Lecture # 7

San José State University
CE 174 – Design of Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems
Lecture # 7
by Bassam Kassab
Chapter 12: Urban Runoff and Combined Sewer Overflow Management
Please read the following sections:
Section 12.1: Hydrologic Impact of Urbanization
Section 12.5: Urban Runoff Control Practices
12.5.1: Regulatory Controls
12.5.2: Source Control Practices
12.5.3: Detention Facilities
12.5.4: Infiltration Facilities
12.5.5: Vegetative Practices
12.5.6: Filtration Practices
12.5.7: Water Quality Inlets
Section 12.6: Combined Sewer Overflow Control Practices
12.6.1: Source Controls
12.6.2: Collection System Controls
12.6.3: Storage
12.6.4: Treatment
Section 12.7: Selection of Best Management Practices
12.7.1: Alternatives Development
12.7.2: BMP Selection Process Decision Factors: Cost (Table 12.7), Operability, Buildability, Environ., Public,… Decision Analysis Methods: Cost/benefit ratios, matrix comparison, optimization,…
Flooding in Santa Clara County before
major watershed projects were built by
the Santa Clara Valley Water District to
increase the capacity of the county’s
rivers and creeks during large storm