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I can see a swath of sinners settin’ yonder and they’re actin’ like a pack of fools,
Gazin’ into space, lettin’ their minds wander ‘stead of studying the Good Lord’s rules.
You better pay attention, Build your comprehension: There’s gonna be a quiz at your ascension,
Not to mention any threat of hell, But if you’re smart, you’ll learn your lessons well.”
-- Jesus (quoted in song by Steven Schwarz in the Broadway production “Godspell”)
Dear St. David’s family and friends,
Imagine having the opportunity to sit at Jesus’ feet as he sings and tells the joyful news about the
kingdom of heaven that is coming near to us, right here in Massapequa Park! Would you “Come and
see”? This February brings us that rare opportunity to spend several weeks listening to Jesus’ Sermon
on the Mount.
Imagine – if you dare – Jesus wearing bib overalls with the letter “S” on his chest, the Superman logo,
bubbling over with a joy aglow with the radiance of God’s own face -- a love so big it draws into its
orbit each and all who “Come and see!” That’s the joy that captivated me, when I first saw Godspell,
Steven Schwarz’s musical based on the Gospel of Matthew. It continues to pop for me, each time I see
the production, hear or sing the music – and it’s waiting for us as Matthew’s Jesus meets us. The
costume and grease painted face may make us uncomfortable, so unlike the Werner Sallmann portrait of
Jesus that we grew up with in Sunday School. Yet, what if we could catch that joy, experience that
healing love waiting for each and everyone who comes to him, looking to see – even though to the eyes
and ears of this world, his teaching sound like sheer foolishness, totally out of touch with reality.
Thankfully, our February launches with the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord, February 1st/2nd -forty days after the birth of Jesus, as Jesus’ parents bring him into the temple, in the conclusion of
Luke’s Christmas story to offer the poor people’s sacrifice required for every first born son of Israel.
Waiting in the wings – are two senior citizens, who are “looking for the consolation of Israel, the
redemption of Jerusalem.” Led by the Spirit of God, these two, Simeon and Anna, come to see the
infant Jesus, catch that joy that issues from Jesus’ presence, and sing his praises, Simeon in a song that
made it into our liturgy as one of the songs we sing after Holy Communion: “Now, Lord, you let your
servant go in peace. . . my own eyes have seen the salvation, which you have revealed in the sight of
every people.”(Luke 2:29-32) Simeon’s song points forward to the enlightening of the whole world – a
preview of where the story of Jesus will take him, and all of us who “come and see.”
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
The leaders of St. David’s will be gathering for a one day retreat on Saturday, February 8, led by Pastor
John Jurik, in reflecting on “A Door Set Open,” by Lutheran pastor Peter Steinke, which provides
guidance in congregational renewal through the building of a culture of mission: that all may “come and
see.” Pray for us, your leaders, as we seek the Lord’s counsel and inspiration.
And, speaking of contemporary music, we at St. David’s will be doing a contemporary Prayer and
Praise service on Sunday Evening, February 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Church sanctuary. It will be an
opportunity to hear about the “Healing touch of Jesus,” to join Simeon, Anna and the singing dancing
disciples of Godspell as we gather at Jesus’ feet to be taught – in his healing presence. Individual prayer
for healing will be done for all who wish to be prayed and anointed. St. David’s own homegrown
musicians will lead the praises and share in the praying.
What’s more, the saints of St. David’s rejoice to welcome two new saints into the continuing story of
salvation in the waters of baptism: Ryder Joseph Domina on February 16 and Kate Elizabeth Normile on
February 23.
And now: a few teasers from Jesus’ unfolding Sermon on the Mount:
February 8/9: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to
abolish, but to fulfill. For truly I tell you, . . . not one letter, not one stroke of a letter, will pass from the
law until all is accomplished. . . For I tell you, if your righteousness does not exceed that of the scribes
and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5: 17-20) I guess there will be a
quiz at our ascension!
February 15/16: “And again, you have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not murder.’ But I say to you, .
. . that if you insult a brother or a sister, . . . if you say, ‘You fool,’ you will be liable to the hell of fire.”
(Matthew 5:21-22) Not to mention any threat of hell. . .
