Harrah’s Ak-Chin Rocks Labor Day with Starship Volume XXIII, Issue 18 Maricopa, Arizona

Maricopa, Arizona
Volume XXIII, Issue 18
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Harrah’s Ak-Chin Rocks Labor
Day with Starship
Story & Photo by KD Morago
Kyle Christiansen of Stanfield prepares to put the tag on a Ira Hayes baseball
player during a semi-final game.
Stanfield Makes it Four in a Row
Story by R. Miguel & Photo by KD Morago
The monsoon weather played a role in
this year’s Third Annual Ak-Chin
Men’s Baseball Tournament, with
strong gusts of wind and rain. And
although the pounding rain caused
major flooding between the bases and at
least an hour of rain delay, it couldn’t
stop the boys of summer from playing
“rez ball”.
Eleven teams journeyed to Ak-Chin for
the Labor Day weekend tourney, held
September 2 – 6, 2009. The field consisted of powerhouse teams such as;
Casa Grande, Outlaws, Salt River Red
Mountain and three time champion,
Stanfield made it a four-peat, as they
upended rival Casa Grande, 3-1 in the
winner take all championship game.
After receiving a first round bye,
Stanfield run ruled Burnett’s team during their first game, but quickly were
placed in the loser’s bracket after being
pinned with a 10-0 loss to Casa Grande
during third round play.
Stanfield worked their way up through
the loser’s bracket; quickly dispatching
North Komelik on Saturday, and then
playing games back to back on Sunday,
defeating the Skinz, Salt River and Gila
River to get into the championship
game to re-face Casa Grande in the late
It was a game not to be missed. In the
finals, Stanfield scored quickly, jumping out to a 2-0 lead. They played great
defense behind the strong pitching of
Marcus Madrid, who held Casa Grande
scoreless for the first four innings. Casa
Grande pushed across one run in the
fifth frame, but Stanfield answered back
with one of their own for the tournament title. Placing third in the tournament was Ira Hayes, from Gila River
Indian Community.
Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers
were front row center as Harrah’s AkChin Casino and Resort hosted
Starship featuring Mickey Thomas, in
the Oasis Lounge for two free shows,
at 3pm and 7pm respectively, on
Monday, September 7th.
Gonna Stop Us Now,” and “Stranger.”
Starship then took the audience back
to the 60’s decade of Jefferson
Airplane, as female singer Stephanie
Calvert belted out “White Rabbit” and
“Somebody to Love,” á la Grace
Thomas, who was a member of the
70’s group Jefferson Starship, was in
great form. His voice resonated out
onto the gaming floor from the
moment they hit the stage opening the
7pm show with “Layin’ It On The
Line.” “No Way Out” soon followed.
Prior to singing their next song
“Jane,” Thomas wished the crowd a
“Happy Labor Day” and encouraged
everyone to “enjoy the fruits of your
labor,” in salute to recognizing the
Thomas then moved to the 70’s with
his classic rendition of Elvin Bishop’s
1976 hit “Fooled Around And Fell In
Love.” What followed was “Find
Your Way Back,” from the 1981
record Modern Times.
While most were probably settling in
at home after enjoying a three day
week end, those in attendance at the
Starship concert were seen dancing in
the aisles as the hour long show was
complete with a set list that had songs
from each decade (60’s, 70’s and 80’s)
to the origins of Jefferson Airplane.
The final song of the evening was the
Jefferson Starship song, “We Built
This City,” a number one single in
1985. After the band took a bow, parting words from Thomas included
“Thank you Ak-Chin!” Although the
crowd kept the applause going for
several minutes after the curtain came
down, in hopes of a possible encore,
the house music came on and Labor
Day ended on a sweet Starship note at
Harrah’s Ak-Chin.
The first half of the show covered hits
from the ‘80’s Jefferson Starship
decade, including “Sara,” “Nothing’s
In addition to Calvert, the band was
introduced which consisted of background vocals bassist Jeff Adams, and
keyboardist Phil Bennett, as well as
Mark Abrahamian on guitar and
drummer Darrell Verdusco.
All teams who placed received shirts
and trophies for their accomplishments.
Players selected to the all-tournament
team were given shirts and individuals
who were selected in various categories
such as; Outstanding Catcher, Pitcher,
Infielder and Outfielder were given
Teams who participated in the tournament were; C.C. Cowboys, Outlaws,
Salt River Red Mountain, Windtalkers,
Skinz, Casa Grande, Stanfield,
Burnett’s Team, Burnaz, North
Komelik and Ira Hayes.
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Other News
Mickey Thomas of Starship gets the crowd dancing at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino
and Resort on Labor Day. Starship performed two shows and songs played went
back to the days of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Wishing my Matty
a Happy 3rd Birthday
Mommy loves you very much,
hugs & kisses
love Mommy
Happy Birthday Uncle Robert
We wanted to say we hope you have a good birthday!!
Thanks for all the sweets you give us even though mama
and papi get mad. Come see us more we miss you!
Love, Joey, Nanie, Jr, Dots and Lili
be here for you. I love doing things for you, because
you always appreciate what I do for you, by giving
that loving hug. Just know that we love all the things
that you have done for us...you never say no, its
always, I will see if I can do it...You are so loving and
caring, and I appreciate it all. God Bless you, momma.
Love your daughters, Rosie & Mindy...
Happy Birthday Donkey
We hope that you have a “Sweet” time and TRY not
to over do it!!! We will try to get you all the
Malibu and Pineapple you will need!!!
