s eccentric but
compassionate headmistress, Madam Dubonnet (played
by Rebecca Akong)—who is Percival’s old
wartime flame. In this hilarious, satirical look
at musicals, one is constantly
entertained through song and
dance, and it’s not unlikely that
touching moments in the
wake of all the cheesiness
are observed, showcasing
all the talent CSHC’s
musical theatre ensemble
has to offer!
A Look into Power Mechanics at Sturgeon Heights
Jenna Kennedy
ost students in our school are aware of the basic
list of opportunities available to us beyond
academics. From Hairstyling to Graphic Arts to Power
Mechanics; we are all able to explore a different way of
learning, but if you haven’t had a chance to take these
unique classes there is always the question of what really does go on in the vocational courses? Who are the
students and how does their education differ from someone who simply takes English, Math and Science?
I spoke with a student from the grade twelve
Power Mechanics class to find out what is all included
in taking a vocation. For him, it is a chance to work
with his hands. He learns common sense and day to
day skills; things he can apply to practical situations.
He praises the relationships he has with his teachers,
saying they are more like friends and mentors than your
stereotypical teacher figures; a relationship that I see as
an inspiration for teachers in the academic courses.
This year the class is working to motorize a
wheel chair and perhaps complete a restoration. The
course also gives the students a chance to work on their
own vehicles. The student I talked to hopes to redo the
sound system in his vehicle and raise it up a few inches.
This not only gives him a valuable learning experience,
but saves him money in shop time and labour.
If you do well in power mechanics you can be
rewarded, just like in any academic program, whether
it be with free tools for being top of the class or a jump
start though your first year of college. If you are able to
obtain high standings on all your tests and final marks
through your high school Power Mechanics courses and
can pass a written test at the end of grade twelve you are
able to go straight on to your second year of college and
this means avoiding the wait lists that are in place for
first year courses. This is money and time saved towards
a unique and challenging career.
When I asked what kind of stereotypes were
connected with vocational students that he would like
to erase he answered quickly that they are not stupid,
or lazy as people tend to assume. In fact, they work
physically harder in a school day than many of us could
Our school is lucky enough to be more than just
academics and it is important to realize that our students
are more than just academic learners. It is possible to
excel whether you are an IB student or someone enrolled in 4 classes of Power Mechanics each year. None
are better, more intelligent, or more worthy of recognition than the other. In a school where we are able to
fully embrace our strengths we should also be learning
to embrace our differences as a vibrant and unique student body.
Celebrities vs. Heroes
Laura Warkentin
n today’s age, celebrities get paid too much and tackling on the football field worth so much
money. Whether it be a professional athlete, money? Just playing a sport for example is not
singer, or actor/actress it’s all the same. They worth thousands of dollars. It doesn’t make
make a huge amount of money that is undeserved. sense when all they do is entertain us.
Their job should not receive as much pay as they are getting. For one, all they do is entertain us. Clearly, there are other people in our
Also, there are definitely other people who work world that work harder than celebrities. Think
harder than celebrities do. Those people don’t about firemen, teachers, and policemen. They
get the recognition that they should be getting. make out city safe to live in. They educate us a
These people are the ones found in our cities. rescue us whenever we call. They put our lives
They are teachers, firemen, policemen, doctors before their own so we can have a better life. Why
and the list goes on. All celebrities do is act, play does that not receive the same amount or more
music or play a sport. I do however enjoy all of than celebrities do? These people show bravery,
those things but wonder why do they get all the selflessness and heroism. Characteristics that
benefits. Why do celebrities get all the fame for few celebrities show. The difference between
throwing a football around or being in a movie? the jobs is that an athlete doesn’t do enough to
earn the money they make.
Why do celebrities get I think that people who
many people have been
think of others should get
reading about the latest
more attention and thanks
celebrity gossip in a
a football around or than a celebrity should.
magazine, listening to their
favorite band on their way to being in a movie?
