B.Y.O.D. Apple Devices

Apple Devices
iPhone, iPad, MacBooks
1. Go to the Wi-Fi Settings on your device to turn on the Wi-Fi. Then
Connect to “PSJA-Onboarding”
a. Make sure there’s a “Check Mark” next to PSJA-Onboarding
b. Your device should automatically take you to a registering
website for PSJA-BYOD.
2. If your device does not transfer you to a registering webpage, go to
your Internet Browser. Ex: Google Chrome, Safari…
a. Type “auth.impulse.com” in the URL
b. Click on the Join now Option So the “SecuerW2” App installs.
i. Once “SecureW2” is installed, Open up the application.
c. Enter you PSJAISD Email Credentials
i. First . Last Name (Your email credentials without
ii. Password: Student ID Number + First 3 Letters of last
name with the First letter Capitalized…. Ex: 12345Gra
d. Click on the “Next” Option
3. Click Join and let your device authenticate.
Click DONE!!!!!