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September/October 2014
Family Physician
Residents & Students Talk Health Care Transformation
A Report from the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students
By Lisa Regehr, MAFP Conference Coordinator
This year, the AAFP
National Conference of
Family Medicine Residents
and Medical Students
focused on health care
transformation. The
conference was held August
7 - 9, 2014, in Kansas City,
Missouri. Chapters of the
Academy and the University
of Minnesota Department
of Family Medicine
and Community Health provided scholarships for medical
Medical Center, Essentia Health, Fairview Health Services,
HealthPartners Medical Group, Mayo Clinic/Mayo Clinic
Health System and Sanford Health. This event is a chance for
medical students, residents, and family physicians to network,
socialize, and learn about family medicine opportunities here
in Minnesota.
Ashley Cobb, MS4, Mayo, was one of the hosts of a workshop
titled ‘Global Health Pathway: Challenges and Opportunities’
National Conference - Continued on Page 2
Forty medical students and 29 residents took part from
Minnesota. Attendees participated in education sessions,
procedure workshops and investigated residency and practice
opportunities in the exhibit hall.
“It was awesome. Very inspiring, very interesting workshops
and a great opportunity to meet residency programs,” said
Jennie Manning, MS4, Mayo Medical School.
More than 100 people came to The Minnesota Reception
which took place at the Alamo Draft House. Sponsors of the
Minnesota Reception were Allina Health, Cuyuna Regional
The Minnesota Reception at the Alamo Draft House
Photo Credit: Nkauj Shoua Vang / University of Minnesota
The Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) promotes
the specialty of family medicine in Minnesota and supports
family physicians as they provide high quality, comprehensive
and continuous medical care for patients of all ages.
National Conference - Continued from Page 1
on Friday afternoon. Cobb was also a recipient of the
Tomorrow’s Leader Award. Other award recipients included
Tony Blankers, MS2, Mayo and Dane Schaleben-Boateng,
MS3, University of Minnesota, who received First-time
Student Attendee awards.
Delegates to the Resident and Student Congresses were
Resident Director, Elizabeth Lownik, M.D., Alternate Resident
Director, Nicole Solberg, M.D., Student Director, Emily Wolff,
MS4, and Allan Kerandi, MS2, University of Minnesota. (Check
out the student and resident director reports on pages 10 and
11 to learn about topics covered at the Congresses.)
“Attending the AAFP National Conference was a great experience
to delve into medicine in a new way as I was able to meet other
medical professionals and students from around the country to
learn more about family medicine and what opportunities this
specialty has to offer,” said Laura McDowell, MS2, University of
Minnesota Duluth.
“The AAFP National Conference is a great experience for
medical students who are interested in family medicine,” said
Megan Chock, MS4, Mayo Medical School. “The residency
fair provides the opportunity to become familiar with the wide
range of opportunities in family medicine, and the sessions
provide guidance that ranges from practical advice on how to
manage your finances, information on applying to residency,
and clinical pearls that will help on clerkships and even exams.”
Faculty, residents and students heading to Kansas City for the AAFP National Conference. Photo Credit: Nkauj Shoua Vang / University of Minnesota
This issue of Minnesota Family Physician is brought to you
by Affiliated Community Medical Centers.
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Managing Editor/Designer is Kristie Thorson. Editorial copy and practice opportunity ads to be considered for the Nov/Dec 2014 issue are due by 10/27/14.
MAFP Chapter Directors MAFP Officers
Other MAFP Directors
Ann Lee, DO - Central
David Bucher, MD - East Metro
Robert Koshnick, MD - Heart of the Lakes
Roger Waage, MD - Lake Superior
Chandra Gottipati, MD - Lake of the Woods
Richard Horecka, MD - Minnesota Valley
Deborah Dittberner, MD - Park Region
Linda Bergum, MD - Range
Scott Pauley, MD - Southeast
Kimberly Wernsing, MD - Southern
Samuel Hanson-Willis, MD - West Metro
Beth Lownik, MD - Resident Director
Emily Wolff - Medical Student Director
Kourtney Bradford-Houle - Special Constituencies Dir.
2 September/October 2014
Kurt Angstman, MD - President
Mohammad Tariq Fareed, MD - President-Elect
Richard Horecka, MD - Board Chair
Dania Kamp, MD - Speaker of House
Glenn Nemec, M.D. - Vice Speaker of House
Raymond Christensen, MD - Treasurer
Renee Crichlow, MD - Officer-At-Large
David Bucher, MD - Director-At-Large
Virginia Barzan, CAE - Executive Vice President
MAFP Staff
Kelly Bellomy - Membership Coordinator
Arlene Lensing - Associate Director
Jo Peterson, PhD - Foundation Executive Director
Lisa Regehr - Conference Coordinator
Barbara Skrivanek - Accountant/Office Coordinator
Kristie Thorson - Communications Coordinator
A Message from the MAFP President
The transformation of our healthcare landscape sometimes feels
continuous, disruptive and beyond our control. Adding to that our
desire to do what is best for our patients (both collectively and for
the one that we are caring for at this instant) creates a tension in our
day to day practice that frustrates many family physicians.
What is the American Academy of Family Physicians doing about
this? How do we as an Academy negotiate the challenges of changes
in healthcare (from legislative requirements to changes in workforce
composition to the increasing complexity of the patients that we are
caring for)? In August 2013, the AAFP started gathering information
for Family Medicine for America’s Health: Future of Family Medicine
2.0. With several recent sessions from across the country, this report
is due out this fall/early winter and has the potential to impact our
specialty for the next decade. The focus of Future of Family Medicine
2.0 will be on a patient-centered team approach; the elimination
of barriers to access; advanced information systems, including
electronic health records; redesigned, more functional offices; a
focus on quality and outcomes; and enhanced practice finances
How do we, as an Academy or as individual clinicians, define a
patient-centered team approach? From my perspective, there are
many aspects of team-based care that the Family Physician does
well. We have always involved multiple team members in the care
of our patients- from our other specialty colleagues, to community
specialists in pharmacy, APRNs, PAs, physical therapists, public
health, school nursing, hospital (from staff floor nurses to L&D to ER),
nursing home staff, private duty care specialists and family members.