Love, Joel and Deanna
Happy Birthday Natalie,
Another year older!!! Hope your birthday is happy.
Love you, Faye
Happy 1st Birthday to Elijah Matthew Peters!
Little Wej, it’s been amazing watching you grow for
the past year. We just want you to know how much
we love you and we know it will only get better next
year. I know mom’s just ready for that.
Love you Wej, Grandma & Grandpa
Happy Birthday Alyssa
Thanks for hanging with me on my day!! Was it cool or
what!! I know my friends can be just as crazy as me!!
Lots of love cuz!! Love Joey
Happy Birthday Alyssa
I hope that you have a nice and COOL birthday!! I hope
it won’t be as hot as Joey’s day!!
And many more to come!!
Love Deanna
For Jacob, on his "5th" Birthday!!!
It’s your birthday, but we got the gift...a helpful,
respectful son who is always a pleasure to be with.
On this Special day Son:
I wish you joy...
I wish you many years of laughter...
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
May each Birthday be better than the last!
Everyday we thank God for the precious gift of
Jacob. I hope you will always be as happy as you have
made us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Love, Mommy, Daddy & Brother
Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!!
Jacob on your birthday I won’t bite, punch or kick you
or even tell on you but, only for this day. Mom says
we will have fun at Disneyland so I will not have the
time to do the everyday things I do to torture you. If I
feel the need to do these things Patcho watch out!!
It’s not your birthday.
Love your little bro, Luey
Happy Birthday, Momma...
(Jenny Holsen September 25)
I hope you have a good day...I love and thank God
everyday that I still have you in my life...I know at
times I worry you and I am sorry for that, I will always
Happy Birthday Danel
Just wishing you a Happy Birthday on this special
day! We remember the talks we shared and the
things we did, the memories are so precious. We just
want this day to be special and all we ask is to stay
focused in school. Remember when we talked about
the Maze; try to stay on the right path. Always
remember we love you and God Bless.
Love Dad, Mom, Woody, Kyle, Steve
Happy 5th Birthday J-CUB Diaz!
Love Tia Debbie, Uncle Delbert and your fruit scrambling cousins Nick & Patcho White
Happy Birthday, Lucy!
I may not tell you often but Godmama loves you &
always in my thoughts. Hope you had fun on your day.
Love Ya! Godmama Norma
Happy Birthday to my 2 little Angels,
Angela & Angelo!
Gosh you 2 have grown so fast. I’ll never forget the
day you 2 came into this world, so cute! Always
remember Godmama loves you both.
Lotsa Love Godmama Norma & Goddaddy Mitch
“Happy Birthday Iris Smith!”
from Auntie Norma
Happy Birthday to a great lady, Cleo Narcia
Wishing you a great one. Enjoy a happy day. May God
Bless You and give you a healthy year.
Armida & Cisco
In loving Memory of
Angel I. Arellanes
September 2, 2008 –
September 10, 2009
“Belo” We love and miss you!
Love, “The Whole Family”
16600 N. Maricopa Highway
Maricopa, Arizona 85239
A Happy Happy Birthday to a nice gal, Cleo Pablo
Enjoy your day, may your many wishes come true.
Armida & Cisco
Happy Belated B-Day to Robert Santos, Jr.
You are growing up too fast. Baby, enjoy your B-Day
and many more to come. God bless you always and
watch over you always. Grandma loves you so much.
Love Grandma Lena
Happy Sweet 16 B-Day Molly Norris
How about celebrating your birthday at the Diamond
Lounge? Have the best birthday and great year.
Good luck in Lake Tahoe! I hope you come back with
that million! From Jenny
Get well wish to both Jeannie and Vera
Have a speedy recovery so we can head on to our trip
to Laughlin!
From Jenny
Vera, Miss You, But you’re in God’s hands.
Get well soon. From Evelyn Enos
Get Well Soon Vera, we all miss you at the Center.
May the Good Lord be with you and watch over you.
From Malinda
“Happy Belated Birthday Jots” (Sept. 2nd)
Hope you had a good one and I wish you many more
birthdays. Always, Auntie Norma
“Happy Belated Birthday Missy!” (Sept. 3rd)
Hope you had a great birthday and wishing many
more. Always, Auntie Norma
Happy Birthday to our
Sweet 16 girl “Cecily”
We are so happy to see the
beautiful woman you have
become. Although, we may not
tell you that “WE LOVE YOU”
as often as we should, know that
you will always have a special place in our hearts.
Please remember that with age comes wisdom, so
you need to really start thinking about what you
want in life and set your sights on doing it. We will
always be here for you to help guide you.
Happy “16” Cecily! Love Dad and Mom
Happy Birthday to our sister Cecily
Hope you enjoy the “best day ever” with your
best sisters ever - oh and Darren and Percy too.
of the
Ak-Chin Indian Community
Yoan Luna Jr. “Little Piggy”
You were with us for a short time
in life but forever in our hearts.
Every time I went to see you, you
were always asleep but I still
picked you up and held you in my
arms hoping to see your eyes.
The day before you left us you
were actually awake. I told you
“I finally get to see your eyes”
not knowing that the next day I
would be told we lost you. You
are so little and loved before and
after you were born and still
today. I wonder why you were
taken from us. I come to realize
he takes the precious, not to hurt
us but to fill his garden of precious angels! “Little Piggy”
Always know and remember
Uncle Silas loves and misses you
Yoan B. Luna Jr.