February 22/23: You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to
you. . . if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also; . . . and if anyone forces you to go
one mile, go also the second mile. Give to everyone who begs from you.” (Matthew 5:38-42) Anyone
else getting tempted to let our minds wander, ‘stead of studying the good Lord’s rules? But wait, we
haven’t even gotten to my personal favorite! Here that comes, the “bottom line” of Matthew 5: “Be
perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Actually, Jesus directly quotes Deuteronomy
18:13, then throws in another “perfect” for emphasis.
And what about us? Thank you, Steven Schwarz, thank you, Jesus: If we’re smart, we’ll learn our
lessons well. What’s the lesson? That we should become perfect? But wait. Nobody’s perfect. Where’s
the joy in being told “Be perfect”? Isn’t the message of the kingdom of heaven supposed to be Good
news (Godspell)? Stay tuned. . . Try to keep your focus on the bubbling over joy, the song, the humor,
the foolishness of the message that Paul comments on throughout this month, in the continuous reading
of 1 Corinthians – the foolishness of the Cross, where the wisdom of God Isaiah talks about, that
outsmarts the wisdom of this world (Isaiah 29:14). Say, didn’t Jesus say something about how he didn’t
come to abolish, but to fulfill? Could it be Jesus knew where his “mission” in this world was taking him
all along? But perfect? How can children of a fallen humanity become perfect? How about coming to be
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
complete, more and more fully equipped for everything that is good – for the life that God always
intended for us in love to enjoy – up close and personally? Stay tuned.“Come and see”!
But perfect? That’s where the story of Epiphany is heading. And where is the best place to be in the
unfolding story? At the feet, in the presence of that joy, that love that waits to teach us to see and live
life, not only as this world does, but in the light of the Lord’s shining face, in the faithful love of God
that grows as it flows – to us, among us, through us, enabling us to see epiphanies – revelations, signs,
sneak previews of the completion of all things that is the reign of God right here, in the heights of
“Come and see!” The Lord invites us. There’s room at Jesus’ feet. Joy awaits.
anticipation of that joy,
Yours in the
At the Council meeting--------TREASURER- Note received from Insurance company that are rates will be going up 15% next year,
have appointment with another Insurance Company to give us premium costs, need increase the budget
line for both Insurance and office supplies.
JANUARY- Heat and INN at Freeport
FEBRUARY-Feeding the children of Haiti and “Souper Bowl”
COMMUNICATIONS AND PETITIONSReceived a letter from YES (Youth Environmental Services) thanking us for the gifts from St. David’s.
PASTOR DAVID MEYERSSpoke with Chuck Schultz about putting amplifier in Choir pews.
DCN.BOB- Visited with Chris Brickner with gift for the homebound, preaching two worship services in
January, coordinated handouts for children at Christmas Eve children’s service.
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
DCN.FLORENCE- Leading 4:00 P.M. Children’s Christmas Eve service, attended Worship Committee
FINANCEIncrease the office supply and insurance lines in new budget, approval of budget to be presented at the
Annual Meeting.
EVANGELISM- Prayer and Praise service on February 9th, rehearsal on December 17th.
PROPERTYFolding machine repaired by Matt Ho, Sunrise Trail Railroad Club would like to have their awards
dinner and banquet here, with use of kitchen; need to review building use regulations and insurance
liability coverage.
SOCIAL MINISTRYWrapping gifts on December 14th.
STEWARDSHIPMaterials sent to congregation for Commitment Sunday were not delivered in time.
WORSHIPReady for Christmas!
FELLOWSHIPWill be having both decaf and regular coffee in the future.
DEAF MINISTRYHad Christmas party- 43 attended, many helpers.
NOMINATINGNow have three candidates for Council positions- Janis Garone has agreed to run again, will ask for
nominations from the floor at Annual Meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Jo Ann Justus, Secretary.
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
As we move from the season of Advent into the season of Lent, there are many activities begin planned
at St. David’s that help us to look forward to the upcoming Spring season.
Our worship schedule returns to normal hours after some changes during the Christmas season. Sunday
morning services are at 9:00 A.M. along with Sunday Church School, and again at 11:00 A.M. - both
celebrate Holy Communion. The Saturday evening service remains at 5:30 P.M. as usual also
celebrating Holy Communion.
Saturday February 1st. and Sunday February 2nd will be “Souper Bowl” days- we will be collecting
monetary donations for food pantries which are experiencing a crisis on Long Island.