It is my hope that excellent team based care of the future allows
each of us to provide more efficient care for the patients that entrust
their health to us, rather than increase paperwork burdens that
actually decreases our ability to care for our patients.
Involvement in the primary care of our patients and their families
shapes our definition of access. Access may be defined broadly
as: medical school admissions policies that promote students that
would be interested in primary care; creative ways to limit the
impact of undergraduate and medical educational expenses that
allows students to seek a specialty of their choice, rather than by
return on investment; enhancing the number of Family Medicine
residency slots available; creating high performing team-based care
that allows us to care for a larger or more complex patient panel
and defining appropriate local workforce issue needs. Access may
also be defined as the capacity to see patients when and where they
need care. There is routine clinical care, urgent care, after-hours
care, emergency room care, hospital care, prenatal care, geriatric
and hospice care. Specific patient populations may also have specific
access issues, such as, those with chronic mental health diagnoses
and those incarcerated, un- or under-insured, indigent patients or
diversity patients. In determining the needs for access, the voice of
the patient and the community are resources that we need to make
sure are not lost as we proceed with health care transformation.
After living through the transformation from paper medical records
to the electronic medical records - I know that I would not wish
to return to a time of missing charts, incomplete records, and
handwriting prescriptions (I used to hate January, when the patients
Kurt Angstman, MD
with new insurances would need
two handwritten prescriptions
for all of their medications- one
for 30 days and one for their mail
order pharmacy!). However, the
“holy grail” of the EMR is not
here yet. Most family physicians
grumble (trying to be polite…)
about their EMR. The goal is a
system that HELPS us with our
care of the patient, HELPS us with
the management of their chronic
diseases and preventive health and
HELPS us with the management of
our patient population. It probably
is easier to look at healthcare IT as a marathon, not as a sprint—we
should be continually looking to work toward the ideal. It does seem
that we as healthcare providers, due tend to be good at doing “work
arounds” to get the job done.
How we see patients on a day-to-day practice will change. With the
needs of our patients for chronic disease management, health care
maintenance and day-to-day medical issues, there is not enough
current capacity to adequately do the work. How it will change will
be the question. The form of how our offices are designed will follow
the functions that we need. For a fully functioning, highly successful
team to be co-located, this will require a redesign of the clinical
spaces that we have. The future may rely less on waiting areas,
rely more on self-registration, self-rooming AND asynchronous care
(health care that is not directly associated with a face to face visit
with the patient’s personal physician).
The future of our specialty and our practices will be the expectation
of outcome-driven data. We should be embracing this as a
specialty. The more data we have that demonstrates that the
effective, efficient, caring and comprehensive care we provide in
our local team based clinics is superior to other mechanisms for
delivering health care, the better it will be for our specialty. Yes,
we can become overwhelmed with and question the results of our
current quality metrics. In the future, I see the quality data as being
eventually helpful to us, especially as we develop IT solutions for
data management.
We will not be able to lead the transformation of health care without
reforms to finances. There are two sayings in management circles the first is that you can’t manage something you can’t measure and
the second is that it should matter what you measure, because once
you measure it, it will matter. Family physicians have generations
of training for working in a fee-based RVU production model. As
such, for many physicians, their concern is with productivity of
their practice in addition to the health of their patients. How do
we measure quality comprehensive health care and encourage
productive and happy family physicians?
At this time, I certainly do not have all (or any!) of the answers. The
Future of Family Medicine 2.0 hopefully will help guide us forward
for the next decade or so. I see this as an opportunity to enhance
our specialty rather than a complete re-boot of the system.
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Minnesota Family Physician
Lynne Lillie, M.D., Running for
AAFP Board Position
The MAFP is
pleased to
support the
of family
physician, Lynne
Lillie, M.D., Red
Wing, for the
AAFP Board of
Directors. The
election will
Lynne Lillie, M.D.
take place at
the Congress of Delegates in October.
Seeking Newsletter Sponsors
Sponsorship opportunities
are still available for the
2015 & 2016 Minnesota
Family Physician (MFP)
newsletter. For more
information, visit
newsletter-sponsorship. Questions? Email
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Family physicians, residents and students
are encouraged to visit schools in
their community and make a Tar Wars
presentation. Those interested in
keeping kids tobacco-free should call a
principal, teacher or nurse at the school
of their choice to arrange a presentation.
To view the free curriculum online,
please visit the Tar Wars section of the
MAFP website at
patients/tar-wars. Please note that the
National Tar Wars Poster Contest has
been discontinued so no posters will be
collected by the MAFP.
6 September/October 2014
Save the Date!
Winter Conference & SAM
The 2015 Winter Conference will take
place January 30-31 at Arrowwood
Resort in Alexandria, Minnesota.
Education sessions will draw from the
breadth of the family medicine specialty
offering something for everyone. There
will also be a SAM Session on Friday
afternoon. This conference is a chance
to combine CME with a winter getaway.
FREE CO*RE Webinars
The State Academies
of Family Medicine
invite you to attend
a FREE webinar on
"Extended- Release/
Long-Acting Opioids:
Achieving Safe
Use While Improving Patient Care".
The 90-minute webinars meet FDA
requirements for ER/LA opioid risk
evaluation and mitigation strategies
[REMS]. A post-activity assessment
will help you gauge your increase in
knowledge and competency. Upon
completion of the assessment and
evaluation you will receive 1.5 AAFP
Prescribed credits and we'll send you
both the faculty slides and additional
resources you can use to improve your
care of patients. To view the schedule,
New Health Care Homes
The Minnesota
Department of Health
has now certified 346
health care homes. Those
recently certified include Buffalo Clinic
– Buffalo; Buffalo Clinic – Monticello;
Hennepin County Medical Center, Golden
Valley Clinic and Hennepin County
Medical Center Senior Care; Richfield
Medical Group - Richfield; Sanford
North Fargo Family Medicine;
West Fargo Family Medicine; Sanford
Jamestown Clinic 2nd Ave;
Jamestown Clinic 5th Ave; Sanford
Southpointe Family Medicine;
Sanford Moorhead Family Medicine.