7-29-09 to 8-28-09
We the family of Yoan Jr.
greatly appreciate all the help
from the following people have
given us during the loss of our
beloved Son, Brother,
Grand-Son and Nephew:
Auto Zone
Headquarters Café
Ak-Chin Community
Mando’s Mexican Restaurant
Southwest Ambulance
Maricopa Police Department
Epifanio P. and Hermalinda T.
Clarissa “Button” Mike –
“Thanks Buddy”
EMPACT of Maricopa
Thank you from:
Luna Family
Sanchez Family
Tow Family
Jose Family
Quintero Family
Barrera Family
Vasquez Family
Silas Norris
Mercedes Arellanes
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
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September 18 - October 1, 2009
Elder News Briefs
Turtles Place 2nd in Volleyball Tourney
Elder Guitar Lessons
Elder Guitar Lessons will be held
10am at the Elder Center on September
22nd. Please call 568-1760 to sign-up.
Classes are to be held on Tuesdays.
Fall Flicks at Library
The movie “Apocalypto” starring Mel
Gibson will be shown on Thursday,
September 24th at 12:30 at the Library.
Elder Booth at NARD
The Ak-Chin Turtles traveled to Maricopa Colony, located in District #7 on
the Gila River Indian Community, to participate in the 144th Annual MusteringIn Day Celebration First Annual Elderly Chair Volleyball Competition on
Saturday, September 5th. The Turtles played impressive volleyball, winning 2nd
place and have a huge trophy on display at the Elder Center for their efforts.
Playing on the team were (from left to right): Cisco Mattia, Leander Vincent,
Rechanda Manuel, Malinda Pete, Elizabeth White, Julia Laborin, and Armida
Mattia. Evelina Lopez and Molly Norris also participated (not pictured).
Special thanks go to Marc Matteson for scheduling and supervising practices,
and to Felicia Vincent who was coach for the Saturday event. (photo by KD Morago)
Elders will be selling a large variety of
crafts, including handmade wreaths for
All Souls Day at the Him-Dak Native
American Recognition Day on
Saturday, September 26th.
Elder Advisory
Council Meeting
There is an open invitation to all AkChin Elders for the next Elder Advisory Council Meeting which will be held
at the Elder Center at noon on Monday,
September 28th.
Council Updates
As we wind down Quarter3 for 2009, here are some items
that Council has been addressing.
*HealthCare: Though we have contributed to subsidizing
health care costs for our members, we continue to have some
processes that need to be re-addressed. One is denial notices
that continue to be received by some members. If members
are continuing to receive denial letters, please send a copy to
the Community Government office so that we can research a
more ideal process and understanding of the denial.
*We have the levels noted by GRHC which are identified
in the following:
*The Ak-Chin Indian Community is currently at Level III
1) Level I: Emergency/Acutely Urgent Care Services
(trauma, emergent/urgent medical or surgical conditions,
renal dialysis, emergency psychiatric care, labor and delivery
or life-threatening obstetrical complications, neonatal care,
2) Level II: Primary and Secondary Care Services
(scheduled ambulatory services fro non-emergent conditions,
specialty consultations for non-cosmetic problems, elective
surgeries that have significant impact on morbidity and mortality, diagnostic evaluations for non-acute conditions, obstetrical care, etc.)
Definition: Inpatient and outpatient care services that
involve the treatment of prevalent illness or conditions that
have a significant impact on morbidity and mortality, this
involves treatment for conditions that may be delayed without progressive loss of function or risk of life, limb, or senses.
Specific examples of Level II (random order) at Gila
River include:
- non-emergent gallbladder or hernia repair surgery
- non-emergent consults or neurology, GI, pain clinics,
ENT, Urology, Pediatric specialties, and general surgery.
- orthopedic repair of non-acute injuries or conditions
- cardiac testing for non-acute problems
- laser therapy for diabetic retinopathy
- parental care done at outside facilities
3) Level III – Preventative Care Services (preventative
care, screening mammography, etc.)
Definition: Primary health care that is aimed at the prevention of disease or disability. This included services proven
effective in avoiding the occurrence of a disease (primary
prevention) and services proven effective in mitigating the
consequences of an illness or condition (secondary prevention).
Specific examples of level III (random order) at Gila
River include:
- screening mammography
- screening colonoscopy
- custom molded shoes in diabetics to prevent ulcerations
4) Level IV – Chronic Tertiary and Extended Care
Services (non-emergency transportation, rehabilitative care,
highly specialized medical services /procedures, restorative
orthopedic and plastic surgery, organ transplantation, etc.)
Definition: Inpatient and outpatient care services that (1)
are not essential for initial/emergent diagnosis or therapy, (2)
have less impact on mortality than morbidity, or (3) are high
cost, elective and often require tertiary care facilities.
Specific examples of level IV (random order) at Gila
River include:
Group A – Requested by medical provider
- Routine care by non-contracted provider
- DME for non-life threatening condition
- Cataract surgery
- Kidney and cornea transplants
- Total hip and knee replacement
- Hysterectomy for routine, non-malignant conditions
- Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
- Dermatology consults
- MRI’s for chronic conditions such as knee, shoulder and
back pain
- Surgical repair of chronic bone and joint conditions
Group B – nor requested by medical provider
-Out of state dialysis (this is not covered by AHCCCS),
above the standard cost for the patient’s designated dialysis
- ER care at outside facility for non-emergent problems
which could have been treated at HuHuKam ER
- Court ordered therapy (this is not covered by AHCCCS
or Medicare)
5) Level V – Excluded Services (procedures not covered
by Medicare, cosmetic surgery, services that are outside the
accepted medical guidelines, etc.)