February 8th we will be holding a workshop to study the book “A Door Set Open” by
Dr.Peter Steinke- our church Council and committee members as well as guests will be attending- being
led by Pastor John Jurik, from 9:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. Those who will be attending are asked to bring
their lunch- coffee and cake to be provided.
Sunday February 9th at 7:30 P.M. the second Prayer and Praise service will be held in the church Nave.
This will be a different service then we are accustomed to- come join us for a new experience in
There are two Baptisms scheduled for this month- one on February 16th and another on February 23rd.
Ryder Joseph Domina will join the family of God on February 16th he is the son of Richard and Jessica
Domina and Kate Elizabeth Normile on February 23rd. daughter of Robert and Jean Normile, sister of
Christopher. Let us ask God to bless this new brother and sister and their families as they approach their
special day.
Our Confirmands will be helping to pack food for the children of Haiti again this year. There will be a
soup supper on February 28th to raise the funds needed to send our youth to `this event. Please plan on
joining the congregation for great soup, bread and desserts on that night. There is a charge for adults and
children- please call the church office for reservations and to answer any questions you might have.
Looking ahead- Ash Wednesday is March 5th- services will be held at 12:00 P.M. and again at 7:30 P.M.
ashes will be distributed at both services and communion will be celebrated.
Respectfully submitted,
Worship Committee.
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Social Ministry
With the cut in social security food stamps the need is critical. Please consider dropping off more food
of possible. we could also use some gift cards.
We will be collecting on February 1 and 2nd for the Souper Bowl. The money will be going to the INN and LSS as
that is where the need is here near us. The children, of Sunday school and Confirmation students as well as the
pre-school are being asked to bring in cans of soup tor the Souper Bowl collection..
Keep March 15 open for our annual Pancake Breakfast at Applebees to benefit St. David's.
Registration for children of our parishioners will begin on Thursday January 2.
Our rates are the same as last year; $135 for the 2 day 3 year old program, 9 –
11:30AM; $184 for the 3 day 3 year old program and the 3 day 4 year old program
and $290 for the 5 day 4year old program, 9AM to 12 noon. Take advantage of the
early registration. We open to the community on January 18.
News & Notes
The Men's Luncheon will be Tuesday, 02/11/14 12:00 o’clock, the Corner Galley,
5411 Merrick Road, Massapequa. All members of St. David’s and their guests are
invited to participate in the luncheon. For any questions please call John
at 799-5139.
Stretch and Tone Classes are Wednesdays at 10:00 AM.
Aerobics classes are Tuesday evening @ 7:30 PM
Please check weekly Bulletins for any changes to schedule
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Our Confirmation Classes are hosting our Annual
“No Empty Soup Bowl Supper”
Our Annual “Haiti Meal Packing Event” is here. The date for this event is
Sunday April 6th, from 4:00 to 6:00pm. We will be going with Our Redeemer Lutheran
Church. We are particularly excited for this year’s event, because two-thirds of the meals
packed will be going to local food shelters here on Long Island. The remainder will divided
between the Philippines for their relief after Typhoon Haiyan, and Nicaragua, delivered by
the students who participate in our mission trip there.
FEBRUARY 28TH AT 6:OOPM. Please plan to be here to support our St. David’s Confirmation
Students and parents who will be preparing and serving for that evening. If you cannot attend
please try and make a donation. The money we raise that night will go towards sponsoring
Confirmation Students who will be attending this wonderful event listed above.
[email protected]
Have you looked at our website recently? You can catch-up on all that is going on at St.
David’s! You can get back issues of The Herald; see the Worship Assistants Schedule
(Ushers, Greeters, Assisting Ministers, Communion Assitants, Lectors and Acloytes)
and if you can’t make it to church services, you can read the News & Notes and the
Calendar schedule for the week. www.stdavidsevangelicallutheranchurch
King David Fellowship
The King David Fellowship, which is an outreach of St David’s, was started in July. The group meets at the home
of the Juanita and Walt Hilsenbeck.........It is a get together of fellowship, food and music .Pastor David when
time permits joins us with the guitar for sing alongs and Walt plays the Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ(1200 pipes)
that is installed in their home. The organ was formerly installed in the Lowe's 167th street theatre in the Bronx in
1928.Dates and times and posted....for more info to join in Christian fellowship talk to Gloria Thorsen or email
[email protected] In Dec a talented organist Dan Minervini played a mini revival........