In conclusion, I feel that
work, and reading reviews of which movies celebrities get too much money for not doing
made the most money in the box office this enough for other people. They don’t help us
weekend. Clearly celebrities are apart of our in any way. I realize that touring all the time,
daily life. Celebrities do only one thing, which training, and filming can be a lot of work but
is to entertain us. There are a variety of gossip they do not deserve all the money when the
shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Etalk, reason they work is to be successful and only
and Access Hollywood. Those shows tell us the benefit themselves. So do celebrities continue
details about celebrities that no one really needs to make lots of money that they don’t even
to know. For those advertisements and headlines deserve, or should the people in our school
in magazines, celebrities make lots of money and cities get more appreciation for the hard
for talking about their personal life. Who cares? work they do that benefits others? Celebrities
Watching weekly football and hockey games is are always in the spotlight for doing very little
an important event in my household. We have when the heroes are saving lives and helping
our favorite team to cheer for and it is enjoyable others daily and not even being recognized.
to watch. Why does scoring goals on the ice “
Blood Donation:
The best gift to give this Holiday Season
Jaryd Price
riendly vampires are the most popular new trend
I donated blood for the first time in October
these days. Every teenager wishes they could be
and was a little bit nervous going in. I’m not scared
one or date one and it may leave you wondering what of needles, and don’t have a problem with the sight of
the appeal is. Is it skin that sparkles when exposed to blood, but the idea of losing blood troubled me. That
sunlight, or their porcelain good looks? With all the worried feeling went away as soon as the needle was
vampire-craze going around right now you might
not be sure how to get in on the action.
in and the blood started being taken. I was fine, and
the donation time flew by. It left me
Well, much like vampires, the
feeling good about myself, (a
warm-hearted people over at
little light-headed), and
the Canadian Blood Services
only took 8 minutes of
are more than willing to
my time. If you’re 17 or
withdraw a unit of your
older, weigh more than
surplus blood.
110 pounds, and are in
general good health
A unit is only one
chances are you are
tenth of the amount of blood
able to donate. If you’re
found in your body, and one
interested in donating check
unit of your blood can save 3
the Canadian Blood Services
lives. Somewhere in Canada, there is a
website ( blood.ca ) to find out more
person who needs blood every minute of
information and see if you are an eligible
everyday; making the demand for all blood
types very high. The blood they take from your
body replenishes itself quickly, allowing you to
donate every 56 days.
donor, and talk to Ms. Blankenborg (Room
2E4) to sign up for the next school shuttle
or clinic.
Raise the Roof
sk Evans
uring the month of October and early November
our school’s social justice group, Just(e) Cause
held a fundraiser called ‘Raise the Roof’. Our
objective was to raise money to put a new roof on
Malek Secondary School, in Bor, Sudan. Our goal
was to raise $4000.
The way it worked was like this. With help
from Mr. Memka and Ms. Fernie, a miniature replica
of a school was built with no roof. Students could
buy a ‘shingle’ for $50 to put on the roof. The replica
of the school was placed near the office so people
could track the progress of the fundraiser.
‘Raise the Roof’ was a huge success. Our
school responded eagerly to the challenge of raising
$4000 – individuals and classes alike contributed to
the fundraiser. You may have enjoyed ice cream from
the sundae bar or screamed at the haunted house –
both which were put on to raise money for ‘Raise the
Roof’. Other classroom fundraisers included a bake
The Results are In
Rachel Scramstad
sale, an international food luncheon and a movie
festival. As well, the Culinary Arts class donated a
portion of their breakfast sales.
Student Council held a pizza lunch as well,
Second Cup employees donated 50% of their tips to
buy a shingle. The grand finale of ‘Raise the Roof’
was the band concert in November, where there was
a silver collection.
To date we have raised more than $4000 and
there is more to be counted! Just(e) Cause would
like to thank the students and teachers of Collège
Sturgeon Heights Collegiate and congratulate all
those who donated or helped to raise money. Because
of your goodwill a roof will be repaired on a war-torn
school in
Dear Mr. Evans,
Who would win in a fight- a grizzly bear or a gorilla?
Curious About Nature’s Ways
Dear Curious Ways,
Although I usually leave these highly scientific
questions to the experts, I will field this one as I am
somewhat of a lay expert on the subject (as long as
you promise not to use the information for gambling
purposes or a science project). I have seen the grizzlies
at the zoo twice and have an aunt who bears a strong
resemblance to a gorilla (both in appearance and
demeanour). As well, Mr. Libby (the smartest man in
the school if not the world) called me an idiot when I
asked him to help me think this one through, leaving
me to answer it on my own. I hope he gets caught in
a grizzly/gorilla fight and looks foolish because he
avoided considering the issue at my behest and won’t
know what to do. I also hope he’s dressed as a smurf
when this happens... that would show him.
