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OCLC and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have partnered to
provide access to your OECD iLibrary subscription content through WorldCat® Discovery Services,
maximizing your subscription value. WorldCat Discovery enables your users to discover more than 1.5
billion electronic, digital and physical resources in libraries around the world through a single search of
WorldCat and a central index representing more than 2,000 e-content collections.
The OCLC/OECD partnership increases your users’ visibility into your OECD iLibrary subscription content
and enables links to OECD full text through either the WorldCat knowledge base or a knowledge base
already in place at your library.
WorldCat Discovery Benefits for OECD iLibrary Subscribers
 Allow users to see relevant items from the
OECD iLibrary in their default search results
 Offer access to nearly 10,000 e-books, 4,000
articles and 5 billion data points related to
economics, agriculture, development,
governance and other topics
 Give users an opportunity to find OECD’s
books, papers, statistics, data and analysis
 Provides access to content published by OECD,
International Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy
Agency and International Transport Forum
 Content available in a range of formats to best
suit user’s needs - PDF, XLS, HTML, EPUB, etc.
 Create a database group to search the
OECD iLibrary and databases with related
content together
Next steps
Access your OECD iLibrary subscription through WorldCat Discovery!
1. Review your searchable
Go to the OCLC Service Configuration
page at Sign in,
select Metasearch Content from the
left menu, and choose Licensed
Content and Databases.
2. Add the OECD iLibrary.
Click the add/remove
databases button. Simply
select the OCED iLibrary and
click Done to allow your
users to search the
Learn more about WorldCat Discovery at See available content, detailed FAQ,
migration resources and upcoming webinar listings. Or contact OCLC Customer Support at [email protected].
Visit OECD iLibrary at or contact [email protected] with questions about the OCED iLibrary
service, accessible through WorldCat Discovery.