Definition: Services and procedures that are considered
purely cosmetic in nature, experimental or investigational, or
have no proven medical benefit.
Specific examples include:
-Reduction or augmentation mammoplasty
-Dermabrasion of acne
-Collagen implants
-Tattoo removal
-Radial Keratotomy
-Transportation to medical appointments (this is not covered by Medicare)
(Council Updates continue on page 9)
GRHCC Doctors to
visit Ak-Chin Elders
Gila River Health Care Presentation
will be held on Tuesday, September
29th at the Elder Center. Physicians
will be sharing with the Elders of cautions when taking a variety of prescription medications. Please come to get
any questions answered about your
prescription medications.
Support Group Meets
Caregiver Support Group will be meeting on Wednesday, September 30th at
1pm at the Elder Center.
Quarterly Elder
Birthday Party
All Ak-Chin Elders please join us in
celebrating the Elder Birthdays on
Thursday, September 24th at 11am for
the Quarterly Elder Birthday Party and
Special Lunch at the Elder Center.
The Elder Center will
be closed on Friday,
September 25th for
Native American Day
“Happy September
Birthday” to our
Ak-Chin Elders!!!
Mollie Norris - September 18th
Shirley Schisler - September 18th
Cleo Narcia - September 23rd
Irene Arredondo - September 27th
Arnold Narcia - September 29th
Old Time Photo
It’s time again for Old Time Photo!
Can you identify this soldier
pictured above?
Winner(s) will be announced in the
next issue. We are asking members
to submit their favorite photo,
which will be scanned and promptly
Please call the Runner at
(520)568-1375 to take a guess
at this photo. Thank you!
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Department Profile -
Sanitation/Public Works Department
Top l to r: Cisco Velasco, Rosie Narcia, Norman Vincent, Jr., Patricia Stephens,
Eddie Berzoza, Jose Pilone, Joe Miguel, Rufus White, Guillermo Ruiz, Mitchell
Cipriano and Adrian Angulo. Sitting: Joe Smith (left) and Anthony Amacio (right).
(Photo by KD Morago)
Not pictured: Lemuel Vincent.
Story by R. Miguel
Back in the 1960’s, while working
for the Ak-Chin Farms, Joseph Smith
was approached by community council
members about the possibility of picking up trash from homes, as the community was regulated to address its solid
waste issues from the state
Environmental Protection Agency.
Joe figured why not, if it wasn’t to
his liking, he was prepared to return to
the Farm to irrigate. So, Joe and the late
Dennis Narcia were selected to start the
unofficial Ak-Chin Solid Waste program.
The two were given a tractor and
trailer and were designated to pick up
trash from the then 50 homes that were
on the community and farm area. Each
home was given an empty oil barrel
drum, with the top cut off, to use as
trash barrels. After each pick up, on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the
trash was taken to a man-made hole for
disposal. Trash disposal for the farm
was on a field site that is currently used
for planting cotton and the community
dumping site was at the current
Environmental Protection Department
building site.
Before the state EPA became
involved in the community’s solid
waste issues, disposal of trash from
community homes was at the discretion
of the home owner.
“Back then, when community
members needed to dispose of their
trash, they either burned it in their backyards or dug a hole and covered it up,”
Smith said. “But for health reasons and
because the state’s EPA became
involved, we had to change the way our
trash was taken care of.”
In 1971, the community decided to
begin their Solid Waste program and
Joe was officially tabbed its
Coordinator. He was given a truck to
pick up trash and was under the direction of Vera Antone, who was the
Director of the Ak-Chin Community
Center at that time. Throughout the
years, Joe’s jobs expanded, to include;
terminating weeds alongside the roads
in the community, landscaping elders’
homes, cleaning the cemetery and
assisting in burials (digging holes and
putting up shading).
Throughout the years, the
Sanitation Department has increased in
staff and equipment; as the community
increased its housing, business tenants
and with the arrival of Harrah’s AkChin Casino.
In 2005, the Ak-Chin Community
created a Public Works Department to
pretty much take some of the workload
off of the Sanitation Department. “After
the community started building more
homes by the Fire Department and built
the walkways and grass around that
area, it was hard to take care of that and
pickup trash,” Smith said. “Public
Works was created to help with that
Public Works was first placed under
the direction of Martin Antone Sr. and
the Recreation Department for a few
years, before the community decided to
combine Public Works and Sanitation
under the direction of Joe Smith.
Hired on at that time was
Supervisor, Anthony Amacio to oversee
the Public Works employees and to
organize clean ups. “We’re busy everyday with cleanups around elder homes
and areas around the housing in the Fire
Department subdivision,” Amacio said.
“We also pick up orders from Housing
for cleaning when their staff is backed
up with orders. Road-side repair, fence
repair, putting up signs, we do pretty
much everything that is needed, laborwise.”
Amacio and his staff include; Rufus
White, Lemuel Vincent, Norman
Vincent, Sr., Joe Miguel, Joseph Pilone,
Adolph Sanchez, and Guillermo Ruiz.
Smith and his staff include; Cisco
Velasco, Mitchell Cipriano, Adrian
Angulo, Secretary Patricia Stephens
and Rosalie (Rosie) Narcia, who Smith
proudly acknowledges as the first
female to ever work for the Ak-Chin
Sanitation Department.
The Sanitation Department has five
garbage trucks to help with picking up
trash within the community that
includes homes and business at the
Industrial Park and Harrah’s Ak-Chin
During these times of growth and
expansion, Sanitation was housed at
various sites within the community.
