C asting Call “1965”

Casting Call
Presented by Blue3 pictures & MM2 entertainment
Directed by Randy Ang
About the Producers
Casting Demographics
Daniel Yun: Homecoming 《笑这回家》 I Not
Stupid 《⼩小孩不坏》 The Eye 《⻅见⿁鬼》The Maid
《⼥女佣》881 《881》The Home Song Stories
《意》Painted Skin 《画⽪皮》Turn Left, Turn Right
《向左⾛走·向右⾛走》 Protégé 《⻔门徒》Infernal
Affairs II 《⽆无间道II》
Chinese, Malays and Indians.
All Ages – From Kids (age 4 and older) to
Everybody is welcome to audition, but
you must be based in Singapore.
Shoot Period/ Project Pay
Melvin Ang: The Lion Men 《狮神决战》Ah Boys
to Men II 《新兵正传II》 Ah Boys to Men 《新兵
正传》 Greedy Ghost 《貪⼼心⿁鬼⾒見⿁鬼》 23:59
《23:59》Imperfect 《我們都不完美》We Not
Naughty 《孩⼦子不坏》
Story Synopsis
‘1965’ is a dramatic thriller that uses a piece of
Singapore history like never before. Telling
engaging and touching stories of immigrants and
natives during the time leading up to the
independence of Singapore. The protagonists were
a part of history in the making, caught up in the
throes of everyday life, made impossibly difficult by
a country in turmoil, a society divided by racial
violence. They become the pioneer generation who
live to see beyond the prejudice and fear of racial
hatred and ultimately face the challenge of nation
building – a mirror reflecting the fragility of racial
harmony in our world today. Leading casts include
Qi Yuwu, Joanne Peh, Deanna Yusoff and Lim Kay
Casting Team:
November 2014 to January 2015
(exact shoot dates depends on role)
Pay will be disclosed to shortlisted
applicants 1-2 weeks after audition.
Open Auditions (Open to Public)*
13th October 2014 to 2nd November
2014, between 12pm - 8pm*
(We are closed on every Wednesday)
* Registration closes at 6pm each day.
"** Experienced artistes are welcomed to send
your acting CVs to
[email protected] If you are
shortlisted, we will schedule a dedicated
casting slot for you.
158 Kallang Way, Performance Building,
Singapore 349245
Food Court (Cafe Seven)
Directions can be found at