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Cruising for Christ Juanita and Walt Hilsenbeck continue to bring bibles, school supplies, shoes etc to Labadee
Haiti. A Blessed Birthday to Gloria Thorsen on her Valentine Day Birthday 80.............from The
King David Fellowship.
Craft Baskets
St. David’s Annual Craft Basket raffles for 2013 was a HUGE success. We brought in $1,446 . 10% of
that figure will be tithed to Wounded Warriers. The rest will go to St. David’s.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all committee members and individuals who donated baskets.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for all your help. I could not do it without your helping hands.
And, now the basket winners:
Closet Organizer—Nancy Downey Yankee Candle—Diana Bruu
Fair Trade—David Lynam
Travel—Sue Teitel
Desk Organizer—Diane McMahon
Drip Coffee Pot—Jean Knabbe
Movie—Anita Trabold
Christmas Table runner—Ina Cohen
Golf —David Lynam
Toaster oven—Keith Ryan
Spa—Diane Sheridan
Needlepoint Cross—Lynn Benov
Pasta—Diane Hoffman
Sweatshirt + tees—Maddie Brower
Movie—Barbara Realmuto
Sweatshirt + tees—Anne Tactikos
Tea—Barbara Puleio
Sweatshirt ¼ zip--Pastor
Holiday—Janis Garone
Sweatshirt ¼ zip—Mark Corbett
Coffee—Linda Schiede
Sweatshirt ¼ zip—Sue Wurthmann
Sweatshirt full zip—Dot Fullert
Sweatshirt full zip—Nancy Michaelis
Sweatshirt ¼ zip—Debbie Cirrincione
Congratulations to the winners and thank you,
Sue Teitel Chair, Craft Baskets
There is a program for caregivers that originated with a church in Syosset and now has chapters all over
Long Island including the one sponsored by the combined Massapequa churches.
“Caring for the Caregiver” meets at the Massapequa Reformed Church on Merrick Road on the first and
third Tuesday of the month at 2:00 PM in the library across from the church office in back of the
fellowship hall. There is a small core group who has been with us since the beginning more than a year
ago and others come and join us on and off as they feel the need.
The concept is simple. Care giving is a lonely situation and only others who have experienced the same
thing can appreciate what you are going through. There are certain characteristics that apply to all but
many think they must be the only one in such a place. That is where this group comes in. We all get a
chance to tell our story and to hear what is going on with one another. Sometimes we learn some useful
piece of information that can benefit our situation as well. Other times we just get a chance to feel the
caring of others in a similar position.
St. David’s is one of the sponsors of this group and I am one of the facilitators. I know we have many
people at St. David’s who are in this situation and can surely use the companionship of some of these
wonderful people who live daily with this challenge.
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
So please, give us a chance and avail yourself of this opportunity to give yourself a break and learn some
new coping mechanisms for the challenging work you are doing.
In Christ,
Deacon Florence Poeschke
Jesus Christ’s Healing
St. David’s Evangelical Lutheran
Invites you to join us
At a Contemporary Prayer and Praise
Service on Sunday, February 9, 2014
at 7:30 pm
St. David’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
20 Clark Boulevard
Massapequa Park, New York 11762
Phone- 516-799-7832
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Come Feel
With thanks to all who remembered or honored their friends and loved ones with
gifts to our funds this month:
Memorial Fund: Edna England by Ingeburg Schuett,
William Hozdara by Barbara Pulieo, Delores Byrne
Hausken by Robert & Iren e Staab,
Frank Lopopolo by Amy Holton William Hozdara by
Ted & Carolyn Burkle.