First, they were placed in the
Maintenance & Motor Pool grounds
and then a stint at the Ak-Chin
O’odham Runner building, where they
performed most of their office paperwork. That followed with a stop at the
Environmental Protection Department,
before finally finding a permanent
home at the current Sanitation
Department (located next to the AkChin Service Center) in 2008.
In the near future the Department
hopes to generate more revenue within
continued on page 10
Flu Shots
Gila River Health Care will be giving flu vaccinations to community
members during the Ak-Chin Him-Dak Native American Recognition
Day (NARD) event scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2009
Vaccinations will be given between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Dear Families,
I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you and the community! My name is Kirsten Burruel and I
will be serving as the new Truant
Officer for your Ak-Chin Community.
I am honored and excited to get to
work with all of you in the upcoming
school year.
I am a resident of Maricopa and have
resided there for approximately 5 years.
Before that I came from a military family and have lived all over the U.S. and
various parts of the world. I am a 2005
graduate of Arizona State University in
Justice Studies with a minor in
Sociology. Prior to coming to Ak-Chin
I served as a Juvenile Probation Officer
for Pinal county for three years, until I
decided it was time to move on to
another field. My passion is working
with children and their families, and I
was honored to be given the opportunity to work with the 6th-12th grade.
This age group is where most of my
experience base comes from.
I would like to extend my office and
any other method of communication to
all of you if you ever have any questions, concerns, or just to say “hello!”
My door is always open.
Through this year I would just like to
stress that my concern is with HELPING ALL of the students in the commu-
nity be successful! I look forward to
communicating and meeting all of you
soon. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to me if you should happen to see me! I am doing my best to
learn all of your student’s names as well
as the schools.
I am a firm believer in incentives and
rewards to those that show their best
effort as well, and I would like for
everyone attending school to be able to
participate. If you encourage your children to be successful and never settle
for less than they deserve the rewards
will be abundant in their lives, the lives
of their families, and the community.
The world is a place of ENDLESS
Here’s to a fantastic
school year!
All of my best,
Kirsten Burruel
Indian Community
Education Department
Phone: 520-568-1290
E-mail: [email protected]
“I want it said of me by those who knew me
best, that I always plucked a thistle and
planted a flower where I thought a flower
would grow.” ~Abraham Lincoln~
Community members; Danny Soliz, Jr., George Lewis and Felicia Vincent take their
pieces of furniture as Purchasing Manager Pam Long looks on during the Giveaway.
Assets Giveaway had big turnout
Story & Photo by R. Miguel
They came bright an early Saturday
morning to stake their claim to the sixty
plus sets of used furniture and television sets that Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino
made available to Ak-Chin Community
members during the Assets Giveaway
that was held at the old bingo building
in the casino parking lot on September
12, 2009.
Elders were allowed in the building at
exactly 6 am with a time limit of one
hour, before all other community members were allowed inside. With the help
of family and friends, elders pulled out
televisions, armoires, chairs, end tables
and wall frames.
Each household was allowed one set of
furniture, before having to depart the
building. At 6:30 am, all other community members began to make their way
towards the building, to take a number,
which was given out by Community
personnel. The numbers indicated what
order you were allowed to enter the
bingo area for the opportunity to
receive a set.
When the elders were finished, num-
bers were called and community members quickly claimed their furniture,
some by writing their names on paper
and sticking them on their furniture and
others by having family members stand
next to their property.
As the sky started turning cloudy and
the sound of thunder blasted across the
area, community members continued to
quickly make their way into the building, despite the warnings from Mother
Nature. After grabbing their goods,
many waited outside the building with
their belongings, trying to figure out a
way to get them home. By afternoon,
many trucks were seen making their
way down Farrell road with furniture.
A number of community members who
made a late start to the casino were
given an option to either go inside and
grab a piece of furniture with a chance
of not getting an entire set, or waiting
until the next Asset Giveaway, scheduled for October 3rd. Community members and elders who did receive items
during Saturday’s giveaway, will not be
allowed to participate in next month’s
scheduled event.
Magdalena Trip Announcement
On Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. the
Police Department and Tohono O’odham Police Chief will
provide a presentation on the Border issues for those who
are making their pilgrimage to Magdalena, Mexico. The
Presentation will be held at the Community Service
For questions call the G.E.D. Instructor at the
Ak-Chin Education Department at: 568-1284/1287
September 18 - October 1, 2009
3rd Annual Ak-Chin Recreation
Men’s Baseball Tournament
Photos by KD Morago
2009 Copa Crew girls basketball team: Top: l to r: Dennay King, Jalessa
Rodriguez, Zora Gordon, Alexis Estrada, Diamond McCombs, Derona
Mitchell, Alexius Perez, Maria Montes, Bottom l to r: Alyssa Estrada, Yesenia
Roriguez, Sitting: Brianna Estrada and Danel Peters. Not pictured: Angelica
Gonzalez, Tiara Hasbrouck, Shuana Richmond, Jazmone Jacobs, Alyssa
Champions - Stanfield
Second Place - Casa Grande
Third Place - Ira Hayes
Copa Crew hosting tourney
Story by R. Miguel
The Maricopa Copa Crew basketball teams are finally official; officially
recognized as an AAU basketball
squad, that is.
The 12 and under and 14 and under
teams are now sanctioned through the
Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), which
is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United
A multi-sport organization, the
AAU is dedicated exclusively to the
promotion and development of amateur
sports and physical fitness programs.
AAU is recognized by the National
(NCAA) and number basketball players
throughout the United States have come
through the AAU program from respective states. National Basketball
Association (NBA) players such as,
Amare Stoudemire and Diana Taurasi
of the WNBA have started their professional career by way of AAU.