MAFP Member News
Dave Thorson, M.D., was elected to be
the next Minnesota Medical Association
President. John Bachman, M.D.,
Rochester, has joined TransforMED’s
Board of Managers. Bachman is a
Saunders Professor of Primary Care
at Mayo and an expert in “high tech,
high touch” medicine. Renee Crichlow,
M.D., Kathleen Brooks, M.D., James
Boulger, Ph.D., and Patrick Rock,
M.D., were appointed to the Blue
Ribbon Committee on the University of
Minnesota Medical School by Governor
Mark Dayton.
Leif Solberg, M.D., and Patricia
Fontaine, M.D., MS, authored an article
in the August issue of the Journal of the
American Board of Family Medicine. The
article, titled “Challenges of Medical
Home Transformation Reported by 118
Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Leaders,” summarized the results of two
surveys completed by medical clinics
that were certified as PCMH practices.
The article can be found at http://
Elizabeth Maloney, M.D., co-authored
new evidence-based treatment
recommendations for Lyme disease. The
guidelines were published in the August
edition of the peer-reviewed journal
Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy.
The article is available at http://
Barbara Yawn, M.D., MSc, co-authored
an article on school-based asthma plans
which was published in the July 2014
issue of MInnesota Physician.
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed for the
Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on
October 5. To join the medical team,
visit http://twincitiesinmotion.
over&id=6455. Enter the registration
code: MEDICAL2014 and hit Submit
Code. Please register as soon as
possible. Email William Roberts, M.D.,
at [email protected] with questions.
- 2014 Research Foru m Paper of Greatest Interest
Investigating Health Care Utilization
Among Low-Income Adults in Duluth,
Christopher Knapp, Britta Knutson,
Nathan Guimont, MS3s, University of
Minnesota Medical School Duluth
Brittany Vaplon, MS3, University of
Minnesota Duluth; Meena Muruggappan
and Abby Steele, UMN Pharmacy
The University of Minnesota Medical
School Duluth and College of Pharmacy
jointly support the HOPE Clinic, a
student run free clinic with faculty
supervison. The HOPE Clinic is
located in the CHUM drop-in center in
downtown Duluth. The student board
of directors wanted to gain research
information on the health care access
patterns of low income individuals in
Duluth to provide better care for the
patients that the HOPE Clinic serves,
and to have a better understanding of
the challenges that those individuals
faced in accessing appropriate health
care. Our objective was to investigate
this population’s priorities in terms
of their care, including convenience,
cost, service providers, and insurance.
Questions that were studied through the
course of this research included: 1) What
types of health services are uninsured,
underinsured and low-income adults in
the Duluth area utilizing? 2) What is the
level of awareness among this patient
population of existing services geared
towards this population? 3) What are
some of the reasons for current service
utilization choices?
situations and chronic health problems to
minor injuries, and in each situation over
20% of study participants indicated that
they would use the ER for their health
care. However, patients reported that
they felt their Primary care doctor cared
for them more as a person than an ER
doctor. When asked what they prioritized
in their personal health decisions, men
responded that they prioritized low cost
and women responded that they
prioritized personalized care.
Low-income, homeless or un-insured
persons living in Duluth, MN.
35 Low-income adults, aged 18 and up,
currently living in the Duluth area were
recruited through local social service
agencies and completed an intervieweradministered paper-and-pencil survey.
The surveys were composed of 31
questions, and most of the questions
were quantitative, with multiple choice
responses and qualitative follow-up
The data indicated that most of the study
participants had access to health care and
health insurance, and used health care
services regularly. Participants tended to
believe that their overall health was good.
Participants accessed both Primary Care
Services and Emergency Room services
at rates well above the national average.
Participants were given hypothetical
situations, ranging from emergency
Participants in our study reported
good health, but also reported high
rates of usage of both primary care and
emergency services. A limitation of
the study is that we encountered our
study participants through social service
agencies, so we did not capture the lowincome population that did not access
these services.
Melissa Walls, Ph.D., Timothy Stratton,
PharmD, Ruth Westra, D.O., MPH and
Ray Christensen, M.D.
University of Minnesota Foundation,
Fund 1363- HOPE Clinic
An additional Paper of Greatest Interest
from the 2014 Research Forum will be
published in the next issue.
October 10 - 12, 2014 . Minneapolis
“Innovate & Invigorate”
Register online at:
The Family Medicine Midwest Conference will feature topical peerRadisson Blu . 35 South 7th Street . Minneapolis
reviewed education and presentaton sessions for faculty, residents and
students, and social events! Network with your family medicine friends
from throughout the Midwest, plus employer exhibits and learning opportunities for everyone!
Conference Highlights: Residency fair with 38 Midwest Family Medicine Residency Programs . Procedure
Workshops . Sessions, panels and workshops covering the breadth of family medicine and new developments and
innovations in healthcare . Speed Date the Specialty Lunch . Hippocrates Café
Minnesota Family Physician
Single Payer - Is It Right For Minnesota?
Single Payer - Is it right for MN? That was the title of a forum co-sponsored on August 19 by the MAFP, the Minnesota Medical
Association and Physicians for a National Health Plan. More than 60 physicians and medical students gathered in person and nearly
50 others in greater Minnesota were able to “attend” thanks to live stream technology. Rick Horecka, M.D., who chairs the MAFP’s
Single Payer Task Force, was one of the panelists for the Q and A session that followed the presentations.
Task force member Chris Reif, M.D., gave an overview about the MAFP’s experience with “Evolving Opinions about Single Payer.” He
said “As family physicians, knowing that our patients have coverage and can afford care is important. We see this as a dialogue that
will go on for years and wanted to be part of the conversation and to do that, we felt we needed to be educated more.”