In Thanksgiving for:
Soup Spoilers: Helmut Johannen by Ingeburg Scheutt,Michael O Halleran
by Ingeburg Scheutt,
Organ fund: Happy 80 t h birthday to Gloria thorsen by your “King david
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church
RECOVERING Jackie Giacone, Joe Nightengale, Gail Wertz, James Preiss, Joe Gaiti, Edward O’Neil, Susan Sousa,
Paul Fink, Garrett Bolinger, Betty Ann Dixon, Steven Riley, Mitch Maybury, Pastor Saeed, Erin Fesefeldt, Marina
Alverez, Kristi, Issabella Ward, Nancy, Marge Garrett, Gary Naylor Sr, Al Fesefeldt, Louise Cappo, Mary Faccini,
Carolyn Arndt, Jim Priess, Mary Ann Strecther, Linda Mann, Joseph Macri, Tom Lloyd, Leslie Agosto, Marshal
Balbuena, Esther Hansen, Debbie Blankley, Dave Dantonio, Joel Trent, Barbara Vigorito, Chris Kuechenmeister,
Gladys Toler, Thea Erickson, Ron Ottomano, Helmut Johannan, Maria Spony, Vincent & Norma Cianfaguoni, Michael
Burkhart, Richard, Nicole Trabold, Becky Neumen, JeffreyFisher, AnneMarie deRiesthal, Marge Dankenbrink,
Ronald Balbuena, Bob Roth, Nancy Zickmund, Skyler, Betty Ann Dixon, Ross Hessinger,Susan Mast Trinder, Joan
Maybury,Frank Libschik, Lynne Schenk, Lenore Ewen, Alex, Mildred Ulrich, Al Trabold Rose Hesinger, Lauren
McCarthy, Thomas McCarthy, Pat Bernstein, Nancy Michaelis, Dorothy McGowan, Doris Glatthaar, David Cohen,
Olga Cohen, Joe Gibbons, Anita Scanio, Peter Klamann, Carol Weis, Martha & Eric Anderson, Scott Goldman, Lillian
Cortez, Vi Madison, Sanzio Vagnini, Steve Dunne, Elsie Grabow, Florence Copeland, Dora Wharmby, Tom
McCarthy, Blanche Whaley, Catherine, Richard & Carolann, Flora Bryant, Lauren,
+THOSE WHO MOURN THE PASSING OF: Delores Byrne, Michael Burkhardt’s, Thomas Petersen, Don
Strecher, William Hozdara, Allen Ambrose, Joan Siry, Angelina George, Pastor Frederic Teichmann
Pray For our Staff:
Rev. David J. Meyers Senior Pastor
Robert Michaelis
Florence Poeschke
Janet Pinto
Organist, Saturday
Bethany Porter
Organist/Choir Dir.
Janis Garone
LBS Director
Mary Ann Ho
Office Administrator
Domingo Rojas
Patricia McCarthy Deaf Min. Coord/Signer
Karen Co rbett
Parish Nu rse
Jill Ewen
Parish Nu rse
Jo -Ann Rey
Su nday Schoo l Pian ist
Mitch Maybury
Pray for our Preschool Staff:
Robin Lever
Preschool Dir. /Teacher
Ruth DeSilva
Preschool Teacher Asst.
Colleen Smith
Preschool Teacher
Communion Teacher
Pastor David J. Meyers
The Herald
The monthly newsletter of
St. David's Lutheran Church
Mission Statement
We are called in Christ:
+To Live Faithfully +To make Disciples
+ To show God's love to all
Submissions for February Herald is due by
Editor: MaryAnn Ho ([email protected])
Pray for Our Sunday School Teachers,
Teacher Assistants and our Lay Ministers
Confirmation Teachers
Mitch Maybu ry 6 t h grade
Anne Anderson 7 t h grade
Pastor David J. Meyers 8th & 9 t h grades
Pray For: Led By the Spirit, Adult Choir,
Pray Fo r our Lay Leaders:
Karen Corbett, President/Evangelis m/
Person nel/Steward ship
Lynn Benov, Vice-president/Stewardship/
Wo rsh ip/ Social Min istry/Evang elism
Jo Ann Ju stu s, Secretary/Wo rsh ip/No min ating
Anne Anderson, Co uncil/Treasu rer
Mark Co rbett, Coun cil/Prop erty/No min atin g/
Safe Environ.
Jill Ewen,
Council/Social Ministry
Helen Hayes, Financial Sec./Finance/Endow.
David Lynam Council/Property/Safe Environ.
Jo -Ann ReyCouncil/Youth/VBS/Assist ,S.S.Dir/
Safe Environ.
Jim Sheridan, Council/Property
Sue Teitel, Council/Deaf Ministry/Nominating/Fellowship
Anita Trabold, Council/Social Ministry
Debbie Geis Preschool/VBS/Evangelism
Michael Lees, Evangelism
Please pray for our Military men and women,
Sr. Airman Emily Volz
Airman Carl Seaman
Marine Lance Corporal Christopher Buckley
The Monthly Newsletter of St. David's Evangelical Lutheran Church