By becoming sanctioned, Copa
Crew will be allowed to enter AAU
tournaments throughout Arizona and
the country, giving players the opportunity to expose their talents for collegiate
coaches. Spearheading Copa Crew is
the husband/wife team of Jesus and Dee
Estrada of Maricopa. Jesus is currently
employed with the Ak-Chin Recreation
During AAU eligibility, players and
teams usually create fund raising events
to help cover tournaments, equipment,
uniforms and other items that are needed to participate.
This coming September, the Crew
will be hosting their Very First Annual
Back to School Basketball Tournament,
which will be held at Maricopa Wells
Middle School. The event will take
place on September 25, 26 and 27. Dee
Estrada is hoping to generate enough
excitement for the inaugural tourney by
scheduling other activities.
“We will have a Disc Jockey who
will be present, a cook-out will be
going on, booths and raffle, we are really looking to make this a very fun
event,” she said. “So far we’ve had a
few businesses in the area who are
donating items, so it’s going good thus
Banners will be placed in the gymnasium of businesses who already have
donated items and for businesses that
plan on donating.
One of the highlights of the tournament is the appearance of the Central
Arizona College undefeated girl’s basketball team, who will be on hand to
speak to players and fans who attend.
Also in the works is the possible scheduling of a Maricopa High School band
performance as well as performances
by the Maricopa Wells Middle School
cheer squad between games.
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Maricopa Wells Middle School Football and Volleyball
Maricopa Wells Football: Row 1 bottom - sitting l to r: Logan Fincher,
Daemon Long, Anthony Sandes, Kenny Gay, James Watkins and Eloi Ishya.
Row 2 l to r: Dant’e Carter, Majadi Randolph, Justis Galloway, Eduardo
Martinez, Kentrel Thomas, Eddie Stratman and Fernando Bandin. Row 3 l to
r: Lewis Kessler, Kevin Nguyen, Alex Robles, Tristan Graff, Kevon Clark,
Caleb Barnett, BJ Weatherspoon, Matthew Hurtado, Martin Cedillo and Roland
Vasquez. Row 4 l to r: Ashton Davis, Dana Foster, Zach Motley, Tori Moller,
Francis Clay Jr, JaMarcus Rideau, Jazmon Jacobs, Gino Carpenter, Wesley
Payne, Dane Koozer, Matt McClelland and Anthony Harding.
After three games in 2009 football
season, the Maricopa Wells Panthers
are sporting a 3-0 record and have their
sights at a league championship, with
only a few more games remaining on
the schedule.
Coach, Thad Miller has seen his
team improve tremendously, as the season has gone on and hopes it continues.
“I am very pleased with the way we
are progressing as a team. The individual growth is really showing as a team,”
Miller said. “Academics and good
behaviour issues at school can and will
affect their playing time, as well as their
status on the team.”
The key for success for the
Panthers, according to Miller, is the
hard work each player has put into their
The Panther’s coaching staff are
proud of the wins the team has achieved
thus far, but “progressing as a team on
and off the field” is what their aiming
for. “We look forward to continuing this
goal throughout the season,” Miller
The Panther Varsity volleyball team
is currently carrying a 1-4 record, but
the record doesn’t really indicate how
much talent and potential the team can
display, according to Coach Ann
“We have some very good players
who can contribute at the next level,”
Antone said. “We are much better than
what our record is. We can play with
anybody if we really set our minds to
Antone states that their record
could easily be 3-1, with a few breaks
here and there. The Panther coaching
staff are eager for the playoffs to begin
as they strongly feel that they can make
some noise and be a tough opponent.
The Junior Varsity squad is currently sporting a 2-2 record thus far.
Maricopa Wells A Volleyball Team: Top l to r: Lisa Chavez, Lillian Clay,
Holly Antone, Nicole Troyer, Jazmin Waiters, Bridget Carlyle, Brenna Antone
and Ann Antone (coach). Bottom l to r: Katelin Jensen, Dannon Peters,
Kourtney Brown, Kayla Kogutkiewicz and Christina Bandin.
Maricopa Wells B Volleyball Team: Top l to r: Corra Thomas, Jasmine
Almaraz, Bianca Mata, Kathleen Miguel, Tristianna Antone and Kate
Zuccarella. Bottom l to r: Jordan Lytle, Cierra Cureton, Ashleigh Haily, Sam
Dugan and Sabrina Cabera. Not Pictured: Michelle Easlick (coach), Bianca
Munoz and Taylor Addington.
Crowds of people flock to the library! To accommodate the
folks who do not want to deal with the crowds in the evenings,
we now have morning hours!
Piggy Banks:
Young Ak-Chin members enjoy Craft Time at the Library.
Over twenty children took time out after school to make “Kitty” and “Doggie”
paper mache banks.
(photo by KD Morago)
8am – 7pm
8am – 7pm
10am – 7pm
8am – 7pm
8am – 7pm
12pm – 4pm
Note: The library will have the overdue list available in the next Runner.
Please make book requests via the
blue form available at the Help Desk.
If you include your name and number, we will notify you when the item
is ready to be checked out.
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Less Sleep Equals Greater
Risk for Diabetes
Less Sleep = Greater Risk for Diabetes
Current openings
in the Community:
You probably know that a sedentary lifestyle and obesity increase your odds of
developing type 2 diabetes. What you may not know is that sleep deprivation can
also put you at risk for this serious condition.
Archives Assistant
In a study with healthy volunteers, a shortened sleep cycle led to insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance, two signs of diabetes after just two weeks.