Now, the task force would like to continue the dialogue by offering to answer MAFP member questions about single payer options.
See the ‘Dear SPTFy” article below for more information and send questions you may have to [email protected]
Dear SPTFy:
By Eduardo Miguel Medina MD, MPH
Resident North Memorial/UMN Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Improving our healthcare system is one of the more complex
endeavors of our time. Overcoming institutional inertia,
intransigence, and incompatibility with a high quality
healthcare system makes this task not only formidable but
seemingly impossible. Considering the array of stakeholders,
moneyed interests, professional societies, lobbyists, political
operatives, and last but never least patients, the only assured
outcome is conflict. However, given an honest appraisal of
the state of our healthcare system; the need for improvement
was never more pressing.
resulting in additional costs without increasing value.
-The Commonwealth Fund report Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,
2014 Update: How the U.S. Health Care System Compares
Internationally illustrates that, while the U.S. healthcare
system is the most costly it consistently underperforms. “The
U.S. fails to achieve better health outcomes than the other
countries, and as shown in the earlier editions, the U.S. is last
or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency, and equity.”
1. Health care coverage for all is needed to ensure quality of
care and to improve the health status of Americans.
-Disparities in health outcomes, access, satisfaction and
treatment persist between racial, gender, ethnic, educational,
country of origin, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic
groups. For example, closing the Black-White mortality gap
in the U.S. would eliminate more than 83,000 excess deaths
per year among African-Americans. In Minnesota African
American, American Indian, Hispanic, and Asian children are
at a greater risk for living in poverty with associated adverse
health outcomes.
- Millions of people living in the U.S. do not have health
insurance and being uninsured is associated with increased
mortality in the United States.
- Medical costs continue to be the leading cause of personal
- The U.S. ranks last in amenable mortality among countries
studied for, “deaths from certain causes before age 75 that
are potentially preventable with timely and effective health
- The administrative burden in our current system is sizeable
September/October 2014
- The U.S. is the only democratic industrialized nation that
does not guarantee the right to healthcare for all of its
Given the complexity of this task a set of principles is needed
to guide and evaluate progress. The Principles for Reform of
the U.S. Health Care System published in January 2007 is the
largest consensus among physician organizations (including
the AAFP) to endorse the following:
2. The health care system in the U.S. must provide
appropriate health care to all people within the U.S.
borders, without unreasonable financial barriers to care.
3. Individuals and families must have catastrophic health
coverage to provide protection from financial ruin.
4. Improvement of health care quality and safety must be
the goal of all health interventions, so that we can assure
optimal outcomes for the resources expended.
5. In reforming the health care system, we as a society must
respect the ethical imperative of providing health care to
individuals, responsible stewardship of community
resources, and the importance of personal health
6. Access to and financing for appropriate health services
must be a shared public/private cooperative effort, and
a system which will allow individuals/employers to
purchase additional services or insurance.
7. Cost management by all stakeholders, consistent with
achieving quality health care, is critical to attaining a
workable, affordable and sustainable health care system.
8. Less complicated administrative systems are essential to
reduce costs, create a more efficient health care system,
and maximize funding for health care services.
Single Payer - Continued on Page 9
Single Payer - Continued from Page 8
9. Sufficient funds must be available for research (basic,
clinical, translational and health services), medical
education, and comprehensive health information
technology infrastructure and implementation.
10. Sufficient funds must be available for public health and
other essential medical services to include, but not be
limited to, preventive services, trauma care and mental
health services.
11. Comprehensive medical liability reform is essential to
ensure access to quality health care.
Let this serve as a framework for discussing a high per
forming, high value healthcare system that embraces
universal access, high quality coordinated care, and
payment reform.
The Single Payer Task Force (SPTF) was convened over a year
ago to, “study state-based single payer systems especially as
they would apply in Minnesota and present an informed view
of the findings to the 2014 House of Delegates.” In response
to the SPTF’s presentation on April 9, 2014, the following
resolution, was adopted by the MAFP HOD:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the MAFP promote the advantages of
a Minnesota single payer financing system as one method of
fulfilling the AAFP's Principles of Health Care Reform, and, BE
IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the MAFP actively participate in
health care reform deliberations to inform and guide those
promoting a Minnesota single payer approach regarding
planning, implementation and governance in order to avoid
its pitfalls and maximize its strengths, and, BE IT FURTHER
RESOLVED, that the MAFP requests the AAFP Congress
of Delegates to promote AAFP participation in national
deliberations and discussions pertaining to single payer
financing systems for health care reform, and, BE IT FURTHER
RESOLVED, that the ad hoc Single Payer Task Force be
continued for another year to provide education and support
to MAFP members interested in learning more about single
payer financing and being involved in health care reform
In this spirit we present the inaugural column of Dear SPTFy.
We invite readers to submit questions with the purpose
of enriching the debate around single payer financing in
Minnesota. Our lines are open.
Rochester Lawmaker Presented with
MAFP Legislative Achievement Award
The MAFP presented Minnesota State Representative
Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester) with the 2014 MAFP
Legislative Achievement Award. The award is given to a
state or federal legislator from Minnesota in recognition
of a specific action that has benefited patients or family
Rep. Liebling is the Chair of the House Health and Human
Services Policy Committee. She has been a longtime
advocate for improved health care access and ensuring that
Minnesota is a great place to practice medicine.
In 2014, Rep. Liebling was the strongest advocate in the
House of Representatives for maintaining some level of
collaboration between physicians and advanced practice
registered nurses, going so far as to introduce a separate bill
from the one promoted by the APRNs to ensure that both
sides of the argument were considered. Her efforts forced
the APRNs to the table to negotiate some improvements
in the final bill.
Also, as chief author of the Omnibus HHS Policy bills
this year, she ensured passage of a number of public
health improvements including regulation of e-cigarettes,
a prohibition on children using artificial tanning devices,
and protecting children in foster homes from second-hand
tobacco smoke.