The most important aspect to consider when
finding an answer to this question is location, location,
location. For instance, if this fight were to take place
in the back of Mr. Hayes’ red Chevy Aveo (which, by
the way, he would sell immediately to any student who
would offer more than $200), the advantage would
clearly be the grizzly bear’s. The gorilla would not
be able to use his long arms in the car and would be
prone to a flare-up of his dog allergy due to the dog
hair in the back seat. On the
other hand, if the fight took
place in the cafeteria, the
advantage would swing
to the gorilla as he could
use the extra space and
large number of forks,
spoons and napkins
to his advantage. Of
course the cafeteria
is an advantage to
the gorilla only on days
when salmon isn’t being served.
Grizzlies enjoy salmon and are likely to
be distracted by it being served. I think the most
interesting scenario would be to combine both venues
and drive Mr. Hayes’ Chevy Aveo into the cafeteria
and let them go at it. This, of course, is an unrealistic
scenario because the Aveo would not fit through the
cafeteria doors. To summarize then: Aveo= Grizzly,
Cafeteria= Gorilla, Aveo/Cafeteria (in an imaginary
world) = darn good fight. As the wise and beautiful
Mrs. Evans always says: “When can we stop riding
our bikes everywhere and get a nice Aveo like the
Hayeses?” Hope this answers your question.
Mr. Evans
Heather Skrypnyk
Sagittarius: Keep old bills as
pearls are formed, since rusty tins hold
paper dolls.
Capricorn: Crystal door knobs
shatter against wool, this scarf is to
itchy to prevent frostbite.
Aquarius: Die Wellen weichen
sich langsam zurück, obwohl die
verbrannten Hände bleibt rot. Keine
Sorge, Narbe erzählen Geschichten
Pisces: Enough Coffee stains a
white shirt, but it will forever stay
grand, radiators dry the tears.
Aries: The cork flooring holds the
heat as your gold leafing drifts towards
the bend.
Taurus: Plastic plants beg for
water, all is not yet dry as the Seal
Gemini: Old etched mirrors hold
much luck x7. Don’t look too deep,
white rabbit wont wait.
Cancer: The oil of forgotten
finally reaches the top, clocks stuck at
11 need winding.
Leo: The feathers of beauty hold
disease, though old cheese is not yet
Virgo: Old books will sting your
eyes as bowling pins seek demise.
Libra: Rolled up coins and old
photographs hold secrets to the ice,
“Look Harder” young lion.
Scorpio: 12 sided Nickles open up
cans of answers, ponder; Who pressed
the flowers in felt?
Holiday Volunteer Opportunities
Dom Gibson
aybe you’ll be so caught up in all your holiday activities
this winter break that you might forget that not everyone
is as lucky as you. Buying gifts, enjoying ornate Christmas
dinners, or even being with family members is not a luxury all
Winnipeggers get to enjoy. With this idea in mind, you may
realize that you want to reach out to your community during
the holiday season. To help you out and encourage you, here
are some great examples of organizations around the city that
you can be a part of.
Siloam Mission
Siloam Mission is a self-described “connecting point between
the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate”. They
offer different programs/opportunities to those experiencing
homelessness. The main goal of Siloam Mission is to
becoming a building block to the homeless, to help them get
back on their feet. There are lots of different ways you can
offer your time, individually, or in groups, and they will take
whatever services you can offer (after an orientation session).
However, if you are 14-17, you must be accompanied by an
adult, so maybe make this a family outreach opportunity!
Christmas Cheer Board
Maybe you have a lot going on this holiday break (vacations,
visiting, etc.) and you don’t have a lot of time to
offer, but you still want to help out. If so, CCB has a perfect
opportunity for you! CCB packs thousands of hampers for
families who are less fortunate, and accepts donations from
anyone willing to offer! You can drop off donations at the
CCB head locations, or at virtually any Shell gas station in
the city (check christmascheerboard.ca for full locations and
street addresses). These donations can be basic groceries (nonperishables) or of even toys and small gifts for children who
may not receive a lot on Christmas day.
To find other opportunities such as these, visit myvop.
ca for volunteer opportunities targeted at youth in Manitoba.
Everyone at our school could take some time out of their hectic
holiday planning (myself included) and volunteer at one of
these organizations. This could be done with your family, a
boyfriend/girlfriend or a group of friends, as long as you are
reaching out.
Around the World this Holiday Season
A look into the cultural traditions within our society
Maddy Goodwin
s many of us look forward
to the upcoming holiday
season, it is important to
understand and appreciate the
different cultural celebrations in
our multicultural society. In our
country, and in our school, there
are many different religions and
groups of people, each with their
own holiday celebrations.