(Open to enrolled members only)
Police Sergeant
Division Chief
Emergency Management
Steven Hannah
Utilities Technician
Check with Human Resources
for the latest job announcements.
Please pick up applications at
the Human Resources Office or
e-mail your resume to
[email protected].
Complete your
application in full and be sure
to sign your name. Submit
applications before the closing
date as late applications will
not be accepted.
Augustine H. Gonzales
Administrative Support
If you are claiming Indian
Preference, proof of tribal
enrollment MUST be submitted
at the time of application.
2009 Public Meetings for
Community members
Sponsored by the Ak-Chin Police Department and the
Ak-Chin Housing Department
The next meetings are scheduled for:
Farm Subdivision meeting at the Community Council trailer
Tuesday October 6, 2009 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Your attendance and input will be greatly appreciated.
Manuel Garcia
Chief of Police
For the two-part study which appeared in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology
& Metabolism, participants were restricted to 5.5 hours of bedtime each night for
a two-week period.
In this short amount of time, their glucose tolerance measured in at a mean of
144 mg/dL and insulin sensitivity was reduced. In an attempt to mimic the primary contributing factors of metabolic syndrome, which is associated with a
heightened risk for type 2 diabetes, the volunteers also kept exercise to a minimum and gulped down as much food as they wanted.
For the other part of the study, the participants continued with limited exercise
and ate without restriction, but their sleep duration was increased. Instead of 5.5
hours of shut-eye, they got 8.5 hours of bedtime each night. After this two-week
trial, the mean glucose tolerance level was 132 mg/dL. Each participant completed the two 14-day tests in random order, at least three months apart.
Considering that one in five Americans is estimated to get less than six hours of
sleep each night, this is alarming news. For peak brain performance, everybody
needs to get at least seven hours of sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping try
the following tips:
1. Maintain a regular sleep schedule, including on weekends.
2. Create a soothing nighttime routine that encourages sleep.
3. Don’t take naps!
4. Take supplements that promote relaxation and sleep.
5. Try hypnosis.
To your brain health,
Daniel G. Amen, MD
CEO, Amen Clinics, Inc.
Article courtesy of Ak-Chin Social Service Dept.
Submitted by Ak-Chin Diabetes Program
September 18 - October 1, 2009
Council Update continued
The 2010 Census is coming upon
us and the communication to identify
community membership in identifying
tribal affiliation is to use Ak-Chin
under tribe. I would like to acknowledge and thank Delia Carlyle for her
tireless efforts to spread the word on
the 2010 Census. Along with Delia is
Vicki Smith (Enrollment Specialist)
who initiated and organized the census
training in preparation for 2010.
Travel for Council included:
ILWG/Indian Water Rights Meeting in
New Mexico, National Indian Justice
Center Training in Reno Nevada, and
Rights of Way II in Fountain Hills, Ft
McDowell, and Financial Literacy in
Ft. McDowell, Honoring Nations
Symposium in Cambridge, MA,
Development Conf. Las Vegas.
AIGA (Arizona Indian Gaming
Association) continues to meet regularly. One of the main items being
addressed is the Race Track wanting to
place gaming machines in their facilities, and remains one of the topic
items tribes are working together to
ITCA (Inter Tribal Council of
Arizona) continues to inform and
address tribal issues and concerns.
Among the sharing of information is
dealing with and communicating the
Stimulus monies. Along with
Communities are working to help with
addressing the budget issues for the
For the Miss Ak-Chin Pageant, we
are suspending the pageant for 2010.
Our current Miss Ak-Chin, Ashley
Vincent had to step down as directed
by Pageant Committee. We are finalizing the by-laws for the committee and
are anticipating a great 2011 Miss AkChin Pageant.
Harrah’s Hotel Furniture GiveAway was in itself a success. We all
know things could have gone
smoother, but we are always looking
to make these giveaways more user
friendly. The Asset Committee did a
great job working with what they had
to and made it a success. I would also
like to thank all those who provided
help to the elders as well as those who
found themselves helping where need-
ed. This included helping to load vehicles, moving furniture and transporting furniture to the homes who had no
way to transport, thank you all for
your unselfish acts of kindness, that is
truly what a community is all about.
As I mentioned at the last
Community Meeting we do have in
DRAFT form the following policy,
procedure, by-laws etc for Miss AkChin Pageant Committee, Ak-Chin
Grave Identification Guidelines and
Procedures, Burial Registry and
Agreement and the Ak-Chin Dance
Ordinance. Some items are still being
updated and will be ready for review
in Quarter 4.
Update from the BIA, Tribal
Government Services on our proposed
Constitution. They have reviewed our
submitted Constitution and it is set for
final review. Verbally they have stated
that it would be approved and that they
would authorize the secretarial election. We will be waiting for a final
response letter from the agency.
With that being said the upcoming
Tribal Council Election for 2010 will
be as we have been currently holding
the elections. There will be one seat up
for election (that of Louis J. Manuel Jr.
currently, Chairman of the Tribal
Once we receive the letter of
approval for secretarial election following our new Constitution, a secretarial election will take place in the
proposed month of November 2010
for 2011 Council seats, which would
then be for a four year term. This will
allow community membership to vote
the Chairman and Vice-Chairman into
office. Currently it is the five member
council that votes in Chairman and
Vice-Chairman. Membership will then
vote in the remaining three Council
members into office.
We will be working on the
Communities 2010 budget in Quarter
4. So far 2009 has been positive with
hard work from employees and insight
from community members to continue
to make this community a great place
to work and live.