Kurt Angstman, M.D., MAFP President, and Will Nicholson, M.D.,
MAFP Legislative Chair, present the 2014 MAFP Legislative Achievement
Award to Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester).
Minnesota Family Physician
A Report from the MAFP Resident Director
To my fellow MAFP resident members:
I am honored to serve as Resident Director
of the MAFP for 2014-2015. I am a second
year resident at the University of Minnesota
North Memorial Family Medicine Residency
Program. Prior to the pursuit of my MD/
MPH here at the U of M Twin Cities, I lived
and worked in rural Haiti in administration
and community health. My interests include
public health, global health, research, and
health policy, and I have been excited about
the MAFP as a resource in all of these areas
since first learning about the organization as
a medical student.
significant interest in the Minnesota programs
among students, including many from other
states. Clearly, Minnesota has a well-earned,
national reputation for being a great place to
learn and practice family medicine. Those of us
training here now are greatly indebted to the
committed, dedicated, and caring physicians
who have built this strong culture of family
medicine and patient-centered care.
As I enter my second year of training, my
understanding of family medicine is shifting.
Before medical school, I knew, in theory, the
Elizabeth Lownik, M.D., MPH
importance of working “upstream” on public
MAFP Resident Director
health and policy to improve health. Now, as
I encounter relentless examples of the social,
Thanks to the generosity of the MAFP, my
colleague and alternate Resident Director, Nicole Solberg and economic, and structural barriers that patients face, the desire
I, attended the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine for practical action and meaningful change is immense, as is
Residents and Medical Students in Kansas City, MO earlier this the knowledge that such work can never be done without
month. We were able to participate in the National Congress collaboration. I am filled with hope by the potential we have
of Family Medicine Residents as representatives of our state. in family medicine to advocate for healthy communities. I
Many issues important to residents were discussed, including am energized by the possibilities that systems changes in
direct primary care, loan interest rates and forgiveness, and health care can bring at this important historical moment. I
procedure/encounter tracking during residency. Of note, a am encouraged by the work that all of you at MAFP are
resolution in support of single payer was discussed (but not already doing along these lines, and I am truly grateful for the
adopted), and a resolution asking the AAFP to dissolve financial opportunity to work alongside and learn from you this year.
ties to Coca-Cola was adopted. We learned a great deal about Thank you.
parliamentary procedure, writing resolutions, and connecting
with delegates and members from other states, and we greatly
appreciated the opportunity.
In addition to participating in the leadership forum, Nicole and I
represented our residency programs in the exhibition hall, along
with many other faculty and residents from the University of
Minnesota, Hennepin, Mayo, and United programs. There was
Beth Lownik, MD
Elizabeth Lownik M.D., MPH – Resident Director
[email protected]
PGY 2 University of Minnesota North Memorial Family Medicine Residency
Nominate a Peer, Mentor or Colleague for an MAFP Award
The MAFP is now accepting
nominations for the
following awards:
Family Physician of the Year
Teacher of the Year
Researcher of the Year
Resident of the Year
Medical Student Award
Merit Award
For more information and a detailed description of
each award, please visit the MAFP website
September/October 2014
Nomination Process
All nominations must be made in writing to the MAFP
office (mail, fax or e-mail). Include the award name, your
name and phone number, and explain why the nominee
is deserving. Also, if applicable, include the name of
the nominee’s clinic, residency program or medical
school. Additional information may be requested from
the nominator or nominee. Candidates must be MAFP
members, except Researcher of the Year Award candidates.
Deadlines for Submission
Family Physician of the Year: January 12, 2015
All Other Awards: February 16, 2015
Vax4 Campaign Materials Available
The Minnesota Department of
Health received a grant to increase
vaccination rates for human
papillomavirus (HPV). A new
public awareness campaign, called
vax4teens, geared towards families
of adolescents was launched. As
part of this effort, a toolkit with sample messaging and
images has been developed for organizations, clinics, and
local public health departments to promote adolescent
vaccination. Visit
immunize/campaigns/index.htm to download the toolkit.
A Report from the MAFP Student Director
as ending Coca-Cola alliance with AAFP and
supporting single payer systems. In addition to the
opportunity to influence policy, the conference
was a great networking opportunity. My fellow
students and I were able to visit with residency
programs from all over the country. I’d like to
thank the MAFP on behalf of myself and the other
30+ students from Minnesota who were able to
attend the conference because of MAFP financial
assistance - it was an incredible experience and
one that would not have been possible without
your support!
There are still a couple of great events coming up
this year for the MAFP and students interested
Emily Wolff
MAFP Student Director
in family medicine. First is the Family Medicine
To give you a little background, I am a
Midwest conference being held in Minneapolis
fourth year student at the University of Minnesota Medical this October, which in addition to great research lectures,
School. I have a particular interest in preventative medicine, poster presentations, and workshops will have a residency
immunization, women’s health and rural medicine. I am exhibit hall (which will take the place of the fall Residency
currently in the process of applying to family medicine Opportunities and Procedures Workshop hosted by the MAFP
residency programs, and hope to one day be a rural family doc. in previous years.) We also have the Academic Round Table
This is a time of change for family medicine, with changing to look forward to this winter, a great opportunity for student
laws and payment structures, and an increased national focus leaders.
on preventative and primary care medicine. I am thrilled to
be entering this profession, and excited to see how family This year I’ve had the privilege of working with and getting to
know the two Alternate Student Directors, Elizabeth Hillebrand
medicine will evolve over the coming years.
and Emma Sieling, as well as my counterpart in the Resident
This August I was able to join 39 other Minnesota medical Director position, Dr. Beth Lownik. I am looking forward to the
students at the AAFP national conference in Kansas City, rest of my years’ service as the Student Director for the MAFP.