Hanukkah, for example,
is a Jewish holiday which lasts
for eight days. This year, it
runs from the 11tth to the 19th
of December. The holiday
commemorates the rededication
of the Temple in Jerusalem in
the 2nd century, and the miracle
of the oil which was supposed
to light the temple for one
day, but lasted eight. The most
important Hanukkah tradition
is the lighting of the menorah,
a candle holder with nine
branches. There are eight small
candles, symbolizing the eight
days of Hanukkah, and a taller
one in the middle used to light
the small ones. Each evening,
one more candle on the menorah
is lit.
Another holiday tradition
is Kwanzaa, a celebration of
African heritage and culture,
which lasts from December
26th to January 1st every year.
This holiday was created in the
Top 10 Indie Holiday
Have a Very Merry (Hipster) Holiday!
Dom Gibson
United States in 1966. The seven
days of Kwanzaa represent the
seven principles which it stands
for. The kinara, a seven-branch
candle holder, holds three red
candles, three green candles, and
one black candle in the center.
Similar to Hanukkah, one candle
is lit each day of Kwanzaa.
Eid al-Adha, a
holiday practiced worldwide
by Muslims, is a three-day
celebration which follows the
Islamic Lunar Calendar. This
year it was held November 27th
to 30. The holiday is meant
to commemorate Abraham
sacrificing his son to God. On
the first day of Eid al-Adha,
Muslim men, women and
children dress in their finest
clothing and perform the Eid
prayer in a mosque or an open
Living in a country with
so many different cultures, we
are exposed to various different
holiday traditions and practices.
Though we couldn’t list all
of them here, it is important
to be able to understand and
appreciate some of them.
#10: O Come, O Come Emmanuel
by Sufjan Stevens
#9: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
by Bright Eyes
#8:A Change At Christmas by The
Flaming Lips
#7: Maybe This Christmas by Ron
#6: Christmas (Baby Please Come
Home) by Death Cab For Cutie
#5: Everything’s Gonna Be Cool
This Christmas by Eels
#4: Rudolf The Red-Nosed
Reindeer by Jack Johnson
#3: Winter Wonderland by
Phantom Planet
#2: Christmas Time Is Here Again
by My Morning Jacket
#1: Happy Christmas (War Is
Over) by The Polyphonic Spree
The Pack:
A call for student voice.
Evan Roberts
ne of student council’s goals for this year is
to have a more prominent voice for students
throughout the school. This is a mutual goal also
shared by the administration team of our school.
Student voice is an essential part of any school
that wants to be successful. It is something
that needs to be valued and respected in order
for it to work. It’s not just the amount that
we speak, but the amount that we speak up
and get involved in our school. Student
voice not only includes having your
opinion heard but having your opinion
directly affect change in how our school
operates. Students tend to form their
own opinions on things without
necessarily being fully informed
or educated on the issues. If we
can establish a positive student
voice at this school hopefully
we can limit negativity
Every student has the opportunity
to express their opinions and voice their
concerns about their school. There are a few
mediums by which you can express your concerns
and voice your opinions. First you can attend a
student council meeting, held every Monday
at lunch in room 2C2 (Mme. Lécuyer). If you
would like to speak to someone directly, yours
truly would love to listen to what you have
to say. The school administration is eager
to meet with students and hear how you
would like to see the school operate more
effectively. If you want to help change the
way the school operates you can join
the social justice group, Just Cause,
or even write for the school paper.
All I want you to understand
is that your opinions are valued,
they matter and are important. If
you think that it doesn’t matter,
you’re wrong, we value every
student at this school and
want to ensure that every
student will enjoy coming to school. Please
feel free to bring it to our attention. We are
all a part of the Husky pack at Sturgeon
and we all look out for one another!
Editor’s Response
van’s call for a strong and united student voice
got me thinking about the student voice in terms
of the Husky Gazette. The Gazette is a student run
newspaper. It is written by and for the students of
Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. It is meant
to be an outlet for student expression, not just a
collection of pretentious students writing in an
non-relatable way. You all have the opportunity to
express your thoughts and opinions here, whether
it be sports and entertainment, or social issues, the
Gazette would love to hear what you say.
Newspaper Staff
Editor - Joelle Erickson
Printing - Graphic Arts Department
In short, the Husky Gazette is the definition
of the student voice. So please, make your voice
heard. If you have any ideas, opinions, or thoughts,
please send them to [email protected]. I hope
you all enjoyed this special holiday edition of the
Husky Gazette, and have a safe and happy holiday
break - you deserve it!
Teacher Advisors - Mr. Hull & Mr. Bilous
Layout, Typesetting & Design - Zac Pickford, Jason Stahl