Ak-Chin Indian Community
42507 W. Peters and Nall Road
Maricopa, Arizona 85138
For Professional Design Services for
Ak-Chin Fire Station and
Emergency Operations Center
The Ak-Chin Indian Community, Maricopa, Arizona is seeking
qualifications for Professional Design Services for a Fire Station
and Emergency Operations Center.
Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) instruction/information package
(1 free copy) and related information may be obtained from the
Ak-Chin Indian Community Purchasing Office located at
42507 West Peters and Nall Road, Maricopa, Arizona 85138
starting September 23, 2009 between the hours of 8:00 am and
4:00 pm MST. RFQ packages and related information may also be
obtained via mail, fax or e-mail upon receipt of written request from
the interested party.
The proposal must be received by the Ak-Chin Indian
Community Purchasing Agent, 42507 West Peters & Nall
Road, Maricopa, Arizona 85138 on or before 2:00 pm MST on
October 15th, 2009. Late proposals will NOT be accepted.
If you have any questions about obtaining an RFQ Package,
please contact the Ak-Chin Indian Community Purchasing Office
@ (520) 568-1028 or e-mail at [email protected].
Louis J. Manuel Jr.
Chairman, Ak-Chin Indian Community
All graduated classes are invited to join us to celebrate
50 years of Maricopa High School
High School
Celebrating 50
Years of
What’s Happening
We’re planning to celebrate Maricopa High School’s
50th Anniversary with everyone
who graduated from our alma mater - 1959 through 2009.
Let’s cheer on our RAMS at the football game Friday night.
Join us on Saturday to play basketball in the old gym for one last time.
Call your classmates today to plan your post game get together.
Round up everyone you know and tell them to save the date.
For more information and to register go to www.mhs50.com or
you may notify Patricia Brock at 480-821-0604, [email protected]
or Amy Cole at 520-510-9384 (after 7pm or weekends)
Please register now so we can plan for this exciting reunion!
6 & 7, 2009
Save the
September 18 - October 1, 2009
continued from page 4
their department for the community by
charging pickup services for the businesses located at the Industrial Park and
Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino. “It’s something were looking at doing,” Smith
said. “Right now were not charging
them anything, but that will probably
Another change is also a recycling program that the department has implemented with the Maricopa Recycling
Program, spearheaded by Gina
D’Abella. Maricopa is offering to help
Ak-Chin with its trash by recycling
paper, tires, cans and other recyclable
items by placing bins within the community.
The partnership with Maricopa will
help in reducing dumping costs at
Butterfield Station down highway 238
near the Mobile area, where the community currently dumps its waste.
Times have changed since the 1960’s
and will change in the next few years
according to Smith, but he’s seen
enough and hopes to retire someday
maybe in the near future. “I’ve been
doing this for so long and my hope is
that one of these young community
members takes my place,” Smith said.
“It’s always important to encourage our
young ones to go and get an education
and come back and run our community
He misses picking up trash and mingling with his people, like he did during
his early years in the department, but
the community will miss him more
when the time comes for him to step
Lori Allen,
Assistant for the
Department disposes recycle
paper into one the
recycle bins set up
at a number of
Departments in
the Ak-Chin
September 18 - October 1, 2009
The Ak-Chin Indian Community is giving away hotel room
furniture from Harrah’s hotel to enrolled Ak-Chin Members on
October 3, 2009. Examples of items available: armoire, TVs,
tables, chairs (no beds/mattresses)
Rules for Hotel Room Furniture:
 One set per household – no exceptions
 All items are available “As Is”
 Available to all enrolled Ak-Chin Members only – your
tribal ID must
be shown (no exceptions).
 No loading assistance will be available - bring whatever
vehicles and tools you will need to haul away your “goodies”.
10 am
Bingo Building at Harrah’s Casino
Saturday, October 3, 2009
Elder’s Preference at 6am. All other members 7 am Any enrolled, adult (must be at least 18 years old)
Ak-Chin Member with a Tribal ID card is eligible.
 No Children Allowed on premises!
 Only Members will be allowed in the warehouse to view
the available
items. We ask all NonMembers present to help with the hauling, please
wait outside until their assistance is needed in the warehouse.
 If you received furniture from the Saturday, September
12th Giveaway, you will NOT be eligible to participate in the
Saturday, October 3rd Giveaway.
Rules will be strictly enforced!
September 18 - October 1, 2009
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Social Service Presents the Following Events:
Friday, Oct. 2, 2009:
6:00 pm – Walk
7:00 pm – Dinner and Speaker
8:00 pm – Candlelight Vigil
Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009:
12:00 pm – Lunch and Speaker
Topic: Domestic Violence and Stalking
(Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Betty McEntire, Speaker)
Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009:
12:00 pm – Lunch and Speaker
Topic: Teen Dating Violence
(Community Alliance Against Family Abuse,
Constance Halaren, Speaker)
Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009:
12:00 pm – Lunch and Speaker
Topic: Domestic Violence-“In Her Shoes”
(Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Betty McEntire, Speaker)
Friday, Oct. 30, 2009:
12:00 pm – Lunch and Speaker Panel
Topic: Offender Accountability
(Speakers: The Honorable Anthony Little, Ak-Chin Tribal Judge; Julie
Gibbons, Tribal Prosecutor; Manuel Garcia, Tribal Chief of Police;
Sharon Sexton, Federal Prosecutor; and Ryan Arton, FBI)
Please RSVP to: Shelli Kahn, Intervention Specialist, at (520) 568-1086.