MO. This was my first year attending the conference. It was Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or
incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by other students and suggestions at [email protected]
residents passionate about family medicine. It most definitely
lit a fire under me, just in time for residency applications and Thank you,
interviews! As the Minnesota delegate to the student congress,
I tried my hand at resolution writing for the first time. The
student congress passed resolutions on topics key to student
education including financing medical school and encouraging Emily Wolff
rural training, as well as non-education related topics such MS4, University of Minnesota Medical School
Hello to my fellow MAFP members:
I was very fortunate this year to be elected
the Student Director of the MAFP. I was
excited to have this opportunity to learn
more about the MAFP, student leadership,
and the impact of Minnesota physicians on
policy making at the local, state and national
level. My role as the student director
allowed me to participate and share the
student perspective in the MAFP Board of
Directors and Academic Affairs Committee.
Additionally, I was fortunate to be able to
attend the AAFP national conference as
Minnesota’s student delegate.
Emily Wolff
Minnesota Family Physician
“Working with these
amazing school kids and
their families has inspired
me in many ways. I see
outreach potential in every
grade, at every school.”
Lacey Running Hawk, M.D.
Bimaadiziwin Project Lead
A Healthy, Fun After School Idea
When Lacey Running Hawk, M.D., a second year resident with United Family
Medicine, connected with the MAFP Foundation to discuss her initial concepts for
encouraging healthy behaviors among American Indian school children, she never
thought her project would gain so much traction, so quickly.
Using a $1,000 Innovation Grant from the Foundation, Running Hawk launched the
initial phase of her project, BIMAADIZIWIN (Ojibwa translation “A Healthy Way of
Life”) in collaboration with St. Paul’s American Indian Magnet School’s SOARing
Eagles after school program.
Over the next two academic years, Running Hawk will collaborate with medical
students, her mentors, the AIMS principal, social workers, students, and after
school supervisors. Running Hawk will lead American Indian centered lessons,
physical activity, and healthy snack making activities which empower children to
make healthier food choices, stay active, implement personal hygiene practices, and
manage stress. The culturally centered curriculum will be designed using modules
from Allina’s Health Powered Kids.
Hitting the Books with 5-2-1-0
Throughout the 2014-2015 school year, the MAFP Foundation will engage ten rural
and diverse Minnesota communities in developing model 5-2-1-0 themed projects.
High school clubs, sports teams, and 4-H chapters from Argyle to Zumbrota will
be challenged to create community or school based health and physical activity
innovations that will be led by teens. Each teen group will receive an innovation
grant and a medical student mentor.
Research suggests community prevention efforts work. According to the Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation, programs that aim to increase physical activity and
improve nutrition have a return of $5.60 for every $1 spent.
By engaging teens in 5-2-1-0, the MAFP Foundation aims to prepare the next
generation of Minnesota family physicians. Each project will focus on one or more
aspects of 5-2-1-0. This includes: five servings of fruits and vegetables per day,
limiting recreational screen time to two hours or less, spending one hour per day in
physical activity, and eliminating all sugary beverages.
September/October 2014
Partner Spotlight
As I look over the nearly 500 bags of
donated school supplies piled high in
cafeteria and hallways, I feel incredibly
proud that the UCare team will fuel the
learning of children living in poverty.
Meeting the needs of Minnesota’s at
risk families is our mission.
Sparked by the desire to offer
comprehensive health care coverage to
low income community clinic patients
in 1984, the family physicians of the
University of Minnesota’s Department
of Family Medicine and Community
Health created UCare.
We’re celebrating 30 years.
UCare looks forward each fall to
welcoming new members into various
plans. In the last year alone, we
added 100,000 formerly uninsured
Minnesotans in securing high quality,
affordable health care coverage
through MNsure.
With a total enrollment of 450,000
members, including 330,000 in public
programs and 110,000 in Medicare
plans, we continue to support the
important relationship between family
physicians and the patients who need
them most.
-Brian Eck, Director of Sales
Practice Opportunities
MHM/ Centurion is the NEW provider of healthcare services in the Minnesota Department of Corrections. In addition to rewarding work, we
offer a flexible full or part-time schedules; Generous compensation package; paid malpractice insurance; and comprehensive full-time benefits for
employees working 30 hours per week or more. Up to $40,000 Loan repayment assistance may also be available at qualifying sites! We are currently
recruiting Primary Care Physicians for full-time, part-time and per diem opportunities throughout the area as well as a full-time Statewide Medical
Director based out of our St. Paul office. If you are seeking a new career
opportunity where you will make a difference and have a positive impact on
public health, consider a position in correctional healthcare. Contact Tracy
Glynn 877-616-9675 or email [email protected]
Fairview Health Services is seeking full-time as well as per-diem
moonlighters to work in urgent care, providing care in the communities of
Andover, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Eagan, and St. Paul. Hours: MondayFriday, 8am – 10pm; Saturday, 8am – 10pm; Sunday, 10am – 8pm. The acuity
at these facilities is moderate with physicians providing a broad spectrum of
non-emergent care for minor illness and injury. All hospital admissions are
referred to the physician on-call for these practices. Moonlighters are needed
for a variety of shifts at these urgent cares and at other Fairview clinics in the
metro area. Hours vary by site. Volume fluctuates seasonally. Candidates must
be BE/BC in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine/Pediatrics. Please contact
[email protected] for additional information or call 800-842-6469. EEO/
AA Employer
Olmsted Medical Center, rated in 2012 and 2013 as one of Minnesota's
top workplaces, is seeking BC/BE Family Medicine physicians to join our
multi-specialty team for our clinic in Byron, MN (8 miles west of Rochester),
Rochester, MN (SE Clinic) as well as Pine Island, MN (about 16 miles north
of Rochester). Olmsted Medical Center, a not-for-profit organization, has
been southeastern Minnesota’s hometown healthcare provider since 1949.
Our 217 clinicians and more than 1,200 healthcare professionals serve at 16
locations, including a multi-specialty clinic, a hospital with a 24-hour emergency room, two FastCare retail clinics in Rochester Shopko stores, and
10 community branch clinics. Olmsted Medical Center has more than 20
specialties and is best known for its convenient, quality personal primary
care. We offer great work/life dynamic schedule; no call responsibility; and
an established practice. Contact Deb Cardille (507) 529-6748, [email protected] to hear more about these great opportunities and visit our
story at
Leading the way in innovation. Fairview Health Services is seeking a
Family Medicine physician to provide outpatient primary care services at
Fairview Clinics – Andover, a multi-specialty clinic. Providers see an average
of 20-22 patients per day, and the call is 1:30. As part of our participation in
the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the physicians use a team
approach in managing clinical care. The site is using a model of care, Care
Model Innovation, for their patients which actively looks at and changes clinical processes to maximize efficiency, resources, and clinical care. Visit www. to explore this and other opportunities. Contact us
at 800-842-6469 or [email protected] EEO/AA Employer
Park Nicollet Clinic is seeking full-time and part-time BE/BC FM Physicians
to join its growing FM practices in the Twin Cities. Our Family Medicine department provides comprehensive services in health promotion, screening,
diagnosis and disease management at 20 Park Nicollet Clinic locations in
Minneapolis and surrounding suburban communities. It is our goal to provide
care for most of the entire family’s health care needs. Current practice opportunities are listed on We believe outstanding health
care is delivered when we merge the science and intellect of medicine with
the compassion, spirit and humanity of our hearts. We refer to this as “Head
+ Heart, Together,” and it exists to inspire constant improvement and lasting
success. We achieve this by partnering with patients and families in everything from care decisions to service and facility design. As we work together
as a unified team, we engage patients, families and the community, and put
them at the center of everything we do. Our integrated health care system,
including Park Nicollet Clinic and Methodist Hospital, is recognized locally
and nationally for great care and leadership. Share your expertise in an
environment that supports new treatments and innovations while embracing a strong work-life balance. For immediate consideration, please send
CV to: Missy Fisher, Director Clinician Recruitment, Park Nicollet Health
Services, 3800 Park Nicollet Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55416. For more
information contact Ms. Fisher at (952) 993-6025 or (888) 437-5004; email
[email protected] We are an equal opportunity employer and
all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without
regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected
veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
To place an ad in the ‘Practice Opportunities’ section, please email
text to Kristie Thorson at [email protected] For information
about deadlines and pricing, please visit
Minnesota Family Physician
Practice opportunities
Leading the way in innovation. Fairview Health Services is dedicated to
academic medicine, population health management, team-based integrated
care, and to leading the nation in creating a transformative, high-value
healthcare system. We are seeking physicians to join us who want to
be a part of our nationally recognized, patient-centered, evidence-based
care team. Join us in vibrant communities such as Andover, Apple Valley,
Blaine, Elk River, Hibbing, Lakeville, Minneapolis, New Brighton, North Branch,
Pine City, Rogers, St Paul and Wyoming. Join us in delivering exceptional
care every day. Visit to explore this and other
opportunities. Contact us at 800-842-6469 or [email protected] EEO/
AA Employer
Family Medicine Physician Careers at Mayo Clinic. We invite you to learn
more about our generous signing bonuses and/or loan repayment options,
as well as competitive salary packages that we can offer you as a Family Medicine Physician at Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System. Mayo
Clinic Health System connects Mayo Clinic’s respected expertise in patient
care, research and education with Mayo’s community-focused multi-specialty groups in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Enjoy our collegiality, stability,
excellent compensation and benefits and a balanced, high-quality Midwest
lifestyle. Visit to explore opportunities
and apply, or for questions, you may contact Jennell Prentice-Endrizzi, 507266-1130, [email protected] EOE
We are actively recruiting exceptional full-time BE/BC Family Medicine
physicians to join our primary care team at the HealthPartners Central
Minnesota Clinics - Sartell. This is an out-patient clinical position. Previous
electronic medical record experience is helpful, but not required. We use
the Epic medical record system in all of our clinics and admitting hospitals.
Our current primary care team includes family medicine, adult medicine,
ob/gyn and pediatrics. Several of our specialty services are also available
onsite. Our Sartell clinic is located just one hour north of the Twin Cities
and offers a dynamic lifestyle in a growing community with traditional
appeal. HealthPartners Medical Group continues to receive nationally
recognized clinical performance and quality awards. We offer a competitive
compensation and benefit package, paid malpractice and a commitment
to providing exceptional patient-centered care. Apply online at www. or contact [email protected]
Call Diane at 952-883-5453; toll-free: 800-472-4695 x3. EOE
Allina Health is a not-for-profit family of clinics, hospitals and other care
services dedicated to meeting the lifelong health care needs of communities throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our award-winning
electronic health record system provides seamless, coordinated, informed
care and improved patient safety. We are seeking part- and full-time BE/
BC Family Physicians for career opportunities in our wide variety of urban,
suburban and rural communities. Join our team! We care for our employees
by providing rewarding work, flexible schedules and competitive benefits
in an environment where passionate people thrive and excel. View current
openings and apply online at For more information,
email [email protected] or call 1-800-248-4921. EOE/AA
Riverwood Healthcare Center – A state of the art facility equipped with
the latest technology for patient care, designed to enhance health and
healing. We are a fully integrated multi-specialty clinic with three primary
care clinics. Featuring all single-occupancy hospital rooms, a deluxe birthing
center and state-of-the-art ICU. We have an opportunity available in Family
Medicine (with or without OB) to practice the full spectrum of Family
Medicine within a 4-day week and 1:7 call, you can achieve a positive work/
life balance while pursing your professional aspirations. Join our growing
practice of over 35 physicians, specialists and surgeons, which includes the
2013 Minnesota Family Physician of the Year. To learn more, visit our website
at or call Tanya Pietz at 218-927-5587 or email
[email protected]
September/October 2014
Urgent Care Moonlighting Opportunity in Minneapolis: Independent
physician-owned urgent care clinic located conveniently near Uptown in
Calhoun Village Shopping Center on W. Lake Street, seeking moonlighting
physicians! Flexible hours, great location, friendly staff, competitive pay! Call
Niki at 612-229-1072 or email [email protected] Please visit our
website at
Cuyuna Regional Medical Center (CRMC) is seeking Family Medicine
physicians for its growing multi-specialty clinic. Located in a resort community
in central Minnesota, CRMC was named as one of 150 Best Places to Work in
Healthcare by Becker’s Hospital Review. Outpatient practice with or without
OB. Practice with 10 FM colleagues and 3 PA’s. Locally based subspecialty
providers in cardiology, OB/GYN, orthopaedics, urology, oncology, surgery and
more. Very competitive comp & benefit package, generous signing bonus,
and relocation. Within two hours of Mpls/St. Paul you will find a collegial and
professional fit in Crosby. To learn more, contact Todd Bymark at 218-5464322 or [email protected] or see us at
Affiliated Community Medical Centers, Willmar, MN: Physician-owned
multi specialty clinic is seeking a full-time physician to join the Family
Practice Department in their Willmar, Redwood Falls, Granite Falls, Marshall,
Litchfield and Benson affiliates. These positions offer a guaranteed salary
plus production incentive and an outstanding benefit package. For further
information, please contact Kari Bredberg, Physician Recruitment, 320-2316366 or e-mail [email protected] Website:
Glacial Ridge Health System/Family Medicine or Internal Medicine
Physician: An ideal balance between your professional and personal life.
Provide comprehensive care in a clinical and hospital practice. ER coverage
available, but not required. GRHS is a progressive 19 bed Critical Access
Hospital with two clinics. Glenwood is a family oriented community with an
excellent school system. Recreational opportunities include boating, hiking,
excellent fishing and hunting. We are halfway between Fargo and the Twin
Cities. For more information, call Kirk Stensrud, CEO, at 320-634-4521. Mail
CV to Kirk Stensrud, CEO, 10 Fourth Ave SE, Glenwood, MN 56334 or submit
online at [email protected]
North Memorial is presently recruiting BC/BE family medicine physicians.
We strongly promote primary care physician practice opportunities with our
owned and associated clinics; including those that are physician owned, joint
ventures and hospital owned. Which means you can choose from large or
small and multi or single specialty practice options in metro, suburban or
rural locations. These are excellent practice opportunities with comprehensive
compensation and benefits packages. Contact: Mark Peterson, Physician
Recruiter, North Memorial Medical Center, 3300 Oakdale Ave. N., Robbinsdale,
MN 55422. Telephone (763) 581-2986. E-mail: [email protected]
com Website:
Lake City Family Physicians, PC, an expanding independent family medicine
clinic in Lake City, MN, seeks BE/BC family physician to join two active FPs
and two excellent NPs. We offer the independence and clinical autonomy
to practice quality and cost-effective health care. Practice in a setting
where your professionalism and quality care skills can be fully utilized. No
obstetrics. No in-patient hospital care. Light call from home. Three or four
day work week. We’re located an hour southeast of the Twin Cities on the
shores of Lake Pepin. Contact [email protected]
Western Wisconsin (Amery, New Richmond, and Osceola): HealthPartners
Medical Group is seeking exceptional BC/BE family medicine with or
without OB physicians for growing rural communities in western Wisconsin.
These positions offer a traditional family medicine practice in small-town
rural settings, all within an hour’s drive of the Twin Cities. We offer a
competitive salary, an excellent benefits package, and a commitment to
providing exceptional patient-centered care. For more information, contact
[email protected] or call Diane @ (952) 883-5453, toll-free:
(800) 472-4695, x3. Apply online at EOE
Douglas County Hospital is seeking an emergency medicine or primary
care specialty with emergency department experience to join our progressive
team. Full-time, 12-hour shifts; 16,000 emergency department visits annually;
Level III trauma designation; new/remodeled facility in 2010; committed to
quality, evidence-based care and exceptional patient satisfaction; Class of
2001 and 2008 top 100 Hospitals in Nation; competitive compensation and
benefits package, paid malpractice, CME, relocation, retirement plan and more.
Contact Eddie Reif, [email protected], 320-762-6194.
CentraCare Health seeks Family Medicine physicians to provide fullspectrum care in the Central Minnesota community of Long Prairie. Enjoy
loan repayment and sign-on bonus benefits. OB is desired but not required.
Health system outreach resources available. Physicians back up advanced
practice providers in clinic and ER. The opportunity to participate in medical
student and residency training. Critical access hospital, nursing home,
dementia unit, independent living apartments and clinic under one roof.
Excellent educational opportunities abound in family-friendly lakes area.
Contact: Cassie Tinius, Physician Recruiter, 1-800-835-6652, ext. 57085;
[email protected];
Lakeview Clinic is seeking BE/BC family physicians to join our independent,
multispecialty, physician-owned group in the southwest metro. This is a
traditional practice opportunity with a 4 day work week in the office and
inpatient care provided at Ridgeview Medical Center, a growing community
hospital in Waconia. Enjoy the best of all worlds, from rural to suburban in
one of our 4 sites, and the camaraderie and support found in our group
of family physicians, internists, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and surgeons.
Family physicians with an interest in obstetrics preferred. Contact Sandra
Beulke, MD at 952-442-4461 or at [email protected] www.
Minnesota Family Physician
Prsrt Std
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Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians
600 South Highway 169, Suite 1680
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Twin Cities, MN
Permit No. 3198
Our Specialty is Family Medicine.
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The September/October 2014 Minnesota Family Physician is
brought to you through the generous support of:
Affiliated Community Medical Centers
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ACMC is the perfect match
“I found the perfect match with ACMC.”
Dr. Leah Schammel, ACMC Physician
Affiliated Community
Medical Centers is an
eleven-clinic, physician-owned
multispecialty health network in
outstate Minnesota with over
170 providers and 35 specialty
departments. We offer exciting
practice opportunities at
friendly, hometown clinics
nestled in the heart of
Minnesota’s lake country.
Kari Lenz, Physician Recruitment | [email protected] | (320) 231-6366 |